Tie Game

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We were in the backyard, early October, raking leaves and doing other general fall clean up. I was working up a little sweat in the cool, crisp autumn air. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jen walking toward the house. Bathroom break I assumed. A few moments later she emerged from the house carrying two bottles of beer.

“Jake,” she called out, “wanna take a little break?” She held up one of the bottles and waved me toward the porch.

I had to admit a beer sounded good right about now. It was a little past noon, we had gotten quite a bit done already. I had time to take a break and still be able to finish in time for the game. I dropped my rake and joined her on the porch.

“Thanks, hon,” I said, taking the bottle from her and placing a soft kiss on her cheek. We sat there sipping our beers looking out over our backyard. The yard was beautiful. Big and secluded, a high fence ringing it, put in by the previous owners but a good idea in my opinion. There were large trees in each corner of the yard, they made for lovely scenery, but also a ton of clean up when they dropped their leaves. I had decided that we should tackle this chore today, a Saturday, since we both had the time.

“What time is that game?” she asked.

I snapped out of my daydream and turned to her. “Three-thirty,” I replied.

She nodded and asked, “and who are we rooting for?”

I laughed. She was playing a little game with me, like she always did. She knew damn well it was the Michigan-Penn State game, and that I was a die hard Wolverine fan. I gave her my best glare, which almost made her spit her beer out.

When she stopped laughing, she looked at me, “want to have a little lunch? We should be able to get the rest of this done, no problem, before your game. I need something. I’ll make a couple of sandwiches.”

Lunch did sound good. I nodded and smiled. “Sounds great baby. Thanks.”

She stood up and headed toward the house. She stopped and turned back with a grin and said, “No problem, love. Of course this means that you have dinner.”

“Pizza it is then,” I said with my own grin.

“I don’t think so mister. I don’t want some cheap delivery pizza if I have to slave all day then sit through football.”

“Okay, ” I said, “bring me another beer and we’ll order Chinese instead.”

She laughed as she headed into the kitchen to fix our lunch. She returned a short time later with a fresh beer and a nice turkey and cheese sandwich. We ate in silence, looking out over our backyard and occasionally sharing a glance and a smile. I noticed the air getting a bit warmer and when she said she was going to change into some lighter clothes before we continued, I agreed it was a decent idea.

I was finished changing first, I merely changed out of my jeans and put on a pair of shorts, I kept my sweatshirt on as well as the t-shirt underneath. She ducked into the bathroom and I told her I was heading back out.

I was lost in thought, raking the corner of the yard by the shed when I heard the back door slam shut. I didn’t look up, instead kept at my work. Suddenly, something hit me square in the back and I heard the distinctive sound of her giggling. I turned to see what she had hit me with and noticed my old football a few feet away. I leaned over and picked it up and stood back up to toss it back at her. When the ball left my hand, I noticed what she had changed into.

She had put on a pair of sweat pants, her favorite pink ones, and had also donned my old Jim McMahon jersey, Chicago Bears #9. The jersey was a holdover from my high school days, it no longer fit me but you don’t just throw away a Jim McMahon jersey. It was loose fitting on her smaller frame, but she looked damn sexy. I had always been a sucker for a woman in a football jersey, even more so with her.

I was so engrossed with looking her up and down that I didn’t see her catch the ball and fling it back towards me until it was nearly at me. I lunged for it and bobbled it before dropping it to the ground.

With a laugh, she said, “Nice catch, big guy!”

I picked the ball up and threw a high arcing, soft pass back to her. “If it wasn’t such a girly throw, I would have had it,” I said with a grin.

She cradled the ball into her chest and glared at me. I clapped my hands together inviting her return throw. She glared at me.

“I do not throw like a girl,” she snarled before tossing a reasonably decent pass back my way, albeit a little off target.

I lunged to escort bayan the left and snagged the ball in both hands, tucking it into the crook of my arm. “All- League baby,” I grinned before tossing another soft arcing pass back to her.

“Don’t patronize me, mister” she said as she caught the ball easily, “give me a real throw.” She threw another hard pass my way. I easily plucked it from the air and threw my best spiral back at her.

“Careful baby. Don’t want you breaking a nail catching the ball,” I said with a grin, “I kind of like those things dragging down my back. She chuckled and threw a nice pass back to me.

We tossed the ball back and forth a few more times. She impressed me with her ability to catch my harder throws, her passes were better than decent as well. All this time, however, I couldn’t help looking her up and down. I always found her alluring, but right now, even more so.

A smile formed on my face as I was lost in my thoughts. She noticed it. Throwing the ball back to me she called out, “what are you thinking about?”

I shook myself from my thoughts in time to catch the ball. “Just thinking how much I want to sack you right now,” I said as I tossed the ball back to her. This must have caught her by surprise because for the first time she dropped an easily catchable pass.

“Nice hands,” I said with a chuckle.

She growled and uncorked a wild throw, off to my right and well above my head. It took some effort but with a leap, I was able to get a hand on it, tipping it to myself for an easy catch. As I spun back around. I grinned and raised my eyebrows, silently saying ‘how about that?’

