Together Again

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The day had been pretty good so far. He had met her at the airport earlier in the day and brought her back to his place by the lake. His place overlooked a walkway that ran next to the water. The view was breath taking in the evenings drawing couples from around the area to enjoy the view and the cool breeze that came off the lake.

They were going to a nice restaurant for dinner. He had on a sports coat with a nice collared shirt and slacks while she wore a very nice evening dress with heels to make her legs look even better. He had been having trouble keeping his eyes off of her legs all day and now they looked amazing. She somehow knew how to get his blood to boil and she hadn’t been around him for years. He walked her to the car and opened the door for her. He could smell her perfume as she moved past him to get into the car. He loved the way that her Perry Ellis 360 smelled on her skin, and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to get closer.

In the car on the way to the restaurant they talked of their lives and what had been going on, where they had been and what they had done. It had been nearly 20 years since they knew each other in school and they had a lot to catch up on. The topic kept coming back to that first kiss. For some reason they both dwelt on that kiss. How was it that they both remembered it the same? It was a great first kiss for both of them.

The valet opened the doors of the car and together they walk into the restaurant walking arm in arm. It is a very nice place with soft music playing the back round. It isn’t crowded so they are able to take a table near a window away from the other couples. They continue talking as they sit across from each other.

He can smell her perfume on his arm from where she held on to it and takes a deep breath. She is so beautiful. He wonders, not for the first time, what might have been had he not moved away when he did. Would they have stayed a couple? Would they have had more first together? He hoped so. He enjoyed being around her so much. And then it started. He felt her foot on his chair between his legs. He looked at her and noticed a small smile on the edge of her lips.

Her toes moved slowly further between his legs until she got to his crotch. Slowly she stared moving her foot up and down over him, watching to see what he would do. What would he do? Would he touch her foot and guide it or let her do whatever she wanted? She was hoping that he would let her do whatever and see where it went from there. She watched as he moved his hand under the table and felt him touch her leg. He didn’t touch her foot as she continued to move it over his swelling cock. He had touched her leg and was running his hand up as far as he could. She was glad that she had shaved before they went out, and all he could feel was silky smooth skin under his fingers. She continued to rub against him throughout dinner. She was really working him up, and could tell that he was getting close to bursting. She could feel dampness under her foot where his precum was leaving a mark on his pants. She was excited herself and could feel her own wetness between her legs and was sure that she had a matching mark on her panties. She had never so worked up a guy at dinner before and was excited to find out what was in store next. At least she had her dress to cover up her spot, but what would he do to hide his?

He was so turned on by this point. He had nearly shot his load right there under the table. Her foot felt so good against his cock. She had kept rubbing and rubbing. He wanted to cum so badly, but he couldn’t do anything about it sitting at the table and now they were done and ready to go. He reached down and felt the spot he knew would be on his pants. How was he supposed to get out of the restaurant now without everyone knowing what had happened under the table. He had an idea, and maybe it porno izle wouldn’t fool anyone, but at least he could hope so. As he stood up from the table he spilled his water on his lap. He hoped it looked like an accident, but it had done the job. Now instead of having a small spot on his pants he had a much larger spot that he could try and pass off as water. He sat back down and tried to dry some of it up with the napkin. She moved around the table to offer some assistance and dabbed at the mark on his pants, taking the chance to feel his hard on.

Boy was he hard. She would have to do something about that on the way back to his place. A few minutes later they made it out of the restaurant and back to the car. Once they pulled away she reached over and touched his arm. She felt him flex, and smiled to herself. She moved her hand down toward his leg and onto his crotch. He was still hard. She moved her hand over him rubbing his hard cock. She reached for his zipper and undid his pants. She reached in and pulled his cock out and rubbed her thumb over the tip, wiping the precum all over his cock head. She moved her thumb to her mouth and got her first taste of him.

