Three Women Open a Massage Parlour Pt. 01

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This is part one of a trilogy. It’s Alison’s story, narrated by her. I hope you enjoy it!

“We have to do something, I’m bored silly,” and then I added, “It has to be something that is popular.”

Then Bianca chipped in with, “And it has to be able to still make money when there’s a recession.”

That was sensible. We would be putting a lot of money into this project, and so we didn’t want it to go down the pan if the economy was struggling.

I looked at Carla, did she have anything to contribute? She was about to speak, so It was a yes.

“Those are two good points, but for me, the most important thing is that we enjoy doing it.”

So what businesses tick all those boxes?

We were three close friends. Recent events had changed all our lives, and for the worse. But we were fighting back. We were going to start a business, and we were together in my house, trying to decide what that business would be.

I’m Alison, and I’m forty eight years old. Until a year ago, I was a happily married woman. Now I’m divorced. I was supposed to be Jed’s love of his life, but that didn’t stop him leaving me for a woman that was half my age, and who had tits twice my size. Because of his midlife crisis, I have lots of money but no purpose in life, other than to support Brad, my young Son. And my two close friends are not exactly living the dream.

Bianca’s story is more tragic than mine. Dave didn’t leave her, he was killed in a car accident. So at only thirty eight she is a widow.

Carla’s story isn’t tragic, it’s sad. After a long list of unsuitable boyfriends, at the tender age of only twenty eight, she’s given up on men. She’s single, and determined to stay that way.

I said, “What about a restaurant?”

Carla shook her head, and Bianca screwed her face up. So that was a no. I tried again.

“Selling scented candles?”

Both of them laughed, and not in a nice way. That irritated me. My suggestions might not be good ones, but at least I was trying.

“That car wash near where I live is up for sale.”

This time they didn’t laugh, instead they burst into song, and I couldn’t help myself. I joined in.

“At the car wash. Workin’ at the car wash, girl. Ooh. Talkin’ ’bout the car wash.”

That was funny, but we were no nearer to finding a suitable business.

“I know what we can do.”

Good, Bianca was going to suggest something.

“We can open a Massage Parlour,” and then, while smiling, she said, “Just for men.”

That might be the one for us, but did it satisfy the three key criteria?

Would it be popular? Yes, there is never a shortage of men that want a massage. Is it recession proof? When times are tough, men will stop doing a lot of things, but having a woman touch their naked body is not one of them. Carla had said that the most important thing was that we should enjoy doing it. I wasn’t sure that I would. In order to decide, I’d need to get the answer to an important question.

“Would we just be running it, or would we also be providing the massage?”

Bianca told me, but not in the way that I’d expected. Instead of just speaking, she moved her hands as if she was actually massaging somebody, and then she said, to her imaginary client, “Would you like to fuck my sweet pussy with your big cock?”

That made myself and Carla giggle. She’d sold it to me. We’d make money, and while doing it we’d also get laid. So would I enjoy it? Hell yes!

To make it formal I proposed a vote.

“All in favour of opening a Massage Parlour raise your hand.”

Everybody did, and Carla, to show her enthusiasm for it, put both her hands up. That made all of us laugh.

For the next hour there was a frenzied discussion on what we needed to do to get our business off the ground. Our meeting ended with me being in charge of finding a suitable property.

A week later, we met again. Our agenda today was simple. To decide if the property that I’d found was suitable, and what name we should call the Massage Parlour.

The first of the two items was agreed in five minutes. Bianca summed it up with a single word.


However, the name was turning out to be a problem.

“Desperate Women?”

Obviously, Bianca’s suggestion was rejected, but it did make us chuckle.

“The Massage Parlour?”

That was better from Carla. But we were looking for something that was distinctive. Then the names got even sillier. Happy Ending, being the most ridiculous one.

I was about to call it a day, when I suddenly had a brainwave. We were Alison, Bianca and Carla.

“I’ve got it. It has to be ABC Massage!”

A month later, we owned the building. I’d put in the lion’s share of the money, but we were equal partners. Now all we needed to do was to equip it. And that took a lot longer than expected, even with my Son doing a lot of the donkey work. It was another four months before we were ready to open.

