Unexpected Surprises

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These stories may be true or just a fragment of my warped mind, that’s entirely up to the reader to decide. The events are pretty much as I remember them adapted into a story to spice them up a little. Happy reading.


I woke with a sense of betrayal, trying to get my head around it. How bloody stupid can one have been, leaving the phone switched on. I had discovered it shoved up behind the sink unit wedged between the pipes and cross member. I’d heard it a couple of times before, a soft vibrating noise and put it down to bad pipes. How bloody daft was I. If I hadn’t broken the door, I’d be none the wiser.

But there it was a Nokia pay as you go. Locked of course. I plugged in my wife’s usual pins and after the third attempt it came to life. Just two numbers, no names. But plenty of messages that revealed quite a lot. I’d had my suspicions of infidelity and now, it was all confirmed as I checked some of the dates on the calendar.

The ones that really interested me were, ‘Hey, would you fuck a black guy’.

‘Maybe why?’

‘wondering if you’re interested in doing a threesome. Me and my black mate, after work’


‘Hey, can we both do you bare, or condoms?’

‘Both bare if you want’

I remember that day alright, that was the evening she came home shattered but with a bubbly look on her face and went straight in for a shower. The text messages indicated an event happening every three-five weeks or so. That fitted in with most of her Tuesday or Sunday overtime shifts. So now I knew, that would explain when I think about it, why we never had sex on a Saturday, Monday, or the Wednesday after or before an event. I pushed the phone back into its hiding hole and thought lucky cow.

I should’ve been angry, but in a strange way, it made up I guess, for my infidelity with Natalie, and those that would follow. Not that I had planned anything, not with Natalie anyway, but there was Sandra, also from my wife’s works and then of course, there was Charlotte, the Asda girl. But more on that later.


I can’t quite recall when I noticed a few of my wife’s work mates eyeing me, but it was sometime after my wife hosted one of those Ann Summer events at our flat. I remember that evening, I had forgotten all about it and burst in on them. I was quickly banished to the kitchen with a flea in my ear. But I overheard little Sandra saying something about not being able to have children and one or two other things, from other girls but for now it meant nothing.

I was at that time, an evening supervisor in the engineering department of the local bus company and in the early stages of becoming a driving instructor. I also used to do some Ad-Hoc driving for my wife’s retail store, nothing exciting, just run a few things up to the warehouse on a Saturday or Sunday and every now and again run equipment and /or staff to other locations.

So, it was for that reason I was allowed access to areas the public weren’t allowed. I parked my car in the staff car park and buzzed myself in through the staff entrance and signed myself in. My purpose was both personal and business. porno izle I intended to spend lunch with my wife Ellen, and sort out dates I could do some driving.

I walk through the shop and saw and spoke to some of the staff I knew and headed to my wife’s department aware of one or two girls looking at me and I suspected whispering to each other. I didn’t know them personally, but one of them I recognised from the Ann Summers event. She was a strawberry blond, quite attractive if it wasn’t for her glasses, I say even sexy looking, Helen I think the wife called her. Married according to her finger.

I smiled back at her walking towards the rear of the store and my god, there was her younger sister Louise, looking incredibly attractive with her ginger hair up in plaits, putting stuff from a basket on the bottom shelfs. Then the store manager Richard appeared. I found a copy of my available dates and as we chatted, saw Louise bend over, she was right in front of me but behind Richard.

I felt just a twitch in my groin as I wondered what she would be like fucking, and her sister. Richard told me Ellen was working down in the stock room. He said he’d let me know what days he needed me for and off I went, snatching another look Louise.

Through the staff only double doors and down the metal stairs. Turning left and along the corridor I can see Sandra. She’s 18 or 19. She’s sitting on the floor with a note pad on a foot stool next to her, busily writing on a notepad as someone talks to her via the phone. Her knees are up and slightly apart. I can see right up her skirt.

Sandra isn’t the prettiest of girls, her face showing teenage acne and her black hair messily put up in a tatty old red band. Her work blouse and skirt worn out and shabby, a little grubby and creased too. But hey ho, she only had one set of uniform being a part timer, so Ellen had told me. My eyes scan her as I get nearer. I can’t help but take a good look at her camel toe pressed against her light knickers and the bulky darkness of her pubic mound.

As I get nearer, she catches me looking. She remains in the same position and her face reddens with embarrassment as I make it obvious where my eyes are going and I’m doing nothing from hiding my now obvious bulge. Dirty cow I thought as she inspects my stiffing bulge and talking on the phone and wrapping the call up.

She hangs the phone up and innocently smiles saying ‘Hi’. I snatch another look up her skirt enquiring where my wife was. She’s telling me she was in the stockroom annex all the while I’m wondering if she really is as innocent as she appears. My cock swells even more wondering.

I thank her kindly and sweep round to the annex. It has its own door that is key coded, I let myself in. The annex is L shaped. It is dimly lit and there’s rows of shelfing and clothe rails. I sweep round and can see Ellen; she is standing on a foot stool bent right over into a recess reaching in for something.

Seeing her in that position and me with a full erection gets my mind going and an evil plan kicks in. I step back out of sight as she pulls something out the amatör porno recess. I hear it hit the floor. I look round from my hiding position and delighted to see her reaching back in for something else.