As I threw the ball back to her she asked, “what do you mean you want to sack me?”

“Just thinking of you as a quarterback baby, and me as a linebacker. I want to tackle you,” I grinned at her.

“Like you could,” she muttered and we continued to play catch.

After releasing a pass to her, I quickly charged. She saw me coming and uttered a little scream. She made no effort to catch the ball as it sailed over her shoulder and I bore down on her. I wrapped an arm around her waist and drug her gently to the ground as I watched the ball bounce away from us.

As we hit the ground, I rolled her onto her back and rolled on top of her. Her leg instinctively wrapped around the back of mine. I looked into her eyes and smiled. My body firmly pressing hers into the ground. I could hear her breath catch as my face hovered above hers.

“I guess you think you scored now, huh?” she panted.

“No baby. I’m just playing defense.” I smiled and lowered my lips, softly kissing her cheek, before standing back up and walking to retrieve the ball.

She got back to her feet, her defiance restored. “That wasn’t fair by the way. You caught me off guard.”

I laughed. “You think so? I doubt it would make a difference. This is my game baby. I haven’t lost that much yet.”

“You so couldn’t tackle me without cheating,” she replied, “unless I let you.”

“Is that so? Wanna test your theory?” I asked tossing the ball to her underhanded.

“Bring it on tough guy,” she said with a grin, she bounced side to side holding the ball, causing me to smile while I stifled a laugh.

“Okay,” I told her, “if you get to the shed without me tackling you…you win. If I tackle you before you get there…I win. Start whenever you want, I won’t move until you do.”

She nodded in agreement before raising her eyes to meet mine. “What do I get when I win? What are we playing for?” she asked.

“I thought we’d play for pride. For bragging rights,” I answered.

“No way,” she said, shaking her head, “I want more than that. When I win, I want you cooking dinner. Full Course. I even want dessert.” Her smile was radiant. She either really thought she could win or was just trying to egg me on.

“Fine,” I said, “and when I win?”

“You won’t so it doesn’t matter.”

I laughed. I took a quick look behind me surveying the terrain, before turning back to face her and readying myself. I noticed the only obstacle between her and the shed, besides me, was our picnic table about half the distance to the shed. I knew she would try to use this to her advantage. I would let her, or at least let her think she was.

She suddenly darted to her right. I quickly moved to cut off her angle and succeeded. She countered with a dash to the left. Again, I stymied her. Back and forth we went, drawing ever closer to the table. görükle escort She had to believe that she was slowly working me toward her goal. In her mind, she had to believe her plan was working. She was probably even thinking about what she would have me make for dinner at this point.

Before long we were face to face, parallel to the table, five yards separating us. She had three choices. She could cede ground and set herself up to make an end run around me. She could turn back and dash around the right side of the table, causing me to either pursue from behind or take the long way around the table. Or, she could go over the table.

I knew she wouldn’t cede ground. In my mind it was her best play. The one advantage she had over me was speed. I would never be able to catch her in a pure foot race. Her pride, however, would not let her go backwards.

I was pretty sure she would attempt to go over the table. It would seem the cunning move. Except that I fully expected it and already had my plan. The plan was the same whether she went over the table or around the right side of it. Unbeknownst to her, she was already caught.

She tried one last cunning ploy before making her move. Working a passable look of concern on her face, as well as a tone in her voice she said, “careful baby, you do have a bad knee.”

With that she dashed to her right and up onto the table. As soon as she moved, I spun around and moved back around the left side of the table. I was still five yards away from her as she leaped off the table. She must have felt she had succeeded at this point, but I was closing fast. I was coming at full speed and she would be at a near dead stop when she landed.

When her feet hit the ground, I had closed the distance between us to three yards. She took 2 steps toward the shed before I was on her. My left arm wrapping around her waist as I passed, my right arm closing around her. I could feel her try to lunge toward the shed but my grasp on her was complete. I spun her entire body around, until she was again facing the table, her back now to the shed. She fought as best she could, but to no avail, I simply overpowered her.

I pushed her up against the table, pinning her to it, my body pressing into her back. Her resistance melted.

“That’s not fair,” she breathed, “that’s a penalty or something. Holding!”

“I’m tackling, I’m allowed to hold on,” I told her.

“Unsportsmanlike conduct, then” she exclaimed.

“This would be unsportsmanlike,” I replied as I lowered my lips to her neck, exposed due to her hair being up in a ponytail. As I kissed and sucked on her neck, I pushed my hips forward, grinding my growing erection into her ass.

She let out a groan when she felt me and dropped the ball, her hands bracing her body on the table. “Unnecessary roughness,” she croaked.

“That would be this,” I told her as I moved one hand. With her hands on the table, her chest was now exposed. I used my free hand to grope her breasts through the jersey. I could feel her hard nipples through the material. She had taken her bra off before she came outside. Was she planning this?

