Visit at the Trailer Park Pt. 02

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The gasp came from Barb. She was only 2 feet from me and was staring at my hard cock. I could have covered up but decided to make this her fault!!

“Barb, what the hell are you doing? Can’t I have some privacy?” I began stroking my cock!!

“I’m sorry Rob. Please don’t yell. Please, don’t wake up Deb.” Barb couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. He kept stroking it and it was getting bigger, and he motioned her over.

“Jesus, Barb. Haven’t you seen a cock before? If you want to be a fucking voyeur, look at your friend.” I wanted to embarrass her so I slowly removed the sheet from Deb. She was sound asleep, still on her back, with her legs spread. Barb gasped as she saw my fiancée, her pussy gaping open, leaking my cum.

“Please, Please. I didn’t know you were still naked in here.”

“Oh really. Seems like you and your husband like to watch people when they are naked. Is that right, Barb?” He was still stroking his cock, the cockhead was red, and Barb kept looking back and forth at his cock and Deb’s gaping cunt.

“What? What do you mean?”

“I caught your husband drooling over Deb’s cunt before he went to school. Do you know what he did? He lapped at her pussy, tasting my cum, while she was still sleeping. Is that what you want Barb? Do you want to lick Deb’s cunt?”

This was a lie. I didn’t want Barb to know that Deb sucked his cock while I fucked her. ” Get your ass over here!!”

Barb jumped, was getting flustered, and came closer. “What do you think I should do Barb? Maybe I should lick your cunt. Maybe an eye for an eye?

She just shook her head, no, no. She was standing by me and I told her to lift her gown. She didn’t, I grabbed her arm and she fell over my lap. Her head was close enough to see and smell Deb’s cunt. I lifted her gown and saw her tight ass. She was nude. “Gee Barb. Who knew you slept in the nude. Did your husband pork you when you heard Deb moan and scream out here? Did you get some long cocking last night?”

“Rob, Rob. Please don’t Bostancı Escort do this. Please!” She was whispering. I know she didn’t want Deb to see her in a compromising position. I spread her legs, rammed a finger into her pussy. She gasped for the second time this morning as I felt her soaked pussy.

I lifted her and had her kneel by my cock. “Does Steve have a cock this big?” She moaned and shook her head no. I touched her head. She knew what I wanted. She looked over toward her friend.

“Rob, why are you doing this. Please stop. Please, I’ll do anything else.”

“What you will do is suck my cock. Do you understand?” Knowing she had no other choice, Barb leaned down and licked his cock. She was scared. She had never seen anything that big. She hesitantly tried to put his cockhead in her mouth, when he pushed her away.

“What the fuck. Is that how you suck your husband’s cock?” She looked at him with teary eyes. She looked toward Deb. She wrapped her lips around the head. She sucked a few inches and then he pushed her head down as 6″ went down her throat, She gagged and he thought she was going to puke on him. When she looked up, she was sobbing, drool dripping from her mouth.

He sat there watching her for a minute and then said, “Get up.” Barb stood. ‘Now take that damn gown off.” She looked at him with hate in her eyes. and then reluctantly removed it. Her small tits were heaving up and down, the cherry nipples hard. He looked at the juncture of her long, beautiful legs. Jesus, her pussy was shaved with just a tuft of dark hair above her cunt.

He got up, grabbed her hand, and led her back to her to their bedroom.

“Don’t Rob. Deb could wake up any moment. Please, I’m married.”

“Do you really think she will wake up?” Didn’t you hear the moaning last night? Jesus, I basically took her cherry. I fucked her again this morning before your perv husband ate her pussy. Did you see her gash? Jesus, she was tight but she took all of my Bostancı Escort Bayan cock. Your husband didn’t look married when he was lapping at my fiancé pussy. It is payback time.”

Barb listened, took it in and was resigned to the fact that he wanted some of her, with or without her consent.

He hopped on the bed, his cock sticking straight up.

Barb said, “OMG. Deb was really able to take all of that?” She looked down and he grabbed her hand and she wrapped her fingers around it.

“Yeah, it took awhile. When she was screaming loudest, I was ramming her with all of it. Now it wants in your married cunt.”

Barb shivered when he said that.

Barb began jacking his cock. It was like a new toy to her.. “Barb, are you going to stand there jacking me or do you want to feel my big cock stretching your married cunt?” She didn’t say anything. She got on her back and he put his head between her legs. “Your husband had no trouble feasting on my girlfriends pussy. I guess he has sucked your cunt a few times, huh?” He knew Barb wasn’t used to this crude type of talk and she didn’t respond. “BARB, DOES YOUR HUSBAND EAT YOUR PUSSY???”

She started shaking and said, “Yes, that’s why my pussy is shaved. He won’t eat me unless I am shaved.”

I lapped at her pussy and she moaned, “Oh god that feels good. Don’t stop, please.”

This married lady was begging to have her pussy ate. I figured I would tease a little. “What’s the matter Barb. Can’t you get a nut when he is fucking you?”

“No, He’s too small.”

“Too small? He’s a big guy, how small is he?”

She didn’t hesitate and said, “he isn’t even half as big as you?”

“Oh, do you like my cock, Barb?” She turned until we were in a “69” position and mumbled yes, yes, as she took 4″ into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down as my tongued swabbed her cunt. He could tell all this talk had gotten to her. Hell, it got to him too. She began moaning around his cock as he tasted Escort Bostancı the sweet nectar of this married cunt. He was finger fucking her to the rhythm of her mouth.

He told her he was almost there as she began squealing. He rammed his cock down her throat, knowing she had more cock than ever. She gagged but stayed with it. He unloaded and his cum and blasted her throat. Her legs were squeezing his head and she came, as he heard her swallowing.

We just lay there, me lazily licking her pussy as she licked me clean. She jumped when my tongue hit her clit. After a few minutes, she turned and put her head on my chest. I held her for some time and then she said, “thank-you.”

He asked Barb why she married Steve if he has such a small cock. She said, “I didn’t know until our wedding night. We dated off and on. He kept begging me to marry him, and I thought, I could do worse. He’s going to be a Lawyer, you know?” She said she was a virgin and when they were dating she only let him play with her tits. Girls didn’t talk about size and stuff. She thought most guys were about the same. She was rubbing my cock and I was getting hard thinking about watching those two on that fateful night.

After awhile, she sat up and reached into her nightstand. She pulled out a tape. “What is that?

“It’s a sewing tape. I want to see something, Can I?” She began sucking my cock, it was already half-hard and was she using her hand and mouth to pump me. In a short time, I was hard again. Barb said, ” I told you he was half the size of you. I want to see, OK?” I never had my cock measured but watched amuse as Barb measured me from the base to my cockhead. She moaned, “OMG, your penis is 8 3/4” She licked the head and then took another measurement. “No wonder Deb’s pussy looked like it does. Your penis is 5 1/4″ wide.”

“Barb, it’s a cock. Your husband has a penis.” She turned red. “Say it Barb so you don’t forget!!”

“My husband has a penis and you have a cock. You have a big, big cock.”

I kissed her and said, “Barb, tonight you are getting a real cock. I am going to stretch that pussy until you scream” She moaned, and shivered in my arms.

“Oh God, I can’t wait. Fuck me now, please. She grabbed my cock, Oh, I want you to fuck me!!”

For the third time that day I heard a loud gasp!!

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