Vacation Travels

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And there I was. It was almost like deja vu driving into the Nashville airport on the one year anniversary of meeting my lover for the first time. However, instead of pulling up to the arrivals area to pick him up, I was headed for long term parking.

I found a spot, took a picture of the lot number I was parked near so I would know where to find my car in a few days. I double checked my purse to make sure my boarding pass and passport were easily accessible. Then I went around to my trunk and got out my luggage. Oh! Don’t forget to lock the car.

My flight was scheduled to leave in a little over an hour. Then I just had a 2.5 hour flight to New York City. I really hoped my lover would get there early for his flight so I wasn’t stuck with the sharks swimming through my brain for too long during my layover. Sometimes it felt like a feeding frenzy in my head. Thoughts jumbled together and racing around. The anticipation of seeing him again has been slowly torturing me over the last several months – ever since we booked this trip.

I quickly (well, relatively quickly for an airport) checked in my luggage, grabbed my carryon backpack and purse and headed down the tarmac towards the TSA line. As I waited in the slow moving line, I couldn’t help but fidget. I was thinking about which prospect was more exciting: seeing the northern lights or seeing my lover. It didn’t take long to realize which one it was. Damn! There really wasn’t any comparison. Seeing my handsome doctor again is the only thought that but butterflies in my stomach, and it certainly put the extra bounce in my step. Fuck. This was supposed to be a causal relationship – nothing more.

Speaking of fuck…oh yeah, my mind couldn’t stop now. In addition to craving him just being near me because it was the only thing that calmed my sharks, I was also thinking of a different type of frenzy that would inevitably happen as soon as we were alone behind closed doors. Oh hello butterflies!

“Excuse me. Ma’am?” I look up and blush as I realized my naughty daydreams were causing a bottleneck in the line. “Sorry,” I murmured as I quickly took off my shoes and put my backpack and purse on the conveyor belt. After everything got scanned and I was cleared, I slipped my shoes back on and headed to my gate. 30 minutes until it was time to board.

I pulled out my phone to text the good doctor I was at the gate and would see him in a few hours. But before I could, my phone chimed. Awww. He texted me first. I was puzzled by the message. “Turn around Princess.” I glanced around and my heart stopped. I forgot to breathe. I couldn’t swallow. How was this possible? There. Just a few feet from me. He was here. My doctor. My lover. My Michael.

I had no words as he strode over to me. “Princess.” That’s all it took before I was wrapped in his arms. My lips on his. I couldn’t touch him enough. I just didn’t have enough hands, enough lips, enough tongue. Time completely stood still. I lost all thoughts. All everything but the feeling that he was here.

Before I knew it, our flight was being called to board. I didn’t hear it, but my lover did. He broke the kiss. Time to find our seat cupcake. It was then that I could finally speak. “Why are you here? You’re supposed to be in New York.”

He chuckled and shrugged. “I didn’t like the thought of you traveling alone.” He saw my face and shushed me with a finger on my lips. “And before you tell me you are a independent woman who travels frequently on her own, I know. But I also missed you and so I thought it’s completely worth it to get a few extra hours with you. It’s been too long.”

I couldn’t disagree with any of that. It HAD been too long. I never stopped altyazılı porno touching him as we boarded the plane. I couldn’t believe he was really here. I’m never surprised. I always know what’s going on. How did I miss this?? I’m so glad I missed this. I love surprises. And this was, by far, the best kind.

I don’t think I heard anything the stewards said. I knew all the emergency info anyway. I leaned over and whispered in my lover’s ear. “I plan on being COMPLETELY inappropriate with you this whole flight. I’ll try to be somewhat discreet but I don’t really care who sees us. And start preparing yourself for our international flight because I plan on us both joining the mile high club before we land.”

“God I missed you and your imagination, Princess!”

“I promise we will both be exhausted and sore by this time next week.”

“I love your promises!”

As the plane ascended, I made sure his pants zipper descended. My lips met his once again as my hand wrapped around his erect cock. I smiled. Happy he was just as excited as I was. It was going to be a fantastic vacation and I couldn’t wait to explore a new country and have fun with my lover at the same time.


