Twas 3 Nights Before Christmas

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‘Twas three nights before Christmas, and all through the house… I was wondering what I was going to get for my present! Seriously, I didn’t have a clue. Lily often asked, if not directly, than in that sneaky little way of teasing information out of me that she had. She was never wrong with her presents, and frankly I was spoiled, and I couldn’t wait.

After dinner I snuck up behind her, holding her tightly by the hips, and bending down to brush my lips against her neck, smelling her perfume. She leaned her head back, opening her neck to my kisses. “So…. do I get a clue about my present?

“Have you been naughty or nice?” she asked.

“It depends,” I answered, “will it change my gift?”

“Well… I must admit that I’ve been struggling to decide which present you deserve. There’s one if you’ve been naughty, and one if you’ve been nice. Frankly, you have been both.”

I must have looked shocked, because honestly, I couldn’t think of a time that I’d been “naughty,” well, at least not in the terms usually used by Santa. “What did I do?”

“It’s not exactly what you did, but what you didn’t do.”


“Do you remember the time I met you downtown when I had to pick up the ice cream cake? We were alone, in the dark… and I was sitting in the driver’s seat… and you didn’t make me suck your cock.” Lily pouted at me, indicating that I should have known better.

I had to admit that I had failed there. It was the perfect opportunity to tweak one of Lily’s fantasies, and I’d let it slip by. On the other hand, when she’d mentioned it later, I had promised to remember that “I have to go now” really meant “with the taste of your cum in my mouth.” Personally, I thought at the time that I should have received points for being a gentleman.

“I’ll make you a deal, Jack. Remember that cottage up north that we saw for rent? If you can wait a couple days, get us that place, and find someone to watch the kids… you can have both presents.

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity, admittedly curious as to what she’d bought for me, and why she’d actually bought both presents. I went to work on the project first thing in the morning, calling my sister and asking her (at the cost of a weekend at the same cottage, and my babysitting services, two weeks down the road) to watch the kids. A lucky break (and a trade for one week of our time-share) got me the cottage, and a bottle of very good scotch convinced one of my partners in the firm to take a meeting with the client we affectionately called “the wicked witch of all four points of the compass.” Thus easily taken care of, I told Lily that I had earned the right to both presents. She was suspiciously agreeable, and disappeared into our room, coming back in a hour with a packed suitcase which she then locked in the hall closet, making it a point to show me that she was taking the key.

Of course, tempted as I was, I knew I was tempting fate if I looked in the suitcase. Instead, I prepared for our Christmas family tradition, Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day with Lily’s family. We exchanged gifts, and I saw that Lily had thoughtfully provided for several perfectly family-appropriate presents for me to unwrap; I, of course, had all of her presents ready, and I noted her smile and obvious glow when she saw the diamond tennis bracelet that I’d seen her covet at our favorite jewelry store.

Both nights were wonderful; on Christmas Eve we made love in front of the fire with a bottle of wine and some tasty chocolate treats stolen from the stockings that had (at least for a while) been hung from the chimney with care. Even after a long Christmas Day of family, we managed to find the energy for a hot fuck in the very closet that held the suitcase, while people mingled just outside in the hall sipping their after dinner drinks.

The next morning, the kids went to their aunt and uncle’s, and we packed the car for the trip north. We stopped at a favorite restaurant in Traverse City for a late lunch before heading up Mission Peninsula to the cottage that overlooked Lake Michigan. I retrieved the key and drove through the back road that wound through the forest toward the lake. I unloaded the car and built a fire in the fireplace, while Lily unpacked and got comfortable.

The First Night – Jack is Nice

The sun was setting when Lily announced that I was to get my first present that very night. “Go back into town and get a bottle of champagne, Sweetie,” Lily whispered. “Take this, but don’t read it until you get to town.”

I followed my orders as directed, and while sitting in the parking lot of the party store, opened the letter, which read as follows…

“Dear Jack. You have always been there for me, no matter how I acted or how I’ve treated you. You have been patient and loving and caring, and your Christmas present touched my heart. I could say a million other things about all the ways you show me how much you love me, and how all those things make Acıbadem Escort me love you so much. You have surely been nice this year.”

