Tim, the Teenage Part XXII

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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look, but you guys didn’t seem to like it, so I’m going back to the old way. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Two By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VI: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 – Summer Camp Campers Part 3 – Summer Time Fun (mc, mf, oral mf, mm)

I awoke the next morning at sunrise, finding my woody already up and standing over me, waiting impatiently while letting go a strand of drool from its lips. “Damn. I guess you miss the twins, don’t you fella,” I said as I gave it a few loving strokes. It responded by throbbing a few times, and I was tempted to continue. “Nope. Don’t have any love juice to waste. Sorry boy, but you’ll thank me later.” “Finally..” Joey said from the bottom bunk. “It’s about time you woke up. I’m already dressed. Shall I go wake Mick?” “I’m awake,” Mick said from the top bunk beside me. He sat up, stretched, then spotted my pole still sticking straight out of my boxers. “Damn, Tim. You could poke an eye out with that thing.” “I think it was up before all of you,” I said climbing down.

With my softening woody still plainly visible, I walked right out the door. I grinned imagining Mick’s face from my boldness. Joey knew better, and even surprised me when he came out and stood beside me completely nude. “I told you I was already dressed,” he grinned. The air was relatively cool compared to what I had expected. Cool enough to give us goose bumps when a breeze wandered by. “Uhm, I think we will have to postpone. It has to be really hot out you know.” “Yeah… Hey, what about some mud wrestling then? Now the sun is up, it should start heating up pretty quick.” “Yeah, okay. I wonder…” I reached out and check to see if Gina, Rita, and Dana would be opposed to mud wrestling nude. Dana wasn’t interested at all, and Rita only wanted to if it was a guy. Gina didn’t mind wrestling another girl as long as she wasn’t expected to do anything else but wrestle. “I’ll think I got some girls to wrestle. But where do we wrestle at?” Joey smiled and said, “Got that all worked out.”

Mick came out wearing his shorts and said, “Brrrr.” Joey said, “Change of plans, Mick. How about some female nude mud wresting?” “YEAH! Okay. But are we still gonna do the other?” “You can bet on it,” I said shivering again. “I’ll need Mick’s and someone else’s help with the mud pool,” Joey said. “Do you think the other guys will want in on it?” “I’m pretty sure Scooter will. Gina is one of the contestants.” “Mick, go wake the other guys and find out while I check something and Tim goes gets the girls,” Joey’s said walking away. “Hey, Joey? I can’t cover the whole camp. You’re gonna have to put some shorts on.” “Heh. Sorry. I think I’ve spent too much time at your dad’s place. I’m used to walkin’ around naked.” “I know what you mean. I almost went to school nude one day.” “You too?” Mick said. Joey and I looked at Mick as he turned red. “I used to have a dream about that all the time,” Mick explained.

We went back inside and got dressed, all of us putting on shirts and Joey and I putting shorts on. I was surprised when Jerry wanted to go and Paul didn’t, but Scooter was all for it as I predicted. I knew a dream state wouldn’t work for this activity, and finding girls that would willingly mud wrestle nude was harder than I imagined. I spent a half an hour scanning all the girls, finding Gina was the only one willing to do it simply because she had been in on several multiway jerk offs with the guys. I checked the progress of the guys, finding they were finished with the preparations and waiting for me to bring the entertainment. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and decided to get what we wanted, I would have to give the girls what they wanted. I had fourteen girls lined up by the time I had gotten halfway through the camp. The camp was fairly busy as I finally joined my cabin mates at their mud pool. They had been extremely confused by not only girls showing up, but guys too. “What is going on?” Joey asked above the noise of approximately thirty people setting up their seats around Joey’s mud pool. “I’ll explain in a minute to everyone,” I shouted back as I examined the pool.

I remembered the first year I had gone to that camp the shallow round pool had contained large gold fish and some other smaller fish. For whatever reason, the next year the pool was empty, and was never filled again. Joey had found some black plastic big enough to line the six foot diameter round basin, and filled it with an incredible amount of clean mud. I waited another minute for the crowd to settle down, then stepped up on my own chair to speak. I had to yell quiet a couple of times before I could start.

