Toyboy and His Women Pt. 03

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(Toyboy has been introduced to Hotopenlips by Softpetals, and he is waiting to meet the woman who needs sensual, erotic pleasure.)

Like a snail, three days slid by in monotonous activities as an aroused Toyboy waited for a reply from the elusive Hotopenlips. Well, wait was the sage and pithy advise given by Softpetals. He went to college as usual and back in his room he went online and looked for messages, maybe from that hot cunt, Hotopenlips. She had made him horny for her, if that was her game she had pretty well succeeded.

In the meantime, he kept up his parallel chat with other women, keeping them warm and interested in him for later use; a comment on their latest photo or story and a flirtatious message were enough to stay in touch. Twitchingc* who pinged him now and then was online now and he popped her the question he had always been obsessed with.

‘Do you have a twitching cunt, or is it clit?’

‘Ha ha. See for yourself which it is. You bet your dick I have. When I see nude men and women, I get aroused and I twitch like an excited heart,’ she replied with a smiley.

‘I have a hungry tongue that can control that twitch,’ he said testily as he had never spoken to her in that manner before.

His horny wait for Hotopenlips was making him impatient and desperate to flirt with others and maybe he was taking it out on hot cunt for not responding to him.

‘Hmmm yessss. A hungry tongue on my pussy lips and a finger on my twitching clit,’ Twitchingc* said.

‘You like girls, too and do you use toys with them?’ he asked.

‘Of course I do. I am bi and I have used toys with my girlfriend. Does that piss you off?’

‘Why should it irritate me? Actually, I love to see women on women and like to know how you use toys. I sell specially designed toys for women and demonstrate how to use them.’

Maybe the idea of him with other women would put her off, he thought. Was he taking out the anger he had for Hotopenlips on this girl?

‘Interesting. How old are the women you service? Are you willing to share your hot experience with me. I mean, I am not insisting, but I would love to know of you sexcapades.’

She was not cheesed off, he thought as he typed, ‘Mostly, the women are 35-40 and are not satisfied with their sex life.’

He explained briefly the sexual encounters he had with women and when it came to Softpetals he found himself expatiating on the erotic encounter and ended with his befriending Hotopenlips.

‘Wow, you have had a scorching time. I would love it if you would share more with me. And I will tell you about me and my girlfriend.’

With that promise to exchange libidinous experiences, they said goodbye.

After his chat with Twitchingc*, he messaged other women who were keen to know the size of his dick and where he lived and as always he was elusive on details.

* * * * *

The next day was Saturday and Toyboy woke up drowsy from the effect of the beers and staying up late to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

He stood nude under the shower, the spray hitting his nape and head with the effect of a massage. After five minutes he felt refreshed and alive and with a cup of coffee he returned to the land of the living.

He hoped to make use of the weekend to make money and some sex and all that depended on whether Hotopenlips messaged him or not. Maybe he should talk to Twichingc* and swap stories and know about her girlfriend. A threesome sounded hot, if only he forgot the money angle and went in for some pure sex now and then. Well, he will come around to that some time later. The trouble with young girls was that they would want a relationship and were costly. He had gone through all this a number of times in his mind and had decided there was detachment and benefit in pleasuring older women. The well-furnished flat with a home theater and music system belonged to his parents and they let him use it and they gave him enough money. But he always needed extra money for being with friends, etc and didn’t like to ask his parents for more. Anyway, he had sex in his mind and imagined a lot and if he could convert Escort Kız that into money, why hold back?

When he came online Hotopenlips’ terse message ‘We can meet,’ was waiting for him and was enough to set off his naughty and salacious imagination. He sent a message asking her when and where they could meet, trying not to sound too eager. In a few minutes she sent her address and asked him to come to her residence in the evening.

He slept in the afternoon after lunch and woke up around 5 p.m. He shaved his face and pondered whether he should do the same to his pubic area and finally decided to as he had ample time. As he shaved, he began drawing a mental picture of the woman who had kept him waiting for days and watched his organ swell and swell. Would Hotopenlips be unsexy like Softpetals? By the way, would Twitchingc* be a stunning girl? Answering such questions he dressed up for his sensual date.

The trip to Hotopenlips’ house took half an hour by train and his mother, who rang him up once a week, called to tell him of a cousin’s wedding. Sordid details of the event and inquiries about him occupied him through the trip and when the call ended he was in the area where Hotopenlips lived.

