Two Nights with My Daddy Ch. 06

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All characters depicted are eighteen or above.

Carla was lying in her bedroom. She thought it was time she told her mother about what had happened between her and her father. Also, that she was a repeat offender.

She wasn’t sure what Lydia had lined up for her that night. She had told Carla to “dress to please.”

Carla decided to keep it simple. She was wearing the same black, frilly underwear, she had been wearing for three days. They were, of course, her mother’s.

It had become the norm, when she awoke, to find Lydia’s cum soaked panties and bra, on her pillow. She would put them on, and masturbate, imagining what her mother had done, to generate such a mess. It drove Carla crazy. She sometimes had to stop wearing them, just so for a short while, she could stop thinking about sex.

It would never last long. As soon as she put them back on, she would be asking her mother, how soon it would be to her next fuck.

She never had to wait too long.

Apart from the black underwear, she had put on red high heels, messed up her beautiful red hair, and applied a little too much makeup. As always, she slid her fingers into her pussy, and smeared her cheeks. and neck, with her juice.

She sent her mother a text, asking her to come up and inspect her, and that she had something to tell her.

Lydia came to her room. She looked amazing, and ready for the night’s entertainment. She was stunning. She was wearing a black skirt, white blouse, and black heels. She had recently dyed her hair jet black. Carla gasped, when she saw her.

“Mummy, you look hot!”

“So do you darling.”

Her mother asked her to make some room. She joined Carla on the bed. The two, beautiful whores, began to chat.

“What’s happening tonight, Mummy?”

“Ah, that’s a surprise, Darling.”

Carla giggled.

“Ooh, I love your surprises Mummy. Do I look okay?”

“You look, and smell, divine, Darling.”

Carla pecked her mother on the cheek.

“I’ve got something to tell you, Mummy.”

“You can tell me anything, my angel.”

“Promise karataş escort you won’t be angry?”

“Of course not.”

Carla braced herself.

“Daddy and I, are fucking together.”

Lydia smiled.

“I know. I guessed when he started giving us all that money. Tell me what happened.”

“I seduced him, Mummy. I made it impossible for him to resist. At first I sucked his cock. He came all over my face and hair. Half an hour later he fucked me. I was wearing my school uniform. When we had finished, I licked his cum, off the leather sofa.”

Her mother laughed.

“No wonder he couldn’t resist you!”

“I went to bed, and he fucked me again.”

“And he paid you lot’s of money, didn’t he?”

“Five grand a time, and that’s what I charge him, every time. He likes me to put on my school uniform, and piss on him.”

Lydia laughed again.

“You dirty girl!”

“You’re not angry, Mummy?”

“Of course not, Sweetheart. Lots of girls have a crush on their father. It’s just that most of the time, nothing sexual, actually happens.”

“Did you fuck your Daddy?”

“Oh yes. The first time was on my eighteenth birthday. My mother had left us alone. She had said “behave yourselves you two.” She knew exactly, what was going to happen. We couldn’t wait. I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He fucked me against the kitchen sink.”

Carla was getting aroused. Her mother continued.

“We fucked, whenever we could. On Thursday nights he organised high end card games. His wealthy friends would pay a lot of money to play. I had to wait in my bedroom. Whoever won the jackpot, also got to use me.”

“Oh, Mummy, you poor thing!”

“Oh no, Darling. I loved it. I never knew, who would be coming through the door. It was so exciting. We’d have dirty sex, and I would come over, and over.”

“What about your mother?”

Lydia laughed.

“She served the drinks, and would give blowjobs in the kitchen.”

Carla giggled.

“When everyone had gone, and just my mother and father karataş escort bayan were downstairs, I’d show them what had dripped into my panties. I’d say, “look what the dirty man has done to me.” My father would fuck me against the kitchen table, while my mother watched.”

“You’re making me horny, Mummy.”

“I know, Darling.”

She touched the wet patch on Carla’s panties, then pulled her fingers away.

“Don’t stop, Mummy.”

Lydia smiled, she slid two fingers into her daughter’s soaking pussy, then began to gently move them, in and out.

They locked in a wet kiss. Her mother spoke.

“I love to see you in my dirty underwear. I love the way you smell of pussy.”

“I love it too, Mummy.”

“Would you like to smell my pussy now, Darling?”

“Oh yes please!”

Lydia pulled down her panties. Carla moved down her, as her mother pulled up her skirt. She gazed at her mother’s pussy, and breathed in deeply.

“Is that good, Sweetheart?”

“It’s wonderful, Mummy.”

Lydia opened her legs wider.

“Can I lick you, Mummy?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

She opened her legs even wider. Carla slid her tongue, deep into her mother.

“Do you like licking Mummy’s cunt?”

Carla didn’t have to answer. She licked her clitoris and tongue fucked her. Lydia wasn’t long coming. It was a massive orgasm. She bucked her hips and spurted her juice, and a little jet of piss, onto her daughter’s face.

“Oh God! I’m sorry, Darling.”

“Don’t worry, Mummy. I love it.”

Carla resumed licking her. Her mother closed her thighs against her daughter’s head. She couldn’t hear anything, and was unaware of the couple who had entered the room. The first she knew of it, her panties were being pulled down, then she felt a tongue, sliding between her buttocks. At first she was surprised, then realised, this was her mother’s special treat. She carried on licking her mother, as by then, she could smell the perfume, of the woman, who was pleasuring her. She concentrated on escort karataş her mother’s wet cunt.

The woman began to finger Carla’s pussy, whilst continuing to lick her deeply, as far as her tongue would go.

Carla reached back, and pulled her buttocks apart. The woman licked her even deeper, and moved her fingers faster.

Carla came, and breathed heavily into her mother’s pussy. The woman stood up straight. Carla began to turn head. Her mother roughly, grabbed her hair, and pulled her face, hard, between her legs.

“Just keep going, Darling.”

The woman spoke.

“I’ll just remove these, then you can do what you want to the slut.”

Carla felt her panties being pulled off.

She felt a hard cock enter her pussy. It was big. She breathed in deeply as he slid it in, as far as he could. He began to fuck her, as she carried on using her tongue, on her mother.

“Go on, Darling. Fuck the little whore! Look at her. She’s licking her mother’s cunt!”

The man began fucking Carla harder. He grabbed her hair, and pushed her face, hard, into her mother’s pussy. Lydia came. She loved watching her daughter being fucked. Carla came too. Her juice soaked the man’s cock. He pulled out of her, then immediately pushed it hard, into her arse. The woman was ecstatic.

“That’s it, Darling. Teach the dirty slut a lesson!”

The man came. He didn’t pull out. He filled Carla with his hot sperm. The room was quiet, except for heavy breathing. Eventually, he withdrew his gleaming cock, and the couple left, without speaking.

Carla remained as she was for a minute. She was enjoying the sensation of cum dripping out of her arse, and down the back of her thighs. She never saw their faces, that was something she enjoyed. The pleasure of being used.

She looked up at her mother, and smiled.

“Mummy, that was fantastic! Thank you, so much!”

“My pleasure, Darling. Now, how about a nice, dirty kiss?”

They licked each others faces, lips, and tongues. They swapped pussy juice, and saliva.

“I love your surprises, Mummy.”

“I’ll make sure, there are lots more, Darling.”

They kissed again, then took a shower together. They soaped each other, and spent lots of time washing each others intimate areas. They both came again.

They dried each other off, then went to their separate beds.

“Love you, Mummy.”

“I love you too, Darling.”

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