Tina and Scott

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Grandpa Teen

It’s funny, the effect some people have on you never go away. That’s the way Tina is with me. If there was ever a woman I would leave my wife for it would be her. There isn’t anything I don’t love about her, except for maybe her extreme ditziness. She is about 5 ft 4 inches tall and weighs all of about 105 pounds. She has the greenest eyes with jet black hair, her Italian decent is apparent in every part of her. Although her breasts are smaller, are still well proportioned to her body- I would guess them to be 36 C’s. To top if off it seems no matter how many times we fuck, her pussy still retains its tight feeling.

Scott is her husband. He works full time plus plays guitar in a band. They agreed some time ago that when he goes out to play in bars, he could fuck whoever he wants. Tina fully understands how people get caught up in the moment and anything can happen. Scott also understands that with this luxury comes the fact that Tina is going to fuck other people too. He also knows that it is mainly me who fucks her, and if it isn’t me then it is usually Kathy.

Tina has been pushing her own envelope lately, allowing a few others to fuck her. But it never seems to last. She just loves the sex that she and I have together, and it isn’t unusual for us to fuck at least three times a week. So when I got a text from her asking for me to stop by on my way home from work, I wasn’t surprised.

So I drove to her house, my cock hard and ready. She lives about a half mile from us, so it still takes about 25 minutes to get there from work. Since I drive naked as much as I can, I play with my cock as I think about what I want to do to her that day. When I think of eating her pussy, the thought of her sweet juices on my tongue always makes me drool. Finally I got to her house and pulled around back, where she always leaves the back door unlocked for me to enter.

I knocked lightly and opened the door, walking into their kitchen. I heard Tina say she was in the living room, and when I entered I stopped right away. Scott was sitting there on a chair with Tina on the sofa. Tina got up, gave me a quick kiss, grabbed me by my cock and led me to the couch.

Scott smiled and told me not to worry. He could tell I was a bit nervous. Thankfully Tina was naked, although Scott was wearing a pair of shorts. This is the first time he has seen me nude. Usually when we meet we are at a function that requires me to be clothed. Tina and I sat down, and she kept stroking my cock as we talked.He told me that he could definitely see why Tina loved my cock so much.

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, I knew Scott but not super well. The fact that Tina was nude at least put me at ease in knowing it wasn’t a bad thing. I slowly relaxed, and tried to gaziantep jigolo figure out what was happening.

I glanced over at Tina and gave her a quick look over. I love seeing her naked body, and love running my hands over her even more. Tina must have felt me looking at her because she looked up at me and smiled. Then without taking her eyes off of mine she moved down and took my cock into her mouth. I watched her suck me for a minute and then remembered Scott was sitting across from us.

He smiled at me and told me he wanted to watch me fuck Tina. She was always bragging about how good the sex was, and he wondered if by watching he could pick up a thing or two. Then he slipped off his shorts and his cock sprung out.

His cock is a little smaller, maybe 5 inches long. The head looked to be just a little larger than the shaft. He grabbed it and started jerking it as he watched Tina suck me.

I pulled Tina up and slid under her. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself down on me. Then she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me as she rode me. The passion was intense, the kisses wet and sloppy. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I squeezed her ass as she rode me, and I could hear the growl in her throat as she started to cum.

Scott was just watching, jerking hard on his cock. I knew he fucked other people while out on the road, but Tina never told me any stories about him. I don’t think she knew, that they didn’t really talk about it. Some people are like that, even after being married for a long time, scared to talk about sexual adventures. So I didn’t know what he liked, or what he has or wants to experience.

I rolled Tina onto her back and went down between her legs. I licked her pussy, very happy to taste her wetness. I could feel my cock aching, wanting to be back inside her pussy. I didn’t want to rush to much, but the aching was getting worse and soon I started kissing my way up her body, the head of my cock probing for her hole. I felt her wetness and pushed, the head of my cock sliding in with a light popping sound.

I probed her pussy lips with the head of my cock, just sliding in a little, then pulling almost all the way back out. Her body quivered under me and I could tell she was about to orgasm again. So I sped up a little, and she reached up pulling my lips to hers. She nibbled on my lips and then suddenly bit just a bit firmer as I felt her body jerk with orgasm.

I stopped just for a second, letting her pussy lips massage the head of my cock. Her pussy was almost vibrating as her muscles were contracting and relaxing very quickly. It took a minute, but her jigolo gaziantep body started to relax and her breathing returned to normal.

