Three in a Row

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My marriage had been on the rocks for about six months. Right after I decided that I needed to get out, I ran into an old college friend. I was about ten years older than her, but we had graduated together. She was still as cute and fit as she had been 10 years earlier when I had last seen her. Short, cute, jet black hair, big brown eyes, perfectly coiffured hair, fit, and stylishly dressed. At our first encounter, she let me know that her husband traveled a lot.

It wasn’t long before one thing led to another, and I was at her house. She made the first move by kissing me. After that, it wasn’t long until she was closing the curtains. I was stunned by how quickly she turned around and stripped, first her sweatshirt, then jeans and panties at the same time. Then with her turned directly toward me, she reached up behind her back and loosened her bra. She dropped it as she moved toward me.

I was still in the process of unbuttoning my shirt. I thought I was seducing her, but I was about to be devoured. When we were both undressed, she led me over to her bed and lay back on the bed with her legs in the air. It was the bed she shared with her husband, but at that point, he was the last thing on my mind. I looked down at her vagina, now fully exposed and vulnerable. Then I looked into her eyes and told her that I wanted to take my time.

The foreplay and stimulation I gave her made her want me again many times over. She begged me to cum inside her. Since I’d had a vasectomy, I wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant. When I finished, we were both breathless. She said, “It feels so right, doesn’t it.” I had to admit that it did.

The next day we were at a motel. After that, we were wherever our schedules would allow us to meet and still maintain discretion. For the next six months, we were together three or four times a week. We even figured out how to manage to be away from home one night a week and to spend the night together. Additionally, there were times when her husband traveled, and I would have an unexpected business trip, which was nothing but an excuse to be at her house.

Toward the end of our first year together, I was getting frustrated over her refusal to leave her husband. I was ready to make my break, and I wanted her to do the same. Still, she continued to have reasons why she wasn’t ready to break from her marriage.

It was about that time that I got a call from an old girlfriend from several years ago. She had heard my voice as I was being interviewed on TV, and she called me later the same week. She hadn’t changed much since I last saw her. She still had the same dark hair and curvy body. Her beauty was perhaps bursa escort due to her Spanish and French ancestry. The dark hair and dark eyes gave her an exotic look. She and I had never been intimate, but after a couple of meetings this time, we found ourselves in a motel room. We lay on the bed and kissed. I moved slowly, kissing each section of skin that I undressed until finally, she had nothing on but her panties. I rubbed her through her panties, feeling her excitement grow and feeling her moisture build. When I reached down to remove her panties, she lifted her hips up off the bed to make the task easier.

I moved down to the foot of the bed and looked up at the woman I’d known so long. Her face was flushed with passion. Her breasts were not overly large but were more than ample and rounded so as to give a full appearance. Then, there was the sweet pussy I had been denied so many years ago. I began to stimulate her clit with my tongue. She immediately shivered and thrust upward. Continuing with my tongue, I slipped a finger inside her, curling it up to her G-spot. In a few moments, she grabbed my hair and uttered a groan, shoving her pussy into my face with force and holding it there.

When she relaxed her tensed muscles, I moved upward between her legs, once again kissing her lips and slipping my dick inside her. First, I entered just enough to contact moisture. Then back and forth, a little deeper each time until the entire length of my shaft was lubricated. As I thrust, she commented, “I know you’re not, but it feels like you’re going halfway to my through every time you push.” I knew I wasn’t anywhere near that far up her, but it was such a turnon for her to say it. Before long, I felt my juices mingling with hers inside her. I pulled out and lay beside her, holding and caressing her as my juices began to run out her cunt and onto her butt cheeks.

My wife and I seldom, if ever, had any sexual contact. My old college friend had been my only sex partner for roughly a year now until the old girlfriend came back into the picture. I was riding high, having two women giving themselves to me. I hated sharing the old college friend with her husband, but I took some comfort in knowing that she was not on birth control and that he always entered her with a condom. I was the only one making skin-to-skin contact, and I was the only one putting my juices inside her.

One night, I had business out of town and met with my old girlfriend at her house. We didn’t even make it back to her bedroom. We lay down on her couch right in the living room. It was a little risky because she had two teenagers who were supposed to be spending the night bursa ucuz escort away, but knowing how teens often change plans, there was some fear that one of them could return. Yet, there we were, totally naked, screwing away on her sofa. We finished without interruption and kissed goodnight. I left and drove about an hour away to a conference I was attending.