He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road while she touched him. Her thumb moving around his cock had given him an intense sense of pleasure. He watched her suck the precum off her thumb and wanted her to do more. She adjusted in her seat undoing her seatbelt to a position that would allow her to give him a blow job. He watched her move down on him and had to force his eyes to stay open and on the road as he felt her mouth close over him.

His cock seemed to be the perfect size. The tip fit nicely into her mouth and she was able to take the rest as deeply as she wanted. She started slowly, licking at the tip, enjoying the precum on her tongue. She licked up and down his shaft and then would take it into her mouth sucking as she pulled up. She moved a hand down to his balls and started to play with them. She could feel them tightening up and knew that this wasn’t going to last long. She licked at his tip again and again slipped his cock into her mouth. She knew what she was doing as she moved her head up and down over his shaft, wanting to pleasure him and wanting what he was about to give her.

He was so close to cumming in her mouth. He was worried that she wouldn’t like it if he blew his load now, but he was so close. He wanted to close his eyes and give in but he was driving. He had to keep his eyes open if nothing else. He had moved one hand on top of her head as she bobbed up and down on him. It felt so good. He couldn’t hold back any more and whispered that he was about to cum.

She heard his warning and smiled to herself as he started to shoot his load into her mouth. She kept up with it as best she could and swallowed everything that he had given her. She continued to suck on his softening cock for a moment longer getting the last of the juices. She put him back into his pants and zipped him back up.

As she sat back into her seat he looked at her. She was so beautiful. Her black dress framed her body perfectly. He knew that she wanted slightly larger breasts, but they looked good to him. He pulled into the driveway, walked her into the house. He closed the door behind her and walked her to the balcony over looking the lake. It was almost night fall and the couples that had been walking around the lake had nearly all gone. The sun nearly down but the sky was full of color. It was an amazing view. They stood there for a moment taking it in.

She felt him wrap his strong arms around her from behind and hold her close. She could smell his cologne, very sexy, and thought how true that was. She shivered as he kissed her neck and moved his hands down her sides pulling up on her dress. He let it fall as he moved his hands back around amatör porno her front. He kissed her neck again taking in her perfume. She turned in his arms and kicked off her shoes. She kissed him on the lips. Slowly, softly, remembering how it had been that first time. They moved their tongues together in and out of the others mouth. The kissed for several moments, and she nearly didn’t notice him unzipping her dress and undo her bra in one smooth motion. He moved his hands forward and slipped her dress off her shoulders. She stepped out of it wearing only her panties. She reached up and took off his sports coat and unbuttoned his shirt. She ran her hands over his chest as they kissed again. His hands moved up and down over her back and down over her ass. She had worn some skimpy black panties for the evening and was hoping they wouldn’t stay on any longer than they had to. Sure enough he had started to pull them down. She finished for him and stepped out of them, now nude on the balcony. He sat her down on one of the soft sun beds and ran his hands up her arms moving them above her head. He held them there for a moment while he kissed her. She didn’t notice him slip the scarf over her wrists until he tightened them up. She felt herself get really wet at the thought of him on letting her touch him while he did things to her. He laid the chair back flat and moved her legs so they were on either side of the chair. She watched as he kissed down her body, down her right leg and tied her foot to the chair. He kissed back up her body to her mouth, and kissed her deeply. She could feel his touch even more now become very sensitive as he kissed his way down the other side of her body. She knew he was going to tie that leg up as well.

He looked at this gorgeous woman tied to this chair and hoped that he could bring her as much pleasure as she had given him already this evening. He moved to sit next to her and kissed her again. He could do that all night. He let his hands roam over her body, feeling her hard nipples beneath his touch. He moved his hand down over her tummy toward her pussy. She was smooth except for a small patch of hair right above her opening. She was already glistening with wetness from all the excitement of the evening. He slipped a finger along her slit getting his finger wet. Slowly he pressed his finger between her lips and moved up to her clit. She responded to him the way he had hoped. The intake of breath was all he needed to know that what he was doing felt extremely good to her. He kissed her again.

