Two Happy Squirrel-Girls

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The following story takes place in a world much like our own, but in which multiple races of human exist, all with varying physical traits and psychologies, and the squirrel-girls resemble an all-female species with pointy ears, bushy tails and claw-tipped fingers who live in forests and have a deep love of human semen, or ‘nuts’ as they call it.

The mostly human girl lay face down on the grass with one arm as her pillow, the hot sun kissing the back of her naked body and gleaming off her blonde hair and blonde bushy tail. Similarly shining on her prominent backside and thighs was the glint of human semen that was already drying in the sun. Her lips glistened in the same way.

It felt good to rest her stomach on the cool earth.

Despite being so relaxed, her lips were set in a small smile, even as strands of blonde hair tickled her nose.

The summer had been so good to her scurry that she’d even gained a small amount of weight despite consuming less fruits and berries than normal. So many hikers had come through the forest, many of them men, and most happy to share their nuts.

The same gentle breeze that ran through the grass took the one cloud in the sky miles through the air above the ground by the time she moved, prompted by the sound of approaching footsteps. She lifted her head up.

“Can I have a nut, please?” she asked, her voice soft, to the person behind her. “I love nuts. A nut please.”

Even having had so many today, she wasn’t sure if she’d even had her fill yet.

“You’re nut-drunk, Squeaker,” said a voice that wasn’t a man’s, or a human’s at all.


Squeaker put her head back on her arm, her eyes in her elbow, and raised an admonishing finger. She immediately regretted expending the energy. “I am not nut-drunk. I am merely… full of nut.”

“Full of something. Oh hey, a man’s here.”

Squeaker jerked her head up, impatiently waited the moment it took her eyes to adjust to the surroundings… and there was no man there. She let her head sink back down. “Meanie.”

“Nut-drunk.” Hazel tilted her head to look between Squeaker’s legs. “Where would you take it, anyway? You’ve had more than enough up there.”

“My mouth,” was the reply.

“You mean you’ll-” Hazel started.

“Nope. In mouth. No swallow, too full. Just have in mouth.”

Hazel put a hand over her eyes, embarrassed that this was representing their scurry to the hikers. She loved Squeaker, but she had to take care of her sometimes.

Her eyes went back to the curves and details of Squeaker’s body, running over them, lingering on her favorite areas. Ideas for what she’d like to do with those areas hovered in her mind’s eye as she continued talking. “I have a nut you can share, for realsies. Would you like to know where it is?”

Squeaker didn’t reply.

“Just got it from a hiker.”

Squeaker pulled her head up and forced it around to look.

Below Hazel’s brunette locks, beautiful face with her flushed completion, curly smile and sharp chin, and below her generous chest parts and folded arms shone the unmistakable white of a nut, mixed with Hazel’s personal wetness that glimmered on her thighs. She must have only just been made love to, and the nut looked very good.

“No thank you I’m straight,” Squeaker recited the line, before anything else could come out.

“How straight?” said with a knowing smile.

“Did he even say you could share it? Second hand, not as good. Too straight for it.”

“He said he had no problem with me sharing it. None at all. It’s fresh, still warm, straight from him. Come on, what’s a bit of cunnilingus between friends? One straight squirrel-girl and her bi buddy helping each other out.”

“You’re a bitch.”

“Said you wanted nuts,” Hazel said, then added, “It’ll be dry soon, better think fast.”

Squeaker had been thinking about it hard since the moment Hazel made the offer, running through the options in her head while speaking automatically. She’d had no choice – something as precious as nut was not to be thrown away. It was guilt-inducing to do so, and even though it hadn’t been in this case, since it had been given to Hazel, it still felt technically wrong.

“I’m not interested.”

“In me, maybe, but you’re interested in nuts, and here’s one right here. It’ll be our secret if you don’t want anyone to know. Not that there’s anything embarrassing about it,” Hazel said, with only the slightest edge to her voice.

“Why me? Can’t you go to someone else for what you want?”

“But I’m not in the mood for someone else – I’m in the mood rus escort for you.”

Squeaker turned to look forward again, her chin pointing into her elbow, but she could still feel Hazel’s eyes on her.

She’d had her fill of nuts, or as close as she could get to that state, but… no, one or even a few more still wouldn’t be too many. Too many was… no a concept she could really imagine.

It wasn’t even a surprise to her that she felt this way.

Squeaker had her gaze on the distant trees as she imagined what might be about to happen or not happen. Her fingers scratched at the dirt.

Hazel didn’t say anything as the moments passed.

Turning both options around in her head, she suddenly resented being put in this position at all. Neither were good, and Hazel had done this to her.

She and Hazel had known each other for a long time, and this wasn’t the first time she’d been propositioned by her. The flirtatious remarks and eyes on her body had all been things that she’d dealt with, putting up with them because Hazel was just that fun to be around and that good a person. They hadn’t really made her uncomfortable, but it was something unsaid between them that Hazel had lusty feelings towards her.

The decision came to her, or the one she knew she’d eventually make if she had enough time to think about it. “Okay,” she said.

That was all Hazel needed to bound over and drop herself down in front of Squeaker, her legs to either side of her head and everything on display.