As he stood at the door of the mysterious Hotopenlips, his heart was racing. The woman who opened the door was as voluptuous as sin and he put her age at 40. Tall, wearing a specs and shapely breasts… damned sexy, hot cunt! Dressed in a red skirt which came just below her knees, she was a knock-out. She smiled and asked him to come in, the words whizzing past Toyboy like undecipherable bullets. He followed her in a daze to the couch where two glasses of wine were waiting for them. He had never expected her to be so titillating and steamy. Holy shit! She offered the glass of wine to him and began sipping her glass with her sensuous mouth, a mouth that could cover his rock-hard erection, a mouth thirsting for his hot semen.

The flat was neat and well-furnished, a huge TV, chandeliers and what not. On a shelf along with books he saw a photograph of a man holding a fish he had caught and next to him was a homely woman, maybe her parents. There was no picture of her with any man; she lived alone that was sure.

‘How do you find me?’ she smiled, interrupting his thoughts.

‘I love tall women who wear specs and I have an erection already,’ he confessed.

‘That is fine, what do you think is my age?’

’35,’ he said not wanting to say 40, it always paid to humor people whether it was age or looks, dressing sense, or anything else.

‘I am 38. I take it as a compliment that you are aroused, but I am not wet.’

‘You are smoking hot and wonder how you are not …. err sexually busy,’ he said his heart thumping, making sounds like Godzilla on the loose.

‘I have had enough sex, like I said, with stud bulls and what not. Men take a look at me and the next minute they want to enter me and leak their liquid. Now I am into erotic stuff. Why don’t you feel me?’ she asked as she spread her thighs tantalizingly, slowly and seductively.

He slid his hand up her thick, long legs, and the trip looked it would never end, and finally reached the sex junction. A dense bush, a very dense jungle, met his hand. She had been right about never shaving as she had been about very many other things. His fingers found her dry slit and went up and down the vertical love line and finally stopped at her long and protruding clitoris.

‘I will close my eyes, you stand before me and strip and when you are done tell me. When I open my eyes I want to see your erection. That is damned erotic for me,’ she said and closed her eyes.

He stripped and stood before her with his 7-inch erection almost touching her mouth and said he was ready. She opened her eyes and saw his throbbing manhood pointed at her like a weapon. She smelled his red and ready knob and licked the tip with her tongue and leaned back, admiring it. She teased his balls and ran her hand along his erect meat.

‘You said you would shave my bush. Go to the bathroom and you will find everything you will need to shave me,’ she told him and he went to the bathroom. When he came back, his heart almost stopped. On the table was Hotopenlips, nude and displaying her jungle. He had never seen such a lovely sight, except for the bush which spoiled her chiseled beauty.

‘Was it a surprise? Anything unexpected is shocking and surprising and is sexually stimulating. Like my looking at your cock suddenly when I opened my eyes and your seeing me nude unexpectedly. Isn’t it so?’

He nodded still looking at the ugly bush..

‘I see you find my bush repulsive. Go ahead and clear it away,’ she said spreading her thighs wider and removing her specs.

Standing between her thighs, Toyboy applied cream on her overgrowth as she played with her boobs and looked at him without taking her eyes off him. He imagined the cream was his own load of semen, poured out on her sizzling cunt after a bout of lust. Using the razor, he slowly and carefully shaved her, never having done it to anyone else before. Hotopenlips looked hungrily at his pulsating penis which bobbed up and down as he went about his job. In a few minutes, her vagina was bald and looked like a lip-smacking delicious dish. He leaned closer to see if he had shaved her cleanly and was pleased with his maiden work of shaving a cunt.

‘Smell me,’ she moaned, spreading her thighs invitingly wider.

He pulled her closer to him as he stood and buried his nose between the freshly shaved rose flower and smelled her, pushing his nose into her open lips, which, he noticed appeared much-battered, much-penetrated but were still lovely. She watched him smell her rear bud also and smiled sexily.

‘Let me eat your cock, you naughty sex boy,’ she muttered and let her head hang from the table.

Toyboy went over the other end of the table and she mouthed his balls, her head hanging down loose. Her warm mouth engulfed his tool as she teased his semen sacs and spread her thighs, inviting his young mouth to feast on the pie he had prepared. But since she was tall he could not reach that far and, realizing this, she raised both her legs to let Toyboy savor her. His tongue bit her clitoris and then traced the vertical slit and ended at her rear portal and then once again began where he started. Goaded by her moans from her cock-filled mouth, he spread her petals as wide as possible, like the wings of a butterfly, and slurped. The sensations of her mouth on his swollen member hit him in wave after wave as his tongue flitted in and out of both her holes till she was covered with saliva.

‘You lick well as if you lick daily. Lie on the table like me,’ she said, getting down from the table.

Toyboy lay on the table with his head hanging down over the edge and Hotopenlips stood near the edge and straddled his face, smothering it with her saliva-coated cunt. He continued eating both her holes, holding her carved hips, as she bent down, hair covering his abdomen, and swallowing him whole. The sexy woman and the lascivious poses were too heady and erotic for him, and it was with great effort that he controlled shooting his cream all over her. Yes, he thought, he would love to write his name on her sensuous ass with his thick semen.

