Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 09

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Day 9 — Monday

If you can imagine a normal day, this had to be it. The two of us had been pretty much sexed out the night before, so getting ready for work was a little bit of teasing, but no outright sex. She did look hot as hell as she went out the door.

I got myself finished up and headed into work. I was first there, as usual, and headed to my office. I left my office door open and kept watch for Trish to come in. Almost everyone else had gotten in before she showed up. I picked up my phone, dialed her extension and when she answered, asked her to come to my office.

I got up and pulled one of the spare chairs around from in front of my desk to the side as she walked the short distance from her desk to my door. I was still standing when she stepped in. “Close the door please,” I said quietly.

She closed the door and stepped to my desk a little nervously. She had on a short dress that looked extremely sexy on her, stockings or pantyhose and high heels.

“Sit,” I said, softly, sitting down in my own chair. I scooted towards her and leaned towards her as she settled in the chair. “You alright?”

“Yeah. I’m alright,” she said softly.

“The way you left last night. I wasn’t sure.”

“I couldn’t stay any longer,” she whispered. “You’re married and I’m not into stealing other women’s men.”

“Stealing me? Why would you think you were stealing me? Everything that happened was consensual. We all knew what we were doing, right?”

“I thought so…until that kiss. All of a sudden I wanted you.”

“You had me already.”

“No. Not like that. I wanted you with me, in my house, in my bed, waking up with me in the morning and having sex in the shower, having sex with me when we go to sleep. That way.”

“Oh,” I whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. You just did what you do. What you always do with your wife. That kiss… It was… Loving. We just had sex and all I could think about was doing it again with you, feeling you stroke into me until you came in me, to see your face when you came. I knew that’s exactly how your wife must feel every morning, every time you kiss her. I just didn’t want to let that grow,” she said, looking at her hands in her lap.

I rolled my chair closer to her, reaching out and resting a hand on her knee. “Trish. I didn’t mean to cause a problem. I mean, when you came over I had no idea we were going to have sex. It just kind of happened. I’m not going to hold anything against you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She looked up at me a little surprised. “I never thought that. I know you wouldn’t ever do anything like that. That’s not the kind of person you are.”

“Then why do you look like you just lost your best friend?”

“Because, right now, all I want to do is to lay myself on your desk and let you fuck me, just to feel you in me again. I know I can’t, but that’s what I want. I’ve always respected you. Now in addition to respecting you professionally, personally I want you. Oh, I know I can’t ever have you in the have you at home sense, but now, here? Oh yeah. I want you bad.”

She stood up, reached behind her back, and in seconds her dress was sliding down her body, leaving her naked except for her stockings and heels. “You can have me any time you want. Just ask and I’ll come in here and suck you or fuck you or let you take me any way you want. All I ask is that you treat me with the same gentleness you did last night.”

“Trish. I had a lot of fun with you last night, and yes, I’d love to have more fun that way, but are you sure you wanna go there? I mean, what about a boyfriend or something?”

“I don’t have one, and if I did, he’d have to be as gentle and caring as you are. If not, I’m not interested,” she said as she stepped towards me. She reached out for my head and gently stroked my hair as she stood in front of me. She lifted one foot and rested it on the arm of my chair, spreading her legs wide. “Please lick me,” she whispered. “All the wetness there is me, no one else. Definitely nothing left of what Tom put there.”

“I wasn’t exactly worried about that, but having sex at work isn’t the best idea. We could get into a lot of trouble,” I said quietly, looking at her pussy only inches from my face. I could smell how excited she was already, her lips glistening with her juices. I leaned towards her the last couple inches and reached my tongue out for her pussy.

“Ohhhhh yesssss,” she moaned softly as I stroked my tongue up her lips. I stroked again, spreading her lips with the tip of my tongue until I felt her hard clit. Her body jerked slightly as I flicked across it, a slight gasp coming from her. “yessssssss” she whispered softly.

“Is this a private party, or can anyone join?” I heard Sam ask as the office door clicked shut.

Trish whipped her head around and pulled her leg down. “Sorry. I was just leaving,” she mumbled as she stepped to her dress and picked it up to sort it out.

Sam walked the rest of the few Hd Porno dozen feet to where we were and reached out, putting a hand on Trish’s dress. “You don’t have to. I wasn’t intending to interrupt, just maybe…join in?”

