Time Shift

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By Philip Johnson


Company functions. They might be called employee recognition teas or award banquets. Or, it might be an annual picnic. The larger and more successful the company is, the more elaborate and expensive the function will be. In some cases, they are a great experience, but in many cases it’s an obligation that must be endured as part of the job.

Matt Hollis had joined Twin Lakes Electronics in mid November the previous year as a manager, and was quickly promoted to one of the junior V.P. positions. Twin Lakes was a large company located in Atlanta, and occupied a four story office building on the north side of town. It was all offices and they employed approximately a hundred and twenty five people, including the maintenance and housekeeping staff. Each floor was full of offices with one good sized conference room to each floor,, with the top floor having the largest conference room and the nicest and largest offices. Needless to say, that was the floor for the senior V.P.’s and above.

Matt considered it a good company to work for. They weren’t big on expensive suits until you made it to the top floor, and first names were commonly used. Take Matt for instance. He would usually wear slacks and a casual shirt or even Dockers on occasion. None of the managers had fixed hours. They could start at seven in the morning or nine. Just as long as they were very good at their jobs, put in an honest days work, met the deadlines ,and were always available for the frequent meetings, especially of the top floor variety.

When Matt started with Twin Lakes, he bought a small condominium about five miles from work, and a good number of residents in his little community worked for the same company. His neighbors Greg and Nancy Ormond were a good example. She was an executive secretary at Twin Lakes, and he was a manager on the same floor as Matt. The condos were nice, but not ostentatious, but each did have a large mostly private veranda that overlooked a strip of woods that served as a screen against the row of condominiums on the other side of the woods. The only thing you wanted to remember when out there was to talk softly. Matt had been privy to quite a few conversations that drifted to him on summer breezes, some benign, and some pretty personal. Some came from Nancy and Greg, and some from Cameron and Ula, on the other side. Ula was from Russia, but she had come to America when she was quite young, so she had no hint of an accent. But she did possess all of the beauty that Russia had to offer. Now, along with not talking too loudly, the other thing to remember was if you made love on your veranda it was a good idea to do that quietly too.

Matt just assumed there would be some kind of company function at Christmas time, but there was none. Being the new guy with the company, he didn’t say anything. If he didn’t have to deal with some inane company gathering, that was just fine with him. All thoughts of company functions had receded to the far reaches of his mind…that is until late in the day when he got his invitation to a Halloween party.

Chapter One

Matt put his Halloween invitation in the middle drawer of his desk, but grumbled to himself, a childish thing like Halloween, of all the dumb times to have a company event. The memo said details would be available in a couple of days. Crap, that meant he had to come up with a costume and he was sure it couldn’t be something cheap and cheesy. He shut down the computer, turned off the lights, and closed the door on his way out. He was a little early leaving, but he felt the need to stop at the gym and work off some steam.

After changing into shorts and a tee shirt, he went out and jumped on a stepper. It was something he could do without too much thought, so he could let his mind wander. He was a thousand miles away mentally when somebody jumped on the stepper next to him and said, “Hey Matt.” He snapped back to the present and looked over. “Well, hey back, Cameron.”

“You just get here?”

“About ten minutes ago I guess.”

“Doing the usual hour?”

“Probably, I want to do some weights or something for the upper body after I’ve warmed up on this thing for a little bit.” “You get an invitation to the Halloween bash?” “Sure, but I guess about everybody did. I wish I didn’t have to go though.”

“Oh no, this is by invitation only, and it’s for select managers and up. This is a private affair, not a company function. Well, it is in a way I guess.”

“Really? I just assumed it was a command performance thing, and there would be a hundred sweaty bodies there.”

“Nope. There will be maybe fifty or so attending between company people and guests, and it’s quite the gathering. It’s always held at Larks View, Gordon Anderson’s estate.”


“Yeah damn, sounds like you don’t want to go, but I’d suggest you not miss it.”

“Why is that?”

“Just trust me on this one.”

“So I better take a costume seriously then.”

“There will be some pretty fancy get ups there that’s for sure.”

“They haven’t given the date, yet but when do they usually have it?”

“It’s sex izle right at the end of October, as near Halloween as possible.”

“Anything you can tell me about it?”

