Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 04

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A couple of hours later, we are woken up by Tim arriving back home. You awaken first, looking up at him past Sandra’s bare breasts, which rise and fall with each breath. You smile at him and lean forward to give a kiss to Sandra’s breast, making her shift in her sleep. You slide out from under her and let go of my arm. You stand up unsteadily, walking over to Tim. You give him a hug and kiss, then walk into the bedroom.

You sit on the bed, telling him everything that happened during the day. You notice him getting hard as you tell him about all the hot threesome sex we shared earlier. You begin to unzip his pants, and are reaching in to take out his cock when you hear a moan from the living room. You zip him up and walk out with your arms around each other to see Sandra lying on top of me, my cock half buried in her pussy, and us kissing deeply.

She pushes herself down, forcing my cock all the way in, and you and Tim sit down on the couch to watch as she slides herself up and down on my cock. “What a wake up call,” I remark with a smirk. I lift my body up, grab her in a hug, and turn us over, putting her gently on the ground. I then drive my cock into her hard, making her squeal. “Like that?” I ask, and she just moans as my cock is sliding in and out of her. I reach down and lift one leg at a time so it they are both resting on my shoulders.

“Nice position,” I hear Tim remark, to which you grunt agreement, and I look over to see you have his cock out, your hands stroking it slowly to full hardness. I smile and lift up my body, then proceed to slide my cock hard and fast into Sandra’s wet pussy for a few seconds. I repeat my question and get about the same response as last time. I stop my thrusts and lean down, forcing her to bend a lot to keep her legs where they are. “If you don’t answer, I will fuck you until you scream it,” I whisper in her ear. As I lift myself back up, I see a contented smile on her face. “Answer?” I ask, and she responds with just a smile.

Grinning, I begin to slide my cock in and out of her, slow and searchingly at first, trying to hit her sweet spots. Once I know where they are, I speed up and let my cock stroke them with every thrust. Within a few more thrusts, she bursts forth with her first orgasm, but I don’t stop. She moans and squirms as wave after wave of pleasure courses through her body. Just as the first one starts to ebb away, I begin slamming antep escort my cock into her pussy, still hitting those sweet spots, triggering her second orgasm.

Her body shakes, and she pushes her pussy hungrily up at my cock as it slides hard and deep into her. I feel her get even wetter as she tenses and squeezes around my thrusting cock. My relentless pace only adds to her pleasure, as I push my way past the tightness her orgasm causes. As her orgasm begins to weaken, I begin to drive my cock into her pussy, pressing her into the carpet with thrust after thrust, until there is once again moaning and squirming as her third orgasm approaches.

The third orgasm begins with a muffled scream, her body bucking under me. Her motions only serve to help, as her pussy bucks up at me, driving my cock hard into her. Her breath comes in short gasps for air, her exhales coming as moans of pleasure, beyond what she expected. Her tightening pussy tries to squeeze an orgasm out of me, but I just push past the pleasure and force my cock deep into her warmth. As her orgasm begins to wash away, her pussy loosens for me, almost inviting me to go as hard as I can.

I oblige, hammering my cock into her so hard that her body slides up a bit with each thrust. Very soon her fourth orgasm begins, my cock still pounding in and out of her pussy, and I shoot my cum deep into her, filling her up. “You can hold a lot of cum, baby,” I remark, and once my cock stops shooting cum, I go back to sliding my cock in and out of her. “Fuck, I love the feel of you!” she nearly shouts. I smile and slow down, making a motion to stop. She tightens her pussy around my cock.

“Please… one more time…” she begs. I look up at you and you simply smile, leaning down to take Tim’s cock in your mouth. I nod, and feel her loosening the grip. I lift my body up, pulling my cock out a little. “Are you ready?” I ask, and she takes a deep breath, reaches down to rub her clit, and nods. Deciding to go hard from the start, I quickly slide my cock hard into her pussy. She gives a sharp squeal as my cock slams into her, and grabs my shoulders.

As I slide my cock hard into her pussy over and over, her squeals turn to moans, then to short screams, showing how much she is enjoying the pleasure. As I hammer in and out of her, I look over and see you climbing onto Tim in the reverse cowgirl position. antep escort bayan I smile at the predictable lovemaking, since that position can be turned so easily into your favorite, doggie style. Sandra squeezes my cock with her muscles to get my attention, almost making me cum right then.

