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I stepped out onto the terrace, my breath evaporating in wispy trails. You stood at the edge, leaning on the rail, overlooking the city at night. I took in the scene for a moment. The lights of the city seemed distant, but they were plentiful. There were always enough to make the night sky appear drab and faded, with few stars in sight. That was a downside of living in a city… when you look up for the stars, there’s nothing but a dusty sheet. You had to look somewhere else for your awe and wonder. But on that night, you filled in for the night sky wonderfully. Your black strapless gown was an inky night sky, stars exploding and vanishing as you moved, the dress hugging your curves, the slit exposing a daring amount of leg.

I wondered if you knew about how people were looking at you… other men with glances lingering longer than their dates would prefer. Eyes straying every now and again to catch another glimpse of the stunning beauty seemingly all by herself.

I walked over, removed my coat, and placed it over your shoulders. I felt you tense for a moment before eventually realizing it was me. My hands lingered on your shoulders… I felt you melt back into me as you pulled the coat around yourself, your body at once familiar and exciting. My hands sunk to your hips, easing you back against my frame. We stayed there for a while, just looking out over the city.

“Hey… you want to get out of here?”

“I thought you’d türkçe altyazılı porno never ask.”

Twenty minutes later, you had shoved me inside my apartment, slammed me against the door as it slammed shut, and shoved your tongue into my mouth. Your hand plunged lower, unzipping my slacks with ease, whipping my cock out and stroking it eagerly. I was stunned for a moment at your sudden aggression, but I quickly responded, bringing my strong hands to your ass, pulling you close, kissing back.

You leaned into the kiss, showing me you were just as hungry as I was. So hungry, that before I knew it, you were on your knees, sucking on the head of my erect cock, your eyes peering up at me, clearly savoring the expressions you could elicit from me. Your hands pressed me forward, putting my back to the door, causing the chain lock to rattle. I gazed down at your crouching figure, wanting to take in every detail before me. Your inky gown pooled on the floor around you, breasts straining against it. For a moment my eyes were lost in your cleavage, plummeting into a black hole as you bobbed back and forth. I moaned deeply as you devoured my cock, your lips pursed, cheeks hollowed as you sucked, your tongue working so expertly. I closed my eyes and rode the waves of pleasure you provided me with, my mind utterly fixated on this moment, the tip of my cock driven back in your throat, your eyes closed xnxx as you accepted my hot girth so deeply. Holding steady longer… longer… before finally pulling your head back and gasping for air.

It seemed like time slowed down for a moment… you looked up at me, your breathing labored, cheeks flushed pink. Strands of your hair misplaced, plastered to your forehead. In that moment, so much was communicated. My eyes were open, gazing down at you. I knew that wouldn’t be enough for you. I knew what you wanted. I knew what I wanted, too. I’ll always remember that moment. That moment when nothing else but us existed. The darkened apartment didn’t exist. The hallway outside didn’t exist. All the stars hidden by the dusty sheet of the city night didn’t exist. It was just you and me and our desires.

Moments later I found that time existed again. I reached down, lifted you up off the floor, swung you towards the door, turning us around. I reached down, hiked your gown up, and feasted my eyes on your ass, my hands caressed it. You looked back over your shoulder, arms braced against the heavy wood of the door, and waited with breathless anticipation as you presented yourself.

I peeled your thong down, leaving it hanging from your thighs, not caring to remove it completely. In a flash, my cock was at your pussy, spreading your lips, filling your ready cunt. You moaned in ecstasy, which always turned me on so porno izle profoundly, and I couldn’t help but feel my cock swelling that much more as you expressed your pleasure so provocatively. I drove my hips forward until my hips butted up against your bare ass, my cock buried inside you, my strong hands clasping your hips, controlling your movements.

I planted my feet and then simply took you. My hips worked like a piston, pumping my length back and forth, claiming you over and over. And that was what I wanted… to claim you, to own you, to have you as my own.

I continued to pump my hips, fucking you hard, the sound reverberating in the landing of my apartment. The sound was soon mixed with the your moans, your pleading coos and moans, your demands for more, and your obscene exultation.

I pulled out of you suddenly, earning a plaintive moan of protest from your lips. I turned you around, hands snaking down, dipping below your legs, clutching you and lifting you up. I pinned your back to the door, rattling it in its frame. Your legs wrapped around me as I drove my cock back into you, keeping me from escaping. Your hands linked behind my neck as you held on tight. I kissed you with an animal passion, tasting you as my cock impaled you deeper and deeper.

Our pleasure compounded, building further and higher, cresting and surging. Our passion and lust and sheer animal desire crescendoed into a thunderous finale. I came inside you, slamming my cock deep and releasing my seed inside you. I felt your entire body shudder in pleasure and squeeze down so incredibly tight, I thought we would never be apart.

Sometimes I think back to that night and realize a part of me never left that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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