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“He doesn’t suspect a thing. I promise.”

“But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something.”

“Don’t lose control, he has no idea, I would bet my life on it.”

“If your wrong, you already have. You know what he’ll do. You’ve seen him in action.”

“Just stick with the plan. Do you remember?”

“Yes…… I’m not an idiot. I get him into the study. While he is there, I just have to distract him a bit. The patio door will be already unlocked. You’ll slip inside through the doors and wait. When I have his full attention, you step out and club him in the head. Then I open the safe, mess up the room a little, and go down to the club. On the way out I tell him goodnight and you answer as if you were him.’

“Make sure you are seen there. We want you to have a good alibi. The house staff will think he is in there when you leave. That way he is alive when you leave.”

“I know you have everything figured out, but I am still scared, if he ever found out…”

“What’s he gonna do, treat you bad. Not notice you again. All he worries about is his own life. You aren’t very important to him are you? When was the last time he made you feel like you were wanted? Like you were special, like a woman. Does he make you cum the way I do? Do you like the taste of him? Would you beg for him to be inside of you? But ……………… if you are too worried that you’ll upset your perfect life, then I’ll just disappear.”

“No …God Please don’t say that. You know how I feel. I couldn’t live without your touch.”

“And I no longer want to settle for sneaking around and quickies in the back yard, watching for him to come home. I want to be there when you wake up. I want to be with you whenever I have a need for your sweet ass. So just do this and we’ll be on easy street, it can’t fail. Listen to me and we’ll be in your bed by this weekend.”

“I have to go, he is coming down from the bedroom now, I will think of you all day.”

“Just follow the plan, everything will be fine.”


“Bye, Keep it together.”

As she puts down the phone, she wonders. What happened, what went wrong. She can remember a time gerçek porno when it was all flowers and bubble baths. Now he hardly ever sees her. She has become an arm dressing, a bauble, something to dangle in front of his friends. She wasn’t the problem, she knew that. He didn’t touch her anymore, unless he was just horny. She had become his whore. She loved him once. He was like a big kid, once. He told her jokes, played guitar and made her feel alive.

Then came the big break, he wrote a few computer programs and they went ballistic. Suddenly there was more money than they could spend in two lifetimes. Well, now it seems like it has been two lifetimes. He’s always working, or hobnobbing, excuse me networking. He doesn’t even play his music anymore. He gets what he deserves…..

On the way to the office he starts to wonder. I guess it has to be me he thinks. I have been very busy. Since I hit big I haven’t had any time for anything. But what does she want. She’s the one that wanted something better as she put it. I can’t be the kid she wants me to be. But he does remember. The feel of her skin, the smell of her hair. The way she licked him and when she got hot, he wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of the day.

She was a wildcat when she was horny. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try. She used sex like a gift, she makes you feel like you are the most important thing in the world. Now it’s become a reward, a bone to be given to the obedient servant. She had really gotten into her role as a rich bitch. She was bossy and predatory. Her way or the highway. She had gotten rid of Marie because she though the poor girl was looking at him to much. How many others had she chopped into little pieces. I really do love her. I guess I got what I deserve…….

He can remember every time that they made love in public. The lake, the softball park, even the laundry mat. And of course the bathroom at the high school dance that his good buddy Jeff talked them into chaperoning. Instead of watching the over-sexed high schoolers, they slipped into the bathroom and played in the stall. He went to take a whiz and the next thing he knows she is sliding gay porno in under the stall door. She was all over him. for over an hour they were sucking and fucking like they should have been one of the kids at the dance. He didn’t know what had happened, but he knew even less what to do about it. He only knew it was all going to come to a head soon.

She realizes he would be home soon and then it wouldn’t be long until it was all over. She wasn’t sure if she could pull off the grieving wife but she would give it her best shot. She found herself wishing that this wasn’t happening. She can still remember the old times. The way he held her, the little games they used to play. He was always so tender. His touch would set her on fire. She recalled all the special places, the softball park, the laundry mat, even the high school dance they chaperoned. Of course that night at the lake. Damn that was really special.

Standing on the beach they looked deep into each others souls. He was a wild man, making her cum over and over. She couldn’t stop. He had no limits. He slowly undressed her and when she got nervous, he calmed her with a soft kiss. They made love for hours, exploring every spot on each others body. His hands were tender and warm, his kisses both tickled and sent chills up her spine. The more he touched her the more she needed.

She couldn’t do this. She still loved him, they could make it work, she knew it could be the same as before. She tries to call, to cancel the plans, but no answer. Oh shit, what had she done, how could she stop it without letting him know. The patio doors, she’ll make sure they are locked, then nothing can happen. She starts to go to the study, as she walks in through the door he is there already, he came home early. A quick glance at the patio and she sees that it is still unlocked. Maybe there wasn’t time, after all he was early tonight. She decides just to get him out of the study.

“Hello love,” looking up he asks, “what’s new?”

She tells him, “I was just going to straighten up a bit.”

Smiling he replies, “Never mind that, I have other plans.”

Looking around the room she asks, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t evli porno you know,” laying down a stack of envelopes, “I just want to play a little, You up to it?”

“Uh….yes……of course.” She knows she needs to get him out of here. “Let’s go upstairs and get comfortable.” She reaches out and takes his hand, but he pulls her to him. Wrapping his arms around her.

“I’m pretty comfortable right here, come on, for old times sake, wanna fuck on the floor, in front of the fireplace?” He starts to kiss her neck.

She starts to panic, they have to go, it could happen any minute. “Please, let’s go upstairs, I have some special plans. Come on please.” She pulls at his arm but he stays put. He even pulls her back to him, again he starts to kiss her neck. She knows she has to stop him, get him out.

There is a slight sound from the other side of the room. Out of the darkness, a figure steps toward them. In his hands a small bat. He raises his arm as he approaches the embracing couple. Just as the figure’s arm starts to drop, he loosens his grip on his wife’s arms, steps to the side and the bat lands across her forehead. Blood explodes from the gash, and she drops like a stone. He turns from his wife and toward the intruder. He pulls the small gun from under his coat and fires once, twice and the intruder drops in a pool of his own blood.

Now he sets to the task at hand. He opens the safe, luckily her friend had worn gloves, that was decent of him, so he didn’t have to pick the asshole up and place his hands on the safe. He removes some of the money and other papers from the safe. Walks back to her, places the gun in her hand, picks up the phone and dials.


“Hi. It’s over.”

“I was so scared.”

“Nothing to worry about now, The staff will be back soon, then I will come home at the normal time. Just a robbery that went wrong. She walked in, he hit her, she shot him.” He was glad that she had bought the little automatic now. “I’ll call you later, after all, I’ll need lots of comforting, my wife was just killed by an intruder.”

“I’ll sit right here and wait for your call. I love you.”

“I love you too, Marie. Good-bye”


Putting the phone down he takes a quick look around, and starts to leave, careful not to step in the blood on the floor. He looks back at her, a sly smile on his face. “Next time make sure no one is on the extension.” Then he walks out to his car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32