“Now boarding flight 908.” The announcement came across the PA system. A huge cheesy grin spread across my face. “Time for leg 2 of our trip doctor.” He answered with a kiss and a smile of his own.

We gathered our belongings, made sure boarding passes were in hand and stood in queue to board the plane. This was it! More firsts! The last flight contained a hand job for him, and a finger fuck for me. I just knew we would join the mile high club before the plane landed in Finland.

I glanced at my ticket darn. Aisle seat. “Go on in, Cupcake. I know you like to see the clouds. I’ll sacrifice my knees to the beverage cart,” Michael said with a chuckle. All the little details he remembered continued to amaze me. It was like he filed away every conversation they had and recalled all the little important details as well as all the seemingly unimportantly details. All of those little recalled details made my heart flutter.

I was so caught up in her thoughts and memories that she hardly noticed all the pretake-off preparations. “Are you okay?” My sweet doctor was looking at me with concern.

“Of course, handsome! I’m excited to be taking this adventure with you.” With that, the plane picked up speed and lifted up into the air.

“Sir, do you need anything else to drink,” whispered the steward. I yawned, blinked my eyes, and realized I had fallen asleep and was currently drooling on my lover’s shoulder. Oh how embarrassing. I am all about drooling figuratively, but drooling literally was horrible. How on earth was I going to live this down??

“Are you awake, Princess?”

Oh god. How do I try and play this off? Ugh! Why did I have to drool?

“Give it up Princess. I can tell you are awake. Are you embarrassed because you realize how loudly you were snoring?”

“What?!? Was I really snoring loudly too? I’m sooooo sorry!”

Michael chuckled lightly. “It’s okay. I don’t think Princesses really snore. You were probably just thinking loudly.”

“You are too sweet.” I replied before leaning over and kissing him. “I know something that might help me get past being completely mortified.” Wiggling my eyebrows, I whispered, “I’ll meet you in the bathroom on the right. I hear that’s how you become members in an exclusive club I’ve heard so much about.” And with that, I unfastened my seatbelt, and shuffled past him – sashaying all the way down the aisle.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door. zenci porno I looked around again and had absolutely no idea how on earth this could be accomplished, but I was willing to give it a go! I opened the door and Michaellooked at me, and then around at the teeny tiny space called a bathroom.

“I know, I know,” I exclaimed. “Let’s at least TRY before we give up! This is why it’s such an exclusive club!”

My good doctor was such a sport. He squeezed in and locked the door and I giggled at the situation. “Ok, there is absolutely no way to do this remotely romantically, but let’s see what we can come up with.” Being squished together in such a tight space, just shimmying our pants down was a feat all on its own. Now how on earth were we going figure out the logistics? Hmmm.

After many failed attempts, we finally were able to get the tip of his cock barely inside my pussy when the airplane hit some turbulence. I threw her head back and laughed hysterical at the absurdity of it all. Then a knock sounded at the door. “Ummm…please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.”

Seriously?!? I laughed even harder. The poor steward. He had to know what they were attempting. Can this day get any more embarrassing, or funny?? “We got the tip in for a moment. I think that qualifies!! What do you think doctor?” Of course, the good doctor agrees with a chuckle.

We returned to our seats (past a small line that had formed outside the bathroom – oops!) I heard a few whispered comments about me and the good doctor, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care what they thought.

As we buckled in, i turned to my companion and pouted. “It’s a shame that my wet pussy is going to waste. I really wanted that to work. I might just have to fuck you in front of everyone while we’re waiting for the luggage carrousel to deliver our bags!” Oh yes, patience was definitely NOT my strong suit!

“While I know I would completely enjoy that, it might land us in jail in a foreign country. Maybe we should find a way to take the edge off a little, shall we?” With that, Michael placed a blanket over their laps. He kissed me long and deep on the mouth. “Pull down your pants and spread your legs.”

“Yes sir,” I replied; my voice becoming raspy. Looking directly into his pale brown eyes, I wiggled my pants and panties down over my hips, then proceeded to take one pant leg off and spread my legs as wide as the seat allowed. I readjusted the blanket over my lap as to try and at least pretend I was still decent and that we weren’t about to give a show to anyone paying any attention. “Now what doctor?”

