Two Weeks in Malta Ch. 01

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I met Sammy online when our paths crossed on an online game we both played. We hit it off pretty quickly. She was a blast to talk to and we talked almost every day. When we couldn’t talk we exchanged emails back and forth. Things got pretty flirty, pretty quick. She had sent me pictures of herself. She was a goddess. She had an amazing figure with a beautiful butt and the most spectacular pair of breasts I had ever seen. We talked, flirted, and even had a few naughty conversations that led us to touch ourselves while we talked. She was absolutely amazing. Our connection grew and grew. I knew we would have thrown ourselves at the other if we were ever in the same room. And it was even harder know this sexy little minx was across the world in Malta.

After a long time, a relationship I was in finally fell apart. I was once again single. Through the break up, Sammy was there. We talked a lot and she was a shoulder for me to cry on. We spent a lot of time talking. Our flirting got more serious until one day she invited me to come for a week to visit her. She had told me she would show me around and we could hit the beach. I decided to take her up on the offer and scrimped up enough money to make it out there. After a long plane ride, I was finally there.

Sammy met me at the airport. As soon as our eyes met, a smile came across my face. She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. She was just as beautiful in person as her pictures, possibly more. I was in amazement at the goddess standing before me. We exchanged greetings, I grabbed my luggage and she took me by the hand as we headed off. I was so excited. I had never been out of the country before. I was ready for my adventure in Malta.

We headed to her place, talking as we went. Most of the conversation seemed to fall back to the fact neither of us could really believe I was there. It was almost like a dream. Sammy told me about all the fun things we were going to do on my trip. This made me even happier I had taken the chance and come to see her. We arrived at her place and she invited me. I entered rolling my suitcase behind me. I was a little nervous about what I had decided to bring and my mind flashed for a second to some TSA agent trying to figure out what I was carrying only to start laughing when they figured it out.

My attention was pulled back to my sexy host as she offered to show me around. She gave me a quick tour of her apartment with the bedroom being last. My heart raced as we entered the room. My attention was pointed towards the bed. I wondered how many time she had laid there thinking of me. For the first time in my life, I was jealous of a piece of furniture. Knowing she had sprawled out on it began to turn me on. She walked closer towards me changing my focus from the bed to her.

She smiled as she came in close. Her arms wrapped themselves around my waist as she pulled me in to her. I threw Betturkey mine around her neck as I gazed into her eyes. Her body pressed into mine. I could feel the firmness of her large breasts pressing against mine. She had been a source of inspiration to me. She encouraged me to work out to get the curves and body I wanted. She even gave me the courage to get a little larger breast augmentation than I had originally planned. We didn’t say a word as we simply stared at each other, desperately trying to make sure this moment was real.

“I am so happy you are here!” she said in a quiet yet provocative tone.

“Me too, Sammy.” I replied.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. They were wonderfully soft. We lightly kissed each other, letting the passion slowly build. We both knew that this was exactly what we wanted, dream or not. Our kiss became more passionate as it went from small quick pecks to full, open mouths. We lightly rubbed each other as we gave into the lust. Our tongues swirled around in a passion filled dance. She broke the kiss and softly kissed my neck.

“Oh, Sammy!” I moaned. “I have been waiting for this!”

“Me too, my sweet Robin!” she replied. “Me too!”

I pulled her head as close to my neck as I could. Each of her soft kisses sent shivers down my spine. I sighed heavily as she moved around my neck making sure to kiss every part of it. Her hands cupped my butt and she gently massaged it with each kiss. I was in pure bliss. Several minutes passed and she pulled away from me. She reached for the hem of my shirt quickly pulling it over my head and tossing it to the floor. I blushed hoping she liked seeing my newly augmented chest. She reached around my back to unclasp my bra only to find there wasn’t a clasp in the back. I looked at her with a smile and unclasped to small hook in the front. I purposely wore a bra that was probably a little too small.

As the clasp released, my breasts sprung free causing the bra to fly off my shoulders and fall to the floor. Sammy smiled back at me. She licked her lips as she came close to me again. Her hands grasped my now exposed flesh. I sighed again as she massaged my chest. Her fingers ran over my nipples causing them to harden.

“They look beautiful.” She said. “And tasty.”

She lowered her head and lightly kissed her way to the center of my left breast. She swirled her tongue around the erect nipple. The sensation was like heaven and about to get even better. She planted her mouth firmly on my tit and began sucking like a child trying to get milk. I moaned and threw my head back. She switched back and forth between each boob making sure to give them both proper attention. I was constantly contorting at her touch. Moaning and sighing, I gave in to her every whim. I was aware I was extremely wet from her actions. I was pretty sure I had soaked not Betturkey Giriş only my panties but my jeans as well.