Her moan snapped me from my thoughts. She was pushing her ass back against me. I pushed my erection into her and felt her hips swivel. With my body pinning her to the table, I took my other hand off her hip and soon plunged both hands under her jersey. She moaned again and pushed back harder when my hands found her bare breasts under her jersey.

My lips found her earlobe and sucked softly as my fingers rolled her hard nipples. She moaned louder and ground her ass into my erection. I was becoming uncomfortably cramped in my shorts. I removed my hands from her breasts and quickly hooked my thumbs in her sweat pants, pushing them down off her ass, her thong going with them.

I admired her bare ass before me as my fingers fumbled with the button on my shorts. When I succeeded in lowering the zipper I pushed my shorts and boxers down my legs. I felt the cool air against my hard cock as it bounced free. Grabbing her hips, I pulled myself back up behind her, still pinning her against the table. My shaft settled between her ass cheeks as our bodies pressed together.

“OH GOD,” she moaned, pushing her ass back hard when she felt my hardness against her.

My left hand again went to her chest, over her jersey and my lips descended on her neck. She lifted one hand off the table and lifted her arm around bursa elit escort my neck as our bodies moved together. My rock hard shaft sliding up and down between her ass cheeks.

I sucked softly on her neck as she pushed back against my thrusting hips. The fingers of my left hand found her nipple through the jersey and gently pinched, eliciting another moan. I slid my right hand around her hip and down between her legs. My fingers slid through her slit, checking to make sure she was wet enough for me. She moaned louder. She was soaked. I could wait no longer.

Moving my left hand to her hip, I pulled my own hips back slightly and grasped my shaft in my right hand, guiding the head between her legs. I stroked the head of my cock through her flowing wetness. I could hear her suck a deep breath in as I lined myself up. With a single thrust I buried myself fully inside her. Her walls closing quickly on my shaft.

“FUCK,” she groaned as I filled her pussy. I held her hips with both hands and began slowly thrusting. She pushed back into me, meeting every thrust.

As my hips slapped against her ass, I noticed her push a hand under her jersey. I quickly moved my right hand to join her. Together we rubbed and pinched her hard nipples as I drove my cock into her.

Our movements soon became erratic, I had to remove my hand from her breast to hold onto her hips as I pumped my shaft into her pussy. She was moaning continuously at this point. I could hear myself grunting louder with each thrust.

Thank god the neighbors weren’t outside, I thought to myself. Even without being able to see over the high fence, the sounds coming from our backyard would leave little to the imagination.

I continued to pound my cock into her. She pushed herself up off the table long enough to yank the jersey over her head. She turned her head as much as she could and her eyes met mine.

“Fuck me baby. FUCK ME!” she growled. I was happy to oblige. I lifted her right leg up so that her knee was resting on the table, allowing me to thrust my cock up into her, driving deeper. She twisted her body so that her right hand was able to catch around my neck and looked deep into my eyes as I fucked her.

“Yes baby. YESSSSSS! Give me that fucking cock! FUCK! Pound my pussy baby.”

Those words and the tone of her voice drove me to a new level. I fucked her with all my strength. I could care less if neighbors could hear us now. All I cared about was fucking this beautiful woman in front of me. The woman I loved with all my heart.

As our flesh slapped together, I could feel my swinging balls tightening. My shaft swelled inside her. I couldn’t hold out much longer. She beat me there. Her body soon convulsed violently and I felt her pussy flood my shaft. That was all I could take.

I slid both hands up to her breasts and squeezed as my cock exploded, sending my cum into her depths. Her walls squeezing my shaft, milking every drop from me. I leaned forward and captured her lips with mine as I filled her with my seed.

After my heart rate slowed, and I had caught my breath, I lowered her right leg back to the ground, making sure my cock stayed buried inside her. She collapsed face down onto the table. I could hear her panting as she tried to catch her breath. Little spasms continued to ripple through her pussy.

After she recovered enough, she pushed herself back up to a standing position. I stepped backwards, my cock slipping from her. She quickly turned to face me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I guess you think you won,” she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

“How about we call it a tie?” I replied.

“I can live with that,” she answered and kissed me deeply. My arms pulled her body tight to mine as we stood kissing in the middle of our backyard. Her fully naked, me with my shorts around my ankles. Even in the cool autumn air we both had a sheen of sweat covering our bodies.

When we broke our kiss and gathered up our clothes, I asked her, “what should I make you for dinner?”

“Hmm…let me think about it. What’s your prize for the tie?”

“I already claimed it,” I replied with a grin.

She laughed and pulled close to me. Standing on her tiptoes, she softly kissed my cheek. She then whispered in my ear, “that was both our prize baby. Join me for a shower before the game and you’ll get your winnings.”

With that she turned and walked toward the house. It didn’t take me long to follow. As I entered the kitchen I glanced at the clock on the microwave. We had less than an hour and a half before kick-off. I guess we’ll have to finish the yard before the Bears kick-off tomorrow.

I smiled at my thoughts, grabbed a beer from the fridge and followed her upstairs to our bedroom.

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