Three Is Not a Crowd

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“He’s wonderful,” I overheard Susan confessed to someone on the phone as I walked into her apartment. “I know we have talked about this in the past. Meeting someone online does work and I really think you should try the web site I used.”

I stood in the doorway of the living room and gazed with delight at my new girlfriend and lover. I have to agree, my foray into online dating paid off when I met Susan. She was sitting on the edge of the couch wearing two towels; one wrapped around her wet hair and the other hiding the parts I like to see. I sat next to her and pulled her into my lap. With a little help, the towel covering her fell off. To my delight, Susan made no effort to put it back on. Instead, she snuggled in a position that allowed me direct access to her lovely breasts; a perfect handful and nipples begging to be touched and kissed.

“Gail, I know your ex is a scumbag and so is mine but, since I met Larry, my life has changed for the better. Don’t you think it’s time you moved on, too?”

I leaned over and took a breast in my mouth. I licked, kissed and played with Susan’s nipple. It was getting erect and hard just like my cock. She closed her eyes and I could tell she was having difficulty trying to talk with Gail while wanting to enjoy my touch.

“Listen Gail, I’ve got to go. Larry is here and doing wonderful, naughty things to my body. I’ll call you back later.”

Susan put down the cell phone and gave me the kind of kiss that added fuel to our fire. “Oh sweetie, you really know how to get me turned on.”

“Were you in the shower when Gail called?”

“Yes, I was. I wanted to get freshened up before you returned so I could greet you in the living room lying naked on the couch, surrounded by my favorite sandalwood candles. My pussy was eager for your mouth and I wanted to be ready.”

“Oh baby, that gets my motor running and revved up.”

“And hard I hope.”

“Very. Since you didn’t get to finish your shower, why not try again and this time I’ll wash your back.”

“Now, that’s an offer a girl can’t refuse.”

We adjourned to the bathroom where Susan had me stripped in a flash. It was pretty obvious how turned on I was particularly because this was our first time in the shower. I was anxious to touch her all over, however, my “always the engineer” lover was on task to get us both in the water. The warm water felt great and, true to my word, I started washing her back with lavender soap which permeated the air. I have to confess, I took my time as my hands moved down to her exquisite tush. She shifted her legs and provided me complete access to her bottom. She moaned when I inserted a wet finger into her rosebud. Note to self, I’ll have to explore that area further. I turned her around and I washed her gently yet completely from shoulders to toes. I will admit to taking extra care with her breasts and pussy which had recently been waxed. I just love the look and feel of it even more. What a lovely body. The added fun was taking the shower nozzle and giving her a thorough rinse. When I directed the water spray on her clit, her head went back, eyes closed, and her hand instinctively started rubbing it. I was amazed how fast she achieved a climax. She steadied herself using the wall and me as her body vibrated from the orgasm.

On my knees, I gave her clit a kiss, stood up and Susan took the shower nozzle from my hand. “Turnabout is fair play,” she said, and proceeded to duplicate my actions. I must say, having her finger up my ass was very erotic and she took her time playing. When she washed my front, she really concentrated on my package. I think she would have taken more time but we started running out of hot water. After a quick rinse, we grabbed the towels. Being a perfect gentleman, I dried her first. I didn’t miss a spot. I was practically dry by the time she took a towel to me but that did not deter her. No part of me was omitted.

After drying me, Susan dropped to her knees and took my cock deep into her mouth. She slowly pulled her head back while dragging her tongue along the bottom of my dick. I closed my eyes and whispered, “Oh baby that feels so incredible.”

“I’ve been thinking about doing that all day,” She said, looking up at me with a smile. “Hard to concentrate on work when I’m thinking of you and my new friend here.”

“I know what you mean. I love thinking about you and the way we have enjoyed each other. I picked Susan up and she wrapped her legs around my middle. “Wasn’t I supposed to eat your pussy when I walked in?”

“That’s what I planned.”

“Anything else?”

“Well, I’d like to try it by sitting on your face first, and then move down so I can be on top when we fuck.”