“Morning. Welcome to the Connor and Brandton coed nude mud wresting.” I paused for the crowd to stop whistling and yelling. “As you all know, this is not an official camp event, so don’t tell anyone who isn’t here anything about it. “Because the girls were not willing to wrestle nude in the mud for our enjoyment alone, I offered them a deal. Before each pair of girls wrestle, two guys will be wrestling, in the nude, while the girls are in the ring refereeing. Afterwards, those two guys will referee the girls. “The rules are as follows. No messing around with crotches, accidental or otherwise. No pulling of hair, and if anyone hold’s their opponents heads in the mud longer than five seconds, they will automatically forfeit. “Everyone is here by their own free will. If anyone is having second thoughts, please speak now…. “Oh, two final things. Before your match, everyone is required to use the john, and try to go both ways. The other thing is no sex during the matches. While the matches are going, no one here has to worry about getting caught.

After I leave, you can do whatever you want, but run the risk of getting caught. “Joey, since you and I are the only ones here who have done this before, we are up first.” Joey came over to me and said, “I hate it when you pull this shit without asking me first. If I didn’t get such a hard on from the idea, I wouldn’t do it,” he said smiling as he pulled off his shorts. His boner bounced up and down while the crowd got quite, then suddenly loud. “Joey, I think you enjoyed that,” I said as I pulled off my own shorts. My hardon imitated Joey’s, but didn’t get the same response from the crowd. We both took our shirts off at the same time, and that got an even louder reaction. Go figure.

I stepped into the thick and slimy mud, letting my foot sink to the bottom before putting my other foot in. Instead of a hard surface under the plastic, I was pleasantly surprised to find Joey had thought of putting dirt underneath to cushion us if we hit the bottom too hard. “Where did you get all this mud and dirt?” I asked as Joey beat his chest like Tarzan. “There was a whole wagon full of it for the baseball field. Most of it was muddy from the rain, so I used it.” “AAAAAAAk,” I said as I fell backwards. The dirt underneath was somewhat lumpy, causing my foot to loose its grip. “Oh man. This will be easy,” Joey said laughing. I didn’t say anything while I got up. I realized my referees were still dressed, so I yelled over to them to hurry it up. The guys in the crowd whooped and yelled as the two girls stripped with red faces. The noise had attracted some attention, and it took me a few minutes to zip into every cabin nearby to deafen them to our noise.

Joey was surprisingly good in the mud. Despite my earlier slip, however, I wasn’t so bad myself. Of course I had an unfair advantage. I had used my father’s mud wrestling ring quite a bit during the past several months. I had just gotten to the point where I could escort haberleri almost handle both twins at the same time. Of course, the twins tended to move in a slow and fluid way, so it wasn’t all that difficult. But because the mud was so much thicker and heavier than at home, my advantage didn’t show through that much at first. Joey had me pinned down twice, but I managed to slip out of them before the referees had reached five. Once I got used to the differences, I managed to pin him down three times in a row, but let him out before the count. When he had me down the next time, he gave me a wicked look, then managed to slip his finger in my hole without the referees noticing. After letting me go, he thought to me, “That’s for toying with me.” I grinned and in two moves pinned him to the count.

Joey and I refereed the two girls, finding it very hard to resist going after the glistening brown butts and tits. They lasted a lot longer than Joey and I, probably due to the difficulty in keeping their opponent pinned in the slippery mud. When my dick brushed one of the girls thighs accidentally, I nearly came. I was starting to worry about time constraints when finally Joey counted to five and helped the winner to her feet. Her balance faltered as he raised her hand above her head. They both gasped when her ass press up against his dick, slipping down her crack to the space between her legs. Somehow Joey kept his balance and his seed, but the crowd lost their control. They were still hooting when the four of us climbed out. The hose that Joey had used to wet the dirt to its super muddy form was still hooked up, so as the next four contestants were stripping with red faces, Joey handed the hose to the girls to wash themselves off.

We got a pleasant surprise when they decided to wash us off, which quickly became a group rub down. The audience ended up watching us more than the wrestlers, not that we noticed at the time. I was only vaguely aware that the hose had been dropped and forgotten while Betsy and I explored each others slickened bodies with our hands. I teased her nipples with one hand while taking long strokes along her side with the other. Our arousal pushed us closer and closer until our wet bodies pressed together, and then our lips met. After our kiss reached its peak, I felt her hand on my cock, prompting me to break the kiss to moan. She slid down my body, picked up the hose and washed my dick off. The cool water on my member washed some sense back into me, realizing I was about to break my own rule that I stated at the beginning of the game. But when her lips touched my crown, I lost all rational thought and allowed myself to be taken quickly into her hot mouth.

