This Amazing Woman

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Big Tits

We’re sent on a training course together, catching an early train to London and then the Underground to the companies training centre in Waltham Forest. Everything feels relaxed as we tease each other and laugh the whole way there. The first day of the course goes quickly, and then we walk to the hotel. You have to help me with the touch screen check-in system which is very funny (for you at least) before we go off to our rooms. We’ve arranged to meet up for dinner and I’m soon waiting for you in the lobby.

As you come down the stairs, I glance up… In your skin tight jeans and low-cut top, you look absolutely stunning and you smile as you see my see my gaze, which has gone on for just a little bit too long. You wink at me as you walk past towards the restaurant, leaving me standing and having to run to catch up. We sit and chat, and I notice you’re wearing the choker necklace that I once drunkenly admitted to finding incredibly sexy on you. You want to try my food and suggestively lick my fork before telling me that when your away from home, you like to try new things that you wouldn’t normally do. I take a long gulp on my drink, but my mouth is still dry, I feel like I’m being led along… but somehow it feels right.

After dinner, I walk you to your room, where you whisper goodnight and close the door. I’ve barely made it to the end of the hall when my phone beeps with a text message “Coffee?” My sensible head takes over as I reply, admitting that I’m not sure that it would be a good idea to be alone with you (the truth is I’m horny as hell right now). You tell me you understand, but also say that if you can resist me, then you think I should be able to do the same. You go on to say that it’s early and your bored, and ask me to bring my laptop round so we could watch a movie together.

I can smell fresh coffee as you open the door to invite me in and we’re soon sat together on the bed with some chick flick playing… I barely notice it. You’ve positioned my computer on your lap so we can both watch it, but I’m completely distracted by the tight denim that is being stretched tightly around your thigh. I can smell the faint aroma of your hair conditioner and I’m aware the warmth of your body, so close to mine. It almost feels like there’s electricity jumping between us and all I can think about is the hard-on straining against my jeans. You laugh at the funny bits of the movie, but I think your also smiling because you know what effect you’re having on me.

I get up, lying about needing to use the toilet and end up locking myself in, just staring at myself in the mirror. I know what I want, but how could I make a pass at you and destroy the trust and friendship we have. My phone suddenly beeps with another message and my hand starts shaking when I read “What happens in Waltham, stays in Waltham!”

I leave the bathroom to find a pile of clothes on the floor. My laptop’s been put away and your laying sideways on the bed, resting on your elbow… but now your wearing a sheer black negligée and very little else. You smile as you say “You like?”

I can’t speak, I just climb on the bed beside you, pulling you close and our mouths meet for the first time. You break the kiss long enough to whisper “I’ll take that as a yes!” and smile as you lay back, relaxing beneath me. Your hair is spread-out across the pillow as you gaze up, looking directly into my eyes as you wordlessly invite me to lean in and take you. My hand grazes across your hip, feeling the delicate lace that is the only impediment to your sensitive skin and I kiss you again, harder this time, more insistent.

You respond in kind, searching out my mouth with your tongue and making me jolt as it touches mine. Your breathing is already getting heavy, so I give you chance catch yourself by kissing my way bursa escort bayan down to your neck and playfully exploring the outline of your collar bone. Your hands are on my shoulders and I sit up when I feel them lightly tugging my shirt. They feel firm against my stomach as they push my cotton t-shirt up my torso, exploring every inch of my body as more and more of it is uncovered. I raise my arms, allowing you to push it over my head and become aware of your eyes on my muscular chest and broad shoulders.

I lean back down, my lips returning to your shoulder, slowly kissing my way across the flowery lace and then down the exposed skin between your breasts. Your arms stretch out across the bed, pushing down as you arch your back and press yourself against my mouth. With a little effort, I shift position, getting right on top of you where your legs firmly wrap around my waist, your body gently shudders as I run my hands slowly up and down your sides.

Although your lingerie is sexy as hell, it has served it purpose now and I want more of you to explore and taste. My hands caress both sides of your body, from your thighs, to your waist and then right up to your arms, while the delicate material of your negligée easily slips up before them and soon disappears over your head. Your lying beneath me, wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of knickers and you look so beautiful to me, It makes you smile as I pause to take in the sight.