“You never cease to amaze me on what you are willing to do without hesitation, Princess.” My breath hitched slightly as his hand slipped under the blanket and made it’s way to my slick folds. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were wet.” He teased me slightly before inserting a finger in.

A quiet moan escaped. Skip watched Katie’s face transform. He enjoyed this part of the show. She couldn’t ever hide anything she was thinking or feeling. The way she looked at him with such intensity and feeling, crossing over to a look of concentration. He enjoyed when she closed her eyes and bit her lip just as much as when she stared into his eyes. The soft little noises she was making had a direct effect on his cock. It twitched and strained against his pants with each little gasp, moan, and hitch of her breath.

The little mewling noise she just made was what lead to the the bead of precum he could feel dampening his boxer briefs. Holy fuck. She put her hand on top of his and slipped one of her fingers in behind his. She helped set the pace aldatma porno for their fingers to move in an upbeat rhythm. The sounds of their fingers moving in and out of her wetness made his cock almost hurt with yearning. However, it was the sweet aroma of Katie’s excitement; the smell of need, lust, and just pure sex that almost had him cuming in his pants like a teenager. He knew that there must be at least one person around them that had to be aware of the tell tale sounds and smells. He was certain someone else was probably getting off on knowing what was going on in row J on this plane.

A few moments later, Skip felt a surge in wetness and the muscles around his finger pulsate. Oh how he enjoyed the feeling of those contractions around his and Katie’s fingers. Katie stopped their fingers from gliding in and out of her folds and instead bucked her hips up until the pulsating stopped. It was then that she opened her eyes back up and looked at him. Serious at first. But they quickly turned playful as a smile spread across her face.

“Your turn, doctor. Let’s see how messy we can get this blanket.” she reach over and carefully freed his cock from the confines of his pants. Ahhh. Freedom.

The first touch of her fingers on his cock after being so aroused felt…Skip wasn’t sure. It was almost painful at first but quickly turned into one of the most sensual desirable feelings he’s experienced. He fought back a groan as her soft hand explored his cock before wrapping around the shaft. He felt like a damn teenager. At his age, he’s had countless sexual experiences. Some completely amazing adventures with dozens of gorgeous women. However, the way this woman continued the tease him throughout their various flights and for months prior to this experience with stories and photos had him ready to explode.

He understood exactly where she was coming from when she said she was ready to fuck him in the airport waiting for their luggage to make its way off the plane. He wasn’t sure how he was going to restrain himself from taking her before they made it to the private confines of their hotel in another 8 hours or so.

Katie continued to stroke the good doctor’s cock. During the last downstroke, she massaged his balls a little bit. On the upstroke, she made sure her fingers teased the head of his cock and play with the moisture beading at the tip. She was purposely avoiding getting into a comfortable rhythm with her hand in order to prolong the experience. Devil!

Katie leaned over and whispered in his ear, “close your eyes, handsome, and enjoy.” Then her tongue began to explore the ear that just received the message. Skip closed his eyes and enjoyed the competing sensations. The kisses now trailing over his neck versus the slight squeeze moving up and down his cock. Finally, finally, Kate seemed to settle on a rhythm. He felt the pressure buildup and a slight tingle in his balls. Fuck yes! A little nip at his neck and extra squeeze of her hand tipped the scales. He strained not to make a sound as wave after wave of warm spunk shot up into the blanket and oozed back down over Katie’s hand.

When the pulsating stopped, Katie gave Skip a light peck on the lips and laid her head on his chest. She listened as his heat beat began to slow down and felt his breath becoming more regular. “You’re killing me, Princess.”

“Don’t you dare die on me! We have so many more fun adventures ahead of us!”

They discreetly cleaned themselves up with the blanket and straightened their clothes to a more respectable fashion. Then Skip wrapped his arm around his girl. She nestled into her favorite spot where his shoulder and chest meet. She felt the pull of sleep once again. She thought she felt a kiss on the top of her head and heard some mumbled words. She tried to make out what he said, but the sandman’s fog was already too heavy to fight. So she slipped into its spell hoping she wouldn’t snore, or drool, this time around.

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