Time to Add Something Interesting

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Fifty Four years old and time to try something new…

Brad and Karen are our names. Kids gone, out of college and working on their own. Married since college and both of us happy with one another…except for one minor stale area.

Yes, you guessed it, our sex life was routine, humdrum. Nothing new on either of us and tho it was pleasant and good it really had gotten to be unexceptional and, in a word, boring. Karen was always more straight arrow, less imaginative and I the opposite but it had worked for a long marriage.

One night laying there after she had happily cum twice, one with my fingers and once with my dick, and he had emptied his load inside her lovely body five months previously he had brought the staleness up. Surprisingly, she agreed then asked if he had any ideas on how to change it. They discussed that back and forth and followed up later as they did several of the things they talked about and it was better for a bit but it somehow returned to humdrum fairly quickly. They had touched on the idea of the Lifestyle like the Virginia Friends club and other couples club lifestyle groups and their organized nights in hotels rented for the night or big houses but neither had been brave enough then to seriously propose it. Lifestyle is code for what most would call “swingers” or “wife swapping” for recreational sex that did not ruin the marriage but spiced it up with some variety under controlled circumstances. That was the theory as he understood it.

She had hesitatingly brought it up again a month previously and suggested after talking about it then again that they should learn more about it and see if it would work for them. Karen had finally admitted that she loved his 7.5″ thick cock but had always wondered what another man’s dick felt like and especially if there were bigger than that, maybe even uncut and what sucking one with a hood over the tip would be like, you know, she had said, “what that would feel like.” She hinted that a Latin or African guy would be really exciting and he laughed before going ahead as a couple and joining Va. Friends so they could learn how it was supposed to work.

They had both read everything and finally agreed to go to a weekend monthly party at a large home that was smaller than the hotel group meetings most months and was tailored towards the “over 40” age group so they would not feel so self conscious being around 25 year old slim and sleek bodies. They were normal for their age and both looked reasonably good but hard to compete with a 30 year old gorgeous young woman in her prime Karen told him. Brad told her that his fantasy was a redhead who was at least 50 years old and he loved Karen just like she was more than any 30 year old woman.

At any rate, they had taken the plunge, joined, paid the fee for the Escort Sincan event down at a big estate house on the river and it was the night. As they drove to the address straight laced but, dressed for church with some twists underneath, Karen read the event’s agenda out loud to him again and tried not to be nervous. In a scratchy voice she said: “Arrival, newcomers must sit through a short seminar on the Lifestyle first so they had to arrive an hour early, then snacks and drinks, dancing and socializing from 8 until somewhere around 10 when the lights would dim and more natural festivities could begin.”

He parked, opened her suv door and escorted her in as the house front door opened and they were welcomed. The seminar was just a repetition of the rules of swinging or lifestyle which they had read and tho they were nervous they weren’t surprised. He wondered to himself if Karen would actually go through with it and both wondered and whispered later to one another that perhaps no one would like them as a couple.

When they were done they got drinks and started mingling with the other six or eight couples there and enjoyed the socializing a great deal. They were one of two new couples and all seemed very open and not gross of grabby or anything too out there with normal conversation to ease into whatever would or might happen later.

Dancing started and pretty soon Tom felt a tap on his shoulder and a tall Latin man asked if he could cut in and dance with Karen. When he released Karen to the Latin man with a smile about her fantasy he saw a very attractive Irish looking redhead who turned out to be named Eileen that wanted to pick up where Karen had been. As they danced she said that the Latin man, Rodrigo, was her husband. Similar in age about 50 and very pleasant. They danced several dances and got closer with her nice tits pushing his chest and him feeling the top of her ass now and then as she could feel his hard dick against her tummy. They were getting along fine. Occasionally he watched as Karen danced with Rodrigo then one or two others but Rodrigo kept coming back to her and he too felt her nice tits on his chest and was groping her ass as well while he knew she must have been feeling his hard dick on her dress front like Eileen felt his.

He wondered to himself if she would go further and then quietly to Eileen the Irish redheaded wife dancing with him as they all knew they were new to the lifestyle. She laughed and said…wait until she feels Rodrigo’s cock..it is a big one and he is very respectful and knows how to use the uncut whopper.

With that the lights dimmed and dancing became more intimate. All the couples started fairly soon after kissing on the dance floor or sitting on a couch and kissing and feeling one an other’s bodies with hands Eryaman Escort everywhere. He was feeling Eileen’s tits as they kissed and she had grabbed his cock and groaned with happy as well. He glanced over and saw that there was no question what Karen would do. She had her hands inside the front of Rodrigo’s pants and was kissing him like she was dying of hunger while stroking his cock with her hand.