I slammed my cock into her pussy as deep and hard as I could, stroking fast and hard. I looked down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking on it as we fucked. Her breath became ragged again, her moaning loud and intense. I was so into her that it took a second before I figured out she wasn’t moaning anymore.

I looked up and saw Scott had moved over to us and put his cock in Tina’s mouth. She had taken his entire cock and was sucking it deep. I noticed Scott had a cute round ass and the thought ran through my mind wondering if he would be open to having my cock in there. Then I looked back down and started sucking on Tina’s other nipple, wanting to give it equal time and attention.

Tina grabbed my head and pulled it up. Scott was back to watching and playing with his cock. Tina told me to fuck her doggie style, so I slid out of her and let her roll over. She hiked her ass into the air and I slid in behind her, grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet spot.Scott moved down next to me to watch as I slid as deep inside Tina as I could.

I felt Scott move in closer to get a better view and when I looked over his cock was right next to my face. I could feel the air move as he stroked his cock. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but next time I looked at his cock I opened my mouth and started sucking on his head.

I have always been told I give great blowjobs, and I knew he liked it when I heard him groan. I tried to look up at him and saw he had his eyes closed. I grabbed Tina’s ass, drove deep inside her, then scooted the two of us just a little so I could take his whole cock in my mouth. It wasn’t even a minute and I could feel his cock pulse, and then he started filling my mouth with his cum. I normally don’t drink cum, but today I took it all, sucking his cock dry.

He pulled away and as I glanced up I saw he was embarrassed. I told him that he shouldn’t be shy, that is what is supposed to happen. He kind of blurted out that he has never cum so fast before, and I heard Tina tell him that now he would believe her when she tells him how good I am.

Tina inched forward sliding my cock out of her and flipped back onto her back. She pulled me back up to her, grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. I was more than happy to oblige, and started fucking her again. She pulled my lips to hers wanting more kisses. I heard her mumble something about how hot that was. Tina has watched me fuck guys before, but I don’t think ever expected that maybe she could watch me suck or maybe fuck her husband.

My cock started to swell gaziantep escort as my cum started working its way up, and she must have felt it because she started to cum. Her fingernails dug into my back as I blew my load deep inside her, and we collapsed together on the floor.

Scott said that was one of the hottest things he has ever seen, and loved how hot Tina had gotten. He couldn’t believe how hungry she was for my cock, but now at least he knows why she always brags about it. Tina got up and went into the bathroom.

Scott moved over next to me and told me that while he was on the road he usually fucks women but once in a while he would take a guy back to the hotel. It isn’t often but with the few guys he has been with he hasn’t seen a cock as big as mine. He asked if he could hold it, and reached over and grabbed my cock. He started pulling gently on it, bringing it back to life. It wasn’t long before I had a full hard on. I told him that I liked his round ass and wouldn’t mind the chance to fuck it sometime. He told me Tina told him about how she watched me fuck guys before. They had watched a porno the night before featuring bisexual swingers and Tina had opened up about her sex with me and Kathy. He moved his head down and started to suck my cock.

I looked and saw Tina standing at the corner of the hall playing with her pussy as she watched. She motioned toward the end table, and I saw there was a rubber and some KY there. I don’t know if they had planned any of this, but they were definitely prepared.

Scott was going hard on my cock, gagging as he tried taking me all into his mouth. His cock was hard again and he was playing with it as he sucked me. He actually gave a pretty good blow job.

Suddenly I heard an alarm going off. Scott stopped, glanced at the clock and sighed. He said he had taken half a day vacation but needed to go to work. He got up, gave Tina a kiss as he passed her to go get ready for work. Tina came over and started to laugh. She told me she had no idea that was going to happen, but it was kinda hot to see. Then she pulled me close, kissed me, and told me to never forget that if I ever do fuck Scott that I am hers. I told her she knows she never has to worry about that. It is no different than when she fucks Kathy but always wants to come back to me.

She told me it was a bad to let a good hard on go to waste, so she straddled me and lowered herself back onto my cock. We rocked together holding and kissing tightly but passionately. We almost didn’t notice Scott as he left, but we both mumbled goodbye as he opened the door and walked out. She rode me another 10 minutes until we both orgasmed again.

I was exhausted from the sex and working all night. I kissed Tina goodbye and told her I needed some sleep. She didn’t want me to go, but knew I needed too. It always ends this way with us, we both want more of each other. But I still have a wife to go home to and she still has a husband who will come back later. That effect she has on me is there, will always be there. We have that on each other and always will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32