Undergrad Studies Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

This is my first post to the site and my first try at anything of this nature. I appreciate any feedback!


My name is Andrew and I’m a typical guy from the south (in the United States). I have mid-shade brown hair that is nearly down to my shoulders. I am 6’0 and weigh 210 lbs. I am a little chunky, but I have more muscle mass in my arms than most guys do as well. I grew up in a mid-sized town in North Carolina. I have two sisters and my mom in my family. My dad is a good man, but we never saw him much because my mom divorced him during his last tour in Iraq (he’s a Master SGT in the US Army), and he is currently on post in Texas. I went to college in Georgia when I was 18. After my first two years of college, I decided to quit school and just work because I was not focused on or trying in school. I worked random jobs for roughly 3 years before deciding to return to school. I had hoped that my age would reflect in my studies and that I would take my education more seriously.

My first week back on campus I met Barbara in my Chinese culture class. Barbara is a 20 year old from Atlanta, GA. She is 5’5″ and probably weighs around 125 with measurements around 34-24-32. Yes, she is tiny, but she is my baby. During the first week of October, the week before spring break, we were sitting around in my dorm room talking about Shakespeare’s Macbeth. You might be thinking that I am lame, but hey, the man could write! We were discussing porno indir the sub-plot of Macbeth’s jealousy of Lady Macbeth throughout the play. After roughly an hour and a half of discussion, we began to kiss a little. My roommate Tom had been gone for two hours, and I knew he would not be back until late because he was at work. She and I continued making out when I felt her hand go down to my rapidly growing erection.

“Andrew, I think it’s about time I make you happy” is what she whispered hoarsely into my ear. I couldn’t believe it. We had been dating for about two months, but I didn’t want to intrude on her personal space and seem to be “that” guy. After a few seconds, which seemed almost an eternity, I said, “Are you sure? You make me happy just the way you are.”

“Yes, I am positive. I have been considering it for nearly three weeks now, and I feel confident that I want you to take me,” she said, this time with more confidence. She and I had discussed the fact that I was still a virgin, but she had given her virginity away while she was in high school. She slept with this guy named Rick a few times because he said that he loved her. She turned her life around and focused on school and her future. In just a matter of minutes our entire relationship changed. I was standing up, and she was on her knees.

I was massaging her firm breasts in my hands through her shirt all the while she was stroking rokettube my shaft with her right hand. Her left hand was massaging my balls in order to get my state of arousal even more intoxicating. “Oh god. Oh god. That feels amazing, Barb,” I barely managed to spit out amidst the pleasure. She began to lick the head of my swollen member. After she licked the head, she worked her way down my shaft and began licking and lightly sucking on my balls one at a time. Because the combination warmth in my room and my state of arousal, my balls were hanging loosely and were therefore easily sucked and pleasured. I hadn’t jacked off in about a week because of work, classes, and all the time the two of us had spent together. I knew my build-up of cum would be large, but I was unsure of how strong or exactly how much quantity there would be. “Andy, can you help me take my shirt and bra off?” she asked directly. She had never been too direct in our relationship to this point. I reached down and helped pull her shirt off over her head, and then I unclasped her black bra. I pulled the black lace from her right shoulder, then her left. I stared in amazement at her beautiful, exquisite breasts. I mean, I had seen porn on the internet and I had a mom and two sisters (you unfortunately see each other naked occasionally when you have family) but I had never seen anything as nice as her perfect little tits. I have decently large hands, porno and her boobs did not completely fill my hands, but they were perky, straight, and her nipples were rock solid.

She then proceeded to continue to jerk me off for another 10 to 12 minutes. “Oh, god. I am gonna cum…gonna cum soon.” I barely cried out that last adverb before I began to shoot my week long build-up of cum all over Barbara’s tits and face. A little of my cum landed on the left part of her lower lip. I fell back and landed on my bed shocked by the force of the orgasm I had just experienced. I looked at Barbara and noticed at least 3 tablespoons of my cum all over her glistening her with my glob. After a couple minutes of my unintelligible groans and mutterings, I felt a hand around my balls. “Oh shit” I managed to whisper out to her. “Don’t worry, Andy, I’m just getting all the cum out. Just lay there and enjoy it.” She replied. She just squeezed and massaged my balls for about 4-5 minutes until all the cum had been milked out of me. After that I stood up and I grabbed a towel and offered it to her saying, “Here, you might want to clean yourself up.” She replied, “I will clean up, but only in the shower. With you.”

Then she leaned in and kissed me with those beautiful, succulent lips, the same lips with my cum on them. I had never tasted myself in all my masturbating because I just couldn’t gather the nerve to try my own cum. But, I must admit, that I began to become aroused again while tasting my own love juice on the girl I loved. She stood up and walked into the bathroom turning on the shower. Smiling as she looked at me saying, “Are you coming, Andy?” And that is all the convincing I needed to go get clean.

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