Trish looked at her for a few seconds and then went back to trying to step into her dress. “I shouldn’t have… I mean we shouldn’t…”

Sam reached out for her arms and gripped them gently. “Trish, stop. It’s me, Sam.” Trish stopped what she was doing and stood looking at Sam. “Trust me, I know how you feel. I came to work hoping to feel him in me again too. After Friday.”

“It did look like you were enjoying it,” Trish said quietly.

“I thought someone was watching, but I wasn’t sure who,” Sam said as she reached up behind her neck. She undid several buttons across her left shoulder and then reached down to the hem of the sweater dress she had on. She pulled it up and off, dropping it on the floor, leaving her in nothing but high heels. “So, should we enjoy his attentions for a few minutes before we get back to work?”

“You really want to have sex with both of us?” Trish asked.

“Honey, I don’t care if I had to strip on the street corner, as long as I get to feel him do to me what he did Friday!”

“You too, huh?” Trish asked, looking back at me. She looked back at Sam. “You sure?”

“I am if you are. But I can tell you that he has a meeting at ten.”

“Sam, Trish,” I said, standing up. “As flattered as I am, to be wanted by both of you, we really can’t be doing this. Imagine what would happen if we got caught?”

Sam took the half step towards me reaching for my belt. “It would be a horrible scandal. Imagine, the head of the department fucking not only his secretary, but one of his workers?” she said as she worked to undo my belt despite my attempts to prevent it. Despite my best efforts to fend off her hands, my pants were sliding down my legs, leaving me covered by the extremely scant briefs my wife had bought me, and the tail of my dress shirt. I was glad of the shirt tail, since I’d had a raging boner since I started playing with Trish’s pussy. She started working on the buttons of my shirt while I stood there shaking my head.

“I don’t think you got the idea,” I said to her.

“Oh I got it just fine. You need to start wearing things that are easier to take off if we’re gonna sneak fucking in during the day,” Sam said with a giggle.

“And if someone walks in on us?” I asked as Sam knelt down in front of me and pulled my briefs down, exposing my dick.

“You want this, Trish?” Sam asked, looking up at a very unsure Trish. “I bet he wouldn’t mind if you bent over his desk,” she added with a grin.

“Seriously? You want me to just bend over his desk?”

“Honey, we don’t have a lot of time. If you don’t want to, I will!”

Trish looked at me and then took a step back. “I think I’ll wait,” she said, squatting down and picking up her dress. “I’m not sure a rushed quickie is exactly what I want,” she said as she stepped into her dress. “You two have fun. I’ll just let myself out.”

“If that’s how you want it?” Sam said, turning to face the door. She sidestepped between me and the desk and then bent over, leaning over the desk and resting her elbows on it. She wiggled her ass side to side, waiting for me. “Well? Don’t want to take all day, do we?”

“Sam,” I said quietly, resting a hand on her bare ass.

“I know, I know we shouldn’t be doing this. We’re both married and you’re my boss. But honestly, I don’t care,” she said, straightening up and turning back towards me. She sat back onto the edge of the desk and reached down to grab my dick. She pulled me towards her, using my dick as a handle, guiding me between her legs as she lifted and spread them. She leaned back further as she pulled me towards her, aiming my fat mushroom head at her pussy. “Now, we’re both seriously turned on, so why don’t we see if we can get a little mutual satisfaction?”

“Sam,” I started to say as she hooked her heels around me and pulled on my ass with her feet. I slowly sunk into her hot wet depths. “Oh shit,” I groaned softly as I slid deeper and deeper into her. “Maybe just a quickie.”

“That’s all I’m asking for,” she moaned. “Just make me come around this fantastic cock.”

“Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” I whispered as I started to stroke in and out of her slowly.

“Me either,” Sam whispered back as she released my ass from the grip of her heels. She spread her legs wide, letting me slide in deeper with each stroke.

In and out I pumped, pushing quickly in until I was almost fully into her, and then jamming even deeper. Each impact made her soft tits bounce and roll on her chest, the sight pushing me even closer to climax, along with the sensations of my plunging cock. I could tell that her own climax was racing towards its pinnacle faster and faster, her legs and arms starting to tremble as I held her hips and plunged into her. I moved my right Türkçe Altyazılı Porno hand up to her chest. I gripped one of her tits, squeezing it between my fingers and palm as I pounded into her faster.