It was the day of the grand opening. Brad had called me in the morning to wish me luck, and he’d köle escort asked if I was nervous. I’d said no, but that wasn’t true. However, my Son phoning me had helped, and when I’d left home to go to work I was a lot less nervous.

In thirty minutes time we would have our first client. We were excited, but we were also nervous. Each of us was reacting to this emotional time in a different way. Bianca couldn’t stop talking, and Carla’s constant giggling was starting to irritate, and as for me, I had a permanent smile.

We were well-prepared. The rooms were state-of-the-art, and all three of us had been on a massage course, but I was still anxious. I was forty eight years old, and that’s old enough to know that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. I also knew though that we were three resourceful women, and that I was confident that we’d be able to overcome any first day problems.

Today, Bianca was going to be in charge of reception, and Carla and I were looking after the clients.

At ten o’clock our first client was at the main door. We could see him on our CCTV. He looked hesitant, and it was a few seconds before he pressed the intercom button.

After loudly clearing his throat, he said, “I’m here to see Alison.”

“Welcome to ABC Massage. Go to the top of the stairs and then turn left, that takes you into our reception room.”

Bianca then buzzed him in.

He was nervous but we soon put him at ease. From what I’d seen on the monitor, I’d put his age as fifty, but now that I could see him more clearly I realized that he was at least a decade older than that.

We were in my room. Harry was face down on the massage table. Except for a towel that was covering his bottom and thighs, he was naked.

“How would you like it? I can do soft or hard, or anything in-between.”

“Soft,” and then after a slight hesitation, he added, “I like it sensuous.”

That made me smile. He wasn’t here for the massage, he was here for the sex. And he’d get it, not from somebody who was just doing it for the money, but from somebody who was eager. It’s been two months since I’d been fucked, so I was gagging for it. That had been a one night stand after a drunken night out. He was twenty years younger than me, and he’d used and abused my body, making me come twice. He’d left in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. And that was the end of our brief liaison. I didn’t even know his name. Harry was an old man, so I wasn’t expecting the sex to be as good as it was then. However, if he could get it up, and keep it up, then I was determined that I was going to enjoy it!

I started on his shoulders and then I moved onto his back. While doing that I didn’t get any reaction from him, but I did when I put my hands onto his calves. He widened his legs. He’d done it to encourage me to put my hand between them. When my hand went there he gave a little shudder, in anticipation of where it was going to move to.

My hand was now cupping his balls, and he was responding by making appreciative noises. I’d only been massaging him for ten minutes but we were already starting on the extras. That was OK. He’d paid for forty five minutes of my time, so within reason, while he was with me I was willing to do whatever he wanted.

“Please can I turn over?”

The towel was no longer needed, so after taking it off him, I threw it onto the chair that was in a corner of the room. He then turned over, and I gasped.

Touching his balls hadn’t aroused me, but seeing his cock, had. There was now a nice feeling between my legs, and I knew that it would get even better when his impressive manhood was deep up my pussy. Before I was married I’d had a lot of lovers, none of them though were as well-endowed as Harry was. It was at least nine inches long!

While holding it in his hand, and waving it about like a wand, he said, in an apologetic tone, “I hope it’s not too big for you.”

It was as if he was embarrassed about it, and that amused me. Most men, including all of the ones that I knew, definitely wouldn’t feel that way if their cock was as big as his. They’d be boastful, and it would be on display at every opportunity.

“If you want, you can just jerk me off.”

That was considerate of him, but no. He had a prime cock and I was going to make the most of it. It might indeed be too big for me, but I was going to take as much of it as I could manage into my pussy. And that would be a lot.

With my hands on my hips, and a menacing stare, I said, “Yes I could do that, but you’re not leaving this room until you’ve fucked me.”

That made him laugh.

Despite his age, he was a handsome man. And his stiff cock was proof that there was still life in him. So that was what I was getting, and I was happy with it. But what was he getting?

I’m forty eight, so obviously I don’t have the body that I had twenty five years ago. Then, my medium size breasts were firm and my nipples pointed upwards. Now, they’re softer, and the nipples köle escort bayan are less likely to poke your eyes out. Over the years, my slim body has gained a few extra pounds, mostly on my hips, but you wouldn’t say that I was fat. However, considering my age, I’m in good shape. And I have two weapons in my armoury, that when I use them, no man can resist me. My dazzling smile and my hot wet pussy!