Once again, I kiss you deeply before wiggling down, your sexy little belly is my next target and I feel your hands running through my hair as I kiss and nibble at you, getting lower and lower until I reach the waistband of your underwear. I hear a gasp as I suddenly drop down and my teeth lightly graze the soft, milky flesh of your inner thigh. I can see your mouth is wide open and your breasts are heaving with every laboured breath, they look so inviting.

I take a last glance at the thin strip of cotton between your legs, it’s the only thing that’s keeping your most intimate secrets from me, but that’ll have to wait, your tits need my attention first. Again, your back arches up as my lips caress your sensitive belly, my strong hands progressing up your sides until they converge on your upper body at once.

You moan loudly as I squeeze your breasts and my tongue starts to circle your nipples, moving back and forth from one to the other. You seem to be very sensitive there so I keep going until I feel your legs around my waist, pulling me against your sex, almost grinding yourself against the bulge. My cock is straining painfully, as if it knows how close it is to your pussy and it’s trying to rip my jeans apart to get to you. But instead, you’ve got another idea for it.

You push me over and climb on top, sitting upright with your hands on my chest and smile provocatively as you say that you would like to do something special for me. You don’t give me a chance to respond as you start to kiss my chest, hungrily working your way down towards your ultimate destination. Your hands arrive first, ripping at the buttons of my jeans until my cock suddenly springs free, almost hitting your chin, and I see a grin spread across your face as you lower your mouth towards it.

The course surface of your tongue feels divine as you run it up and down my shaft, and the moment that the tip of my manhood is enveloped in your warm, moist mouth I can’t help myself from calling out your name. You’re so very giving and work vigorously, alternating between sucking and teasing me with your tongue. I know I’m not going to last long like this and tell you, but that just makes you work harder. I look down at your sweet face bobbing up and down, and then glance at the mirror behind you. The reflection of your arse is just perfect and I see you cheekily bursa bayan escort wiggle it side to side, telling me that you like me looking.

This is too much for me and I grown loudly as I cum. I see lights and stars behind my tightly closed eyes as the aftershocks of my orgasm continue to wash all over my body, barely aware of you giggling at the reaction you have caused me to have. On all fours, you coyly climb up my body and say “How was it for you?”

“Oh, we’re we’re just getting started” I say as I easily lift you and throw you down on your back. “It’s my turn now!” I tell you.

I stand above you, while you eagerly drag my jeans down my legs, stripping me naked and wanting me to do the same to you. It won’t be long now, but first those tits are calling out to be sucked. You writhe around on the bed as I explore every inch of you with my tongue. My strong hands grip tightly around your hips, teasing at the waistband of your knickers, the only form of concealment you have left. You stretch out, silently telling me what you want and I don’t need to be told twice. Slowly, I pull your underwear down your thighs, it’s is most exciting experience of my life as the intimate revelation mixes with the anticipation of what is to come.

You hold your feet up, letting me completely separate you from your underwear and then your legs to fall back either side of me. I’ve spent the last three years trying to imagine you like this and the actual experience is everything I had dreamed of and so much more. I can’t hold myself back, I’ve got to touch you, I’ve got to taste you, my only purpose in life is to make you scream out my name.

You moan as my tongue traces the length of your slit, your ready for this and you taste so sweet. My arms wrap tightly around your thighs, holding you still as I try out different things, watching how you react and learning what you like. When I’m ready, I nudge at your clit and watch your arms suddenly flail out, gripping the headboard behind you as if it’s only thing that’s stopping you from falling. My tongue laps at you relentlessly while your thighs squeeze my head and you shamelessly grind yourself against my face. Every laboured breath you take is punctuated with an adorable little moan, spurring me on to give you all the satisfaction that I’m capable of giving.

Your whole body goes tense.

You hold your breath.

I pause, knowing that you are mine.

I finally push you over the edge and your whole body erupts like a volcano, bucking and jolting all over the bed. Your hands grab for me, unintentionally pulling my hair but I don’t care, your screaming out my name and there is nothing that could possibly feel better than that.

