TNT Pt. 06: Craving Terri and Tommy

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“No!” Tommy said to me, “You’re not leaving!”

“It’s ok babe,” Terri said, “We’ll figure it out.”

My boyfriend Terri and my other lover Tommy were not pleased when I told them I took a job two hours away.

Terri, Tommy and I had lots of fun in bed, but we all had bills to pay too. We had jobs, and we were working hard to establish careers. Easier said than done. Terri was pursuing modeling and had the looks for it. He was well built with chiseled muscles, tanned skin and soft plump lips that were mesmerizing. Tommy was a musician and had a few gigs here and there. I was ecstatic when I finally found a good full time job. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do and it wasn’t close to home, but the money was too good to pass up.

At first I thought I’d be able to commute the two hours there and back each day, but I realized that wouldn’t work. I decided to crash on a friend’s couch near my new job Monday through Thursday night until I knew if the job would be something I would want to do for a long time. So I kept paying rent on my apartment and took the leap.

The first week away from Terri and Tommy was tough. We had been spending almost every night together lately. I was used to regular sex and after just two days I was a horny mess.

On my way home from work midweek, I realized I was still two days away from going to visit Terri and Tommy for what I hoped would be a weekend full of nonstop sex. Traffic was at a complete stand still and I put my car in park. Damn it.

I had worn a dress to work and felt my legs rub against each other all day. My panties were soaked with my excitement. I just wanted to go home, shower, eat and go to sleep on the couch. Just to do the same grind the next day. The bills had to get paid somehow. But tonight sitting in traffic, not moving, I just couldn’t wait for the weekend. A sexy song came on the radio. I pressed my legs together feeling my swollen pussy lips. Not only couldn’t I make it to the weekend to cum, I couldn’t make it until I got home tonight.

I pulled my briefcase onto my lap, which covered from my lower stomach to my knees. Yes, that would do. I slid my arm under my briefcase down the front of my dress to my knees so I could hike it up. I wiggled until I had access to my wet panties. No one in the stopped cars around me could see what I was doing under my briefcase. I ran my finger up the middle of my panties and realized I wasn’t going to be able to stop. I slid my panties to the side and as soon as my fingertips touched my slick pussy lips, my head slammed back into the headrest on my driver’s seat.

Oh no. Keep it together girl, I thought. You don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing! Or do you?

The thought of being watched was a little exciting, but discretion wasn’t best. I brought my head to the facing forward position, although it was still pressing back hard into the headrest. I tried to keep my face expressionless as my hand moved stealthily under my briefcase. From the outside I just looked like a chick annoyed in traffic. Little did anyone around me know that the pleasure was building in my pussy and I was starting to breathe harder. I switched the radio to heavy metal, thinking everyone breathes harder to heavy metal. No one would even question it.

My breath was as quick as my fingers in my pussy. As soon as I brought my cream coated fingers up to my clit, I wanted to jump but I kept my body still. Fuck I was breaking apart inside. Yes! Yes! Yes! As my finger swept up to my clit, I knew my orgasm would happen quickly. I pressed down on the swollen bud just right and the first wave of my orgasm hit. I didn’t move my body. I held still and let my orgasm bounce around inside me. My legs shuddered, but I knew no one could see that under my briefcase. I found a tissue for my hand and I put my briefcase back in the passenger seat.

My mood had brightened and I started singing along to the heavy metal. I smiled at the other drivers around me. They must have wondered how anyone could be happy being stuck in traffic, but I had definitely found a way to enjoy it! Finally I saw the cars in front of me start to move so I put my car back in drive. I drove to my temporary home happier after my much needed release, but I was still missing my men.

Painfully slowly Friday came and I rushed home to play with my lovers. It was always difficult to find a good place and time for all three of us to be together anymore. We were much more conscious of people finding out what was really going on. Especially Rob, Tommy’s roommate. He must know what the three of us were doing. He had seen us naked in bed together. How could he not know we were fucking each other? And I wasn’t exactly good at being quiet. But Rob never said anything.

Terri, Tommy and I promised to be honest to each other but we decided to lie to everyone else. Our story was that Terri and I were a couple and Tommy was just our friend. Our secret brought us closer together. We were a team.

So although we did stay at Tommy’s a gaziantep eskort lot, we had to be careful since it was our friends’ favorite hangout. My place was quieter but it wasn’t conducive to sleeping since I only had a twin bed. Although when my roommate was at her boyfriend’s, it at least gave us a place to play together without worrying who might see.

