Veronica’s Ride

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Veronica was out riding one fine afternoon, enjoying the sun as it caressed her honey brown skin. There was a light breeze and the birds were chirping happily in the woods. After a while, she decided to take a break. She found a little clearing in the woods beside a creek. She looped her horse’s reins over a low branch where he could nibble the grass and looked around. It was obvious from her first glance that this was a magical place. It seemed alive with a quiet energy.

Getting her lunch from the saddle bags, she settled into the soft grass. As she nibbled on her sandwich, she closed her eyes and just listened to the sounds of nature. She could hear the creek burbling along, the birds chirping their love songs to potential mates, and the sound of bees as they hunted flowers in the grass.

She opened a small bottle of wine that she had bought from an old lady down at the little store near her house. It was dandelion wine, something she had never tried but thought would go well with this beautiful day. Pouring some into a glass, she sipped it, savoring the slightly sweet taste.

After she had finished her sandwich and glass of wine, she lay back in the grass. At first, a leaf tickled her nose. But soon she was too drowsy to even notice. As she fell asleep, she thought what a wonderful place this would be to meet a lover. Not that she had one at the time, but still….. She started to imagine what it would be like to make love in the grass. He would kiss her long and deeply, his strong hands caressing her body. He would unbutton her blouse, revealing her beautiful honey brown breasts topped with dark nipples. His hands would eagerly reach out to hold them, caress them before he wrapped his lips around a nipple and he started to gently suck. These thoughts were getting her hot, so she unbuttoned her blouse. She felt a little risqué for taking her blouse off, but knew that no one was around. So she continued her imaginary love making, one hand playing with her nipples as she imagined he would do. Her other hand making light sex izle caressing circles around her tummy, occasionally straying a little lower to touch her love button. This went on for a while until she gradually fell asleep.

A little later, her slumber was disturbed by the sound of a horse walking around. Thinking her horse had gotten free, she jumped up only to find a man sitting a horse not 10 feet from her. In her sleepy confusion, she forgot that she had taken her blouse off. It wasn’t until she noticed his quick look at her breasts that she remembered. Hastily, she grabbed her blouse and dragged it over her naked breasts.

But when she looked up, his face was turned away from her. He was obviously waiting until she was prepared for him to see her. “Hello. I didn’t know anyone was around.”

He smiled and said “Obviously. I am sorry to disturb you. I was just going to take a break from riding. Since this spot is occupied, I will move on.”

“NO” she said, much more loudly than she intended. “We can share the spot. Besides, I have some wine I am not going to finish. Would you like some?”

“Why. Thank you. I am thirsty. It is not hot out, but I did get thirsty from my ride.”

Getting down from his horse, he walked over to her. He was taller than she by a few inches. A little older too, with enough grey in his hair to make him look distinguished but not old. His body was trim but didn’t look like he was an exercise fanatic. Just right, as a matter of fact.

As she was looking him over, it was obvious he was doing the same to her. Suddenly their eyes met. It was clear that both liked what they saw. Blushing, she looked down. Embarrassed by her thoughts, but a little turned on too.

They sat down, side by side. She poured him a glass of wine and took some more herself. As they sipped the wine, they talked about horses, the weather, the countryside, and each other. She told him she was just visiting her childhood home. He told her he was here for a vacation at a friend’s house nearby. They removed fransız porno their shoes to let their toes play in the grass. It was so pleasant.

Suddenly, the conversation stopped. They just looked at each other, staring deep into the other’s eyes. She didn’t know if it was love or lust she felt. But she knew right then, she had to feel his hand on her and his cock inside her. It was almost overwhelming. He must have felt the same.

His hand came up and caressed her cheek. She leaned into that hand and sighed contentedly. His face came toward her and their lips met. It was as though electricity flowed from one to the other. Their tongues touched and then played together in the warm confines of their kiss.

His hand moved down from her face to cup her breasts. They were strong hands, so much like her dream lover. He caressed her breasts and fondled her nipples before beginning to unbutton her blouse. They parted from their kiss and she helped him take off her blouse. When he first saw her breasts, he gasped at their beauty. His hands reached for her nipples, rolling them between his fingers before moving down to take them, one by one into his mouth. As he sucked on her nipples, she began unbuttoning his shirt. As she revealed his chest, her hands started to explore under his shirt before finishing taking it off. He continued to suck on her nipples, sending waves of pleasure down to her pussy. He nipped gently at a nipple, the sudden light pain causing her to gasp.

Then he kissed her hungrily. It seemed that their mouths were one. His hands caressed her all over before moving to the buttons holding her pants together. He began to unbutton them but had trouble due to her position. Sensing this, Veronica moved slightly, freeing the buttons and herself from the confines of her normal world. She had never done something like this before, but she couldn’t help herself. She was swept up in the moment.

At last, he finished unbuttoning her pants. She lifted her bottom from the grass so he could teen porno slide her pants off. With them came her panties, damp from her excitement. Soon he was running his fingers through the dark hair above her pussy. One finger strayed to caress her slit. She gasped. She was so hot! She had never been this turned on before and may never be so turned on again. It was incredible!

She reached for his pants, fumbling with his zipper she finally got the zipper down and freed his manhood from the confines it was straining to break out of. She grasped it in her hot hand, stroking its length, feeling its hardness. He pulled his pants down and with a suddenness that surprised them both, he plunged into her sweet pussy. His passage was made easy by the wetness he had conjured. After the first furious thrust, he slowed his stroke down and they enjoyed the feeling of him sliding in and out of her.

He once again lowered his head to her nipples and stared sucking in time to his thrusts. The feeling was incredible! She came almost immediately. Her cries of passion scaring a crow from where it watched these two people making love in the grass.

He continued to suck on her nipples as he moved in and out of her. She came again and again before she felt him tense up. When he came, it was explosive and she came again. He dropped spent onto her body, taking his weight on his elbows but remaining inside her. For a few moments they rested in that land where pleasurable exhaustion leaves you, aware of your feelings and your partner but nothing else in the world.

Gradually they became aware again. Kissing gently, they rolled onto their sides where he continued to caress her body. They lay like that for an eternity until they realized it was getting dark.

Getting up, they dressed, stopping to kiss and caress each other after each piece of clothing was put back on.

They gathered their horses and mounted up, going their separate ways home. They did not speak of meeting again nor get telephone numbers. Instinctively, they knew that this had been a magical moment, one they would never find again. It was a moment to treasure for the rest of their lives.

She realized she didn’t even know his name but she knew his face and his body intimately, That was enough. She was content.

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