Turn Down Service

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Sasha had started working evenings at the hotel as a second job, in an effort to pay for the rest of her transition. She had far along with the hormone therapy and she loved the way it made her feel. She now had a solid a-cup and with her slight build they looked cute on her. Her skin was smooth and creamy.

When she applied for the job at the hotel her boss seemed very confused looking at the pretty and petite blond haired girl with a great ass standing in front of him as he looked at the name on the job application. After Sasha explained the contradiction, he agreed to hire her and insisted on putting Sasha on her name tag so she could dress at work.

Sash had been working the evening shift for about a month without much excitement. She was in the last hour of her shift one night when Steve Slade walked into her lobby. Steve was tall and athletic and as he walked towards the front desk Sasha tingled. He wore a loose un-tucked shirt and Levis. She could see this was a man who led a physical life. To well dressed for construction, but not a gym body either, a masculine and powerful man with a disarming smile.

When Steve reached the front desk, he immediately liked what he saw in Sasha. A petite girl in a short skirt and a nice round ass. She seemed a bit shy or unsure of herself and it turned him on. “Reservation for Slade,” firm and direct. Steve held her gaze until she bomonti escort looked away and it told him everything he needed to know about her.

Sasha handed Steve his room keys, explained how to get to the elevators and blushed a bit when she asked if he needed anything else. Steve smiled and asked her if the hotel offered “turn down service?” Sasha didn’t have any idea what that was and as she began to stammer out an answer, Steve explained “someone comes to my room to turns the bed spread down and maybe puts a chocolate on the pillow.” Sasha replied that the hotel did not offer that service “but should because it sounds nice.” As Steve walked towards the elevator he looked back at Sasha and knew he would see her again.

Sasha knew she had to go up and offer the “turn down” service; she just needed to convince herself that she did not misread him. She also needed to get over her fear of him finding out the “truth” about her. He was a powerful looking man that could hurt her if he didn’t like what he found. Maybe he already knew and didn’t care? Maybe she could please him so much it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know?

When Steve got to his room, he put his bag on the bed, put his six-pack in the fridge and began to undress. As was his habit in hotels, he put his wallets and gear on the night stand. He like important things close when cihangir escort he was in unfamiliar places. He had the first beer half gone as he got into the shower.

While in the shower he thought of Sasha, her round ass, small titties and pretty face. He smiled as he felt his cock begin to grow as he washed it. Not yet he thought, we’ll have turn down service tonight.

As Sasha approached his door, Steve was just pulling the white t-shirt over his head. When she knocked on his door he had just finished pulling the belt through his jeans. Sasha could hardly control her breathing when Steve answered the door. “Turn down service” she exclaimed with a blushing smile. With just jeans and a t-shirt she could see how muscular he was. Her body ached with desire and fear, his smile only made it worse.

He invited her in and she followed him as he made his way to the center of the dimly lit room. Steve turned around to offer her a beer and noticed how unsure she was. Sasha was looking around the room trying to keep herself calm. Was that a gun on the night stand? A badge and handcuffs? Her head was spinning; she was trying to focus, what is on the night stand? Before she could figure it out, Steve placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

Sasha found the gesture comforting and calmed down a bit. His touch was firm and strong, and kurtuluş escort at first he pulled her slightly towards her. As she moved closer he felt her guiding her to her knees and it thrilled her. Before she was all the way down her hand was on his zipper and reaching inside his jeans for his cock.

All her fear was gone now. She was going to pleasure this man! When she pulled his cock out it was already glistening with pre-cum and Steve had placed both of his hand on her shoulders. She began to slowly lick the head and felt his cock grow to its full 8-inches. As Sasha worked the head of Steve’s cock into her mouth, she felt his hands move to the back of her head.

Steve knew he wasn’t going to last long. For all her shyness she knew how to suck a cock. He needed to be deep inside her mouth and he put his hands on the back of her head and guided his cock deeper and deeper. When he felt her lips at the base of his cock he pulled her head even closer to him. He was all the way in her and he looked down at her and their eyes met. Not a hint of fear, she was full desire and the look in her eyes almost made him cum right there.

Sasha was in the throes of lust when she looked up at him. She was thrilled that she could deep throat him and now wanted him to pump cum into her. He felt Steve tighten the grip on the back of her head as he increased the pace of his thrusts. She had a hard time keeping up with the rhythm.

Steve felt the orgasm build and hold it back any longer. He began to pump hot cum into Sasha’s mouth and throat. Stream after stream, Sasha continued to work his cock’s shaft until she had every delicious drop.

Let me know if you like this I will write more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32