Thankfully my first weekend home after working all week out of town, my roommate already had plans to stay with her boyfriend all weekend, so I invited Terri and Tommy over.

The three of us sat together on the couch wrapped up in each other watching a movie. I quickly got hot and bothered.

Tommy asked, “Do we really have to finish watching?” He lifted my chin to bring his lips to mine.

“No,” Terri agreed. As Tommy kissed my mouth, I felt a bolt of fire directly to my pussy.

“Good. Lay down,” Tommy commanded sliding his hand around to my lower back. I obeyed and laid back on the couch.

“Oh please,” I begged.

“I love when you beg me,” Tommy said.

“Make me cum,” I requested.

“Eyes closed,” Tommy said to me. I looked at him ready to question it, but he was one step ahead of me. “Now, or I’ll go get something I can use to blindfold you. And I’d rather you just obey me because I asked.” Wow, that was an immensely exciting thing to do, obey because he asked. I closed my eyes and could just tell he was smiling at my submission to him.

“It’s dessert time. Go get the whipped cream Terri,” Tommy said. I smiled but kept my eyes closed though for fear Tommy might stop, and I definitely wanted to find out what he had in store. Terri obeyed, as I heard his footsteps head toward the kitchen and then come back.

“Spread,” Terri said as I heard him shaking the can of whipped cream. I had on a short skirt with no underwear. I knew he had asked me to spread my legs so he could top my pussy with whipped cream like dessert. I giggled because I wanted open for him, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

“Terri, make her listen to you,” Tommy instructed. I fucking loved when Tommy took control over Terri.

“Spread your legs. Now,” Terri said more demonstratively and this time I obeyed.

“Ok, but-” I started hesitantly.

“No,” Tommy said, “No talking,” and he leaned over to kiss me. I needed that too, just a little loving gesture to balance his commands. I was on fire now.

The cold whipped cream hit my warm pussy and I squealed, even though Tommy’s lips were still on mine.

“Don’t move babe,” Tommy said to me as he took his lips away.

I felt one of them start licking away the whipped cream. I didn’t know which one yet because I was still being a good girl with my eyes closed. I reached my hand down to touch his head to find out. It was Terri’s hair, not Tommy’s curls.

“No!” Tommy said and I jumped because he said it with such force it scared me. “No touching babe,” he said softer.

“But I have to, please, I can’t see anything and I just have to…please…” I pleaded, hoping he’d enjoy it so much that he’d give in to me.

“Ok,” Tommy relented. “Does it feel good babe?”

“Yes,” I moaned. Terri’s tongue had finally started touching my pussy and clit. It was slick and sticky from the whipped cream he had licked away and it felt so fucking good. “Yes! Babe, yes!” I encouraged him.

“Tommy,” I moaned, reaching my hand out, “Kiss me please.” He granted my request and I felt his lips on mine, but then he took them away.

“No,” I said, “Don’t go…” and then I heard the whipped cream can again, but I didn’t feel any on me.

“Here,” Tommy said and I felt the whipped cream on my lips as he put just the tip of his cock into my mouth. He had covered his cock in whipped cream. I laughed, which sprayed the whipped cream all over my face, but I continued licking it off of him.

“Mmmm,” Tommy said, “That feels so good!”

“I know,” I agreed. Why hadn’t we ever tried whipped cream before? I was certainly glad we were now. I felt Terri start sucking my clit.

“Oh!” I moaned, vibrating my lips around Tommy’s cock. “Mmmm,” I continued to let Terri know that his sucking was definitely going to do it for me.

As the first wave of my orgasm hit, I felt Terri’s lips leave me and his cock slam inside my eagerly awaiting pussy. He ground his cock down on my clit to continue the waves of my orgasm, which in turn coaxed his cock into his own orgasm. I squeezed his ass with both hands as he thrust in and out of me.

“Yes,” Terri screamed along with me until he was done filling me with his load. He removed his softening cock. Tommy’s cock had left my mouth during my orgasm and I wondered where he went.

“Thanks babe for licking me clean because I need some of that sweet little pussy now too,” Tommy said and slid all the way into me. I still had a few spasms of my orgasm left that I knew Tommy felt as my convulsing, cum soaked walls squeezed his cock.

“Yes, babe, yes,” I moaned and grabbed eskort gaziantep his ass. I wished I had permission to open my eyes so I could have seen the enjoyment on his face. Luckily I was able to imagine it since I had seen his face glow with ecstasy before. Tommy pumped in and out until his cock stiffened with the start of his orgasm.

