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She lay in bed and felt her husband’s body on the other side. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She had long ago grown tired of being alone in bed with her spouse, lack of a physical relationship made other areas of their lives go south. No one could convince her that a marriage without sex was a good marriage. It was sharing a house. Love, well you grew to love someone over time and the emotion stayed, though it wasn’t the love that you wanted or the type that satisfied the soul.

It was a surprise to her when she found “someone”. Yes, granted, they were both looking, They had something special together and they knew it from the first time they met. They both had families and neither wanted to end their marriage, but they needed what the other had to offer and they shared with each other. It was far beyond caring what was wrong and right anymore, at least for her.

She smiled as she thought of them together. The look on his face when he saw her, his eyes lit up and his smile was welcomed her into his world. Their touches in public were chaste, looking to the world as if two friends were meeting for an afternoon of conversation. When the door to the rented motel room closed, that changed. She needed to feel his skin against hers, his lips and tongue seeking out her own and together they made the outside world disappear and for a few hours made their own wonderland.

He closed the door and locked it behind them. Took two steps and pulled her into his arms, his kisses were warm and wet. The kisses trailed from her mouth to her neck, and she arched her back to lean into his body. She was beginning to think that his kisses alone could bring her to orgasm. His hand was under her blouse, cupping one of her breasts, then moving to roll the nipple in his fingertips. Her low moan was enough to tell him that she wanted him. He felt brazzers her hand on the front of his jeans. His cock jumped as she touched him through his clothing.

“There is was too much between us darling” he told her. Their clothing began to lay in piles on the floor and within seconds they were naked in each other’s arms.

He could feel her wet pussy on his thigh as they wrapped body parts around each other to get as close as they could. They held each other close, enjoying the sensation of being together. He had plans for this night though, he wanted to pleasure her body beyond her wildest dreams.

He began at her feet, kissing and touching her body. When he got to her wet pussy he touched her gently, just on the outside. Tracing the outside of her lips with his fingers and then his tongue. Electricity shot through her body at his touch. Every nerve was jumping, every spot sensitive and longing for his touch.

He put a pillow under her hips to give him access to every part of her. Her pussy was wet and he could see the drops of moisture that clung to her curly red hairs. He used his fingers to open her. Her clit was red and swollen. He sucked it into his mouth. Her love hole opened up with need to be filled and he slipped two fingers inside of her. He knew it would be just seconds until she came the first time, and he was right. Her body rocked against his and he felt waves of pleasure washing over her body.

“Yes” he thought. “that is just what I want for her”. His tongue replaced his fingers and he drank her sweet cum. He waited a minute for her to recover. Then his tongue began to make long sweeps from her clit to her ass.

She could feel his tongue tip in her ass and heat ran through her body like molten lava. His fingers and tongue seemed like they were all over her. His fingers were inside cuckold porno her pussy and his tongue in her ass, and then he switched fingering her ass while eating her pussy. She cried out in delight as he brought her right to the edge of climax and then backed off.

“Please” she gasped, ” I need more”

“Uh-uh, not yet”, he laughed. He watched her face as he pleasured her body, giving everything he had to make sure that she was going to be satisfied. He always did. He loved to watch her quiver beneath his touch, her back arch into his body, the look on her face somewhere between dreamy and surprised. And when she opened her eyes and he saw her passion, her caring, and her need for him it almost sent him over the edge.

He looked at her again and saw that she was floating in another world. He pushed his fingers inside of her and found the spot that he knew would make her cum fast and hard. He pussy was wet, tight and as soft as velvet as he fingered her until she cried out in delight and he felt the muscles of her pussy contract and her warm cum fill his hand.

Seconds later her mouth was all over him. Her tongue licking at his shoulder, stomach, thighs. Her body gently nudging his until he rolled over and then her tongue running down his spine. He could feel her between his legs, as her hands opened his ass to allow her tongue inside. He tongue was like flames of pleasure tingling over him and he couldn’t help but moan in desire himself. She didn’t stop, it was her turn to pleasure him and her desire to do so was fanning inside of her. Her tongue snaked in and out of his asshole again and again, his body began to move under her, meeting each of her kisses with a roll of his hips. She didn’t stop tonguing him as her hand slipped underneath him and she stroked his cock and balls. She could czech porno feel his erection, feel the precum seeping out of the tip of his cock.

She moved him to the edge of the bed, and place a pillow under his hips. She looked at his hard cock. It was thick and swollen, larger than she had every seen it before. She allowed herself a moment to just look at him. Then she took him into her mouth. She loved the feel and taste of him in her mouth. She wanted him, to swallow his essence, and when he asked if she wanted him to cum in her mouth or her pussy, she knew she needed his sweet taste in her mouth.

Her tongue licked under the head of his cock. She took her time, kissing and stroking every part of his penis. She wanted to prolong his pleasure. Then there came a point where she just wanted. She heard his moan and knew he was close. Then she felt his hot cum squirting in the back of her throat. There was so much, she had to swallow once and then he shot another load into her mouth.

They lay together cuddled on the bed in the afterglow of their lovemaking. They talked, laughed and he played with her nipples. Soon he would pleasure her in another way. With his fingertips. She had never been with a man who could excite her in this way. She loved watching his face as he touched her body. Each gentle touch bringing her closer and closer to climax. His smile radiated as he touched spots of pleasure on her body, spots he knew and ones he delighted in finding. These were the times when he looked at her, he could tell he was touching more than her skin, he was finding the places that pleasured her soul. Again and again he let her drift and waited until the time was right to take her. Her pleasure would bring him joy. She would cry out in ecstasy, waves of orgasm washing over her body, until exhausted she would collapse in his arms and he would hold her for as long as they could be together that night.

Then reality took hold and she remembered that it wasn’t her lover in her bed, at least not tonight. But she held on to the memories they had made as she drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32