‘Don’t cum yet,’ she moaned as if reading his thoughts.

He held back and licked her swollen and wet pussy and wondered if it was her love juice or his own saliva. Any woman would have cum at least twice by now, he told himself. Both their mouths were busy pleasuring each other mutually, as time froze between their thighs, eternity was within reach and paradise a reality.

She raised her head from his erect cock, stepped back and kissed his mouth which was wet with his saliva and smelled of her cunt. The fragrance of his penis and his own taste lingered in her mouth as she delved deep into his mouth. She sighed and went to the couch and poured themselves a drink. He followed his enchantress in a trance and sat next to her and sipped the drink she offered.

‘I have had many men, in many positions and in unimaginable circumstances. Years of that has left me longing for passionate sex, slow erotic sex that never ends with a man flooding me. You understand? You do what I say and you will be rewarded,’ she said all the while stroking his erection.

She got up and went to the bedroom, gesturing him to follow her. She sat in a chair in front of a mirror and asked him to sit on her lap.

‘Raise your feet and keep them on my thighs,’ she said.

He obeyed and saw his reflection in the mirror, his thighs, his erection and his ass cheeks. She stroked his cock with her left hand slowly in a mesmerizing manner as her right hand cupped his balls and squeezed gently. She brought both her hands to his nose letting him smell his own sex fragrance. Her hands went back to his erection and balls as she licked his earlobes and bit his neck and muttered,’Toyboy, hardrod, hotrod,’ and other inaudible words of lust. She spread his ass with both her hands and ran a finger across his asshole, teasing him in the pink round orifice.

‘Let’s swap positions,’ she said suddenly.

She sat on Toyboy’s lap and raised her feet, placing them on his thighs. For a 38-year-old woman, she balanced herself pretty well, he thought. He saw her exposed cunt and felt his throbbing erection twitch for her hot hole. Teasing her clitoris with one hand, he ran his finger up and down as they watched in the mirror. He inserted one finger inside her and found her wet, and encouraged, he slid two, then three and four fingers in her, going in deep and exploring her hidden pleasure zones. She moaned and groaned as he played her like a musical instrument. Moving his hand from her clitoris, he rimmed her asshole and tried to enter her. She watched him hesitate and then she helped him, holding his hand as his finger entered her rear entrance, slowly at first and then faster and deeper. Both his hands were feverishly working her holes and he could see them stretched wide in excitement. She grasped his manhood and masturbated him as he bit her ears and neck and called her ‘hotcunt’, ‘semencup’ and ‘creamasshole’.

She asked him to slow down and took her hands off him and gestured him to come to bed where she lay with her thighs spread.

‘You have been a good boy and have aroused me much. You have eaten my cake, now fill me with your cream, You deserve it,’ she drawled in a sexy tone.

Toyboy was surprised as at one juncture he was sure she would masturbate him to his climax as he sat on her lap. Mentally thanking her, he knelt between her thighs and held his rod in her love tunnel and thrust with a force brought on by days and hours of sheer anticipation. She moaned when in one swift action he spiked her deep and opened her wider. He lunged and lunged into her pleasure trove as her hands massaged his bum. Plunging deeper and harder he was close to shooting his waiting cum load. Oh god! Such a relief it would be to empty himself into this sexy woman, this cunt that made him wait and wait and here it came… his ..his hot stream of white lava.. yesss … he shot his jet into her in a hot burst that nearly blinded him, as if a galaxy was exploding. The world stood still, as they said in fiction books, when he squirted his sweet cum and as she opened his ass with both her hands and bit his shoulder.

He rocked as if in an aftershock as her vagina drank his last drop. Lying on top of her he felt contended, drained and realized he was in love with her. In Love! He surprised himself in admitting that. Yes, love was erotic sex, love was many things at many times, but now it was being with Hotopenlips and doing her erotic bidding.

‘I came, really, I came. Boy, you are my boy,’ she said smothering him with kisses on his forehead, cheeks and lips.

When he became limp, he slid out and got down from her. She stroked his balls and kissed his mouth as erotically as ever, as if there was nothing else to do in this world but kiss. Yes, he was truly in love with her.

‘I am sleepy, sleep and tomorrow we can use your toys, my hardcock Toyboy,’ she whispered.

In a minute he realized she was asleep, looking so beautiful and sexy and in need of erotic love. A woman in search of pure passion amid mechanical pounding and collecting sexual trophies.

Sleep descended on him like a blanket of fog as he thought about what tomorrow had in store for him.

(To be continued)

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