Virgin Awakenings

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It was an unusually hot British summer, and I was staying on my friend’s farm for a few weeks to help out with the list of the never ending jobs that always need doing. I didn’t mind though, it meant I could be near the object of my teenage infatuation, David, my friend’s much older brother. At 27, tall broad and muscular, with sandy blonde hair, all year round tan from being outside and an easy smile, David was always in my lustful though naive dreams. At 5.3 and a trim tight figure, I hoped that he would notice me , but despite being kind, he was always too busy on the farm to truly pay me any attention and I guessed that an 18 year old held little interest to him. This did nothing to stop my fantasising, and I had spent many evenings whispering his name in my bed as I plunged my fingers in and out of my young pussy.

On the day in question I was working out in the field stacking hay bales. It was so very hot and my back ached. As I had worn short denim cut offs and a cropped vest, my bare arms and legs were scratched from the hard hay and I couldn’t wait for the day to be over so I could clean up and wash the dust and dirt out of my long jet black hair. When we were finally allowed to finish, David and I chatted easily on our walk back, comparing the hard grazes that covered our skin. I savoured our time together, stealing as many glances at him as I could, blushing when, as we approached the farm house, he caught me gazing at him. As soon as we got in , I made my excuses to go upstairs and I prepared to take a long shower in the en suite of the guest room where I was staying.

After washing and rinsing my hair, I lathered up the sponge Şerifali Escort and thoughts of David crept into my head, making my young pink nipples harden. I rubbed the soapy sponge over my full pert breasts watching the suds trickle between them. Nature had been kind to me, blessing me with a firm pair of 34d breasts, with nipples that were quick to stand to attention and I now wondered what it would be like to feel his mouth on them. I moaned as sparks of excitement trickled from the tips of my breasts down through my flat brown stomach , to my untouched virgin pussy where moisture was starting to trickle between my legs. I moved my hand down to my clit that was hard and eager to be touched, and gasped as electricity jolted through me each time I stroked it.

I heard another noise and threw back the shower curtain in shock, trying to cover up my naked aroused body. There , in the bathroom door was David, holding a tube of antiseptic cream with his mouth wide open. Embarrassed I reached for a towel, and froze when he said in a croaky voice

“Please. Don’t stop.”

I straightened up and looked at the man who had been the star of so many daydreams, and as my eyes roamed over his body, I could see a hardening lump in his jeans. My eyes widened at his state of arousal. “I came to give you this cream for your grazes. I should have knocked.” “But I’m not sorry.”

With a slow smile as he held up a tube of ointment. Some strange being inside me made me stretch out my hand and I beckoned him over. The cream dropped to the floor as he moved quickly over to take one breast in his large hands and brought his hot tongue Göztepe Escort lapping and flicking over my nipple. The other hand cupped my other breast and his fingers caressed the puckered bud.

I moaned so deep and hard as waves of bliss coursed through me and I buried my face in his hair. He picked me up out of the shower and carried me through to the bedroom. There he lay me down on the bed and stripped off everything apart from his boxers.

I sat up and tentatively moved my hands to the waist band of his boxers and eased them down. I gasped with shock as his hard prick sprang out and stood to full attention. As I ran my hands along his shaft I heard him hiss through his teeth at my touch.

I bent over this glorious swelling and grazed my tongue along it, and as it twitched and jerked in my hand and under my tongue, I could feel juices slip down my leg. I licked at the trickle of moisture that was glistening at the head and slowly moved my mouth over the whole enormous thing.

With a growl he grabbed my hands and pushed me back onto the bed, pulling my legs apart and teasing open my puffy pinks lips. Stroking the trimmed downy black hair between my legs, he dragged his tongue along my slit and I lay back and gave in to the rapture of my clit being licked, it was a feeling more beautiful than I had ever imagined. As he continued with this assault on my pussy , his hands were caressing my nipples and I could feel the tension of an orgasm building inside me.

“David, I’m so close.” I hissed.

In a swift movement, he lay over me, kissing me and letting me taste my own musky juices, and I could see Ümraniye Escort the muscles in his wide shoulders tense as suddenly there was a brief stab of pain and I realised he has driven his large, thick, rock solid cock into my previously unfucked pussy. As quickly as the pain arrived, it had gone, and in its place was the beautiful feeling of a cock moving in and out — I could feel the large bulbous head pushing into me each time he withdrew, and plunged back in.

His blue eyes were locked onto my dark brown ones, and I gasped and moaned and cried out each time he pushed even further into me.

“You’re pussy feels on fire” he was moaning. “Its so beautiful.”

My orgasm was starting building up momentum, and as I wrapped my legs around his back and ground my tight young pussy against his thick cock, a thunderous shudder jolted through me, and as my pussy walls contracted and quivered, an almighty moan ripped through David as he bucked and trembled.

I could feel his gland thickening even more inside me and a hot liquid being released against my walls, which intensified my now unstoppable enormous orgasm. We seemed to cum for ages, jerkng and twitching with jolts of aftershocks, before he finally collapsed against me, kissing my neck and murmuring into my hair.

“You’re so beautiful, so tight.”

As we lay there with our heartbeats racing, David turned to me.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked.

I shook my head and he placed his large brown hand across my stomach, and pulled me towards him. There we lay in silence as the last of the summer sun started to dip out of sight, and darkness began to set in. I wondered what the next day would bring now I was no longer a virgin. The thought sent a shiver of excitement through me and my nipples hardened. I turned to David and saw his cock starting to rise again at the sight of my arousal. I smiled knowingly at my education to come.

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