I tenderly kiss all around your thighs and belly until you pull me up to your face and look deeply into my eyes. Your still recovering from a powerful orgasm and all you’re emotions are right there on show. Nothing is hidden from me as you pull me down to kiss you. You must be tasting your own sex, but you don’t react at all, everything feels incredibly natural between us. Finally you recover enough to smile and whisper that I’m amazing. I agree.

It doesn’t take long before your hands are all over me again, and mine are on you. I kneel up to look down at you, laying naked and so willing to share yourself with me. I feel like I’m so much bigger than you, so much stronger, and the view of my hard cock looming over your spread body makes you look so vulnerable beneath me, it excites me more. There is savage animal deep inside me that I’m straining to hold back, but I want one more thing from you first, I want you to ask for it. You look confused, but I don’t move, watching the frustration build up in your eyes while my dick twitches before your prone bursa merkez escort body. You whimper, not knowing what I’m waiting for and desperate to take me inside you, but still I hold back.

Eventually you scream out “FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!… Don’t you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?… Just FUCK ME WILL YOU!”

The animal is released and my hard cock easily penetrates you, stretching you just enough to make you catch your breath, but still want more. I give you everything, pushing forward with all my strength until my pelvic bone is flat against yours. There is total silence in the room as we both hold our breath, savouring the experience of being as close together as it’s possible for two people to be, but the animal is compelling me into action.

I withdraw, almost completely, before plunging back inside you. Again and again and again, while you breathlessly repeat the words “fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!” You delicate voice is startling, it seems so at odds with the words your saying, but spurs me on with an even greater vigour. I fuck you with absolute commitment because I know that for one single night, your heart, body and soul belongs to me and I’m going to make the absolute most of it. This one moment is the only thing in the world that matters to me.

I raise your legs up to my shoulders and grab you tightly around the waist, lifting you right up to get a better angle. You’ve thrown your head back and I know your eyes are tightly closed, but I can see all of you. I’m captivated by the way the soft skin of belly ripples, the way your breasts move with every thrust and how the tight muscles in your shoulders and arms flex to resist me. Your whole body is so beautifully animated for this single activity, but still I want more.

Your legs fall to my sides as I lift you to sit, pulling you up on top of me so I can once again kiss your sweet mouth. You respond with nothing but lust, wrapping your arms around my head and forcing your tongue into my mouth. I kneel up, lifting you right into the air so I can reposition you without my cock ever leaving your body, and lower you down again with your knees at my sides. Your dainty hands push on my chest, making me lay back and you start to raise your body the full length of my shaft, savouring every feeling that our combined bodies can produce before driving back down again with all your weight. The raw passion on your face is so stunning that it takes my breath away and soon your fucking me so hard that you have to grab your own tits to stop them from flailing around. It seems there is an animal inside you as well.

I can tell that your getting close, but I’m not ready to let you go yet and once again lift you to gently lay you on your back. Once again your legs wrap around my waist and my mouth seeks out yours. I move slower now, supporting your head with my hand and taking my time to delay the inevitable climax that we have both been seeking for so long. Our bodies move together in perfect unison, while you breathlessly whisper “Oh God! Oh God!”

I feel the first shudders of an orgasm start to ripple through your body, and the movement triggers the same in mine. You call out my name as my hot seed is fired deep inside you and we both shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure passes back and forth between us. The experience of both cuming at the same time has elevated an amazing intimate encounter into something truly beautiful and special. We kiss for what seems like hours before I lay down beside you and you nuzzle into my neck.

You fall asleep almost immediately, but I’m determined to stay awake for as long as possible, enjoying the feeling of your naked body against mine and your gentle breath on my shoulder. I don’t know what going happen between us tomorrow, or if I will ever get another chance to be with you. But I do know that for the rest of my life, the memories of this night will keep me warm whenever I’m feeling low. I close my eyes, savouring the mixture of emotions that are coursing through me, and listen to this amazing and beautiful woman, snoring like a pig right into my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32