The apprehension suddenly rose as what she’d been imagining was becoming real.

Squeaker had never been this close to it before, nor seen it in such detail, or indeed any vagina, ever.

Hazel’s labia were shorter than average, and they had the nut on it. The pink of her clit stood out. There was little hair above her – only a few short hairs that were the same brown as her wavy locks. The soft creases where her thighs met her pelvis and the barely existent pores in her skin suddenly felt very intense with what was in the center of her vision.

It was right there in front of her. Intimidating.

The delicious white nut on it did look good, though.

The silence stretched, inviting one of them to speak, and Squeaker didn’t move. Her eyes moved between Hazel’s pussy and anything else she could focus her eyes on.

She tried to comprehend doing the deed, right here, herself. Her actually doing it.

Hazel didn’t say anything.

“I…” Squeaker started to say, as the word ‘nut’ tumbled around in her head.

Hazel shuffled herself even closer.

If she was really going to do this…

Hazel spoke, her voice barely a whisper, “In your own time.”

This was suddenly something she wanted to back out of. She’d never been with a girl before, ever. It was something that happened between other girls, but not with her, and it wasn’t something she’d really thought about. She half expected Hazel to suddenly change her mind, to get up and declare that this had been a mistake.

Did she even want this?

But the nut all over her did look very good.

“If you don’t want to…” Hazel said, and there was a caring tone in her voice that Squeaker didn’t want to think about.

“I do,” she said, and realized that she was going to decide to try it. The nut would taste that good, even second-hand.

“If you’re too nervous, we don’t have to.”

Squeaker didn’t respond. She lay there with an accelerated heartbeat in her chest, lungs expanding and contracting.

Slowly, Squeaker moved forward, her cheek touching Hazels’ thigh and getting some of her personal wetness onto her face, which she didn’t like. It even got in her hair.

Her nose being so close to touching Hazel’s private area, she hesitated.

The nut couldn’t be turned down.

Closing her eyes for strength, she touched her nose right next to where Hazel’s clit was. She extended her tongue to touch her, and paradise washed through her.

She hadn’t even known the man, but she loved him.

Created from his body for the purpose of surviving death, for creating another person that he would care about even more than himself, a fluid made to be shared in the climax of the ultimate expression of love that humans were capable of, something that could only be created when a man felt the desire to be as close as possible to the person he was giving it to – that was what it tasted like. Sweetly sweet, beautifully sour. One drop felt like it filled her mouth.

It was such a privilege, and he’d shared it.

Her istanbul bayan eskort body didn’t complain as she swallowed.

He may not have given it to her, and that took away from its pleasure, but it had been given to Hazel, and both he and she were willing to share it with her.

Hazel’s unique scent penetrated her sense of smell in the middle of it.

She ran her tongue up between Hazel’s labia, tensing internally at what she was doing while her love for the man played with her feelings. Her tongue grazing her, she gathered what she could and took it into her mouth, and it was so perfect. It was so special to love someone like this.

She made the most of similar licks, all around Hazel, treating the nut with the same love that it represented, despite what she was going. The peace and love she felt eclipsed even the beautiful taste. It made what she was doing easier.

Hazel began moaning and shifting her bottom on the ground.

Squeaker found herself licking her way down to Hazel’s vagina, and then she hesitated.

This was a very private area for Hazel – the private area – and she still seemed willing to share it with her. A glance up confirmed that was Hazel enjoying herself, her chest and heavy breasts rising and falling. Her eyes were closed, but the look on her face was unmistakable.

She was consenting.

It was surprising, the fact that Hazel really was okay with this, her being willing to share her body with her in this way. She’d been flirting with Squeaker for years since she’d migrated from over the mountains to join Squeaker’s scurry, but this still felt like a huge leap.

She was even pleased to share her pleasure itself with Squeaker, not just her body.

It struck her as not so different from nuts.

This was her body, her own evidence of pleasure and love and a privilege to grant. It did mean something that she was granting it to her.

Squeaker shuffled in closer, Hazel’s labia coming to touch her lips. She paused. She let her tongue go lower, extending it down where it ran between Hazel’s labia. She had to press her nose into Hazel, near her clitoris.

The texture was… surprisingly exactly like skin. Her tongue found the edge that lead into her entrance, and she pushed up inside.

The man’s nut was there body-shivering quantities; his love that he had given freely to Hazel that was now free for her to share in. It all re-doubled the cleansing tranquility and the warmth she was feeling. It helped with what she was doing with Hazel.

She licked in, pulled her tongue out, taking it into her mouth.

Warmth and love descended over her, the here and now being the only focus, a warm feeling around her heart like a blanket.

Along with the nut, she tasted Hazel own body. As she went back for another lick, followed by more, her tongue found more and more wetness.

Hazel was trembling.

It was the same as a nut, in a way – her arousal. I came from the same place. Hazel had always been a friend to her, someone who didn’t mock her flaws but put a hand out to help her, stood by her even when it didn’t make sense. She had her lovers – she didn’t need Squeaker, but to do this…

Collecting and then sharing this nut with her meant she had gone out of her way for this.