“Yes babe,” he whispered with his lips next to my ear, “You are amazing.” He kissed me as his pumping slowed. Then I felt him stand up and his hand slipped into mine pulling me up to standing. “Open your eyes now,” he said and I was finally able to look at him. I reached my hand around his neck and grabbed his curls.

“I love you. And I loved that,” I said.

“I love you too and I look forward to more like this,” he said.

“I love you babe,” Terri said and I turned to kiss him.

“I love you,” I said into his plump lips. My thighs were getting sticky with both of their cum now dripping out of me. Yes, we would definitely have to do this again.

When I went back to work on Monday, Tommy suggested none of us masturbate all week.

“Let’s see what kind of excitement that brings for next weekend,” Tommy proposed, and we all agreed to it.

So after a week of no masturbating, I was beyond excited when I finally arrived at Tommy’s house Friday night. My excitement quickly vanished when I opened the door to Tommy’s place and saw about ten people already partying. Ugh. No privacy. And I didn’t see Terri.

Tommy made his way right over to me. “About time babe,” Tommy whispered in my ear, “In my room. Now.” Shit that made me instantly wet. I went to his room and waited. In just a few seconds he opened the door, closed and locked it behind him. He grabbed me in his arms, turned me around, pressing my back up against the door. He started kissing me and took my underwear off. Luckily I had worn an easy access skirt, as usual.

“What the fuck babe?” I asked, “Are you drunk?”

“No,” he lied. I could tell he had been drinking. Now he was taking out his cock.

“What are you-” I tried to ask but he cut me off.

“That was stupid to not jerk off all week, and now I’m a fucking mess,” he explained sliding his cock into me. His mouth over mine, kissing and licking, devouring me. Wow, he was really worked up!

“I know it was awful, but where is Terri?” I asked. I wanted him too.

“Fuck no,” he grunted pumping into me more furiously now, “Don’t talk about Terri when I’m fucking you!”

“I’ll talk about whatever the fuck I want!” I gave him back. We both had some pent up sexual frustration.

“I don’t want to cum talking about him. Why can’t you talk about me? Didn’t you miss me?” he managed to get out, now in a complete frenzy.

“I did miss you babe. Fuck I missed you so much I dreamt about you every night,” I said which was true, except I left out that Terri was in the dreams too.

“I dreamt about you too, but your pussy feels so much better in real life, I-” he said but couldn’t finish that thought because he stiffened and slammed into me hard against the door. He screamed as he started his release. Uh oh, could our friends beyond the bedroom door hear him?

“Oh babe!” he screamed and I tried to muffle him with kisses.

“Shhhhhh,” I said, kissing him over and over.

“Yesssss” he said more calmly as he slowed his thrusting. He gave me another long kiss and pulled his pants up. “Thank you babe,” he said, “I love you.”

“I love you too but fuck, you could have waited until Terri got here,” I said putting my underwear back on and smoothing down my skirt, “Now I’m going to make you watch him fuck me while you jerk off.”

“No problem babe,” he said calmly, “That one is in my spank bank now. I’ll be thinking about that when I cum all over you later.” Great. He was all set but I was worked up as hell.

“How about me babe?” I said blocking the door he had me pinned up against.

“We’ll get you later…” Tommy said, sinking his fingers into my hair at the base of my head and pulling my lips to his again.

“Yea?” I said glaring at him and let out an exasperated moan. I didn’t want to wait!

“I promise babe,” he said, reaching around me for the door handle to open the door and walk out back to the party. Fuck. I followed Tommy back into the living room where our friends were partying. If they knew what we had just done, they didn’t say anything. When Terri finally arrived, I told him to meet me in Tommy’s room in one minute.

“Seriously one minute,” I threatened sweetly, kissing Terri and walking right into Tommy’s room. I closed the door behind me.

When Terri opened the door I was already naked on Tommy’s bed.

“Looks like you’re ready!” Terri said.

“Yes! Aren’t you after not jerking off all week?” I wondered why he wasn’t in the same frenzied state as Tommy and I were.

“Oh I’m ready alright!” Terri said dropping his pants and underwear so I could see he was fully erect.

“Oh babe, I need gaziantep bayan eskort you to fuck me. Make me cum by fucking me.” I begged, pulling him on top of me on the bed. My clit was so engorged and ready to explode, I figured it wouldn’t take much.

“I’m not sure I can do that this way…” he wondered aloud.

“Let’s just try,” I said, guiding his rock hard cock into my cum drenched pussy.

