Tony The Limo Driver Ch. 02

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Prom night finally arrives. As is typical for me this time of year I get a little uptight with the other women I might be fucking. My mind and cock tended to be on sweet, tight teen pussy instead of the pussy it was currently pounding. Nothing against Regina, this fine mocha colored black chick I had been fucking regularly, but prom queen pussy was just that much sweeter. And Jeanna Conti’s pussy was one I was determined to add to my list of eighteen year old girls that have I sent on to college with the memory of being fucked well. Hell, if the other girls who were dating with Trev and Jeanna wanted some real dick, who was I to prevent that from happening.

I arrived at the Debassi home and straightened my suit as I waited at the door. Colleen answered and was obviously still in heat from our fucking of last week. While she was hot, and a pretty good fuck, now was not the time to have her slobbering all over me. I stood in the entryway with Colleen ogling me when Trev Sr. came over and shook my hand. From the look on his face he had a pretty good clue that I had banged his wife but he was smart enough not to mention it. Tough shit on him anyway. I’m not going to go back into his whole situation again but he had it coming.

Trev Jr. looked the part of the young stud quarterback, his slick modern tux fitting his athlete’s body well. I wondered who Colleen had fucked to get it and a small twinge of jealousy actually ran up my spine. Whoa! Need to cut that shit out right now. The moment I start having feelings for one of my many sexual exploits is the moment I get my cousin Vito to put a .22 bullet in my head you know what I’m saying? But it wasn’t Trev who I was interested in after all, it was his prom queen girlfriend Jeanna. I shook the old man’s hand again and shook Colleen’s, who took just a little too long to release my grip, and went out the door leading Trev to the Hummer limo his mother had secured by riding my pole. I wondered a bit what the kid might think of that and, the thought crossed my mind to actually tell him that, his ride for the prom was courtesy of his moms pussy. Nahhh, maybe later.

After the kid got in I slid into the driver seat and started up the big engine, rolling down the privacy screen. Trev scooted closer to the front so I could talk with him. He explained to me that the liquor cabinets were all locked as was the cooler wells. I smiled and nodded telling him that since this was a prom and all the riders were under twenty-one, I had to keep it sealed up. He put on some airs at first, acting all macho, but I reminded him that he was talking to Tony, his paisan, and that I would take care of him if he could take care of me. This perked the kid up. I guess he figured on getting Jeanna all liquored up and banging her. Little did he know what I had planned. So, not wanting to keep him in the darl, I dropped my proposal on him. I’ll give the kid credit he tried to act all sincere and genuine and actually a bit pissed, but he knew that he had to have that booze in order to maintain his macho quarterback image. They always did. Year in and year out the guys were willing to try and give up their date to me all for image. Hell it was just booze. Of course he agreed to do his part of the bargain. I smiled, leaned back, and rubbed my cock a bit at the thought of what lie ahead.

We porno pulled up to the curb in front of the Conti household and I had some fond memories. About 7 years ago Jeanna’s older sister Amelia had went to prom with the then star quarterback Jake Marini. They were much the same couple as her and Trev. She the prom queen and head cheerleader, he the star of all sports. It had been my first year in the limo business and, my first prom queen pussy. What had originally been planned as just a simple blowjob turned into me fucking Amelia all over the back seat of that limo, a car I still have and once in awhile sit in the back of reminiscing. Amelia was pretty smokin’ but paled in comparison to Jeanna. I was looking forward to what might happen in a little bit and seeing if the little sister had any of the sex drive of her older sibling.

I did my limo driver thing as Trev finally led Jeanna out to the car. The dress she wore only made her more stunning. Her dark hair and hazel eyes shone in the twilight, her long tanned legs visible from the knee down in the elegant evening dress. She smiled at me as I helped her into the car and Trev looked a bit nervous as he came to grips with what he knew he had to do.

As we drove away I kept the privacy screen down and glanced back at the two of them. Apparently booze wouldn’t be needed to get Jeanna in the mood. She was sitting right up next to her man kissing him rather passionately and rubbing his cock through his tux. I smiled. I loved prom night. They broke the kiss and she started to fumble with the belt on his tux. He and I made eye contact and I raised an eyebrow. He stopped her advance and started to talk to her. I watched her face change expressions from shock, anger and then finally to acceptance. She honestly did not look all that pleased to have to provide a “service” in order for Trev and his buddies to get booze. She scooted up the seat and leaned into the front and asked me when we needed to take care of the arrangement, hinting that the sooner would be better. While she seemed nervous and apprehensive, there was this undertone to her voice that I just couldn’t place. Being the agreeable person I am, and always meeting my clients requests, I found a nice quiet place to pull over and got out, hopping into the back.

I slid up on the seat next to the lovely Jeanna and gestured at Trev asking him if he wanted to go take a walk for a minute. Before quarterback boy could answer Jeanna did explaining that since this is what Trevor wanted he would have to stick around and watch it. Hey, no problem with me I said, shy being the last thing on my mind.

Jeanna reached out and started to rub my bulge through my pants and, as my cock grew her eyes got a bit bigger. She was acting bold but I could tell she was a bit nervous. She then undid my belt, my pants and grabbed both sides. I shifted my weight up so she could pull them down. My semi hard cock flopped out into my lap. She wrapped her fingers around the base and I shifted my hips a bit as she stroked it once. It was obvious the girl had done this before. I stole a peek at Trev and he was fidgeting in his seat, watching his gorgeous girlfriend stroke the huge cock of an older man.

