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I’d had a long, long day.

At that moment, all I wanted was to get home, have a hot, soothing mug of coffee, and go to bed, sleep my worries away. I just wanted to forget about it all, forget that spiteful look on Mr. Jenkins face when he fired me. It was obvious he had hated me from the day I started at the job, he had been looking for a reason to fire me all along. When I came in ten minutes late, he had me doing hours overtime… I know I shouldn’t have put up with it, but it was my job, it was what I’d always wanted to do. I loved it, Chris was so happy for me when I got the job.

It’s strange that something that made me so happy unraveled my life. Chris had broken up with me a few days after I got it, and by email, for Gods’ sake. I didn’t even answer it, knowing he would be waiting for a reply, just went to sit on my bed and cry. He had been my teenage love, we’d been together for years, but clearly that wasn’t good enough when his mother said she hated me.

The most ridiculous reason in the world, isn’t it? If it had come from anyone else, I would never have believed it, never in a million years. But this was Chris, a guy who tried to please everyone, telling them the truth, never lying, but taking it back in a moment if it hurt them. I know he meant it, I know he couldn’t bear hearing my voice if he called me or broke up in person. That was just the kind of guy he was, a characteristic that had always annoyed me slightly, although I secretly found it amusing, endearing almost.

But, anyway, it doesn’t matter now, he’s moved away. Originally I was meant to be going with him, but that clearly wasn’t an option any more, so I stayed in my flat, the flat I’d moved into when I left home, and had somehow never left. It was a good place; I had had the most amazing luck when my cousin moved out of it. She owned it, and let me live in it, I was paying off the money I owed her slowly, but it was happening.

My shoes were clicking on the pavement, splashing water when I went through a puddle. It was raining slightly, not the kind of rain that feels almost satisfying, the way it shoots down from the sky, pounding into the floor. The sharp bullets against your skin, soaking you in a matter of minutes. I always loved the rain when it was like that, but when it was like this, pathetic drizzles, I hated it, it was so depressing and sad. Like the angels were crying, weeping over something dreadful. I just hated it.

I turned into the train station, entering the cramped heat that belied the cold drizzle outside. Bodies were crammed together at this time, moving as one, with the occasional perverted man who would try and sneak a grope. I pulled my thick black coat around me, suppressing a shudder as I thought of an incident a few months back, a guy using the crowds as cover to press me into the wall and shove his hand up my skirt and inside my underwear. It was horrible; I just shoved him off me and ran like hell through the crowd, earning myself a few curses and elbows, not stopping until I got to the platform, where a train was just leaving, luckily for me. I was terrified he might catch up with me!

Today however, there was just a mass of tired, irritable people rokettube trying to get home as fast as possible, away from the rain, away from the crowded streets, away from London, into their haven where they could recuperate in peace from the day. The weather had a dreadful effect on people.

I finally got onto a tram, crowded beyond human belief, and found myself squashed against some man who was clinging to a pole, desperately trying to keep his balance in the tide of bodies. As the train turned a corner, I found myself thrown into him, and I turned to apologise, when I caught sight of him. Any words of apology died in my throat as I looked at him, and saw him properly for the first time.

He wasn’t good looking, in the sense that most people find guys handsome, but, to me, he was stunning. His face was quite pale, with high, high cheekbones, giving his face a beautiful angle. His eyes were dark brown, the colour of melted chocolate, and they had that look to them, a kind of soft, dark brown swirl to them, as though they were pools that you could drown in. His dark brown hair was down to his ears, flopping over his face, shiny and sleek, the kind of hair that makes you want to run your fingers through it again and again. His lips were perfect, a dark pinky colour that looked so kissable it was hard not to move over to him and kiss his mouth softly.

I only realised I was staring when he smiled at me, and gave me a slow wink.

I ducked my head, feeling the warm colour spread over my cheeks. I glanced up again after a second, and saw he was still watching me.

Feeling stupid, I gave him an apprehensive nod, and looked away. Why was he still watching me? I wasn’t anything special; admittedly I was pretty and quite noticeable most of the time, but today? Today I was basically a wreck, not remotely attractive. My curly red hair was pulled back in a French plait, hastily done this morning, I wasn’t wearing any make-up to make my naturally pale face look more colourful, basically I looked like a redhead gone Goth, but forgotten to dye her hair black. At least my blushing took care of the paleness, but I knew, I just knew, I looked like a silly schoolgirl, especially with my big greeny-blue eyes flicking to him every minute or so.

My thoughts were interrupted by the cool female voice telling me my stop was coming up, and I saw the man ready himself as well — this couldn’t be his stop, surely? The fates wouldn’t be so cruel — as the train slowed as the station. I exited the train, and felt a body behind me, as I realised that the man, was indeed getting out here.

I quickly left the station, and began my ten minute walk home. I could have taken a bus, but the times were ridiculous — it would be so much faster just to walk. As I quickly went through the streets — darkening now, the street lamps would be on soon — I heard footsteps behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, just in time to see a dark figure take hold of my arms and pull me into an empty alley I had just passed. I was pinned against the wall, and I caught a glimpse of the man from the train, as he swooped in, and began kissing my lips roughly. I let out a gasp, and my hands rose to asyalı porno meet his face, all thoughts of coffee and Friends in front of the television lost, as this delicious new option grabbed hold of my mind.