“What did I do to deserve you?”

I carried Susan into the bedroom and got into position Ankara Escort so she could straddle my face. She held onto the headboard and slowly lowered her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep into her wet and eager cunt. My nose was touching her clit and she took advantage of the dual sensation by slowly rocking forth and back. A few moments later the tempo increased and I could hear her breathing getting deeper and more urgent. One thing I love about Susan is that she is very responsive. She suddenly stopped and moaned as her climax rolled through her body. Her sweet tasting cum was all over my mouth and I continued to fuck her cunt with my tongue as her climax reached ecstasy.

Susan slowly pulled off, leaned down, kissed me, and licked her cum off my face. She gave me a smile, then took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and quickly revived it to full hardness. Her wet cunt easily slid down my love pole. I reached down and gently touched her swollen clit. With eyes fixed on mine, she started her ride. Her bouncing started slowly, and then increased in tempo. I loved watching her breasts move up and down as she rode my pole. I matched my rubbing on her clit with her speed. Soon she was slamming down hard and I was moving my pelvis up to drive my dick even harder and deeper. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. She gave a long moan that came from deep inside as her orgasm overtook her body.

Susan collapsed in my arms and I tenderly kissed her. When she recovered, she whispered softly, “There’s one more thing I’ve been thinking about all day.” With that she moved down between my legs and started licking my cock. Soon she had it all in her mouth with her tongue dancing and teasing my dick. Her technique was wonderful and soon it was my turn to pant as I was nearing the edge. I filled her mouth with my seed and she held me there until my cock was limp.

While we were fixing dinner, I asked Susan to fill me in about Gail. I knew she was her best friend since college but I really didn’t know much more. Apparently, since they were the only two women in most of their engineering classes, they had been drawn together. Strength in numbers, you know. After graduation, many miles separated them but that didn’t keep them from being attendants at each other’s weddings and, later, planning occasional girl’s weekends to catch up. Those grown up pajama parties turned out to be the time and place when Susan learned how lousy Gail’s marriage had become. As years went by, the situation only became worse. Susan’s marriage was also coming undone and the two friends consoled each other through the brutal months of divorce.

Recently, however, with divorce in the rear view mirror for both women, Susan had begun to reestablish her life as a single woman. That’s where I came in, so to speak. Online dating had proven very successful for us. The chemistry was undeniable from the beginning and we enjoyed all the other aspects of being together. Gail was at the other end of the spectrum. Her husband had left her for his secretary, “Miss Tits”, which Gail had christened her. Losing her husband was bad enough, but, when it turned out the other woman had boobs that would make Victoria’s Secret proud, it hammered Gail’s already fragile body image. While she was slender and tall, she had waited her entire life to look like “Angelina Jolie.”

After her divorce, Gail moved back here to be close to her family, and took a job as a project manager with a local construction company. That allowed the girls to get together on a regular basis. During that time, they talked more than shopped, ate or anything else. Susan was eager to share her online dating experiences but Gail remained reluctant. When I came into the picture, Susan was enthusiastic about our relationship and she wanted Gail to have the same success.

“How much did you talk about me?”

“I told her everything.”


“In great detail,” as she reached over and cupped my balls.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss of approval.

“Why doesn’t she try the online dating?”

“She doesn’t know where to start and she is still beaten up over the divorce. She feels bad about herself and her life. That doesn’t bode well for marketing yourself. She really could use help in creating a positive profile.”

“When you call her back, tell her we would love to help.”

Later that evening, Susan called Gail and apologized for cutting their earlier conversation short. “Larry had a beautiful hard-on and that’s a terrible thing to waste. Anyway, we talked about online dating and we both would be happy to come over Friday evening and help you with the site and write a profile. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your ex did you a favor. I feel like that’s what happened for me.”

Friday arrived Çankaya Escort and Susan was focused on solving Gail’s dilemma. “We engineers solve problems,” she proudly announced with a wink and coy smile. “Gail needs to be reminded she’s a woman. Any ideas on how to make that happen, you sexy thing?”

