To Achieve a Happy Ending

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A/N: This was originally a chapter that was a part of a story, but I modified it a bit to make it a story by itself.


“Hi, Mr. Jones, I’m here to audition for your movie,” Emma spoke in a voice that mimicked innocence when Killian answered the door of their bedroom.

“Ah. You must be Emma.” Killian grinned and stepped aside to let her in, with a pen and clipboard in his hand. “I’ve been expecting you, love.” He placed his hand on her back as he led her to the bed and took a seat in his director’s chair.

He chewed on the pen as his eyes glazed over her long, tanned legs that held a pair tight, jean shorts. She was also wearing a hot pink halter top that showed off her toned stomach.

“Now, I want to make sure you’re cut out for hard-core, so I’m going to need to see some of your talents.” He then gestured toward the cameras in the room, that he had set up on tripods prior. There was one in front of the bed and one on the side, for different angles. “And just so you’re aware, this audition is being recorded.”

Emma nodded as she stood, waiting for instructions. She had wanted to do this a while ago, but with the wedding planning, moving her into his place and getting their studio ready, it was hard to find the time and energy.

Emma and Killian were both filmakers who met when he was a porn director and she had gotten an editing job at his studio. During the month she worked there, they fell for eachother hard. Of course, it was much more complicated than that because Emma was very self-conscious and nearly a virgin at the time. She was convinced that she wasn’t good enough for a gorgeous, thirty-year old pornographer who watched naked woman have sex for a living. But slowly, he brought out her confident, sexual side while she brought out his romantic side. Two years later, they were newly married and had their own studio.

“First, I want you to strip off your clothes and let me get a good look of that tight little body of yours,” he said, trying to look serious, but Emma could detect the amusement in his eyes as she flashed him a coy smile. “Here, let me set the mood with some music.” He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, bringing up a song from his playlist. He set it down and brought his lustful blue eyes back to her.

She decided to make a show out of taking off her clothes as she let her hips sway slowly and seductively to the beat, never taking her eyes off of her husband. Her fingers went to the bottom hem of her shirt and she peeled it off, tossing it aside.

His elbow rested on the arm of his chair, chin in hand as he watched her every move intently.

Emma laughed on the inside at how serious he was playing his role. He even brought his chair from the studio and only used the clipboard and pen as props.

She brought her hands to the waistband of her shorts, slipping her thumbs underneath as she popped open the bottom and pulled down the zipper. She kicked off her shoes as she turned around and slowly shimmied her shorts down until they hit the ground. A smile curved her lips as she could hear him try to stifle a growl.

She unlatched her pink, laced bra, letting it fall to the floor as she seductively shook her ass at him in her matching thongs. While continuing to move her hips, she stuck her butt out as she slid her thumbs underneath the straps of her thong and slowly pulled them down.

At that point, Killian was no longer trying to hold back his groans. His sounds made her clit throb and she felt heat pooling in her belly as she turned back around to face him, waiting for more instructions. She sucked in a breath when she found him palming his obvious errection through his jeans as he spoke.

“Now, love, move to the bed and pleasure yourself until you come.” He tried to speak in a professional manner but his voice was completely shattered. “And I want you to really get into it. Can you do that for me, love?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” she said with a sultry grin plaguing her lips.

When she got on the bed, he stood and went behind the camera to zoom in on her, getting an up-close view of everything she was about to do. When he was satisfied with the adjustment, he sat back down and watched as she knelt on the mattress and started kneading her breasts to get warmed up.

His ocean-blue eyes were locked on her emerald green ones as she did, until her hand drifted south to tease her opening, and he followed her movements. Her core was aching as she pinched her nipple between her fingers sex izle and thumb and used her other hand to feather her clit while rolling her hips into her touch.

“How am I doing Mr. Jones?” She asked, trying to hold back a grin.

“You’re fucking hot, love,” he growled and she could see that he was trying desperately to contain himself as he adjusted in his seat. “Let’s hear you make some noise. I want to know how good that feels.”

She couldn’t deny that she loved him giving her instructions. His deep, sultry voice and the lilt of his British accent while she pleasured herself drove her crazy.

As she fingered herself, she closed her eyes, tilting her head back slightly and started moaning dramatically.

“Feels so good…”

“That’s a good girl. Fuck… so hot…”

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes to find him with his cock out, stroking it as he watched her with dark, hooded eyes, his mouth slightly agape.

“Such a naughty porn director, getting yourself off while you watch me,” she teased in a sultry voice.

“Can’t help it, love… you’re so fucking sexy…” he groaned, continuing to drag his hand up and down his shaft.

Emma turned around, bending over to give him and the camera a good view as she spread her legs and held herself with one hand, using the other one to insert two fingers into her slick heat.

“Bloody hell…” he hissed as he tried to sit still in his seat. “Now, let’s see you come for me.”