I sneak forwards, approaching quietly, she is bent right over now and very vulnerable. I step up behind her, and in one movement my hands push her skirt up and I push my tent right up between her legs getting a direct hit. I know I’ve made a terrible mistake even before I thrust and say, ‘You fancy a quick one babe’.

It wasn’t Ellen. The girl pushes backwards shouting, ‘You dirty bastard, what are you playing at?’ Her actions push me off the stool, she angrily turns shouting, her fists clenched punching at thin air, as I stand shocked at seeing Natalie as she faces her would be rapist.

Natalie in her early twenties, wasn’t pretty at the best of times, she looked even worse now in angry mode. She wore excessive black make up that made her to be something out of a horror movie and her short brown hair put up in a small ponytail gave the impression of an alien antenna.

My cock had long gone into sulky mode as I look at Natalie expecting a punch in the face and armed security to come bursting through the door at any moment. Security and the punch never come. The girl calms just slightly as she recognises me, ‘Oh it’s you?’ It was an observation not a question, but I admit it was me and I lamely explain I thought she was Ellen and apologise.

Natalie stares at me for a moment and calms even more as I continue to explain things from my point of view. She understands she says saying it was alright and see’s the funny side, making me feel a whole lot better and less guilty.

She grins, eyeing me and tells me, ‘You were right there you dirty bugger.’

I can’t help but grin thinking that was the plan, ‘Sorry, I really am.’

‘That’s alright.’ She tells me and putting her right hand between her legs starts to rub herself through her skirt saying, ‘Got me all fruity now.’

My cock twitches again, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’

She smiles and takes a pace towards me, ‘What would you have done if I had known it was you and said yes.’

That shocked me. I didn’t know how to answer and with my cock now bulging managed, ‘What do you think I would’ve done?’

She eyes my obvious bulge, and her hand works quicker on her pussy. Her other hand feels my bulge as she says with self-assurance, ‘That tells me’, Squeezing my cock, ‘ That you’re a naughty boy and would’ve fucked me.’

I thought under normal circumstances I wouldn’t look at her twice, ‘Probably.’

She grins with some sort of satisfaction and steps backwards and steps up onto the foot stool and sits on the ledge of the recess. She eyes me, ‘Come here you’.

I approach her wondering where this is going as she spreads her legs and pulls the hem of her skirt up. Natalie grins, ‘Ellen says you’re a good licker.’ Again, it was an observation not a question.

I knew instantly what she wanted, and even though I didn’t fancy her, I was going to oblige. I knelt on the foot stool as she leans anal porno backwards supporting herself on her elbows watching excitedly as I slip the gusset of her knickers to one side revealing her trimmed pussy.

I can smell her excitement already. I lap her pussy with my tongue causing her to gasp and moan. I thumb her lips apart and flick it inside her. She starts shaking bringing her legs up and apart, now lying on her back. I continue undisturbed by her juices that contaminate my mouth, fingers, and face. She smelt and tasted good. Girl juice drips out of her pussy encouraging me to increase my work. Natalie moans not to stop grabbing my head as I delve deeper into her pussy thumbing her clit and pushing two fingers deep into her inners and licking hard.

She strains to keep her legs apart as her pussy explodes again squirting her enjoyment. I straighten up and continue to pump two fingers deep into her pussy. One handed I pull her blouse open revealing big tits squashed inside her too small a bra. I squeeze on a tit and bend down taking the other into my mouth and suck on it. Her tits are big. I start to kiss each in turn suckling and nibbling the nipple delicately. She is loving it. I quickly kiss down her soft skin before lapping at her pussy again, she is moaning as I suck on her clit and force my tongue hard inside her pumping it for all I am worth.

Natalie’s body shudders and she is moaning with pleasure. She grabs my head, her fingers digging in hard and she pushes her groin into my face making rapid circular movements. She moans excitedly as her pussy throbs and squirts as she reaches another climax. She pushes me away telling me she’d had enough.

I stand up looking at her. Her pussy is wet and dripping. She leans up on her elbows again looking at me as I wipe girl juice off my face with the back of my hand. ‘Put your cock in my pussy now!’ she demands.

I’m happy to oblige. I extract my aching cock and stand between her quivering legs. She inspects my cock, ‘Go easy, you look big.’

Damn that bitch, I think pulling her knickers to one side again and push the head of my cock onto her pussy lips. She gives a deep moan as I push in and squeeze her open. She is so wet I push all the way in making her grasp for breath.

I plunge in and out of her pussy hard increasing pace causing her to deeply gasp and moan. I know I can’t last long but despite that continue thrusting hard and telling her how nice her pussy feels around my cock. She’s grunting how big and nice my cock feels inside her.

I wrap my arms around her legs and pump her pussy hard bringing myself to the boiling point. I pull out. Natalie slips onto the floor taking my cock into her mouth, she strokes it a few times before cum shoots into her mouth, I pull out and jerk over her face and tits. I can’t believe what we’ve just done. Natalie stands with a grin on her face. She wipes her face with the sleeve of her blouse and off her tits.

She looks at me expressionless and tells me I’d better go and find my wife. I tidy myself and make my way up to the toilets and clean up, after all, I couldn’t kiss my wife with Natalie’s pussy juices still on my face, fingers, and mouth. Twenty minutes later I’m enjoying lunch with Ellen when Natalie walks in, she briefly eyes me and smirks at my wife, other than the odd hello, she as usual just ignored me if I was around.

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