As I pulled up, I saw that most of the lights were out, and that there were dozens of candles lit, and the fire burning brightly in the fireplace. Lily had rearranged the furniture, and she was waiting for me on the sofa, dressed in a silky red robe, wearing a cute little Santa hat, and a pair of red high heels. She stood up, brushing her hair back over her shoulder, so that I could see the untied robe, and the lingerie underneath. As she walked up to me, I could see the open cups of her shelf bra, her breasts displayed for me, nipples hard and poking out. Lily turned gracefully as she walked, showing me the matching boy shorts and teasing me with her ass. She held out her hand and pulled me back toward the fireplace, grabbing two champagne flutes as she passed the table. She took the bottle and opened it, pouring the glasses and handing one to me, offering me at toast to our love. She invited me to sit on the couch and stood in front of me as I sipped the champagne.

Lily lifted her hands up to her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples, giving me a little show and making herself moan in the process. She started to sway to the music playing on the stereo, slowly removing the robe and letting it drop to the floor. Lily knew how much I loved watching her strip, and she made it a point to make it a special one. I was sure she could tell the effect she was having as I was constantly arranging myself through the jeans that were entirely too tight at the time.

Dropping to her knees in front of me, Lily reached her hands, arms and eventually her body up my legs, across my thighs and up to my chest. Her hands were busy as she undid my belt, the button of my jeans and eventually the zipper. She put her hands under my ass and asked me to lift up so that she could pull my jeans and boxers to the floor. When my cock sprung free, Lily smiled at me and lowered her mouth to kiss the head. She stood up and walked around the couch behind me. Bending over so that her breast rested on my shoulder, Lily slowly unbuttoned my shirt and helped me out of it. She turned her head and nursed me to her nipple, a shiver moving through her as I sucked on its hardness.

“Jack, Sweetie… you have been so nice… and your present tonight is for me to be very very very nice to you. I’m going to give you everything you want tonight, and you don’t even have to ask, or do any work at all.”

With that, she slid over the back of the couch, making sure that as much of her body touched me as possible. Lily’s skin was hot, her mouth wet as she kissed me deeply, her body lying against mine and her nipples burning holes in my chest. Lily moved down, trailing kisses toward my cock. Her lips reached the head, kissing it and inhaling it deeply.

“Please Sir… may I take your cock in my mouth,” Lily purred, “I promise to take good care of it. Please, I need your hard cock and your delicious cum.” She knew that I couldn’t resist her when she begged, and I nodded my assent.

Lily got on her hands and knees on the couch, bending over to lower her head and take my cock deep in her mouth. With one hand she moved mine along her back, sliding it until it reached her pussy. I swore there was steam rising as I slid two fingers into her wet and willing pussy. Lily sighed around my cock, taking it ever deeper into her throat.

Up and down Lily moved her mouth, sucking, licking, devouring. She used every technique in her incredible repertoire, bringing me close but never letting me cum, drawing out the moment.

Suddenly she moved off the couch, kneeling between my legs. She held my cock tightly with her mouth open waiting for a load of hot cum. Knowing exactly what to do, Lily put a finger in her pussy, getting it wet, and without hesitation, pushed it into my ass. I responded as programmed, shooting into her mouth and then onto her face. Her flushed face, the sheen of perspiration from her efforts and the cum dripping from her lips made her the poster child for my fantasy… the elegant lady who was my personal whore. Lily made a show of rolling the cum around in her mouth, and put her face close to mine so I could watch her swallow.

Continuing to purr like a happy kitten, Lily dropped her head onto my chest and stroked my body, pushing me back slightly so that she could lie back against me. I was remarkably content and totally relaxed as we lay there, watching the fire crackle and the snow fall through the windows.

After a while, Lily got up and went to the television, cueing up the DVD player with a disc she brought out of her purse. The show started, with a title that said “To my ‘oh so nice’ lover,” and the title faded into a scene with Lily on our bed at home, naked and facing the camera. She proceeded to touch herself, softly at first then sensuously. She looked at the camera, obviously talking Acıbadem Escort Bayan to me, as she fantasized about me, telling me everything she loved, and what she wanted to do for me. After perhaps twenty minutes, she came with a shudder. When she recovered, she looked at the camera and stood up. “Jack,” said her voice on the tape. “I am your sex toy. I need you, and I want you. I want your cock in my mouth, in my pussy, and everywhere.” She turned around, bent over so that I could see her freshly shaved pussy and her pouting asshole, and bending over so that her hair touched the floor, looked between her legs and said “take what’s yours, baby.”