Suddenly she stopped and released her grip. Standing before me, she pushed me on to her bed. I landed with a slight bounce that made my breasts jiggle. I looked up at the goddess as she quickly removed her shirt and bra. I crawled up as far as I could on the bed. Like a wildcat on the prowl, she followed. Soon her body was above mine. Our lips met again, this time with an intense passion. Her chest rubbed against mine. I could feel her hard nipples as they made contact with mine. Her hand snaked its way down my stomach as we kissed. I felt her finger playing with the soft flesh just above my pants.

Her fingers danced around my waist line as she teased me. Instinctively my hips would move up and down to her touch. She ran her hand across my jeans. I squirmed from her touch wanting to feel her make contact with my skin. Her hand made its way back to my waist. She flattened her hand and slid it between my flesh and clothing. Our kiss became more passionate as her fingers made their way into my panties.

She ran her fingers lightly over my slit. I was a flood between my legs. Her touch teased me and excited me to no end. I felt a pressure suddenly build. I was so turned on I knew I was about to have my first climax and I was only half naked. Her fingers found my clit. She made a few quick motions with her middle finger over it. That was all it took for me to cum. My body stiffened and my back arched. I broke our kiss and screamed in joy before roughly collapsing on the bed.

Sammy looked down at me with a look of surprise and a huge smile. She pulled her hand out from my pants. “My sweet, Robin. Did you already cum?” she asked me. I simply nodded, embarrassed by it.

She raised her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. She moaned as she tasted my juices on her finger tips. She lowered herself down to my face. “You taste wonderful, my lovely.” She whispered to me. We kissed again for only a moment when she moved her body down the bed. She stopped at my waist and reached out for my jeans. Slowly she unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper. With a wink to me, she grabbed the waist band and pulled them and my thoroughly soaked panties off, tossing them to the floor.

She moved down further and positioned herself between my legs. As if on autopilot, I spread them letting have easy access to me. She looked me in the eye as she kissed the insides of my thighs as if to tease me. I moaned with every touch of her lips. Her breath caused goosebumps on my skin. Her kisses finally made their way to my wanting sex. I looked between my legs at the sexy goddess. She smiled and extended her tongue.

She ran her tongue from the bottom of my pussy to my clit. She flicked it over my swollen clit causing quick spikes of pleasure to run through me. She was enjoying what she was doing to me. Her tenderness quickly turned in to a greedy lapping. She planted her mouth firmly on me and pushed her tongue as deep inside as she could. I could feel her tongue curl and dance inside me, lapping up all the juices that were flowing from deep inside me. The tip of her tongue grazed my g spot. I bucked wildly at the sensation.

For what seemed like an eternity, Sammy licked and sucked my soaked pussy. Her tongue darting all around my insides only coming out of me when she stopped to put my already sensitive clitoris in her mouth and suck on it. I thrashed on the bed as another orgasm built up. I panted and moaned ad my breathing became short and heavy. I reached out and put my hands on Sammy’s head. She clamped down on me with more force as I came.

Screaming, I climaxed, covering my sexy friend’s face with my essence. I could hear her lapping up as much as she could. I could only smile at her when she finally broke off and climbed back up to me. She kissed me deeply. I could taste myself on her lips. She broke our kiss again and hovered over me. “How about one more?” she asked seductively.

I did not have time to answer before she took her own pants off. She moved her body over mine. Our breasts once again touched. The feeling of our hard nipples against each other’s skin began to fill me with lust again. She positioned herself with her right leg between mine and my right leg between hers. I could feel how wet she was. She grabbed my hands and pushed them onto the bed. She positioned my arms above my head making it impossible for me to move. I was completely at her mercy and I loved it.

She began grinding her hips against my leg. Her movements caused her right leg to rub against my pussy. We kissed as we both began to pant and moan. I could feel her fluids running down my leg. I was sure she could feel mine doing the same. Her pace was quick but gentle. Almost like a tender love making. This was sharp contrast to her kisses and grip.

Her pace quickened as did her breathing. I was sure she was going to reach her peak. Suddenly she lost her balance. She slid off my leg and landed between mine. She let me go and tried to reposition herself. This time she put my left leg in the air and pressed her sex against mine. The sensation sent shockwaves through me.

She wildly began to buck and grind against me. Our juices combined as our clits made contact. Her head jerked back violently. I knew she was close and I was too. We both came almost in unison. We screamed and thrashed on the bed together soaking it and each other with our cum. This climax was more intense than the previous ones. It seemed to last forever.

Moments passed and Sammy finally collapsed into my waiting arms. I held her tight as we came off our climaxes. I lightly petted her and she did me. We smiled and kissed not exchanging words. As well drifted off to sleep, thoughts of what had just transpired filled my head. I was in a state of pure bliss. Little did I know, it was only the beginning of a wonderful time.

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