True; How it began

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It started when I was 15. I had never met my father because my mother and her family didn’t want to have anything to do with him. To make this part short, an uncle told me how to contact him so, I did. We sent letters to each other for awhile and then we eventually started phoning and talking.

My family and I never got along well. My mother had married and had two children with my step father. So I was kind of a bastard child and was often treated as one. Finally I asked my biological father if I could move in with him several states away. After thinking it over he said yes and so at 16 off I went to live with a man I had never met face to face.

It was uncomfortable at first, learning each others personalities and habits. My dad is very dominate and wants things his way almost all of the time. And I am also pretty headstrong. It became easier to act as friends/roommates than father and daughter.

When the weather got warmer we decided to go camping. He borrowed an air mattress, tent and other equipment from his best friend and the two of us went on our first outing as dad and daughter.

We set up camp and started a fire. As I blew up the air mattress he made us hot dogs for dinner. After eating and cleaning up he made himself a drink. Now alcohol wasn’t new to me but I’m not a drinker either. I asked if I could have one too and he wasn’t sure. But after some convincing and cajoling I had my drink. We talked and laughed by the fire and had a good time.

A couple drinks later I was ready for bed. I went into the tent, alone, and changed into some loose shorts and t-shirt. After I was done, dad came in and also changed into shorts and t-shirt. Maltepe Escort We lay there in the dark talking some more and finally he rolled onto his side to get comfy for sleep. I also rolled onto my side and we were laying, mildly spooning, with me facing away.

He had his arm around my belly, not tight, just there. I could feel his breath on my neck and I liked it. As we lay there his hand began to caress my belly over my shirt. Innocently, I think. That is one of my most sensitive areas and was really beginning to enjoy it. As he moved his fingers I scootched back a little to where I’m just touching his body. I didn’t think he’d notice.

We talked a little more about nothing, and as he caressed me with his hand still over my shirt, his hand rose up my body far enough to feel my tits. Chills ran through me. I didn’t move. Was he doing this on purpose? Can’t be. Just my teen aged imagination and the drinks. Now I think I feel something poking my ass. Its his cock… I’m positive! Ok, now its my turn. Do I try something? Do I try to feel him up like he is doing to me? What if I’m wrong!?

I bring my hand up and lay it on top of my leg just in front of his thigh. We’re still talking about nothing as if this isn’t happening. I reach back straining my wrist to touch his leg. When I do I kind of roll back toward him and I can feel his cock even more now. Reaching down, I deliberately feel his leg. Startled, he stops playing with my stomach. I continue to reach. I am now touching my dads dick! When he begins to breath again, he kisses the back of my neck. Fuck! It feels so good! He brings my shirt up so he can feel my young firm titties. Electricity Maltepe Escort Bayan runs through me everywhere! We aren’t talking anymore.

As I feel his cock get harder I wrap my hand completely around it and begin to stroke. No mistake now. We are really doing this! His fingers pinching my hard nipples and biting my neck, I close my eyes wanting to feel all of this! Turning my face toward him we kiss. Deeply! He physically pulls me over to face him. God! I’m wet! His hand is cupping my pussy. He brings his fingers up to our mouths. We both lick my juice from his fingers. I pull his shorts off because I want to see him naked in the moon light. He takes his shirt off and then literally rips my shirt to get to my tits. I slide my shorts off and remove my tattered shirt.

Both naked now, free to feel wherever we want to! I crawl down to suck his cock like I used to suck my friends when I was younger. He puts his hands on my head guiding my mouth over him, teaching me what he likes.
He turns me so my wet pussy is in his face and starts to suck me cleaning my juice from my thighs. Not long after when I begin to shiver, he stops.
Whats next? He roughly drags me around so I’m under him now. He lifts my legs at the knees and gets between them. I have my hands on his chest. I’ve NEVER let things get this far with the boys back home! How did this get to where we are now? But believe me! I’m not stopping this! I’m so hot and ready!

There is no talking now. Only hot breath and grunts from both of us! He rubs the shaft of his cock on my clit. It moves so smoothly. The head parts my lips and he just barely enters my virgin pussy pulling out Escort Maltepe to rub the clit some more. My finger nails are digging into the skin on his chest as I wait in anticipation for what is coming. So much so that he should be bleeding! More of him teasing me. Getting his cock lubed up by putting the tip in and out. Only a hair brush has been there before! He lifts himself up cupping each tit in his hands, squeezing them. I feel as if I’m holding all his weight off of me. The pain is so good! Then it happens… another push! And he’s in! The pain isn’t as bad as I always expected. And I only let out a small scream. After a few strokes it begins to feel wonderful! He asks if I’m ok and all I can do is barely utter yes.

My body takes over and I begin to meet his short strokes. When he can tell I’m more relaxed he pushes the rest of the way into me. He puts his head down and sucks my nipple and I lick his. My arms and legs are wrapped around him now. And I’m in full fuck mode! He begins to talk dirty in my ear. The more he says the hotter I get! He tells me he hadn’t planned this but isn’t sorry. He tells me how tight I am and he says how turned on he is fucking his daughter. I tell him I’m tight because he is the first! Then all of a sudden he pulls out!!! What the hell! Sitting up on his knees he jacks off and cums a huge load on my belly, tits and hair. I feel his sticky cum all over. I didn’t get off, but, I don’t mind. Its not the first time I’ve had cum on my skin and I begin to play with it. He wipes his dick off with my torn shirt and then wipes me off. We drift off to sleep together naked, me and my dad. In the morning we get up and he sees the t-shirt, messy with a little blood mixed in. I really am your first aren’t I? Yes dad, I told him.

We have had many more times together fucking. Its all we used to do for a long time! Almost getting caught a few times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32