Out of habit, I linked with Joey and Betsy. I found Joey had his dick in Kim’s crack again, humping it while sloppily kissing her neck and shoulder. His hand was on her knob, which made her gasp shutter, so I included her in the link as well. Betsy’s tongue started to concentrate on the crown’s rim, driving all four of us quickly to our climax. As Joey and I exploded, Betsy was driven by our combined lusts to greedily swallow it while continuing her tongue movements. Joey’s humping had turned to jerks, and the combined moans from Kim, Joey, and myself were in perfect sync. Betsy let my shrinking dick fall out of her mouth, sat back, and then laid down. She was wiped out by the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Joey was sinking to his knees, mostly to aid Kim’s own descent to the ground. And even though Joey and I were accustomed to the intensity we had felt, I was a bit weak in the knees myself.

My awareness returned to me, finding even the wrestlers had stopped to watch. I turned red, and said very loudly, “Okay, so maybe a little sex.” Then I added quite seriously, “But only if they say they want it.” After several personally embarrassing minutes being put on the spot, my stomach interrupted with a growl. I check the time and saw it was almost 8:00, which was when they served breakfast. After talking to the four in the ring, I announced we would postpone the rest of the matches until the following mornings, promising everyone would get a chance, and we would have breakfast served to us while we are watching. Kim, Betsy, Joey, and myself all went to the showers together. I found out that Betsy had never given a blow job before, but now that she had, she couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want too. My conscience gave me trouble when I found out I had been her first, but as we were soaping each other up, I realized that she had done it free of my influence. But her mind was still feeling the affects of her triple powered orgasm, and I had to explain exactly what she had felt. It spooked Kim and Betsy a little at first, but Joey and I convinced them it was okay. I imagine Betsy would find her next blow job very disappointing.

We didn’t fool around that long since we were all pretty hungry. As we left the showers and headed towards the food line, I found something else that bothered me, and told Joey over our private thought phone. “They are falling in love with us. Or at least they think its love. I hate to say it, but I really don’t want to get into that with Betsy, do you?” “Shit. No. I mean, Kim is great looking and all, but no. I don’t want anything that serious right now.” “Would you object if I had them loose interest during breakfast?” “Go ahead. It’s not like we led them on or anything. They were just as responsible for what happened as we were.” So, Betsy and Kim found themselves dissatisfied with us, and after eating breakfast with them, our paths didn’t cross again.

During breakfast, there had been several announcements concerning the day’s schedule of events. Joey and I looked at each other with excitement when they announced there would be free time at the lake’s beach for everyone since the day would be extremely hot and miserable. A minute later, Mick bounded over to finalize our plans. After Betsy and Kim wandered off, Joey, Mick, and I joined the rest from our cabin to see if they wanted to join in after all. Since everyone would be there, their girlfriends could join in willingly. Naturally, everybody did. We went and did our regularly scheduled activities, most of us getting in on the basketball game and checking our potteries that were being baked that day. At lunch time, they finalized our plans while I began my mental hopping around, inserting my little mental programs in to everyone not at my table, covering two thirds of the camp’s population. Luckily there was a puppet show put on by six of the cabins immediately after lunch. Everyone was still around watching it while I finished the remaining third.

At 2:30, I stood naked at the water’s edge, watching the entire camp filter down the three paths to the beach. Everyone was required to have put on sun tan lotion before coming out, but I had brought a case of twelve bottles out with me for our fun. I spotted Joey heading for me, carrying his bottle of lotion. When he reached me, he asked, “Hey, could you get my back?” “Heh. Gina did mine for me,” I said as I squirted the lotion on my hand. “I didn’t think of her. Oh well. You know, its times like this I really miss Suz.” “Yeah. She would have loved this part too. You know that dream I had?” “The one where Suzi turned out to be twins?” “Yep. When I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking about it, and got real homesick. I tried reaching out to Suzi, and somehow I did it for a moment.”

His back was done, and instead of removing my hands, I sent them around to the front. I put my chin on his right shoulder, hugged him from behind and said, “She’s missing us worse than we are her. That’s all I got from her, and I couldn’t get her back. You were already asleep so I didn’t bother you, and with everything going on this morning, I guess I forgot.” “Did she know you were there?” Joey said laying his head against mine. “I don’t know. I hope so. I wish we had brought some drink with us. I might escort hikayeleri have been able to reach her longer after drinking it.” “Hey,” Joey said turning around to face me. I dropped my hands to my sides, the moment of closeness evaporating. “I was thinking about that. Remember when you did that four way accidentally last year? You said you had drank a lot of soda before. The drink is pretty sweet, so maybe it’s just the sugar rush that does that.” “Hmm. Could be. I’ll try again later,” I said eyeing the guys walking up.