So that’s what he’s getting. But will he be happy with it? He should be, because if he’d wanted a younger woman, then he would have booked Bianca or Carla rather than me.

When I moved closer his hand went for my breast. I leant over to make it easier for him. His touch was gentle, but when he found my nipple he was rougher, pinching and pulling it. I liked that. It was exciting me, and my pussy was starting to moisten. Then we stopped, but only so that I could take my top and bra off.

“Please can I suck one of your gorgeous nipples?”

I was never going to say no to that. When his mouth was on it, he sucked long and hard, and with an eagerness that I found endearing. And he was good at it. So that, together with his fingers expertly playing with the other nipple, was making me moan.

But that wasn’t enough for him, because his hand was now between my legs, heading upwards towards my pussy. When it got there, and his fingers were on my panties, I groaned. Then he was in a hurry to get inside them. It wasn’t easy for him because I was wearing my tight sexy ones rather than my comfy loose fitting ones, but he managed it. And when he pushed two of his fingers deep into me, I gasped.

“Do you like that?”

Of course I did, but I’d like it even more when his fingers were moving inside me, exploring every part of my most intimate place.

“Yes, now finger me.”

He did, and my excitement went up a level. But it soon became apparent that my tight underwear was getting in the way. He must have realized that as well, because before I could say anything, he spoke.

“Take them off, and your skirt as well.”

While I was doing that he got off the massage table.

Both of us were naked. We were close together, facing each other, but not moving. It was as if we didn’t know what to do next. His big cock was standing proud, with the head touching my stomach. When I looked down at it, it twitched, and that gave me butterflies in my stomach. I no longer wanted him to finger me, I wanted him to fuck me.

While making eye contact, I said, “Harry, I think it’s time for you to fuck me,” and then, only half-jokingly, I added, “And be gentle with me.”

As soon as I was on the table, with my legs wide open, he joined me. Then, after quickly positioning the head of his cock at my opening, he was slowly pushing into me, and it was taking all of my self-control to stop myself from laughing.

It wasn’t the time for laughing, but I was thinking about all the other businesses that we had considered before deciding on a Massage Parlour, and that was amusing me. All of them might have been successful, perhaps making us a lot of money. But none of them could ever give me as much pleasure as I was experiencing as Harry’s impressive cock was making its way up my pussy.

They say that you can have too much of a good thing, and it’s true when you’re referring to the cock that’s inside me. I had to tell him to stop when it became uncomfortable. And, because he was a gentleman, he stopped as soon as I’d said it.

“Let me know when you’re ready.”

That was nice of him to be so considerate, but I was ready now.

“Fuck me, as hard as you can.”

After saying, “I’ll do my best,” he got going, and at a decent pace. Then shortly after he got quicker. I was impressed. He was giving my pussy what it needed.

It felt so good, and there was a lot of noise in the room. He was grunting loudly at the end of each stroke, and I was moaning almost continuously. It wasn’t going to take much more of this to make me come.

But then the wheels came off, all four of them!

Suddenly, and without any warning, he stopped. I could feel him spurting inside me. Another minute, two at the most, and then I would have been reaching it as well. I was frustrated. No, that word wasn’t strong enough to describe how I was feeling at this moment in time.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

I liked Harry, he was a nice man, but I wanted more from him than just an apology, I wanted him to make me come.

Two minutes later I got the climax that I had been craving for. His skilled fingers had quickly found the sweet spot on my little jewel, and then he’d polished it at just the right speed to give me a wonderful orgasm.

His parting words made me smile.

“I’m going to book you again for next week, but this time I’m going to make it an hour.”

After showering I went to reception. Carla was already there, and the look on her face told me that it hadn’t gone well with her client.

I said, “Tell me about it.”

She did, and when escort köle she’d finished I was fuming. I was angry at him, and also at myself. I should have known that we’d have some bad clients, and I should have put some procedures in place to deal with them.

