Tropical holiday

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With mounting excitement, Jade was shown to the room that was going to be her home for her tropical adventure. She had been looking forward to this holiday for some time. A tropical village, set on a small island with incredible views. The room was spacious light and airy, but best of all, were the double doors opening to a secluded deck. The deck was surrounded by a dense screen of trees. It was a sun trap with filtered views of the ocean, an endless expanse of aquamarine blending into the sky.

Jade eagerly awaited the porter with her bag. On his exit, she stripped off her clothes and donned the little red bikini she had brought with her. She poured herself a wine, grabbed her book and proceeded to stretch out on the sun lounge. The courtyard was ideal for some private sun baking.

Not normally, a sun lover, Jade preferred a fake tan, but the gentle warmth was too good to miss.

The wine and sun were a heady combination. Jade released the clips on her bikini top, dropped her book and stretched out like a kitten enjoying the sun. Her mind wandered wishing she had the sensual company of her lover. The sounds around her mingled with her thoughts. The drowsy, hum of insects, a voice at a distance on a phone, probably coming from another room, reminded her of him.

Jade fumbled for the sun screen and slowly began to rub the lotion into her upper body her eyes closed just enjoying the feel of her hands. Her mind was still with Jason. Oblivious to all around her, Jade didn’t notice the watching eyes, peering through the bushes. Her hands moved over her upper body circling her nipples feeling them harden with pleasure and thoughts of Jason. Erotically her hands moved down her body, smoothing over her hips, her fingers edging under the elastic of her bikini.

Slowly she removed her bikini bottoms. Jade lay back, feeling the warmth of the sun on her naked mound, making her spread her legs. Her hand dipped lower as she slid her fingers down between her legs. The warm, silky, softness clung to her fingers and she could feel the growing moistness as her fingers probed deeper between the lips and within.

He craned sex izle forward to get a better view, feeling his growing tumescence pushing against his brief shorts. She was driving him crazy, stretched out, legs apart, fingers stroking. He had a perfect view. He wanted to touch her, to feel her silken softness for himself. He leaned forward and adjusted his clothing to accommodate his dick which was now stretching his shorts. Not yet he thought.

She spread her legs further and he could see the lips swelling, glistening with moisture, her finger had started to stroke faster and small moans came from Jade as her excitement mounted. She could feel her body starting to tense as her excitement built. She wanted Jason, it had been far too long, she needed to feel him inside her. She thought of him standing beside her with an erect dick, so big, just waiting to fill her.

Thoughts of the last time he had taken her in the shed, made her excitement grow. Jason filling her body, the touch of him, the feel of him were too much for Jade. The next moment her body started to come. Long spasms rippled through her body, as her lips pulsated against her probing fingers. She moaned with pleasure as her hips lifted, seeking him, with her body.

He stayed there watching her pleasure, feeling the need swelling inside him. He longed to take her in his arms, feel the sensuous flesh surround his dick and drag him in. He needed to be inside her, and to be a part of her. He wanted to be able to feel her lips on him, her touch, her need matching his. His engorged dick was enormous, he adjusted it in his shorts and leaned forward for a closer look.

She had laid back and was basking in the sun her legs apart, her lips were swollen and wet. As if sensing his presence she spread her legs further, allowing him to see deep in between her lips. He could see the core of her. His body ached with need. He watched as her hands moved over her body circling her nipples, and stroking up and down edging closer and closer to the centre of her being.

One hand moved from her body and fumbled at her bag beside her, re-emerging with a toy.

He fransız porno smiled to himself, “he wouldn’t mind taking the place of that.”

It was large and purple, not as big as his size. Jade opened her legs wider, thinking of Jason she turned the switch on and felt the pulsing pressure against her. Moving her legs apart, she ran her toy up and down between her lips. She then paused it, against the nub of her pleasure, feeling the vibration running through her body and the tingling growing. Tendrils of pleasure started to emanate from its touch. Her swollen lips had become very moist, and the head glided smoothly up and down between the lips dipping into the centre of her and then returning to the swollen nub of pleasure.

Jade started to groan as the tension built, within her. She could feel her muscles starting to coil, as the tingling increased. She moved her legs apart wider. He watched mesmerized, as he could see the swollen red lips curling around the head of her toy, then the head disappearing as it entered into her. Then it moved again, coming out of the damp, silken sheath to move over the bud at the tip. Again and again, she repeated this action, each time the shaft entered further into her hidden recesses, as her lips swelled with excitement and became more moist with the movement of her toy.

Jade’s arousal grew, as in her mind she imagined Jason standing over her his dick swollen waiting to plunder her inner core. She longed to be able to reach out and touch him, to hold him. Her body’s excitement grew as her thoughts centered on Jason. She could feel her excitement growing as the waves of pleasure started to build within her body.

It was too much for the watcher, he moved round to the door of the room. Unlocking it he swiftly entered the room. Now there was only the glass sliding door between them. He fumbled with the catch, stripping off his shorts as he went through the door, and out onto the deck.

Sated with pleasure she drifted half awake as his hands lightly traced her nipples, teasing. His lips replaced his fingers, gently licking and sucking, feeling teen porno her nipples swell and throb with tension. His hands moved over her body, teasing with the gentlest of touch. Her legs moved apart as she willed him to stroke her. His fingers eased between her lips and gently started to rub at the small bud. She lifted her hips and groaned with pleasure.

She dropped the machine and reached for him, drawing him towards her, by his swollen dick.

‘I want you, Jason. You have kept me waiting too long, please darling.”

With that her body lifted towards his, she pulled him down on top of her, and grabbed hold of his dick. Finally he slid into the silken sheath. He felt the warmth and softness of her enclose him, as she felt his strength and length enter her. Together they moved. The heat of the sun, the smell of the sea, the nearness of the other holidaymakers increased their excitement as they moved together in each others arms.

His lips sought hers as he lifted his body higher so that she could feel him rubbing sensually both outside and in, two parallel lines of pleasure. Already close to coming, she knew that she wouldn’t last long. She needed him too much. She held his hips and pushed against him as his body moved against hers.

“Jason” the voice exploded into their union. A royal summons if ever there was one.

Laughing he held her to him and looked deep into her eyes.

“No, now its just us. No royal communiqués.”

She pushed up against him, her eyes held his as she communicated her need for him. The feeling of him, filling her being, the pulsations of excitement that centered around the presence of his shaft touching the core of her. The heat, of his presence and the warmth of the sun added to their excitement. Holding him to her she rode his dick feeling him push to the centre of her core. Felt his mounting excitement as it joined hers. Together the tension building in giant spasms as they teetered on the edge of oblivion.

With mounting urgency their bodies moved simultaneously. The rills of pleasure growing and spreading like live wires through their bodies as the heightened sensitivity built within. Gasping she held him to her as her body started to spasm, in long waves of rapture. Her muscles dragged his dick deeper as she pulled him with her into a pulsating spurt of ecstasy. This was just the start of their time together.

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