“I don’t want to spoil it for you. Just get a good costume and go expecting to have a good time.”

“Do I have to have a guest?”

“Not required. But I will tell you that you won’t likely recognize anybody. Everybody works hard to disguise their identity.”

“For the whole evening?”

“The whole evening.”

“So, if somebody has a little too much to drink he just might get away with it.”

“If he kept his mouth shut he could.”

After twenty minutes on the stepper, Matt moved over to the Nautilus for twenty minutes and then finished with free weights for fifteen minutes. It was the most strenuous workout he’d had in weeks, and it almost killed him, but between that and what Cameron had told him, he felt he could handle the Halloween thing now. Driving home he thought about a costume and how to best stay anonymous. He could hide his face easily enough, and the costume could alter his appearance, but what about his voice. He couldn’t go through the evening and not speak. As he pulled into his garage, he

remembered a part he’d had in a play in college. He was a pirate and for his role, he worked for weeks to perfect a strong lower register voice. Could he do that again and

maintain it for a whole evening? As he went inside he tried one of the few lines he still remembered from his role. It wasn’t bad but he needed to work on it. It was a good thing he had close to a month to put all of this together.

After dinner he sat at his computer and started looking at costumes and made a list of what he wanted. He now had a mental picture of what he wanted to look like and made a mental note to stop at the little theatrical makeup shop downtown. Among other things, he would need a moustache and it had to be a believable one. He finished his list and sat back to practice his new voice for half an hour. If he was going to this damn thing he was going to do his best to keep his identity secret. He tried to picture what kind of person people saw him as. He was professional, almost to the point of shying away from personal interaction, shy, perhaps, certainly soft spoken, and straight with very little swearing beyond the occasional damn. He’d make it a point to dress nicely for the next month so people would be used to seeing him in nice slacks and a nice shirt. That way, his pirate costume would be even more of a change. But could he be more flippant and sassy? More outspoken as the evening wore on and maybe even outrageous? That wasn’t him, but he’d do his best to speak out in his new voice. He was really getting into his project now.

He put Halloween thoughts aside and went out to his veranda to enjoy the evening over a small glass of bourbon and water. He moved his table a little and was just sitting down when he heard, “Is that you, Matt?”

“Hi Ula, it’s me.” He went over to the left wall that separated the two verandas and if he leaned out he could just look over to their place. Just as he did that she did too and they almost bumped into each other’s head.

With a start he heard, “Oh! God you scared me Matt.”

“Sorry, love. We both seemed to have the same idea.” She smiled as they leaned out enough to talk and she asked him, “How are you?”

“Doing great, how about you two?”

“We’re both fine. Cameron said he saw you at the gym.”

“Yeah, we talked for a minute before I moved over to the Nautilus.”

“How was your workout?”

“One of the best in a long time, I have to get back to that more seriously.”

“He said you weren’t too keen on the party.”

“I wasn’t, but I’m rethinking that now.”

“Good. You’ll have a good time I promise. Have any idea what you’ll go as?”

“I have an idea, but only if I can pull it together. It will take some work though.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“What about you two?”

“I don’t know about Cameron, but I have mine picked out.”

“What is it?”

“It’s secret silly.”

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry. How will I be able to flirt with you then?”

“You’ll just have to figure out which one is me.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge.”

“If you can find me, you can flirt with me all you want lover.”

“Brace yourself then, sweetie.”

She gave him a nice smile and turning, tossed over her shoulder, “I’ll be looking for you too.” Ula was such a sweet flirt. They both knew the odds of finding anybody they knew for sure out of fifty or so people were pretty slim. Matt finished his drink and went inside.

A few evenings later, Matt was on his veranda again and heard Nancy talking to Greg. “Nancy, it’s Matt are you decent?”

“Matt darling, I’m not just decent I’m pretty damn good.”

“I can believe that. Greg, you’re not saying anything.”

“I’m staying quiet on this one.” Nancy leaned around the dividing wall and said,

“Damn, you’re decent too.”

“Like you, I like to think I’m better than that.”

“You’re yummy actually, how you doing?”

“Fine. alt yazılı porno You two got your costumes chosen?”


“I’m curious do you know what Greg will go as?”