His words sparked her arousal even more as she road her fingers and continued to moan, feeling the pleasure building, wishing it was him inside of her. Her hips were thrusting against her hand erratically as she reached her climax. She screamed in pleasure as her movements slowed to a halt when she came in her hand.

As she caught her breath and came down from her high, she gasped when she felt a pair of hands on her hips and solid weight pressed between her ass cheeks. She turned around to find him completely naked, eyes glazed with arousal. He held his long length as he joined her on the bed and took her her hand, entering her fingers into his mouth, slowly sucking off her essence.

“Bloody marvelous,” he breathed and twirled his tongue around, making sure to not leave anything behind. “Now, let’s see how you can handle me, darling.”

“Oh, I think you’re the one who wouldn’t be able to handle it,” she taunted, relieving him from his cock and took over stroking.

He let out a breathy groan and thrusted his hips into her touch, wanting that hot, talented mouth of hers on him. She bent over and teased his slit with her tongue, catching the precum in the process. Her lips wrapped around his velvety tip and she slowly took him in as his hands went to the back of her head, wrapping her soft tresses around his fingers. He gave them a gentle tug as she twirled her tongue around his tip before sucking on him again.

She removed her hand and slowly licked a long strip from the bottom all the way to the top before she took him into his mouth. Her tongue swirled around his width and she claimed every inch of his cock, letting him slide easily down her throat. His breaths were heavy and his loud groans echoed off the walls as she covered every inch of him with her mouth. She cupped his balls and massaged them as her fingers grazed over the skin between his sac and his puckered hole. He felt his orgasm start to build as she quickened her pace, taking him all the way in before she reached the tip.

He looked down to meet her heated gaze and she flashed her glowing, green eyes at him as her swollen lips took his cock without mercy and the sight fueled his arousal even more.

“Bloody hell, Emma… so good…”

She started working quicker, bobbing her head as she stroked him and played with his balls. When he was close to the edge, she removed her mouth and sat up, her knees still bent below her as she finished him off with her hand. He released her locks and cupped her breasts, pinching her firm nipples as bucked his hips greedily into her hand.


He felt heat course downward through his bodyas he removed his hands and groaned loudly, shooting a long stream of his seed over her breasts.

She released him as he panted, his legs feeling like a pile of jello underneath him. She then dragged her finger through his hot cum and brought it to her mouth, licking and sucking it clean as her lustful, green eyes locked with his.

He somehow managed to get up and retrieve a kleenex from alt yazılı porno the nightstand to wipe off the remains of his orgasm from her breasts.

“What would you like me to do now Mr. Jones?” she asked innocently as he tossed the tissues in the small trash can by the bed.

He approached her again and started peppering kisses down her neck and shoulder. “Now it’s my turn, love.”

She gave him an adorable, confused look. “But, I thought I was supposed to perform, so you can assess my talents.”

His lips went to her ear, pressing seductive kisses there that shot a wave of electricity to her core. “This is true…” he mumbled as he continued to kiss her between his words. “But I want to see…” His words broke as he moved to her shoulders, skimming his teeth over skin. “…how good…” He then lowered his head and ran his tongue over her nipple and went back to her ear, whispering in a low, raspy voice. “…you can squirt.”

She gasped as his fingers danced over her skin, leaving her tingling as he reached her stomach. His thumb grazed over her belly button as his other hand grabbed her hip. She spread her legs apart and his fingers reached her clit as she dripped with arousal.

“Mmm… so wet for me.”

She whimpered and grabbed onto his shoulders for balance as he deftly fingered her clit.

He found her lips, brushing her tongue with his as they both moaned into a deep, passionate kiss. Her fingers curled in his hair and she arched her back, wanting his fingers inside of her as they breathed heavily and exchanged wet and greedy tongues. He then released her lips, leaving them both breathless.

“Ride my fingers, love.”

She happily complied as he slid his digit into her, one at a time until she had three inside. She lifted her hips up and down as he fucked her until she was on the edge. Just before she came, he released his fingers, leaving an empty feeling inside her core as she whined in protest.

He laid back on the bed, stretching his legs underneath her as he urged her forward until she was straddling his chest. He grabbed her thighs, pulling her to his mouth and his tongue swept across her entrance. The sudden sensation made her gasp as he began licking her folds, keeping a steady pace. She lowered her hands to the back of his head, holding him in to place as she rode his mouth, urging him on. His tongue moved quicker and his fingers curved toward him while he flicked her clit, causing her to shudder as her orgasm quickly erupted. Her screams echoed throughout the room as she squirted a shower of her juices in his mouth and all over his face.

He grinned victoriously as he swallowed it down and licked his lips, savoring the sweet taste. Her legs were shaking as he sat up and came in front of her, wrapping his arms around her to hold her up. “You alright there, love?”

“God, yes,” she managed, a weak smile creeping over her lips.

“Are you ready for your final test, Emma?” he asked, pressing a wet kiss to her temple, the dark stubble on his jaw and chin glistening with her arousal.

She nodded her head eagerly. “Mmmhmmm.”