“Oh shit. Yes. I’m coooooommmmmmiiiiinnnngggg!’ she squealed quietly as her pussy squeezed around me, her whole body shaking harder as her climax washed over her. “Oh God. Come for me. Let me feel you come!” she begged breathlessly.

She didn’t have to wait long. Less than half a dozen strokes more and my body took over. It jerked spasmodically, jamming me hard into her and gushing a surge of hot cum deep into her pussy. I stood leaning against her, holding myself deep in her as my cock surged shot after shot of cum into her.

Finally I stood panting, my twitching cock no longer adding to the copious load I’d left in her. “That what you wanted?”

“Ohhhh yes. It is. Maybe another time we’ll have more time, and you can do to me what you started to do to Trish. I wouldn’t at all mind feeling you make me climax that way. Something my husband hasn’t done to me…well… since we were married.”

“Sounds like your husband doesn’t much care for making you feel good.”

“Trust me, making me feel good isn’t on his radar,” she said as I pulled out of her, and she slipped off my desk. I pulled my pants up as she stepped to her dress and pulled it on. With both of us dressed, she stepped to me and gave me a quick kiss. “We better get some work done, or someone will wonder,” she said with wink.

I stepped out at lunch time to try and catch Trish and talk to her, but she was already gone. I felt like she was avoiding me. But then I guess she had a reason to. I saw her at her desk all afternoon, but decided to let her choose when to talk, or anything else. Honestly, I wasn’t sure at all what to tell her if she came in and wanted to talk about it again. Mostly I was worried about her, and how she was going to be.

“So, I had an interesting morning,” I said to my wife as we ate dinner.


“Uh huh. It started out with a visit from Trish. Actually, I called her into my office. I wanted to make sure she was okay. She seemed really upset when she left last night.”

“She did, didn’t she. Did she say why?”

“As I understand it, it was because she realized last night that I was the kind of guy she wanted, and she wasn’t going to steal your man.”

“That’s nice of her. Not that I’d let go all that easily. So what happened?”

“Well, she took off her dress and threw herself at me, told me I could have her any time, any place, as long a I treated her as gently as I did last night in the shower.”

“Did you?”

“Didn’t really get a chance. Sam came in and wanted to horn in. Trish left, leaving me alone with a naked and horny Sam.”

“Oooooooo. Did you?”

“Just a quickie,” I said with a shrug. “I guess her husband doesn’t treat her very well, sexually I mean.”

“There seems to be a lot of that going around. You do know that you can’t be every troubled woman’s fuck toy, right?” my wife said with a frown.

“That’s why I’d like you to say something to Sam. I thought you said you had it all worked out with her.”

“So did I. I’m clearly going to have to talk to her again,” she said with a scowl. “What are you going to do with Trish?”

“I dunno. Just not sure what to do,” I said quietly.

“Well, be gentle. She’s a sweet young woman and there’s no point hurting her. I’m sure with a little talk you can work it out.”

“Maybe, but I’m not sure that working it out will end up not involving sex.”

“Well, I know you. You’ll give in to make her feel better, even if it doesn’t make you feel better. I guess that’s part of your charm,” she said, reaching across the table and stroking my hand. “I don’t blame you. I kind of started this with Denise, and now it’s gotten a bit out of hand. Years ago you talked about wanting to try something some time with multiple partners, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Somehow it got sooooo out of hand yesterday. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking… to bet my body? Trish kind of saved my ass on it, but I still don’t understand why.”

“She did it for me. She said that she’d had sex with guys like Tom before and that you had no idea what you were in for. She was right. He used her as a place to get off, never caring about how it felt for her or even letting her get an orgasm. It’s no wonder Diane jumped at the chance to get fucked by me.”

“Ohhhhhh. I could have taken it. But she’s right, I wouldn’t have been very happy, especially if he came in me like he did her. Since we met, I’ve never had another man’s sperm in me. I’m honestly not sure how I’d react to it now. Hell, just having his dick in me was a bit of a shock. If I hadn’t already been so close to orgasm I probably would have slapped him silly,” she said, her finger stroking my hand. “I guess I got mad at how he was treating his own wife and wanted Brazzers to stuff his face in it. That’s why I did it. Stupid reason. The question is… now what do I do?”