“Nope, and he doesn’t know about me either. That way we can have fun without worrying about making anybody mad. A lot of couples do that.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“It can be. You got yours?”

“Still working on it, but it’s coming together.”

“Sounds good. We’ll be anxious to hear what you think about your first time there.”

“I’m starting to get pretty curious.”

“We’ll have to get together afterwards and compare notes.”

“Most definitely. We’ll have to get Cameron and Ula and the five of us get tipsy.”

“Sounds fun.”

Chapter Two

Matt flew north to spend a few days with his parents and ran into Emily, an old flame of his from high school. “Emily how are you?”

“Matt, what a nice surprise. What brings you back to town?”

“Mom and Dad.”

“That’s nice.”

“How’s Ray?”

“I’m afraid we’re separated.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“We’re sort of working on it, so who knows.”

“I wish you well.” “Thanks. How are you doing, married yet?”

“No, not married.”


“Not really.”

“I can’t picture you without at least a girlfriend.”

“Well, I’m seeing somebody kind of off and on.”

“I’m glad.”

“Would Ray be bothered if I bought you dinner?”

“I don’t see a problem with that. I’d like that in fact.”

“How about seven o’clock?”

“Fine. I’ll pick you up since you don’t have a car here.”

“You remember where?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Emily picked him up and it was like those seven years since they had parted just evaporated. They talked about when they dated, and she stopped and looked at him. “You know Matt, for quite a while I thought we’d end up married.”

“You know I did too.”

“Funny how things work out sometimes.”

“It sure is.”

“We sure spent our share of time in the back seat of your old Chevy.” Matt smiled at that memory.

“We had some great times. Would you like some more wine?”

“I better not but thanks. What are you doing for fun now days?”

“Funny you should ask that. I’m working on a costume for a fancy party the end of the month.”

“How fancy?”

“On an estate with a lot of money people and a bunch of people I work with. The fun part will be nobody is supposed to know who is who.”

“For how long?”

“The whole evening.”

“Oh, wow. Now that presents an interesting situation.”

“Doesn’t it though, I got the impression from my neighbors that it gets pretty adult sometimes.”

“What will you go as?”

“A pirate and I’ll talk like this” and he altered his voice like he’d been practicing.

“Perfect Matt, you said you’re working on the costume. Remember I was in wardrobe in drama class all through high school, maybe I could help. Tell me what you’ve done so far.”

“I ordered a moustache from a theatrical place in Atlanta, and I have some things selected. I was going to order them when I got home.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well the pants are typical black pants, with long black boots, a blousy shirt and a mask.”

“That’s okay but…you want to stay anonymous right?”


“Let’s go back to my place. I have some ideas. With my help they would never guess who you are.”

“I accept.”

When they got to her place she made coffee and they went to the living room. They sat down on her small couch and she leaned forward excitedly. “Okay now, for starters how do you dress for work?”

“We think a lot alike. I have started wearing slacks and a nice shirt.”

“Perfect. Now don’t take this wrong, but you are the quiet type. If you went as a computer geek for example, it wouldn’t work very well. But going as a pirate, you have to be more gregarious, more…smart assed.”

“I know. I don’t know if I can, but I’m going to try to do that.”

“Good. Okay now, the costume to match the new you. How long you going to be in


“A few more days why?”

“Let me order your costume and I’ll have it sent next day air. We should have it no later than day after tomorrow.”

“That would work. You have something particular in mind?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then I put myself in your hands.” She leaned over and kissed him softly.

“I just wanted to see if it still felt the same.”

“And does it to you?”

“I believe it does.”

“Give me a hint what you’ll order.”

“Well, it will have the long boots like you said, and long black pants.”

“That it?”

“No, but that’s all I’m telling you. Plan on us getting together day after tomorrow.”

“Sounds great.” They finished their coffee and talked a little more before she took him home. When they got there they sat in the car and talked some more. “I’m really glad we ran into each other, Emily. I’ve had a great evening.”

“Me too, God, it feels like we’re kids again.”

“Only better in some ways.”

“Yes, altyazılı sex izle only better now in some ways.” They leaned toward each other and kissed lightly again and he said goodnight.

Emily called Matt late on Thursday. “Our package is here, I’ll come get you.”

“I’ll use Dad’s car and be there shortly.”