Killian smirked as he kissed her shoulder lovingly and worked his way up her neck, jawline and finally her lips. He cupped her jaw in his hands as their mouths parted. His hungry tongue dove in, curling around hers as they moaned softly. She rested her hands on his chest, sifting her fingers through his dark, thin chest hair as she felt his heart pounding underneath her touch. Her own heart was fluttering and her skin tingled as they just kissed, savoring every moment of it. They were so engrossed in eachother, the cameras were completely forgotten.

When he released her lips, he made his way back down her neck. When he reached her chest with soft kisses, he added his tongue to the mix and she tilted her head as her fingers went through his hair. She moaned as his lips found her honey-soft breasts that were aching to be touched. He dove into the valley between them and took his time kissing her there.

Killian’s lips made his way to the curve of her breast and took her hard nipple between his teeth, tugging gently. His hands were all over her, trailing down her stomach, running along her back, cupping her ass. She felt his erection pressed between them, igniting her desire even more as he continued to devour her breasts. She reached for his cock and guided him to her entrance.

“Fuck me, Killian… please…”

He released her breasts and growled as altyazılı sex izle he beckoned her legs until she was straddling his lap. He entered her, stretching her tight walls, taking her inch by inch until she was completely his. He held her torso and she moaned and moved her hips over him as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Before they came, they changed positions as he laid back into the mattress while she rode him. He fondled her breasts as he bucked his hips up into her. They both cried out in pleasure and came within minutes, both of them breathless and sweating. Neither of them could get enough of eachother, though.

He came around her as she went to her hands and knees and he stroked himself until he was hard again, the other hand palming her ass-cheek. When he was fully aroused, he pulled her against him and nudged her entrance. She was still sensitive at his touch, but it didn’t stop her from thrusting her hips back, urging him to take her. He growled and easily slipped into her sopping folds. He grabbed her hips and pounded into her, both of them moaning and breathing heavily.

“Your pussy is so fucking hot, love… fuck…”

She mewled and spread her legs wider, taking him deeper as she rocked her butt into his thrusts. He then pulled her up and held her body to his so that his chest was pressed to her back as she let herself sink into his lap. They both straightened themselves and she continued to thrust her ass into him as he mirrored her movements with his hips. Cupping her breasts with both hands, he sped up their pace, the sound of the skins smacking together filling the room.

She arched her back and reached her arm around him, tangling her fingers in his hair as she kissed his hot, wet lips. Their tongues were dueling as he tweaked her nipples, taking her roughly. She felt her orgasm building as she tugged on his hair, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. Her other hand reached below her, finding her clit. He bit her lip and growled as her fingers joined his cock.

“Oh, God, Killian… fuck…”

“That’s a good girl. Let yourself come around my cock.”

She cried out as his words sent her over the edge and she rode out her orgasm in sharp waves of pleasure. He followed behind her and released his seed inside of her as he called out her name. They fell into the mattress in a boneless, melted mess. His arms wrapped around her and she snuggled close to him, nuzzling the crook of his neck.

“How did I do?” She breathed as they panted profusely.

“Bloody fantastic.” He replied, lifting his hand to stroke her tousled hair. “So good, in fact, I’m keeping you all to myself. You only perform with me, understand, love?”

She laughed lazily. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She lifted her head and kissed him sweetly on the lips. “So, does that mean this will be a regular thing?”

“Only if you want to.”

“I do. I have to say I can’t wait to watch our private movie. I love performing with you, Mr. Jones,” she smiled.

He let out a weak laugh against her skin. “It’s certainly a pleasure performing with you, Mrs. Jones. And I love the fact that this was your idea. I knew there was a reason why I married you.”

She playfully hit his shoulder as she laughed.

“What can I say? You’ve rubbed off on me a bit.”

“Come to think of it, I can think of a million reasons why I married you.”

“Oh, is that so?” she tittered.

“It is. The main one being that I love you, Emma…” he murmured, kissing her forehead. “So much.”

“I love you, too, Killian.”

Their lips met again and they both moaned as they got swept up into a toe-curling kiss until they were both aching with need again. He rolled them over until he was on top of her. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips as he entered her again. They moved in a slow, lazy rhythm, savoring every second of one another. Both of them were too sated and sore to finish but they continued until they could no longer move. He slipped out of her as he rested his head on her chest and she wrapped his arms around him.

After a while, she realized the cameras were still rolling. “We should turn the cameras off,” she laughed

“Too tired to move,” he groaned as he nuzzled his face into her skin.

“I’ll get them,” she said, starting to move.

He tightened his hold on her to keep her from leaving. “You’re not going anywhere, love. Let me get. You rest.”

He kissed her cheek and got up, shutting the cameras and the lights off, quickly returning to his wife who held a sated and satisfied smirk. He took her in his arms and pressed a kiss to her forehead as he covered them in a sheet and blanket. She laid her head on his chest and before they drifted off to sleep, she called out…

“That’s a cut.”

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