The next morning, instead of going back to the conference, I went to see my old college friend. She lived in an A-frame cabin in the woods, and we threw a quilt onto the floor right in her living room. As was usual, I removed her top and bra and spent considerable time kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking her breasts. She always said that they were the key to her pussy. Then I loosened her belt buckle and lowered her jeans. She lay there in nothing but white bikini briefs. Her breasts were not large but were perfectly proportioned to her built. They were also amazingly firm and looked like inverted grape clusters. I knelt down between her knees and removed her panties, again looking at her pussy.

This was before the days of the shaved beaver, and she had a perfectly trimmed triangle of hair, dark and curly, below which protruded large vaginal lips. The color of the skin around her pussy, however, was not dark. Neither dark nor pink, it was a perfect tanned cross between typical European and native Cherokee. I parted those lips and licked her clit until she was panting and begging me to enter.

As I slid inside her, I felt a momentary pang of guilt, knowing that only 10 hours before, I had been inside another woman’s pussy and had left a load of cum inside her. Yet, knowing that the woman before me still gave herself to her husband, I felt totally justified. I screwed her until I had no power to hold back and again filled her with my cum. She lay on her back with her eyelids fluttering as her passion rose again to a crest.

We parted with our usual good humor and multiple kisses. I went by my office for an hour or so and headed home.

When I arrived, my wife was in the kitchen. She asked me to follow her upstairs. When I did, she sat down on the side of the bed and said, “I want you to do me.” In our entire marriage, I had never remembered her asking me for sex. She always treated sex as something she had to do out of duty. When she would climax, she would roll over and cry because she was carrying issues from her youth when she was taught that sex was bad and that only bad girls enjoyed it.

She lay back on the bed and raised her knees, putting her feet on the edge of the bed and raising the hem of her dress. I looked bursa elit escort down at the legs and panties below me. If looks had been the issue, I would never have started making plans to leave my wife, although at this point, she didn’t know I had such plans. She had brown, curly hair and had a good proportion to her body. Her face was pretty. Her boobs were a C-cup and were still very firm. Her tummy was still trim and firm, and her ass was still a perfect 10. Fucking her would have been any man’s dream if her passion had matched her looks.

As I pulled her panties down, she said, “You don’t have to worry about taking care of me. I just want you inside me.” In spite of that, I went down on her and had her climaxing in no time. Then she said, “Just put it in.” I suddenly realized that I had not even washed since being with my girlfriend an hour and a half before. I still had the juices of her pussy dried on my dick. I looked down and thought of all the times I had wanted my wife but she had no passion for me. So many times, even during sex, she would be totally lifeless, like a victim powerless to resist and simply submitting in order to get it over with. I had gone out of my way to learn so many things about how to please a woman, but it didn’t change anything. I suppose part of what I felt was lust and part was anger. I had wanted her to want me for so many years, and now—of all the inopportune times—she did.

In my mind, even as I remembered where my dick had just been, I formed the words, “You want it, after all these years? All right, I’ll give it to you.” Since I had licked her to a climax, she was already wet, and I had no trouble entering her. My girlfriend’s dried juices and hers mingled together. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and watched as my dick pulled back and then thrust over and over into her wet pussy.

I have never been known for multiple orgasms. I typically produce a very high volume of cum and am done for the night (or the day). I wasn’t sure that I could cum again, having done so less than 12 hours ago with one woman and only an hour and a half ago with another. To my surprise (and delight), however, I felt the momentum building. For the third time in less than 12 hours, I felt the relief of ejaculation. The fact that I had done so in three different women was a tremendous turnon.

I looked down my wife’s shapely legs and watched as my penis lingered inside her pussy. Knowing my cum was inside her, I watched until I shrank and could no longer stay inside. Then I handed her my undershirt because she was already starting to drain. I watched as she dabbed cum and remembered how the other two pussies looked after I had cum in them so recently.

As the years have gone by, I have thought so many times of my own personal “triple crown.” I have had a number of women since, but never have I had such a marathon as those three luscious beauties gave me that Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32