“What’d you mean?” I asked curiously.

She got up and stepped around the table, pushing my chair back. She sat on my lap sideways, her legs hanging over my right leg. With her arms around my neck, she pulled my face towards her, pressing me to her soft breasts through the dress top. “I created a monster. Sam wants to fuck you silly; Diane wants you any time she can sneak one in, and now I feel like I owe Trish. I love you, but it’s not fair to you to expect you to ignore those kinds of advances, even with the amount of sex I’m giving you here. Guys are wired to have sex with other partners. It’s in your genes from the days of cavemen. Same with animals. You’re wired to impregnate as many women as you can to expand the gene pool. I can’t fault you for that. Society says you should be monogamous, and you were, up until I threw that under the bus. So I ask again, what should I do?”

“I wish I knew,” I answered, holding her tightly to me. “But I know I love you and you’re the one I wanna be going to bed with and waking up with every morning. I don’t HAVE to have sex with other people as long as I have you.”

“That isn’t what you said a few months ago.”


“Uh uh. You said, and I quote, ‘We might be getting old, but my body still wants to have sex with you a hell of a lot more than once a month.”

“We were arguing. I didn’t mean that literally.”

“Yes you did. And you were right, mostly. Maybe not quite once a month, but when I thought about it, I could see how often you were asking, and I was turning you away. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t go find someone else to fuck, as horny as you had to be all the time. How did you manage anyway?” she asked seriously, pulling away enough to look down at me.

“Internet porn and mister right hand,” I said quietly.

“Ohhhhhh sweetie. I’m sorry,” she answered, pulling my head to her chest tightly. “Let’s see if we can find some other way to keep your hand busy without having to resort to that, okay?”

“Sure,” I answered, not really sure any longer how we ever got on this topic.

“Now, about Sam. I’ll talk to her again. But Trish, you do what you have to there. I suspect a few times and she’ll tire of it.”

The doorbell rang, and my wife frowned as she looked at her watch. “DAMN! I was hoping for a little after dinner loving.”

“So why not?” I asked as my wife pushed off my lap.

“Did I forget to mention that Lydia is coming tonight instead of tomorrow night?”

“Oh,” I answered as she pushed off my lap and headed for the front door.

My wife cared a lot about her sister. Fortunately we got along well since my wife frequently invited her on family type outings and of course all holidays. A year older than my wife, she’s been married and divorced twice. I wouldn’t call them carbon copies of each other in any way. There were times when I wondered if they even really were sisters. Where my wife had soft curly brown hair that she had to constantly work at to keep straight, Lydia had straight dishwater blonde hair that almost refused to take a curl, even when she wanted it to. They were both roughly equal in body size, same height, same hips size, etc., but bust was another matter altogether. Where I considered my wife to be pleasantly large at thirty-eight double D, her sister got the really big tit gene with a pair of massive thirty-eight F boobs.

I’d never seen her tits all the way bare, but a few years ago she decided to try and wear a bikini at the lake with us, which ended up disastrously, at least for the bikini top. While the large triangles covered her massive mammaries, the bouncing in the boat was more than the top would take, and she ended up wearing a t-shirt the rest of the day. Not that I complained all that much. When we went swimming the t-shirt gave me enough of a look that my wife made me turn around while Lydia climbed back in the boat and wrung the shirt out before I was allowed to look again.

The most frustrating thing with Lydia was that she was a tease. She KNEW that I wouldn’t do anything. She was one hundred percent confident that no matter how much she teased me, I’d just smile and walk away. One time we were playing pool and she wanted to bet underwear. Another occasion at the lake we were swimming and she wanted to race me from one point to another with the loser having to take off their suit for the swim back. A few times she stepped into the bathroom and if I was where I could see in, she’d leave the door open while she pushed down her pants or pulled her skirt up, showing off her underwear. Over the years she’d teased me in about every way possible, but the last couple years, since her last divorce, her teases had become much more overtly sexual in nature. Instead of suggestive comments and partial body flashes, she’d graduated to physical actions. Things like patting or rubbing my ass as she walked by, rub her hand across my crotch when no one was looking, backing up into me with her butt and rub it back and forth across me. But her all time favorite seemed to be sitting as close as possible to me so her hands could tease me when no one was looking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32