After the massage he’d been rough with her, going beyond what was acceptable. She’d stopped him, but he wasn’t happy.

“I’ve paid for you, so I can do whatever I want to you.”

Carla had then told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was a creep. They’d then argued, but fortunately while they were doing that, he’d kept his hands off her. It had ended with him storming out.

“You’re a bitch and this place is a dump.”

At six, we closed, but we didn’t immediately go home. The three of us were having a little party to celebrate our first day of business. Apart from the incident with Carla it had gone well, but we needed to do something to stop it happening again. While drinking champagne and eating vol-au-vents, we tried to find a solution to the problem. Carla was the first one of us to make a suggestion.

“We can hide a machete in the room. When the bastard attacks us we can chop his head off.”

That creased us up.

Then Bianca said, “A panic button in all the massage rooms. You press it and we come rushing in.”

That was a good idea, but it might take some time for the cavalry to arrive. And also, we might not be strong enough to overpower a big man. Then I laughed, and the others looked at me as if I’d gone mad. I now knew what we needed to do.

“We employ some security. Two strong men whose job it is to look after us. When we press the panic button it’s them that come to our rescue.”

When Carla added, “And they’ll bring a machete with them,” we couldn’t stop laughing.

By the end of the week the panic buttons had been installed and we’d got our security. They were ex-military, so they could look after themselves. They were Brad and Troy, and I knew them. Brad was my Son and Troy was his best friend.

For me, hiring them had killed two birds with one stone. My Son had been out of the army for five months, and despite my constant nagging, he hadn’t bothered looking for a job. He now had one, and I had my security team for the Massage Parlour.

A week later, the ‘creep’ was back. He’d promised to behave himself, but just to make sure that he did, when he arrived I introduced him to Brad and Troy. They were charming, but he got the message.

‘If you mess with Carla then we’ll mess with you!’

Despite all the precautions, I was tense when he was with her, but I needn’t have been worried. He was as good as gold, and he’d even given Carla a generous tip.

The next day I had three clients booked. However, only thirty minutes before the first one was due to arrive, they cancelled.

“Sorry, I know it’s short notice, but I have to rearrange my appointment.”

While he’d been on the phone I was all sweetness and light, but when the call ended I was swearing like a trooper. I’d been looking forward to seeing Harry again, or more specifically, seeing his big cock. Today, I was horny, desperately in need of a good fuck.

I’m a glass-half-full-person, so it wasn’t long before I’d calmed down. In an hour, my next client would be here, and then I’d get what I wanted.

While I was waiting I did some paperwork. We all liked doing the massage and giving ‘extras’, but none of us liked doing the accounts. But somebody had to do it, so I’d volunteered. And without wanting to boast, I must say that I’m rather good at it.

He was on time, and when I saw him my heart skipped a beat. He was a young man, mid-twenties at the most. Tall and handsome, and he reminded me of my Son, though in my opinion, Brad was even better looking than him. Just what I needed!

However, when he left I was still frustrated. In fact, even more than when he’d arrived. He’d enjoyed the massage, but that was all that he’d wanted.

And of course, it got worse. My final client for the day was another cancellation.

“You don’t look happy. Is there anything I can do to help?”

That was from Troy, he must have seen the disappointment on my face after Bianca had given me the bad news. I was going to thank him for asking and then I was going to say no, but then I thought of something. Yes he could help me. He could fuck me.

“My client cancelled so I’m at a loose end. I need to be busy, so would you like me to give you a massage?”

He was polite, and I wasn’t offended, but it was a no. When he left I wanted to cry, but I managed to hold it in.

“It’s a yes from me.”

I turned around. It was Brad, and he was grinning. I was confused, what was he saying yes to? He must have noticed my confusion because he said, “I overheard you offering Troy a massage.”

I shook my head. I’d wanted more than a massage from his friend. Brad was my Son, so I couldn’t get it from him. He then did something that he hadn’t done since he was a teenager. He hugged me, and so tightly, that I could hardly breathe.

“I’m not going to let you go until you say yes.”

I wasn’t in the mood for playing games.

“If you don’t release me I’m going to scream.”

I’d meant it, and he must have realized that from the tone of my voice, because I was now free and he was standing two steps away from me.

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