Wait Mike! That’s Not Why I’m Here!

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So my wife tells me I need to drive over to her girlfriend’s house to pick up a bag of stuff that she is contributing to the clothing drive that my wife is collecting for. I’ve never met her girlfriend Jill or her husband Mike, but apparently he’s going to be the only one home, so I need to get it from him. Great :/ I hate meeting new people like this, but here I am getting out of my car and walking up to the door.

WTF? What’s taking him so long, I just rang the bell for the second time, grrrr…

Mike finally answers the door wearing just a towel, so this wont be “awkward” at all. “Hey, Jeff? I’m Mike! Cmon in, Im sorry it took so long but I was in the shower.” He ushers me inside and I find myself staring down at the lump under his towel. He keeps making small talk and I cant stop stealing glances down at his bulging crotch area. I finally look up and realize he’s watching me stare at his junk and he has a huge grin on his face! Im totally embarrassed now, caught looking at another guy’s crotch. Im not interested in other guys sexually, never in a million years would I want to have his tool near me… except…

I think I had a hardon. Like, my package had literally Anadolu yakası escort come to life in my pants. WTH??

He asks me to follow him and help him gather the stuff. See, this is why I hate people, why wasnt the stuff all ready to go when I got there?? He leads me to his bedroom and I see his wifes things strewn all over the room- a sexy bra and panties that looked to be recently worn and removed were laying on the bed next to a smallish bag. He turns and motions his hand to the bed and tells me to look in the bag to see if everything looked right. I look inside and its full of his wife’s panties and bras! My unit springs to life again and as I look back to Mike, his towel is now on the floor, naked as hell. I look him in the eyes as he is just standing there smiling, his beautiful tool half-hard and on the rise.

“Whoa! Mike, sorry bud, but Im not like that AT ALL! Im really just here to pick up the bag,” but he moves forward and into my space and tells me, “Well Jeff, today you ARE like that” and with that he put his hands on my shoulders and easily pushed me to my knees. I was so confused, and thrown off guard, and not expecting Escort Maltepe this situation at all. I felt his hands on my head, and he told me to look him in the eye. I didnt “want” to just do as he told me, like some sort of a submissive sissy, but I found myself eagerly complying. Before I looked him in the eye, I stopped to get a good look at his magnificent manhood just inches from my mouth. Fully erect and ready for attention. I looked him in the eye. He grabbed his tool and rubbed it all over my face and put it on my lips. This couldnt be happening! How could this be happening???

Mike slowly but firmly pushed himself into my mouth and I let him. I was so turned on by what was happening. I had never – as an adult – had another man’s cock in my mouth and was worried how it would go, and at the same time I was weirdly thinking that if I did a good job for him, I’d be able to get out of there before this “became” anything. Like, if it was over quickly, we could just pretend it was all just a weird misunderstanding.

He slowly humped his delicious cock into my mouth for about 5 minutes, trying to get as deep as he could. “You’ll get there eventually, Kurtköy escort bayan with regular practice,” he said. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Regular practice?? This was going to be regular? I’m going to be satisfying Mike on my knees regularly? Once I realized that, I understood that I wanted it more than I ever wanted anything else sexually.

A couple of minutes later I hear, “Here it comes Jeff” and instantly my mouth is filled with his manjuice. Its way better than I expected it to be and I take it all, pulse after pulse of it. Never would I have imagined that I would love this so much! “Just keep my cock warm and gently work on it for a while,” Mike tells me. I eagerly do as told, getting rewarded with every last drop.

Mike tells me that I’ve done a nice job and pulls out of my mouth while I remain kneeling. He moves to the bed where he picks up the worn panties and comes back with them. Pressing the panties against my face he tells me to inhale Jill’s scent. FANTASTIC! He pushes them into my mouth and asks me, “Do you like how my wife tastes?” I can only nod that I did and he tells me that, “Its time for you to go, but I want you wearing that bra and panties under your clothes when you arrive here tomorrow, Jeff. Be clean and ready to have my tool buried inside of you.”

I get dressed as quickly as I can and get out of there, both nervous about my first ass-fucking (as an adult) tomorrow and at the same time eager for tomorrow to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32