“Can we start?” Mick said. “We could if there was anyone to start with,” I said indicating the near empty beach. Everyone had gone into the water right away. “Whoa,” Jerry said. “You know, I didn’t notice until now you two weren’t wearing anything. I must getting used to seeing you guys like that.” “Won’t someone else notice?” Paul asked. “Nope,” Joey grinned. “It’s part of the package.” “You could paint cuss words across your chest and go around giving everyone the finger without anyone here noticing,” I said. “Cool,” Mick said, slipping out of his swim trunks. “Jesus, Mick. Not you too,” Jerry said. “Looks like we got ourselves a convert, Tim,” Joey said. We all messed around in the lake for a while. After getting too much water in our lungs from taking turns dunking each other, Jerry and Dana decided to try out a paddle boat together. Paul, Rita, Gina, and Scooter naturally decided to do the same, so Joey, Mick, and I wandered to another group of people we knew.

We were in the water for an hour before Joey stepped behind me and hugged me like I had to him earlier, with one noticeable exception. His hardon was in my crack. “Looks like the beach is starting to fill up,” he said into my ear before teasing it with his tongue. As my own hardon came about, Joey slipped his hand around it and started stroking. I let his dick slip between my thighs, then turned my head and gave him a wet kiss. He slowly humped me a minute, then when we broke our kiss, he stopped. It took a few moments before realizing we had been observed. The shock on Mick’s face disappeared the moment we glanced at him. “Whoops,” Joey said in my ear. Mick was pretending nothing had happened, but Joey and I both knew it had disturbed him. “Looks like the beach is starting to fill up,” Joey repeated to Mick. “Cool,” Mick said as he started making his way towards the beach. Joey and I followed, side by side. “What do you think?” Joey said, nodding to Mick. “I’m not sure. And Mick isn’t either. He’s going to ignore it for now. He wasn’t grossed out, but it didn’t excite him either. Just.. shocked him, that’s all.” “Sounds like we don’t have to worry about it then. Wow. I know who I’m gonna start with. Later,”

Joey said as he broke right. I glanced over as I got out, seeing Joey heading back over to me. I reached the box of lotion, and tossed one to him. He said thanks, and headed back the way he came. Mick had already knelt down next to a girl, and was squirting some lotion into his hand. I watched as he nervously began rubbing the lotion on her back. I had to walk to the other side of them to see her face, finding her expression to be one of a relaxed bliss. Seeing that, I knew my preprogramming had worked, so I wandered about.

I found Bethany Frish sitting by herself under a tree in a bad mood, trying to read a book. Her suit and hair were dry. “Hey,” I said walking up to her. “Why haven’t you gotten in the water?” “Because I don’t feel like it,” she said crossly. I peeked in her head, finding the real reason was she was allergic to regular sun tan lotion. She had run out of the lotion she had brought. “Sorry..” I said as I left her under the tree. I sat down a few trees away, closed my eyes and searched.

Five minutes later, I returned to her tree with a different bottle of lotion. “What!” She said looking up as I stood patiently in front of her. I smiled and wiggled the bottle then held it out so she could see the label. “How did you know?” she said as she took the lotion from me. “I heard someone say something,” I said. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. “Uhm, say. Would you mind if I did your back?” I said, using the key phrase. She stopped applying the lotion to her arms, feeling a twinge of excitement from my suggestion. “I guess that would be okay,” she said handing me the bottle. I helped her move her stuff so she could stretch out on her stomach. I saw that her one piece suit would probably hamper my efforts at first, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. When I first touched her skin with my hands, she shivered a moment, but as I spread it out over her back, she let a sigh out. We made small talk as my hands continued to work the lotion into her skin. She didn’t seem to mind that I continued working in the lotion far longer than necessary.

When her replies to my chit chat became umm-hmms and umm-umms, I started to slip my fingers underneath the edges of her suit. I didn’t get the response I expected, so I moved to the back of her legs. “Mmmm. Yes, thank you,” she said as I worked the lotion into her calves. I made my way down to her pretty feet, working the lotion between her toes. I had to adjust my position, having gotten very hard for some reason while doing her toes. Once I got tired of her feet, I worked my way methodically up her right leg, slipping my hands under her to get her entire thigh. Bethany was completely limp by this time. After I completed her left leg, I went back to her back. I applied a little more lotion, and after covering her back again, I slipped under the edges of her suit again. When she sighed from my probe, I slid my hand further under the suit at the base of her back, resulting in shiver. I began running my hands up her sides with just my finger tips under the suit. On the fourth pass she let out a small moan. On the seventh, I brushed the bases of her smooshed breasts and received an even stronger moan.