“Mmmmmm….. ” Lily hummed with her mouth against my once again rock hard cock. “Does my man need some attention?”

Lily stood up and moved again sensuously, naked but for the red high heels she’d kept on as she gave me the incredible blow job. She bent over and looked back between her legs like she’d done in the movie. “Like what you see?”

Positioned as she was, I had to admit I did, and pulled her back so that her wet pussy rested against my lips. My tongue moved deep inside as I inhaled her perfume. My Lily has the tastiest pussy I’ve ever had, and I never tired of eating it. My tongue moved around, playing with her clit and her ass, teasing her all over. Lily reached between her legs and started playing with my cock, rubbing it slowly.

Sliding her bottom off my face, Lily rubbed her wet pussy against my chest and down my stomach and after teasing her clit with the cock she held tightly in her hand, she slowly sat down, impaling herself on my cock. The view was exquisite as she slowly lifted up and down, and I watched my cock stretch her pussy lips, pulling them in and out. I didn’t need to do a thing, as Lily gently fucked me, playing with her own clit and her nipples, letting me see it all in the mirror I now saw was positioned perfectly for the show.

I loved the heat from her pussy, which gripped tightly on my cock, milking it with the rippling muscles that Lily kept in shape with her “exercises.” I felt the blood burning in me, increasing my desire and my need to take charge of my little submissive lover. I lifted her off by her hips and stood her up to change positions. Before moving her to her hands and knees, I pushed her head to my cock, letting her suck her juices off… which I knew was a treat for her. There had been many nights where I’d alternated fucking her pussy and mouth, giving her the taste she craved.

I grabbed Lily’s hips tightly and pushed my cock deep into her tunnel. The force pushed her face into the pillow and a sharp breath told me that I’d filled her up. The gentle love making Lily had been giving me was displaced by the desire for a good hard fuck, and I moved my cock in and out of her, increasing the speed and force. Lily lost control of her arms and managed only to keep her ass in the air, her back arched so I could penetrate as deeply as possible. Over and over I thrust into her, and I felt her cum at least twice, heard her cum as she moaned loudly, knowing just how much I loved hearing her passion and hearing her lose control.

Lifting herself up again on her hands, Lily looked back at me over her shoulder as I paused, my cock buried deep inside.

“Baby,” she said, “I know you like it when I talk like the little slut you make me. I really am your sex toy and I belong to you. Can I ask you for something, please?”

“Sure…” I responded, wondering what else she had in mind.

Surprising me yet again this evening, Lily’s sweet face turned wicked…. “Fuck my ass and fill it up with your cum.”

I was surprised…. but undeniably thrilled… something Lily could not miss, as I knew my cock got even larger in her hot tight pussy. My fingers, wet from the juices that dripped from her pussy as I massaged her clit, found their way up the curve of her bottom, and teased the little brown hole that Lily normally did not talk much about. It was precisely that which made it so much more exciting this time, and Lily grunted softly as one, and then two, wet fingers found their way inside her, rubbing my cock through the thin wall that separated my hand from it.

“Use it,” Lily said… “Please… it’s yours… use it.”

I pulled out, my cock slippery and glistening with the wet juices that flowed so freely from my Lily’s pussy. Positioning the head of my cock at the now slightly stretched opening, I pushed in, waiting for her to expand and allow me entry. As I felt her relax, I slid my cock slowly deep inside. I sensed rather than felt the combination of slight pain and growing passion from my lover. Slowly I felt her push back against my body, until eventually all of my cock disappeared inside her.

I began to move slowly in and out, pushing Lily’s face down into the sofa, where I heard her moan. I saw her move one hand up to her pussy, pushing two fingers inside and rubbing her clit with her Escort Acıbadem thumb.

“Jack… fuck my ass. Fuck it hard,” Lily said over her shoulder. “I’m your little slut, and I need to be put in my place.”