“Me. Now!” she groans out, and I notice my pace had slowed while I was distracted. I look back to her, and begin an even faster and harder pace, making her moan and curse at the pleasure. I feel her tighten again on my cock, but I force myself to push through it, to keep up my pace. With one final thrust I cum inside her again, and the sensation of my cum filling her up sets off another orgasm. I feel her muscles tighten and loosen on my cock, almost like she is milking the cum from me.

I slow my pace of thrusts, feeling extremely exhausted and spent. I pull out, my cock completely soft now, and roll to the side. Sandra cuddles up to me, allowing me to put my arm out for her to rest her head on. I lean my head back to catch my breath, until I notice Sandra is not doing the same, but is watching you and Tim on the couch. I turn my head, and examine the scene.

You are bent over so that you are nearly touching the floor. Tim is slamming his cock into you from behind while reaching through your legs and rubbing your clit. Your body is shaking, which I have come to know means you are close to orgasm. Tim looks like it is taking all his concentration to not cum already. With a muttered curse and a final thrust, Tim cums deep inside of you, triggering your own orgasm, making you scream.

When Tim is spent and your orgasm is over, he pulls you back up and helps you sit on the couch. You half sit, half lay on the couch, looking content and satiated, and giving me a sly smile. “Was it worth the trip, Sweetie?” you ask, and I simply nod. After everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, we all agree showers are in order. As we cannot all fit in the shower at once, you and Tim go first, getting cleaned up while Sandra and I just cuddle and kiss, too tired for much else.

When you and Tim are done, Sandra and I go in, do a quick clean up with a little soap and some fun. As Sandra rubs my back, I feel her soft touch trigger something in me, and I get hard again. When she is done washing my back, she turns me around, noticing with a smile the rather escort antep pronounced erection. She reaches down and uses her soapy cloth on my cock, making sure it is nice and clean, while at the same time stroking it to full length.

Using the showerhead to rinse the soap off my body, she then kneels down and begins to lick the tip of my cock playfully. Seeing me twitch from the single sensation, she begins to suck at the skin of my cock, adding to the sensations of the original lick. I feel myself about to cum, but know I don’t want to have my cum wasted to the water. I pull my cock away from her mouth, telling her to stand up and turn around.

She smiles, knowing what I want. She turns around, sticks her ass in the air, her well-lubricated pussy seeming to beg for my cock. I give her what she wants, sliding my cock between her extremely sensitive lips, but not before rubbing the head over her lips and clit, making her moan. As I slide my cock fully into her, she lets out a howl of pleasure, and this only encourages me. I thrust in hard a few times, pulling out slowly, but before I can even finish my tenth thrust, she is squeezing my cock and letting out a scream of pleasure as she begins her last orgasm of the day.

I shoot cum into her with a deep thrust, leaving my cock pressed into her while she spasms around it. As her screams become moans, then become soft mutterings of pleasure, I pull my cock out of her pussy, letting her drop to the bottom of the tub. I let her sit there as I wash her back, avoiding touching anything that will trigger more pleasure for her already tender body. She stands up, giving me a deep kiss, and I hold her for a while before we step out of the shower.

By the time we are done, you and Tim have already ordered food from a nearby restaurant. Sandra and I get dressed and then we all sit and talk over different things, you glancing at me a couple of times with a knowing smile. I grab my laptop and proceed to download the images I took earlier, and show them around to everyone, earning my share of “wow” and “that’s amazing!” comments. I give you the prints from my collection that I had promised you, and then dinner arrives. We settle down to eat and watch some movies, all cuddling and enjoying the company.

After a few hours, we get tired one at a time, and shuffle off to the single large ‘orgy size’ bed. As you and I are the last to go to bed, we crawl in together, kissing softly. You cuddle in with Sandra, who is laying half splayed across Tim, and I cuddle in behind you. We just watch each other as we lay in bed, happy about how things turned out for the first couple days of my visit. “You were right, it feels so natural now,” I whisper as we drift off to sleep.

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