Unleashed Corporate Lust

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My indebted recognition goes to the Volunteer Editors invaluable critiques and suggestions that encouraged the best from me.


Stretching her cramped legs under the table, Trish stops taking notes long enough to scan the room. It is another late night, trapped in a corporate conference that has dragged on for hours. The hotel has been diligent in keeping the coffee service filled, and ample bottled beverages still remain. A slow, deep breath relieves the stifling feel of the crowded room.

Glancing at faces, most expressions are listless and bored, except one. Trish stares, intrigued by a man’s steel-gray eyes, as they observe people intently. Attractive broad shoulders hint at a muscular build under the dark tailored suit he wears. His eyes fascinate with the reflective sharpness of his mind, as does his grin when his observations provide their own conclusions.

Trish is startled as his head deliberately turns, fixing his eyes on her. Caught brazenly staring, she blushes with burning embarrassment. In the blink of an eye, he stripped her bare. The intimate realization of how exposed and vulnerable she feels under his gaze causes her body to shiver. With a knowing smile he releases his hold, leaving Trish stunned and wondering if she imagined the whole thing.

More than a little shaken, aroused and confused, she tries to collect herself, making every effort to avoid his scrutiny again. The meeting adjourns and packing away equipment keeps her Porno busy; she doesn’t have time to rationalize why her panties are moist and nipples hard.

Mercifully, the emptied room is finally quiet, and Trish checks one last time to make sure everything is packed and the lights are out. She steals a moment to stand at the window watching the city sparkle below. Touching the coolness of the glass does nothing to sooth the desires stirring within.

Thoughts of the stranger penetrate her mind. Unable to ignore her aching need, she squeezes her breasts roughly. Long denied passions throb through her veins, adding to the creaminess between her thighs. Unleashed raging hormones surge through her.

As if wishing him there, suddenly he’s holding her neck firmly to his caressing lips while his commanding whisper tells her, “Don’t move. Don’t turn around. I want you to stay perfectly still.”

A surreal moment of terror freezes time as she sees his faint, hazy outline in the window glass. His hot breath causes her body to tremble as her mind is torn between fright and arousal. Then his moist lips declare what they both know to be true:

“You want this as much as I.”

She succumbs to her lustful needs as his intimate caresses electrify the downy hairs along her arm. Captivated, she yields to his dominance as he pulls her body tightly against him. His grip urgent and kisses demanding, he grinds against her ass with his hard manhood.

The Altyazılı Porno honest truth tortures her soul. With a bowed head and quivering voice, she admits meekly, “yesssss, I want you.”

With no reserve, his hands claim her breasts and maul them greedily; his hungry teeth biting into her tender neck. Overwhelming pleasure swells through her and a soft whimper escapes her lips as she leans back against him.

A flash of realization has her suddenly struggling against his hold, “Not here! We’ll be caught.”

He holds firm against her futile efforts, hushing her fears, “I paid the hotel guard so we’ll have no interruptions.”

With no further hesitation his hand unbuttons her blouse to pull up her bra so that her breasts are free for his molesting. He kneads them, digging his fingers into their soft flesh…pinching and pulling the nipples until they are hard and pointed. He moans his pleasure while ravaging her with kisses.

The intensity of his touch leaves Trish’s legs feeling limp. His hand sliding up between her thighs finds her sopping wet. His fingers barely grazing her pussy makes her dizzy with lust. She thrusts her hips forward to feel more of him and he responds with two fingers pushing the crotch of her nylon panties up inside her willing pussy. The invasion pulls the material sharply, digging between her ass cheeks. Feeling her tight heat makes his eager cock throb and he pulls the panties off Brazzers in a fury.

Bending her forward to brace her arms on the windowsill, he yanks up her skirt to bare her ass. Spreading her legs his nostrils flare inhaling her undeniable sweet nectar. Unceremoniously he unzips his trousers and treats her aching clit to the persistent nudging of his bulging cockhead as he slides it between her slick, warm pussy lips. Penetration is fast with one plunging thrust burying his cock in her velvety depths. She is so keyed every muscle inside clenches like a vise to hold him. He partially withdraws only to ram back with another thrust, slamming his balls hard against her…again …and again. Driven by his own enraged animalistic lust.

Looking back, Trish tosses her hair from her view. Biting her lower lip she hisses, “Please don’t stop!”

Pushing back to meet each thrust, she is pleading for him to fuck her harder when an orgasm takes her with a shuddering vengeance. Wave after wave sends her whirling as he plunders the hot juices bathing his cock. His own release boils up from his balls and with a low guttural growl; he shoots jet after jet of hot milky cum deep inside her.

While she still tremors with pleasure, he withdraws and pulls her up against his chest again. He hoarsely whispers into her ear,”You know now that you are mine” and with a final crushing caress…he’s gone.

She’s left panting hard as her heart thunders in her ears. Her mind can make no rational sense to explain the pleasure still throbbing between her legs. Slowly a coy, sheepish smile creases her lips. There is satisfaction knowing he’s out there inhaling her scent and fondling her warm moist panties, thinking of the next time they’ll meet.

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