Vasectomy Ch. 02

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Well, the visit 10 days after my vasectomy, I went to the Docs office and was shown to an exam room and told to undress completely and put on the hospital gown. I am sitting there with nothing on but the gown, when Carol, my favorite nurse, comes in. She says, the Doc has been called to the hospital but today’s visit is a routine follow up and she will just check me out if that is OK.

As a smile sneaks across my face and I recall the fantastic assistance she gave me the last time, I say, “Sure that is fine with me.”

It is obvious that she has seen the gleam in my eye and the silly boyish grin as she then instructs me to lay back on the table. She then very clinically proceeds to pull up the gown to above my waist. She then carefully checks out the area where the Doc put the stitches and says that the stitches are ready to come out.

She then proceeds to remove them and says that to aid the healing the Doc recommends that this solution be applied to reduce possible infection or swelling. So then she begins to rub this lotion type substance over my testicles. Of course my little soldier is beginning to stand up and salute her.

When she finishes that application, she says the other order of the day is to leave a sample to see if there are any sperm showing up in my semen. At which I blush again and say, “Am I supposed to do that now?”

To which she very clinically says, “Well yes we need the specimen today and we are pretty much behind schedule with the Doc being over at the hospital so if you think it will take you very brazzers long to supply me with the required specimen, then you can do one of two things. You can go home and take care of this task and bring it back”. And then with a school girlish grin of her own she says, “Or if you need assistance, I could help you with this now.”

Now I know I must have died and gone to heaven. After the previous experience, I try not to show too much enthusiasm and mess up the deal, but I say, “Well it would be nice to get this taken care of today while I am here if you don’t mind.”

With an enthusiasm of her own and a little wink, she says, “Oh it is OK, just part of my job.”

Then she reaches in the drawer and gets the KY Jelly out and after putting her rubber gloves on, she first takes the zipper of her top and pulls it down to her navel and this time she has on the sexiest most see thru red demi bra that I have ever seen.

And she says to me with an all knowing grin, “I think I recall you that you have met my two assistants last time.”

I almost cum just seeing these large tits straining at the cups of this sexy red bra. She skillfully pulls the top back so as to expose them fully and applies a liberal portion of KY Jelly to her hands and begins to stroke my dick and balls. I notice now for the first time that I can see her large brown areolas that are straining to press against the lace. I also notice that her nipples are rock hard and about the size of a pencil eraser.

I am thinking oh God, I wish could reach up and touch those cuckold porno beautiful full breasts or perhaps even hold them in my hands. My mind is racing thru the endless possibilities of all the wonderful erotic things that could be done with those gorgeous “assistants” of hers.

She brings me back to the present as she then asks that I tell her when I am building up to a climax because she needs to catch the sample in a flask for the lab.

I wish I could say that I held out for a long time, but since I had not had sex or jerked off since the day before the vasectomy along with the view or her sexy tits begging to be released from that lacy red bra, I shot my load in a matter of a couple of minutes.

I dutifully moaned in a whisper that I was about to cum and she had a lab flask close by and skillfully placed it at the tip of my dick and caught the entire load.

She smiles and says, “Hmmmm, I think someone needed that pretty bad. This is a very large specimen for the lab. It is such a shame to waste all of this for the lab.”

I cannot help it. My mind begins to race thru the many possibilities of what she might have meant. Oh what I wouldn’t do for the opportunity to place my specimen and other places than that flask. Oh my mind is racing……….

She then takes a warm towel and cleans off the KY Jelly and the little bit of stray semen that had escaped capture in the flask. She is slowly washing me and taking her time to make sure that every part is given the attention it is craving. But czech porno to my complete pleasure and amazement, she does not get in any hurry to re-zip her top.

When she is finished with her “clinical duties” then she zips up and says, “If you can wait a few minutes in the reception area, I can have the lab see if you have any sperms stilling hanging around and whether you will have to come back for another visit.”

I get dressed and return to the reception area. All the while, I am savoring every moment and replaying it in my mind. I silently pray for there to be some reason that I have to come back for another follow up exam.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the receptionist calls me to her window and hands me a note. It says, “Sorry you still have sperm showing up in your sample and we will need to see you again in another ten days.” I am sure that she thinks it a bit unusual that a sly grin sneaks across my face as I fantasize about the possibilities for the next visit and I sheepishly place my hand in my pocket to make the necessary adjustment.

She then asks me if I want to schedule a follow up visit or will I just be bringing in a sample. At this point because it is nearly lunch time, I am the only person in the waiting area and as I contemplate the alternatives of the options and not wanting to look too excited about a return visit, she says “Oh by the way, the lab is only looking for your sperm count and they are accustomed to seeing saliva mixed in with the semen.”

I guess the fact that I was sporting a “shit eating” grin about now and she continues to say, “Or of course you can come in and we will assist you with the procedure.”

So, I said “Please schedule me to come back in.” And sporting a grin of her own she says, “You know that is a good choice.”

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