“Mmmm,” he moaned.

“Like this,” I said, guiding him by the hips to grind himself into me. The base of his cock stimulated my engorged clit more that way. All of a sudden the door opened.

“You started without me?” Tommy said.

“You got yours,” I spat, “Lock the door and let us get ours.” Tommy obeyed.

“He got-” Terri started but I cut him off.

“Fuck me babe, please,” I begged and helped him go back to grinding me just right. “Yes. Yes. Just. Like. That,” I breathed. “Mmmmm,” I heard and assumed it was Terri, but when I opened my eyes, I realized Tommy was standing next to the bed. He had taken his cock out and was stroking it to our rhythm. He locked eyes with me, smiled and said, “I love watching you beg for it.”

I smiled at Tommy and said, “You like to see me begging to be filled with his cock?” I loved that he enjoyed this as much as I did.

I turned my eyes back to Terri. I grabbed him by the sides of his face and made him focus right on me. “That’s it babe, make me cum. I’m going to cum. Yes babe. Yes! Yes!” I screamed and closed my eyes as he rocked on top of me until my orgasm finally went over the edge. My pussy spasmed, squeezing his cock, which immediately caused him to stiffened inside me.

“Oh yes babe, I’m cumming too. Yes!” he confirmed, slamming into me hard now. Tommy increased his stroking to match our rhythm. I loved watching him touch his beautiful hard cock.

Terri and I rode out our orgasms and finally slowed down. Terri slid to my side and I looked up to see Tommy so close to cumming.

“In me babe, please cum in me again, not on me,” I requested. Tommy quickly obliged. He climbed on top of me on the bed and slid his rock hard cock right into my flooded pussy.

“Oh babe, I thought I could last longer this time, but oh-” he stopped as he stiffened and then thrust harder.

“Yes!” I screamed feeling the spasms of my last orgasm return. I loved being filled with a hard cock after my orgasm while still feeling the aftershocks.

“Mmmm,” Tommy said, slowing down. Eventually he slid off to my other side.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing Tommy and then turning to kiss Terri. I loved being in between them.

“I love you babe,” Tommy said in a very relaxed state now kissing me gently.

“That was stupid to not masturbate all week away from each other,” Terri said turning me to face him and kissed me too, “Let’s not do that again!”

“Agreed!” Tommy and I both said laughing.

“I have to get back out to everyone,” Tommy said, “You two can stay here if you need to….”

“No babe,” I said, “We’ll come back out with everyone.”

“We will?” Terri said smiling, “Can’t we stay right here?”

“We’ll be back here soon,” I promised. It was great having Terri make me cum with his cock. Definitely a new trick for him. We were worked up from a week of no orgasms.

“Ok,” Terri said, “But I’m not going to promise I’ll make it until everyone leaves.” He ran his hand down my side to my thighs.

“You don’t have to babe,” I said, “You can have me any time.”

“I might take you up on that,” Terri said.

“Me too?” Tommy said, “I can have you any time too?”

“Of course,” I said, turning to kiss him too.

We went back out to socialize but Terri and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We sat on the couch and made out, not really caring who saw. I had missed him so much all week I didn’t have any interest in doing anything else. Tommy watched us and although he was smiling at us, I knew he wished he could do the same in front of everyone. But no one knew about us.

Tommy brought us a big thick blanket. “It’s chilly tonight isn’t it?” he said with a wink.

“Yes,” I replied. Even in the south it could get cold. I had opted for an easy access skirt instead of pants, so a blanket was perfect for cuddling with Terri.

“Make her cum,” Tommy whispered in Terri’s ear, “Right here. In front of everyone. I’ll watch.” I could hear what he said.

“No!” I said maybe a little too loudly, but I was smiling and laughing. Was he serious?

“Ok,” Terri agreed even though I had just said no.

“Really?” I said, a little surprised at both of them.

“It’s ok babe,” Terri whispered in my ear, “Let’s try it. If you want me to stop I will.”

“Really?” I asked, nervous now. They were serious and I actually loved the idea. The forbiddenness of being secretively sexual with our friends right here with us.

“Yes,” Terri said. I couldn’t tell if he was taking charge or just following orders, but either way it excited me.

Terri stretched the blanket over both of us and with my knees pulled up against him it looked like a tent. No one would see what his hands would be doing underneath. Tommy found a spot to sit across the room where he could easily watch. He picked up his guitar to fiddle, so no one would talk to him and distract him from what he really wanted to do. Watch Terri make me cum.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32