That did it; without hesitation I began to fuck her ass as if it were her pussy, moving in and out with long deep strokes, getting harder and faster as my desire increased. I felt Lily’s fingers as she finger-fucked her pussy and that drove me even faster. With little concern for anything but my own pleasure, I reamed her ass hard, doing my best to make her feel “put in her place.” As I got close to cumming, I realized that I wanted to see my cum splash on her face. I quickly pulled out, my cock making an audible pop as it left her gaping asshole, and I flipped Lily over just in time for my cum to splash on her face and in her hair, the last spasm pouring a stream of cum over her tits.

Like the many porn stars we’d watched together, Lily made a show of scooping the cum off her face and into her mouth, rubbing the rest into her skin like a lotion. She moved both hands down to her breasts, massaging the cum into them, focusing on a nipple that she tweaked into taut hardness. I lowered my lips to it, sucking it in and tasting my cum on her.

I covered me lover with kisses, appreciating not just what she did, but now much she made everything so easy for me. I twisted us around so that her head rested on my shoulder. Her body was hot and flushed to match mine, her breasts heaving and her finger still idling plying her clit, seemingly without knowing she was doing it.

“There’s more, you know,” Lily giggled at me. “Look around carefully.”

I did, and after a lot of concentrated searching, not made any easier by Lily, who had taken her hand from her clit to my cock, and spotted four small cameras, presumably sending their signals to a hidden recorder.

“I loved that movie making software you bought, and thought this one would be quite a treat to make for you for Valentine’s Day.”

I looked back at Lily, enjoying everything about her, and very glad that I’d been nice this year. I pulled a handy blanket down over us and we feel asleep in front of the dying fire, waking up hours later only long enough to move to the soft warm bed.

The Second Night – Jack is Naughty

We woke up late in the morning, tired and sore in a way that is pleasurable, from the memory of how we got that way. Lily got up and made coffee, her favorite chore. She curled up on the sofa in her robe, watching the continuing snow. Lily was beautiful, looking years younger than her age, and proud of the body she’d worked hard to regain after having children and years of emotional abuse from her former husband. I was more proud of her than I could ever express. I made her an omelet with toast and brought it to her so that she could stay comfortable. We spent the entire day that way, doing things for each other and content just to be together.

We ventured into town to one of the local wineries that was open for a few hours a day to sell their wines and serve light meals. The view was incredible and we stayed long into the afternoon enjoying being together, and our conversations with others who, like us, had escaped the city for a few days.

When we returned to our cottage, Lily once again stopped me, and sent me back to town for a bottle of chardonnay, her current favorite wine. She handed me a note, and again instructed me not to open it until I was ready to come back. Following directions again, I opened the note in the parking lot and read:

“Jack, you are undeniably wonderful to me. Sometimes, you’re simply too nice. You know I like you to be in control, and sometimes you forget what you’re supposed to do. I told you that being naughty sometimes comes not from what you do, but what you don’t do. You need to be a man, and accept your punishment, and hopefully learn from it.”

The note excited me, probably more than I’d expected. Lily was right… we were partners in life, but in so many ways, I was the one supposed to be in control. It was my job to make the decisions that Lily wanted to make, but couldn’t always bring herself to make. It was my job to make sure Lily’s fantasies were fulfilled, because she’d never ask. Lily was truly the submissive in that part of our relationship, me the dominant. Apparently, Lily felt I’d been laying down on the job.

I pulled in, opening the door. Still candles, still the fire, but somehow less warm, and almost forbidding. Lily stood at the door, this time not in red, but in black. She wore a corset, cinched tight on her body, but once again leaving her breasts exposed. She wore no panties, but had on fishnet stockings held to the corset by garters, and her heels this time were black.

“Jack, you know you’ve been naughty, and naughty boys need to be taught their lesson.”

I nodded, having no clue where Lily was going. Lily and I had a wide range of interests, and she had been spanked, tied up, and generally been my submissive little toy. Apparently the tables were to be turned.

“Jack, what I’m doing is your job, and I want you to re-learn how it’s done. Pay careful attention. You will do whatever I say until you cum, at which time we go back to the way we are. Do you understand?”

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