Explicit thoughts went through my mind; however I thought it best not to answer. Suppressing a smile, I tried to feign innocence. “I’ll just follow your lead, sweetheart.” I picked up her coat, holding it in front of me to hide my “growing enthusiasm” and we left the apartment.

Gail’s home was modest, yet comfortable and inviting as we entered with soft music playing in the background. We exchanged introductions and sat down for some small talk over the first bottle of wine. I liked her immediately and sensed she felt at ease with me. One merlot down and more flowing while we were laughing at some of the escapades the girls had done in college and over the years. When they were in the kitchen fixing a snack, I overheard a less inhibited Gail tell Susan I was just the kind of man she could get wet for. Susan replied that she frequently experienced that on a reoccurring basis. Wow, these girls really do talk about everything, however, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what was about to unfold later that evening.

We didn’t move to the computer until the start of the third bottle. By then, everyone was feeling the effects. There was a lot more laughing and flirtatious, friendly touching as we sat down on the couch with a girl on either side of me. Gail insisted I type while she and Susan dictated.

Personal information was easy to complete and then we started composing Gail’s profile. We were being silly until an exasperated Susan asked the obvious first question, “What do you want in a man??”

“You know exactly what I want, Susan,” she said emphatically while staring at my lap.

“One of these?” Susan laughed as she took Gail’s hand and placed it squarely on my crotch.

To my surprise, Gail didn’t remove her hand.

“Don’t offer unless you plan to follow through.”

Susan took Gail’s hand and slid it up and down my now growing cock. “We’ve shared other things in the past.” And as she held Gail’s hand in place, she leaned over and initiated what was clearly not their first kiss.

I sat there in shock as two women, my girlfriend and a woman I scarcely knew, were engaged in a lip lock!!

When they separated, Susan looked at me and said, “I think an explanation is in order. One evening when we were in college, we came back to Gail’s dorm after a party at my sorority. More than tipsy and feeling no pain after doing tequila shots, we collapsed on her bed and popped in an X rated video that had been floating around among the girls on the floor. The combination of booze and watching naked bodies up close and personal made us horny as hell. I remember saying how much I’d love to feel a man like that. I think we both were panting as we watched his dick slide in and out until he shot his load all over the woman’s breasts.”

I could tell Gail was becoming aroused throughout Susan’s narration. She intently stared at Susan, stopped her hand action and gave my dick a firm squeeze. Her rapid breathing, the flush of her skin, and her erect nipples pushing against her blouse told me this was a woman who was lost in reliving that evening.

Susan continued, “I don’t know who initiated it but suddenly we both kissed and our hands were all over each other. Clothes disappeared and we were exploring with fingers and mouths. (Gail pulled back from me and put her fingers in her mouth.) It just happened. We touched each other without needing to tell or ask. I’d never touched another woman’s breast, especially not when she was excited. (Gail opened her blouse, unhooked her bra and started gently messaging her breasts.) She felt me up and kissed my nipples knowing full well what I needed her to do. Moving on to our cunts happened without hesitation, (Gail moved her other hand down; found her way under her jeans and to the ache between her legs) so wet, so wonderful, so wanting to cum. It happened for both of us and it was awesome.”

I sat in amazement at what I was hearing and seeing. I don’t know which was more erotic, hearing Susan’s narration or watching Gail. Either way, my dick was screaming for release from my clothes and begging for the attention of these desirable women.

Gail’s actions had not gone unnoticed by Susan. She reached to move Gail’s hand to her own breast. With one hand I unfastened my pants, and with the other, I found Susan’s thigh beneath her skirt. As I moved further up to her panties, much to my delight, there were none to stop my advance. When she placed her hand on mine, I knew she Etlik Escort wanted more. With my hand enjoying Susan’s clit, I reached for Gail’s recently abandoned breast. In response, Gail moved once again to my bulging fly. I couldn’t believe I was actually fondling the pussy of one woman and the nipples of another. In what would have looked like an erotic form of sexual Twister, we were a tangle of hands on breasts and crotches.