“I’ll fix us something to eat then.” Matt went to his room and made sure he looked presentable and then headed for Emily’s. She met him at the door and they shared an embrace and then went to the kitchen where she had a huge grilled chicken salad waiting for them. “I didn’t want to fix a heavy meal in case your costume was a touch on the small side.”

“Good thinking.” They had coffee and salad and talked between bites, but she was eager to have him put on his costume for her. With dinner out of the way, she led him to her bedroom.

“Okay now, take your shirt off.” He paused for just a second in surprise, and she smiled. “Oh come on, I’ve seen you with more than that off, remember?” He smiled and started to unbutton his shirt.

“Of course I remember.” He tossed that on the bed and she pulled out a fake scar. Holding it up against him she felt his warmth as she said, “You’ll glue this on before you go to the party, won’t that be just too cool?”

“I like that.” She pulled out a head scarf and brushed his hair back before putting it on his head. She stepped back and smiled. “That’s good.” Then she handed him a small package, and continued with, “These are false gold teeth. They are thin veneers that you put on, but you can take off later, so don’t worry about them.”

“Wow, that’s a good idea. What about a shirt though? Won’t that hide the scar?”

“You won’t wear a shirt.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not kidding. Remember, we’re reinventing you. Who among your acquaintances would ever expect you to arrive with no shirt?”

“I see your point.”

“Now this is your pistol. You’ll tuck it in the waist of your pants. Pirates didn’t use holsters.”

“Right, now about my pants,” she pulled out a pair of black pants, and with a flourish said, “One pair of black pants. I’ll turn my back and you change into them.”

“Okay.” She dutifully turned her back to him and watched him in a small dresser mirror as he stripped to his underwear. She shifted slightly to improve her view as he sat on the side of the bed to put the pirate pants on. She had to smile as he stood up to struggle into them. She knew they would fit more like a pair of tights around the pelvis than pants, and she wasn’t disappointed. Behind her she heard him say, “Damn Emily, did you get the wrong size?”

“They only came in large and extra large” she lied. “I was pretty sure you wouldn’t want an extra large. Can I look now?”

“Yeah, I guess.” She turned around and smiled. Without saying anything she knelt in front of him and ran her hands over his hips and legs. To him, it felt like she was touching his skin. She pretended to be checking the fit, and had him turn around and taking her time she ran her hands over his tight ass. She turned him back to face her, and

his crotch was growing an unmistakable bulge under the tight pants. “I think these will be perfect Matt.”

“I feel like I’m naked.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’ll turn my back again and have you take your underwear off though. I can see every seam. You’ll be more comfortable and look better without them.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, silly. It’s like some women when they wear tight pants. They don’t wear panties so they won’t have panty lines.” She turned her back like the issue was settled and he pulled off his tights and peeled off his briefs as she watched him in the mirror. His cock bobbed in front of him, and her breath caught as she saw it again for the first time in seven years. Matt had grown up quite nicely it seemed.

He struggled back into the tight pants and said, “I guess you can turn around now.” She did and her eyes went right to his crotch as she knelt down again. Once again her hands explored everywhere, except where she really wanted to touch.

She turned him again and finding her voice said, “Yes, that’s much better” as she ran her hands over his ass again. She turned him back and looked up at him as she let her hands drift up and down his thighs. “I love it Matt. With a mask on, there is no way anybody will ever guess it’s you.”

“I can’t even believe it’s me. Emily, I don’t know if I can go like this or not.”

Playing the innocent she stood up and asked, “Why not?”

“I feel naked.”

“But you aren’t, love. You have pants on and you’ll have long boots on and that headscarf.”

“That’s not a lot.”

“No, but it’s enough. Besides you’ll look so sexy.”

“I hope I don’t start to look too sexy, if you know what I mean.” She smiled and letting her hands slip behind him on his bare back kissed him and said, “Yes, I know what you mean.” She stayed close to him and said, “If you feel a problem developing just find a place to sit down until it passes.” Her hand went between his legs and felt his growing bulge and she whispered as her hand moved and she looked at him, “I feel him growing right now. Sit on the side of the bed and see how it will be.” He didn’t want her to take her hand away, but he sat down and it still showed, but not nearly as much. He stood back up then and let his cock push toward her.

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