Jeanna stroked me slowly her gaze locked on my cock. I reached out and stroked her cheek. Her eyes anime porno met mine and she broke from her reverie. She lowered her head. I felt her lips on the tip of my cock, then felt them part, my cock head sliding into the warmth of her mouth, her tongue coming up and swirling the tip. I couldn’t help but groan. She started moving her head, sucking, stroking, licking my cock. My head rolled back. This girl could suck cock. I watched her gorgeous face as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

She shifted positions in the seat and started getting into it, kneeling on the seat next to her. I reached out and pulled her dress up revealing her incredible ass. I gripped a cheek and felt a small moan on my cock. I continued to caress her ass as she expertly sucked me off feeling the occasional moan as she did so. I decided it was time to go for broke. I peeled back her thong and ran my finger over her smooth, wet slit. This elicited a new groan and a pushing back against my finger by her. I smiled, glanced at Trev and curled my finger entering her hot pussy with it. She pulled her mouth from my cock and let out a bigger moan. She lifted her face and looked into mine as I stroked my finger in and out of her. Then she kissed me hard and wet with immense passion. I, being no dummy, slid my hands up her dress and pulled it up and over her head, breaking our kiss. Jesus this girl was frigging hot. She turned sideways and straddled me, kissing me and whispering in my ear to fuck her. Hey got to do what the girl wants right?

Her thong was already out of the way so I gripped my cock in my hand and ran the big swollen head over her slit. She was ready, her pussy sopping. I pressed it into her hole and she moaned loudly crying out for me to fuck her. I thrust my hips up and entered that sweet pussy causing her to cry out in sheer ecstasy.

Trev meanwhile had managed to get his cock out and was stroking it in the seat across from where I was banging his girl. Now I’m no fag or anything but I have to say Trev had a pretty decent tool. It explained why Jeanna only had a bit of trouble taking my own much bigger cock. But she was still loving it. In a big way. She was panting and moaning, her hips riding up and down, grinding, taking as much of me as she could into her hot box. Her movements made it a bit difficult to reach out and latch onto one of her nice nipples with my mouth but I still managed to succeed, joyfully teasing and sucking one.

Now, while I’m all into a woman taking a bit of control and riding merrily away on my rod, what I really want to do is to get her legs apart and fuck her for all she’s worth. You know what I mean? Nothing like having her legs apart and your cock banging in and out of her sweet pussy. I rolled Jeanna over to her back and pulled out my cock. She looked up at me with a mixture of surprise and lust. I took my cock into my right hand and started to rub the big fat head up and down her wet pussy slit, tapping on her clit with it. She finally had enough of that and through clenched teeth told me to quit playing around and fuck her. Ahhh those magic words. With one smooth hard stroke I was in her balls deep. She grunted out a big moan and panted over and over. The bitch was in heat. I fucked her hard and deep, her taking every bit of it. Finally arap porno she tensed and with a loud moan began to orgasm. It was a tense, tight, rolling orgasm that forced me to just drive deep into her and hang on. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around my cock with incredible sensation, squeezing it hard. As she rolled out of her orgasm I started right back in fucking her, my balls slapping against her ass.

Finally I could take no more. The sight of Jeanna’s beautiful face lit up in ecstasy, her body hot and glowing from the fucking she was getting sent me right to the edge. Now, I should have been using a condom. Not necessarily for the STD factor but for the point that I didn’t need any little Tony’s running around yous get my drift? But if there is one thing I do have, it’s incredible cum control. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Two seconds later and I was there. Thick ropey streams of cum shot out and landed on Jeanna’s flat stomach, tits and trimmed pubic hair. She moaned as she watched it and I think she had another mini orgasm.

Then, over my own heavy breathing I could hear Trev panting and stroking. The boy must have been close. I turned and yep sure enough he was about to blast. I told him not to waste that good cum and scooted out of the way. He leapt forward and knelt over his girl as a thick stream of cum shot out and hit her right between the tits, mixing with my thicker whiter load. I had always been a big cummer but man, Trev sure poured some out. That girl was covered in thick gooey love spunk.

By this time the limo was a bit steamy and funky from the sex action and all three of us were covered in sweat and sex juices. I reached into a compartment and pulled out some big, fluffy towels and handed one to Jeanna so she could wipe up all that cum, while Trev and I toweled off our sweat and dripping cocks, returning our clothes to our bodies.

Jeanna dressed and watching her do it made my cock stir again. One time was definitely not enough for me, I wanted to fuck that girl over and over. But, it was getting later and we still had to pick up another couple and head to the prom.

Driving while staring at the rear view was something that was second nature to me. I always wanted to see the action and get the feel for the people I was driving. Tonight was of course not unusual in the fact that I was watching, it was unusual in that I could not keep my eyes of Jeanna. I was definitely smitten with this girl so it was interesting to see how she handled Trev after what had just transpired.

How she reacted made me appreciate the girl even more. She let Trev sit next to her and smiled at him, even putting her hand on his thigh. While her actions seemed like things were back to the status quo, her words made it clear they were not. She told Trev she cared for him and he would always be a special friend to her but, she realized that she wanted to expand her world and tonight stirred the awakenings of that in her. Now to give him some props too, he agreed that they should stay special friends.

At this point we reached our next destination, the pick up of Amber and Nick. Amber was a friend of Jeanna’s and also on the cheer squad and no doubt first runner up for prom queen. Nick was the number one receiver on the football team and Trevor’s best friend. Where Jeanna was dark haired Amber was blonde. The two of them were a nice contrast, both with very hot bodies. While Jeanna was my main squeeze tonight, I still hoped for a chance to fuck Amber, hell with chance, I knew I would soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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