Brad was pretty sure that once Karen gave her lips to passionate kissing the rest would find passion and follow. it had always seemed to him that way with most women he had dated then with Karen after marriage and this sure seemed to be the case. In a few minutes she walked by with Rodrigo’s hand in hers and whispered to Brad: “Are you still okay with this, honey?”

His answer was, “absolutely. Have fun and let’s talk on the way home and share!”

The couple disappeared and Eileen soon guided him by the hand to a back room they had to themselves. She went into a bathroom and kissed him, stripped his shirt and pants off then told him to watch while she took her top off, unsnapped her green bra and revealed two very nice globes with large dark aureoles topped by dark brown raspberry size and textured nipples stiff as rocks then slid her matching green panties off to reveal a ginger bush that was as bushy as they get and handed him both panties which were already wet and bra which was a good sized set of cups.

Without a word, she scooted backward up onto the bathroom counter, opened her legs, pulled her feet up and pulled him with his cock sticking straight out towards her now gaping cooch and helped guide it to the entrance whispering: “watch it go in and out. I can too…your cock is so nice. I want to suck it and I want you to eat my pussy too but right now I want your dick inside my cooch.”

He was mesmerized as the mushroom head spread her lips and slid slowly inside her as her tits were pulled to him with his hands and she whistled and took in great gulps of air until he was all the way in then the two of them started finding a rhythmic push and pull to pull it back and then push it back inside her pussy. In what seemed like seconds her pussy clasped his cock and was flooded with hot wet liquid inside her as she grabbed him, closed her eyes and came all over his dick head. He was able to when she calmed down stroke her a few more times before spraying his white cum deep inside her cunt. When he was done they both watched some leak out around the seal of her pussy lips on his softening cock…

They finally slid her off the counter, kissed, and found the bed where she laid next to him until she was rested and he kissed her tits and pulled on those raspberry nipples making her moan and groan with happy. At some point she switched from holding his cock Keçiören Escort and balls to taking his cock in her mouth and offering him her ginger haired cunt to lick and eat which he did as she sucked him back to hardness. When he was near to blowing and she had had one more orgasm over his mouth she spun and sat atop him taking his cock all the way in after rubbing it on her asshole and then up and down the length of her cunt and sliding it in and slowly moving up and down fucking him as he pushed up and held her beautiful tits, pulling and swinging them with the occasional kiss on one or the other then a deep french kiss between them. They managed an unbelievable two more times cumming like that before they both lay back exhausted and satisfied. He right then could have cared less if Karen was screwing the football team he was so lost in sex and lust with Eileen and her ginger hair and nice snatch and tits.

It was then fun to snuggle and talk for a while before she thought they ought to go back and see how their spouses were getting along. She got a wet rag and cleaned his cock then her pussy and he helped her get panties and bra on and the two got dressed smiling and telling one another that if another opportunity came they would each love to do it again before walking hand in hand back into the main living room where various couples were or had also making their way back.

One couple was a red flushed faced Karen sitting enjoying Rodrigo’s company who grinned when she saw Brad and Eileen and motioned them over. She laughed and told Brad: “I hope you had as much fun as we did but it is time for me to grab my man and get back to our house!”

They all over a half hour said their goodbyes and ended up driving back to their respective homes.

On the way back home in the car Karen shared with him what she and Rodrigo had done and how much she had liked it. Pretty much straight sex with him feeling her, taking her clothes off then eating her pussy while rubbing a big 10″ dick on her tits until she came just from that. She admitted once she came he could have done anything with her and did. They did missionary, rested for a while then doggy style which ended when he had cum in her pussy with him sliding his wet but still hard big dick into her ass and getting enough in she knew what it felt like but admitted it was too big for her so they went back to regular fucking and she rode him on top one last time.

He told her his story and when they got home they showered together then laid next to one another with her stroking his used cock until it was hard then Karen laid on her side and reached his dick from behind then slid it into her pussy where they slowly pushed and pulled to their last orgasm of the night and fell asleep knowing they were going to do this again as it was the most exciting night they had enjoyed with sex in 30 years.

It was indeed a different and neat night and his once nervous about sex with others wife, Karen, was now enthusiastic under the right circumstances.

For that matter, so was he!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32