As my hands continued to tease different parts of her covered body, I check to see how she was feeling. My touch was like a flame of pleasure, growing hotter with each pass that touched the sides of her breasts or her ass. I began taking deeper passes into the bottom of her suit. By the time I had worked my hands so they were almost poking out the other side of her suit, her breathing as heavy, filled with gasps and moans. Taking a long stroke up her sides, my hands came together at her neck. There was no resistance when I undid the top restraint and worked my hands over the newly freed skin. Adding more lotion as I went, my hands worked their way under her at the base of her neck. I laid down beside her, placed my hand on her far side, and slow began rolling her onto her side. I had to continue to rub my hands over her skin, otherwise the spell would be broken and she would probably object. Her head limp, eyes shut, lost in the waves of pleasure, I managed to get her lying against me, her back pressing against my chest. My hands teased her breasts, making circles around the bases. No resistance, yet there was no moans of approval either. I worked suit’s top down, uncovering her modest breasts and belly. Her white skin excited me, but I resisted sampling her flavor for the time being. Instead, I gently rolled her onto her back, accidentally brushing a nipple with my hand.

Her deep moan surprised me, but I managed to keep hand movements going while changing my position to a lower one. The combination of the humidity and heat made additional lotion unnecessary, her body’s sweat easily lubricating my caresses. I began to sweep across her breasts, only touching the nipples randomly and briefly. Her moans were not loud, but they were enough to tell me she was ready for more. My hands produced a building level of pleasure as they rubbed her skin. But touching her nipples and crotch produced sexual pleasure, an all together different sensation. So as I began to direct more attention to her nipples, she began to tense and strain her body to the movements of my hands. When escort ilanları she began squirming her butt, that indicated she was ready for the next stage. I lowered my mouth onto her left nipple and began sucking on it. My lips and tongue provided the stimulation she needed, so I used my hands to support myself. Bethany’s own hands began to move about, finding my skin to be another pleasurable sensation just as I had programmed. And after a few minutes of indulging myself on her white naked skin, I have to admit her hands were beginning to have a like wise effect on me.

When her crotch movements became obvious, I started a caress with one hand from the free nipple, working my way down. Before I had even touched a single strand of her pubic hair, Bethany’s knees came up and she spread her legs. I continued to tease her with my near sweeps of her crotch, which she retaliated by raising her crotch to meet my hand. Bethany actually won that battle when I miscalculated her push and ended up touching the tip of her vaginal lips. Her moan was the loudest she had made thus far, but still to me was rather soft. The time had come to finish the stripping of my prey. After I licked the entire surface of both her breasts, I removed my mouth and began using both my hands to work her suit off her body. Her legs didn’t resist my manually changing of their position, and as I slipped the garment off, I rubbed her feet while I gazed at the helpless form before me.

Her tan lines were incredibly arousing, they contrasted between deeply tanned brown and almost perfectly white skin. She breathed through her mouth as well through her nose, and I could see her wet tongue slowly licking the top front teeth, resembling a fucking motion to my aroused mind. I stretched my arms out in front of me as I began moving myself up her legs. I only briefly paused to tease her glistening crotch, and actually made direct contact with her clit once. The moan and leg movements almost knocked me off balance, but I managed to continue my trek up her body. With my body between her legs and my arms stretched up to her chest, I lowered my mouth onto her crotch and began my feast upon her sex. I ignored her desperate moans and hand movements, taking my time as I worked my tongue into every fold, having to wrap my arms underneath her to hold her still while I worked. I avoided her clit as much as I could, wanting to build her lust more than her pleasure. When her hands gripped the hair on my head, I almost screwed her trance up by momentarily stopping. I moved my body up hers, and finally came face to face with my toy. Her mouth searched for mine while her hands glided down to lower sections of my body. Her mouth and tongue bathed my chin and lips with their succulent motions, I purposely avoiding allowing her lips to lock onto mine completely. Our crotches finally aligned, and with a desperate motion with her hands, I felt my head almost slip inside.