“Too many clothes.” Susan said without hesitation. When she stood from the couch, the connections we’d formed pulled Gail and me vertically, too.

I pulled off Susan’s skirt as she tossed her blouse and bra aside. By the time I turned to Gail, she had disposed of all her clothes. For the first time, I was looking at two women, wet, ready and straight in front of me; a totally new and wonderful experience. I couldn’t help noticing that Gail, unlike Susan, had a pussy covered in curly, thick, and inviting hair. I was anxious to feel the texture with my fingers and mouth. This is the thing movies and fantasies are made of but never happen in real life, yet here it was. They pulled me to my feet, and between them; they practically ripped my clothes off.

“This is new. Is Larry as turned on at the sight of your bare pussy as I am?” Gail quizzed, knowing full well I was. She pushed Susan back on the couch, knelt between her legs and said appreciatively, “How very lovely and sexy. I can imagine Larry wants a lot of face time down here.” She looked up at me with a wink and said, “You’ll have two pussies for your enjoyment tonight.” With that she turned and started licking Susan’s pussy. I was enjoying the view and moved to a position where I could fondle Gail’s breast and still watch her mouth in action on Susan.

Susan is very responsive and it didn’t take more than a few moments before she was panting and ready to climax. I think Gail was sensing the same because I could feel her nipples were getting harder. She didn’t stop eating Susan until she had a second orgasm. She pulled back to let Susan recover so I took the opportunity to pull Gail’s lips to mine. I love the taste of Susan’s cum but experiencing it from Gail’s lips was indescribable. Our kiss was interrupted by Susan pulling Gail away and saying “My turn with Gail.”

The girls swapped positions and I was soon holding Susan’s breast as I watched her eat Gail. I was enjoying a beautiful sight for the second time. I couldn’t keep myself from slowly stroking my dick with my free hand. I certainly didn’t want to cum but it seemed instinctive and felt so good. Soon, I thought, it would be their hands touching my hard and eager cock. That thought only made me more excited.

I watched Susan’s slow and deliberate technique. I felt I was learning from the teacher. Her attentive hands massaged Gail’s thighs as her lips and tongue did their magic. Even though she was slower to respond, we could tell by the change in her breathing that her orgasm was getting near. When Susan focused on Gail’s clit it pushed her over the edge and her whole body pulsed with an intense climax.

With Gail recovering, I pulled Susan to my lips and tasted Gail’s cum on my lover’s mouth. Since Susan’s arms were around me, I realized the hand that was now pumping my dick had to be Gail’s. I looked down to Gail and she said, “Susan, you’ve got a lot of man here. Feeling his hard dick in my hand reminds me that I’m seriously overdue for a good fuck. Don’t make me wait much longer.”

“I have no intention of stopping and I’m sure Larry won’t resist.”

I found myself pleasantly outnumbered by women who knew exactly what was going to happen next. Before I knew it, I was lying on the floor with Susan’s legs tented over my face as Gail brought me back to full erection status with her hands. Dipping down just close enough for me to get a whiff of her, Susan came to my lips time and time again. The tease coupled with Gail’s massage was adequate to make me fully operational. When Gale positioned herself behind Susan, I had a glimpse of what was in store for me. I felt a moist, warm pussy slide over my cock as Gail disappeared from sight. Now, Susan was allowing me to taste her wetness. Susan was losing herself to my mouth with the first of many orgasms just as Gail was taking me closer to mine.

I’d never known double delight; a mouth full of one woman and my cock filling another. It was sensation beyond compare and I climaxed as I’d never done before. As I shot my load deep in Gail’s cunt, she gasped, moaned and shuddered with a climax of her own. She squeezed her muscles and held my dick inside her as she collapsed forward on my chest. Susan repositioned herself to lie on my shoulder. I held both women in my arms, my head swimming from what just happened. Exhausted and contented, I brushed my fingers up and down their backs while savoring the afterglow of a mind blowing ménage a trios.

Without so much as opening her eyes, Gail asked, “Can we can forget completing the profile?”

“Absolutely,” was the response from two voices in unison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32