All of the flirting and sexual innuendos directed at her had all been because Hazel like her, had wanted to share her sex with her.

Hazel must love her in a way.

Squeaker kept going as she was, licking inside Hazel and up parts of her labia, finding herself deliberately nuzzling her nose where her clit was, for Hazel’s pleasure.

The nut began to run out, leaving her with the happiness afterglow of it and more of Hazel’s wetness than ever, which, as it turned out, tasted like sweet water.

Hazel was thrusting now, her tail swishing in the air behind her. Glancing up, she saw that her chest rising and falling, her face bright red and lips wide apart. There were little sounds coming out of her that were now getting louder.

“Would you like me to?” Squeaker asked.

Hazel looked down at her, her face containing every sign of arousal. She hesitated. Nodded.

“If you want me too?” Squeaker asked again.

An immediate nod.

As she pressed in and licked into her further, Hazel spread her thighs slightly further apart.

She took her wetness it into her mouth as she claimed the remnants of the nut. She ran the width of her tongue up between her labia. It even touched her clit.

Even basking in the bliss of the nut, she still felt reluctant.

Tenderly, ukraynalı escort she put her hands to Hazel’s bare, soft thighs, like she was supposed to. They quivered under her touch.

By an instinct she hadn’t felt before, she let her tongue travel upwards, up to her clit.

Hazel shuddered, a loud moan and gasps coming out of her, followed by more upon the contact.

It gave Squeaker pause, but she kept going. Her lips kissed Hazel’s private area as she explored with her tongue, licking up and around the area, applying mild pressure.

Hazel was soaked with wetness now.

Her close friend moaned, moving her legs out and thrusting a little with her bottom still on the ground. She leant back further.

Squeaker kept going with her eyes shut, paying attention to what she was feeling, the small clit between her lips and against her tongue, labia against her chin and traces of hair brushing against her nose. All of it was warm.

Hazel’s reactions grew even stronger and yet stronger as she continued.

Her moans were shuddering, varying from each other, loud and it was all involuntary.

Squeaker could feel it in her labia and clit too.

She was really going to lick her to orgasm, and she’d do it for her. It was such a privilege.

Because I really like you too. Not romantically or sexually, but I love you too, was the thought that passed backwards and forwards through her head.

The beautiful afterglow of the nut barely lingered now, and she accelerated her efforts, giving Hazel’s clit repeated movements as she licked her in circles, then trying something else, licking over her instead.

Both prompted loud and physical reactions. Her name was gasped a few times.

A further idea occurred to her, what she might want in the same position.

She considered, then went ahead with it. She touched her thumb – the only finger on either hand not tipped with a claw – to Hazel’s entrance, and Hazel gasped out a deep moan.

Squeaker wasn’t sure, but it didn’t feel wrong.

She moved her thumb in, and it felt welcomed inside.

Hazel jerked. Her legs kicked out and there was a gasp like an inhaled shriek. More followed. It felt like she wanted to push herself off the ground against Squeaker’s mouth, and gravity was painfully holding her back.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she squealed. “Oh fuck Squeaker please!”

Several loud and uncontrolled shrieks followed. Her bottom shuffled on the ground.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m going to-” Hazel managed to say, before her own breaths cut her off.

The fact that Hazel didn’t want this unless she wanted it to, that she would now turn this down after everything, after years of wanting her… It made Squeaker feel so loved.

Yes, Hazel had to love her.

‘I do want to’ was her response, in the form of faster licking around her clit.

It prompted a scream.

Something, somehow, suggested what was about to happen.

She kept swirling her tongue around her clit, keeping her thumb inside her. She was so warm and welcoming, in there.

Her thumb found a certain bump and suddenly it was happening.

The scream was distinct. High, as loud as screams went and one of pleasure.

Her legs kicked out, a hand went to the back of her head. Everything shook. Her ankle touched her back. She sounded like she wanted to scream her soul out. Squeaker’s thumb was clenched onto tight as it all happened.

Worried she’d get what to do wrong, she kept going as she was, lick after lick, letting her thumb be held and pressing against the bump.

It kept going on, Hazel’s screams and kicks, the hand in her hair.

Licks and more licks around her clit, kisses from her lips. She kept it going.

Finally, the orgasm passed, and the sounds and shuddering calmed.

Slowly, Hazel’s vagina felt like it was relaxing.

Supposing that it was the right thing to do, Squeaker took her thumb out and stopped licking. She kept her lips where they were.

Her own heart was racing, but it was her mind where everything was going on.

Looking up at her, Hazel was looking down, mouth open, face flushed red, and her eyes damp. She looked happy.

“I love you too,” felt like the appropriate thing to say.

“That’s a shame, ’cause I’m only into straight girls,” the joke spoken robotically.

It rolled off Squeaker’s shoulders. Not knowing what to do, she just stayed there, kind of hoping that the expert would make the first move.

She let her head flop against Hazel’s thigh.

What she’d just done was… not something she could undo. And she didn’t want to.

Hazel didn’t move or push her away, only ran fingers through her hair.

The moments added up into a longer period of time and Hazel had her breath again before she finally spoke, “I love you too.”

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