She had closed her eyes when he had touched her clit. She was so sensitive at that moment like she always got when she was restrained. She kissed him back, feeling his finger slid up and down over her pussy lips getting them even wetter. She felt his other hand on one of her nipples, gently pulling at it. Damn it felt good. She felt his fingers slide past her lips and into her pussy. He had two of them inside her. She felt them curve slightly and start tapping, feeling for her g-spot. She moaned as he found the spot and started to tap at it. His fingers felt so good inside of her. She could feel her orgasm building. She hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly but it felt so good. He continued to tap at her g-spot and kiss her and play with her nipple that she came in a rush. Her whole body tightened up and she strained against the bonds that held her to the chair. She wanted him in her now, but couldn’t do anything about it just then.

He continued to play in her pussy after her orgasm. She was very wet now and he was very excited. He had loved getting her off, and was hard again himself. But he had her in the perfect position. He moved down the chair and spread her legs a little wider. He could smell her juices and wanted to taste them, to feel her lips on his tongue. He moved down anal porno and licked the slick lips. They had spread on their own now that she was so turned on. He could see her swollen clit between the lips and licked at it. He heard her moan with pleasure at the touch and continued. He moved his tongue up and down over her, moving from side to side. He slipped a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out as he continued to play with her clit. This was a different type of orgasm that was building in her. Stronger and more intense than the inner one he had given her a few moments ago. It took a little longer to build up but he continued to lick at her paying close attention to what she liked. He flicked her clit faster with his tongue and then would take a long lick the full length of it and start flicking it again.

She could feel this orgasm building. It was going to be huge. He kept hitting her clit in just the right way. It felt so good in combination with his finger moving in and out of her pussy. She felt it coming on her and she arched her back and tried to quiet her own moan, knowing that if there were any people walking on the path below them, they would be heard. That thought did it, put her over the top and she climaxed.

He felt her body tighten up, felt her pussy pull at his finger she had her orgasm. He felt another burst of wetness between her legs and quickly licked at it. Reaching down her leg he untied her and allowed her some control over her body again. He untied her other leg and kissed up her body till he could undo her arms. He still had his pants of but she could tell that he was ready for anything at this point.

She stood up off the chair and undid his pants. She helped him pull them off and toss them aside. His cock was hard and pointing towards her. She couldn’t help but reach out for it and stroke it a few times. She sat him down on the chair and straddled him. She took his hard cock in her hand and guided him into her wet pussy. She lowered herself on him and started to ride him. His hands moved up to her chest and started to play with her nipples. He pulled at them, twisting them, making them if it were possible even harder. His cock felt so good in her. She closed her eyes and continued to ride him. She felt his hand start to move over her body down to her hips and across her legs.

Her nipples felt so good to his touch, but he couldn’t just stay there. She had such a great body, that he wanted to touch as much of it as he could. He moved his hands down her sides over her hips and onto her legs. They were so smooth to the touch. He moved his hands back to her hips and enjoyed the rhythm she had set for their lovemaking. He could tell that he was going deep inside of her and that she was enjoying the way their bodies fit together. He could feel her pussy pulling at his cock every time she pulled up off him. She felt so good. So hot. So wet. He let her control the pace for a few more minutes, enjoying her body and her body language. She was really enjoying herself and let her have another orgasm. He stopped her after she had finished and moved her off of him. He had her turn out towards the lake and look over the balcony. He spread her legs and entered her from behind. This position hit an entirely different spot from where he was just moments before and it felt really good right away. She was tightening up again and was going to have another orgasm. She noticed a couple walking along the walkway below and closed her eyes. She hoped they didn’t notice what was going on, but if they did, so what. She was so horny and wanted to cum all over his cock again. He felt so good inside of her. She could tell that he was close to cumming as his cock was swelling inside of her. His hands were on her hips pulling her back onto his cock. He then he stopped. She felt him shoot his load inside her. Felt his cock spasm as he had his orgasm. He held her there for a moment until his cock slipped out of her.

He took her by the hand and quickly walked her to the bathroom and started a shower for them both. They both knew that this was going to be a long evening…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32