His lips were soft, but pressed so hard against my mouth, they felt firmer than they were, his tongue moving confidently within me, dancing with mine, causing fireworks to explode within my head… His hands moved from my arms and moved to my face, one holding my cheek and the other delving in my hair, loosening it from the plait it had been confined in all day. His mouth moved from mine, kissing down my chin and over my neck, biting gently on the skin and kissing softly, slight pain and pleasure combining to make this beautiful moment. He moved his hands to capture mine, stroking my fingers and swinging them gently as he kissed down my collarbone, using his teeth to tear open my blouse, exposing my skin to the soft bite of early spring evenings. I shrugged the blouse off, letting it fall to the floor as he appraised me, looking me up and down, his fingers still entwined with mine.

After a few seconds, when he still remained silent, I glanced up at his face, wondering what he was thinking. He caught my eyes, and smiled, moving his head forward to kiss and bite at my breasts,

I gasped, thrusting my chest out to him automatically, one hand running through his hair, the other holding tightly on to his shoulder, as his mouth made my nipples harden to erect peaks, my breasts tingle as he performed the most beautiful magic I’d experienced. He let out a soft moan, bringing me to new height of arousal, as I realised that he was gaining as much pleasure as I was by this. His removed his right hand from my fingers, and slid it slowly up my skirt, stopping as he reached the hem of my panties, making me arch my back, trying desperately to push against his fingers.

‘Please… please…’ I heard myself gasp against his hair, as he continued his exquisite torture of my breasts.

‘Please what? Tell me, and I might…’ he whispered seductively against my skin.

I moaned in frustration, knowing his touch could make me come, I was so wet and aroused; it would take so little to grant me my release.

‘Please — please touch me…’ I heard an unfamiliar voice beg.

‘Touch you? Well, my angel, touch you where…?’

He was teasing me, making me desperate with frustration as I craved those fingers deep inside me. ‘Touch my pussy, please…’ I moaned, my breath coming fast and hard.

‘Why, my love, couldn’t you just have said?’ He looked up at me and gave me a devilish smile as I felt his fingers slowly dart inside my panties, already soaked beyond belief. ‘Oh… is this all for me?’ He raised his head to my ear to whisper this, nipping gently around my earlobe. He stroked my clit, and feeling more wetness coat his fingers, began to rub it harder. I held on to his body tightly, losing myself in the pleasure he gave me. I pressed my face hard against his shoulder, as I began to come, his fingers slipping inside me and granting me release.

He pulled back, and I looked at him, breathing fast, as he ripped open his shirt azeri porno and took it from his body.

His black jeans were already undone, and I could see his hardness through his boxers, looking so uncomfortable confined like that, I winced to think of it. He pulled them down gently, groaning as he felt his cock fall free from the jeans. He looked at me seductively, as he touched the hem of his boxers shorts, pulling them down, just slightly, to reveal the tones muscles of him lower abdomen.

‘Should I?’ He whispered, his eyes burning into mine. I stood from my relaxed pose against the wall, and walked to him, his eyes clouding over as he watched my breasts swaying with the movement, encased in a thin red bra, my nipples standing out clearly from the fabric.

‘I’m not ready yet, am I? I whispered into his ear. Stepping back, I undid my skirt, and pulled it off, having to wriggle my hips to get it to go over them, it being fitted around my slim waist and curvy hips. He let out a soft groan, and started to pull down his boxers, but I stopped him, my finger pulling them up again.

‘You’re topless, aren’t you?’ I asked him, watching the smile spread over his face as he realised what I meant, and his eyes moved to my breasts, watching as I unhooked the clasp at the back, and let it fall from my shoulders, exposing my breast to him. He let out a long whistle as it fell, his eyes fixated on my hard nipples, his hand reaching out to touch them, but falling short as I took hold of his boxer shorts. He held on to my hands, and we pulled them down together, exposing his hard manhood to me. I couldn’t help it, I let out a gasp on seeing his size, it was big, bigger than Chris’ even, fully erect and ready to fuck me

He moved towards me, and kissed me, his fingers pulling down my panties, as he lifted my legs in the crooks of his elbows, my arms around his neck. My pussy was exposed, dripping wet, as I was ready for his hard piece of flesh to enter me. ‘Shit.’ I heard him curse. Looking at him in confusion, he caught sight of my expression, and explained, ‘I don’t have any protection.’ I smiled, and hugged him.

‘You don’t need it. Just fuck me.’

He looked at me, nonplussed for a second, and then understood, and smiled at me, a smile with a dirty — no, filthy air behind it, and entered me, thrusting through me like a dagger. I let out a scream, and he pushed my head down on his shoulder, muffling the sound, as he fucked me against the wall,

I came quickly, my pussy soaking his cock in come, moaning loudly into his skin, holding on to him tightly as he pushed hard into my pussy, rubbing against the contacting walls as I came, but not spent yet, fucking me harder then I’d ever had it, groaning softly against my hair.

‘When I saw you, I wanted to fuck you like this. I wanted to fuck your hot pussy and cum inside you, letting you feel every drop of my come as it hit the inside of your pussy…. fuck…’ He cursed under his breath, as he came, his hot come filling my pussy and my womb, as he held tightly on to me and gasped loudly into my hair, triggering my second orgasm, my pussy contracting around his cock, milking it for every drop of come I could squeeze from him.

We held each-other, recovering from our respective climaxes, holding each-other together, almost, our piece being picked up as we cam back to reality.

And at that moment, all over the neighbourhood, the street-lamps came on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32