As my shaft laid between her lips while the tip rested on her clit, my desire to penetrate her was nearly irresistible, but I had enough control of myself to first check her virginal status. To my dismay, not only was she a virgin, I was certain she was extremely fertile at that time. As I withdrew from her mind, I felt a curiously familiar sensation. Before I realized what it was, Bethany’s eyes opened and locked onto mine. I will never forget look in her eyes the moment I felt that overpowering surge of lust fill me. Our lips locked together, then with a rolling motion, I thrusted my prick into her virgin tunnel. Her hymen didn’t tear on my first attempt, which stimulated my lusty frustrations to a higher level. My sex filled brain sent commands to her crotch, bringing her own arousal to an even higher level. We both used our combined energy on the second plunge, my cock ripping through her membrane and traveling deep within her. Both our minds began feeding the others with fuck lust, creating an endless feedback loop. I fucked her mercilessly, making her scream in sexual pleasure. I quickly came inside her hot body with a primeval scream of my own.

With a momentarily lapse of energy, my humping slowed to a jerking motion. Bethany forced herself on top, and began humping me wildly. Now I was the helpless one, finding myself unable to do more than pinch and twist her nipples. I came again under her pounding, which finally helped trigger her own a minute later. But because we kept feeding each other our sexual cravings, our orgasms increased our lust instead of providing us relief. Bethany’s orgasm drained her strength, and I found myself on top of her once more. We fucked in a daze, coming less frequently but always screaming. I have no idea how many times we rolled each other over before our bodies began to fail our lust.

I faintly remember a hand trying to pull us apart. My mind locked onto the owner, and immediately filled Paul with the same fuck lust, then moved onto Rita’s and Scooter’s as well. I paused before spreading the lust to Gina, having a momentary orgasm that had no ejaculate to spurt. Gina was struggling to control Scooter’s mad attempts to gain entry to her which I quickly fixed. Dana and Jerry were running away, and I found myself too tired to bother filling their minds with the lust. I managed to roll on top of Bethany, and did a weak humping motion for a short while. After I had collapsed, the lust boiling in my brain unable to overcome my exhaustion any longer, I felt her hand brush my crack, sending me a wave of new pleasure. I commanded her to stimulate my ass hole with her fingers, quickly finding her stimulation inadequate for my needs. My eyes caught the sight of a hard dick standing away at a distance, so I immediately filled Mick’s mind with my lust to be fucked. But before he could reach my backside, Mick was grabbed from behind by Joey and pulled away. I attempted to break through Joey’s shield, but I was simply too tired to do so. This new source of frustration pushed my body to hump a few times before I once again found myself unable to continue.

I sensed Joey approaching me again, and this time I centered my attack on his body’s arousal. When I felt his hard prick against my rose, I thought I had succeeded. Confusion quickly replaced my feeling of success when I found Joey lifting my nearly helpless body off Bethany. My practically fucked raw dick came out with a weak protest from Bethany, but we both were too weak to resist. Besides, Joey managed to keep his dick against my hole while he began dragging me towards the water. I began struggling when I felt the cool water on my feet, but Joey managed to flash me the sensation of his hot dick against my ass surrounded by the cool lake water. I changed my struggles towards getting into the water as quickly as I could. Because Bethany was no longer receiving any stimulation, her lust was beginning to slowly reduce. The water was having a similar effect on me, despite the teasing of Joey’s member at my back door. Both Bethany and I were so lost in our lusts however, we became desperate to get our much needed stimulation.

Joey and I were only knee deep in the water when I bore down and broke through Joey’s shield. Joey literally twisted me around and threw me back towards the shore. I landed face down in shallow water, taking a small amount into my lungs. When I raised my head out of the water, I nearly had time to cough and gasp for air before Joey’s weight was on top of me. I felt his cock press against my hole, which luckily made me gasp. My head submerged again when his dick entered my shit hole, making me scream under water in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Immediately following that, I lost the pleasure of Joey’s fucking prick as I found myself unable to raise my head above the surface of the water. Panic filled my brain and washed away my lust.

When I was unable to withstand holding my breath any longer, I sent a desperate command to Joey to let me breathe. My head exploded with the pain from over use of my abilities, but for the moment it was only one of many serious discomforts. Joey shoved my body forward again, and I found myself with my head on the beach gasping the wonderful air. The next thing I knew, Joey was fucking my ass again, cumming inside me a minute later. He collapsed on top of me right before I blacked out.

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