Vignettes: Ki

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‘Back in the day’, as the old saw goes, my life was hedonistic to the extreme, or so some would say. I dove into the swinging lifestyle for several years, both with my ex as well as my wife, with very little urging needed. There are myriad stories, not told here before, involving swinging with both, though not at the same time, of course, that I’ll recount in these vignettes.


Before the internet, for swingers, there were mags that featured ads from couples and singles seeking each other. Barb, my ex, and I had a few encounters through answering select ads that proved very enjoyable and when she expressed interest in a new ad, I encouraged her to respond.

Yada, yada, yada, Barb and Ki, the other female, wrote, then phoned a couple of times, testing the waters so to speak. Arrangements were worked out so that Barb could join me on a business trip to Ki and Ron’s city and if the vibes were right, a party was to be had.

Ron was called out of town unexpectedly on business but, in a telephone conversation with me, he asked that Barb and I show Ki a good time, if a party was to happen. I assured him that we would.

I left our hotel the morning after we arrived to make my customer calls and the plan was that Ki would meet Barb at our hotel and they would work on their tans at the pool.

Barb was to tell me later that when she met Ki in the lobby, she felt a surge of ‘something’ rush through her body and that it heightened her expectations. Ki said pretty much the same thing when she talked about first meeting us. Ki and Ron stayed friends and sexual partners for quite a while, and when Barb and I divorced, I was a third with them quite often.

But I digress.

I made my sales calls and had a very good day with business but, truthfully, my mind was preoccupied with fantasy-thoughts of what ‘might’ bayan escort be going on back at the hotel. I managed to finish early that day-yeah, I know, big surprise!- and had quite a boner from my thoughts as I drove back to the hotel. Anticipating a vision of intertwined bodies; I slowly open the door to the suite and quietly walked into the bedroom.

It was empty…and I’m sure you cold hear the deflation of my expectations from a block away!

But there was a note telling me to come meet them at the pool. Changing quickly to ‘kick-back’ clothes, I set off for the pool.

Barb, at the time, was in her late twenties, 5’5″ and very shapely with 36-C boobs, lovely things they were I might add, and at 125 lbs., looked great in a bikini. Ki was early thirties, 5’2″, 110’ish, and a spectacular pair of silicon breasts, 34-D, I believe; took my breath away momentarily when Barb introduced me to Ki.

The girls were now in the shade of the pool wall, having gotten enough sun for the day and were sipping on Margaritas, lying in lounge chairs. I ordered a 151 and coke and the three of us made chit-chat for about a half-hour or so when I rose and announced that I was going back to the room to roll a joint and that they were invited to join me.

Ki and Barb had established their mutual fondness for herbs in initial conversations, and Ki said that they’d join me after they’ve finished their drinks. And so it went, with them joining me within ten minutes, just as I finished rolling a ‘fat-boy’.

Barb answered the knock at the door, anticipating the room service drinks that she had ordered for us. While she dealt with that, Ki joined me on the couch as I closed up my stash box. The room-service kid was getting an eyeful of Barb’s body and boobs and I noticed her taking her time to escort bayan sign the bill and all, letting him get some good looks. Barb loved to tease like that and, truthfully, it was a turn-on watching her work her mojo on guys.

“He’d fucked you right there in foyer if you had asked,” I commented jokingly to Barb when she joined Ki and I on the couch.

“Yeah, I know,” she responded, laughingly, “I thought about it for a brief second or two,” she admitted.

“I think I prefer my present companions,” she continued, “you know, people who don’t have to be shown what or how to do stuff.”

“Yeah, me too,” Ki chimed in, adding, “Ron and I had a threesome with a young guy that was disappointing because of his inexperience.”

“Don’t you just hate that?” Barb asked.

“Yep” and turning to me, Ki asked, “You gonna light that thing or just look at it?” laughing afterwards.

I fired us up and so began the trip to happyland.

Stone-talk is stone-talk. Stoners know it, some admit it, and some don’t think much about it one way or the other. The girls talked their heads off about their likes and dislikes about swinging, their preferences in partners, biggest dick they’d fucked, and so on. I listened, enjoying the view of these two scantily clad women, and the stone that was overtaking me.

I leaned back into the far end of the couch and watched as Barb moved closer to Ki in order to nuzzle her and stuff. Ki offered no resistance as Barb’s kisses and touches became bolder, more urgent with heat. Raising her head to Barb’s kisses on her neck, Ki’s eyes locked with mine, and she slipped her hand inside of Barb’s Bikini bottoms and started kneading Barb’s ass-cheeks.

By now, Barb had Ki’s top off and had been sucking on those 34-Ds with gusto while her hand played escort bayanlar with Ki’s pussy under the swim bottoms. The sounds from both of them were now loud with excitement and desire, and my hand was slowly rubbing my cock through my gym shorts.

Quickly, so fast that my stoned eyes almost missed it, Barb pulled Ki’s bottoms from her while, at the same time, pushing her onto her back so that her legs were spread and over her shoulders. Just as swiftly, Barb’s head was buried between Ki’s legs, the sounds of her cullingual assault filling the quiet of the room. Mixed with that were the soft moans from Ki’s lips as her hands pulled Barb’s head harder against her crotch.

Pulling my shorts from my body, I knelt behind Barb, and pulling her hips up to meet my cock, I slowly slipped it into her very wet pussy, slowly pumping as she liked for me to do when fucking her doggy style.

The three of us climaxed quickly, too quickly for all of us, but nevertheless, there it was. I rolled us another, smaller, doobie and we passed it between us as we caught our collective breaths. Ki swallowed the roach, then leaning over Barb’s lap, she began licking and sucking my dick until it was rock hard again.

Silently, she moved to her knees on the floor and pulled Barb so that Barb’s legs were over her shoulders. Lifting her ass in invitation, Ki lowered her head and began eating Barb’s pussy. Reaching with a free hand, Ki pulled me into position behind her spectacular, upturned, ass.

Ki was smaller and tighter than Barb by just a wee bit, but it didn’t take us long to get into a rhythm with her vocally expressing her pleasure from both my cock and the taste of my wife’s love-box.

I held off as long as I could, ya know? But, in the end, I came before the girls did and after slipping my cock from Ki’s pussy, I retreated to an armchair to catch my breath, and watch the show.

Ki spent the night, after calling Ron to check with him, to see if he’d mind.

He didn’t, but only after eliciting a promise from Ki that she’d tell him all about it, in great detail.

She had quite the story to share with him upon his return…

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