Things That Scare Me

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Blowing Dick

She hadn’t seen his face in six months, outside of her own fantasies, dreams that she woke up from in a cold sweat, and occasionally checking him out on social media so she could remember his sharp jaw and deepset brown eyes. But there he was. As she walked across the room, she caught his eye in the crowd. Not one to hide her emotions well, he saw her startle and cover with a big, toothy smile as she turned away from him.

She was a social butterfly, but in the months since their last exchange that ended in such complete disaster, she never saw him once at any of the parties, shows, or fundraising events she attended multiple times per week. But suddenly he was staring at her. She felt confident and radiated sexual energy as she sashayed her hips and walked to refill her drink. She knew as soon as they locked eyes that their detente was going to end this evening.

She made her way to the back of the room. She felt his eyes on her as she passed by the group he was with. She cocked her head and motioned for florya escort him to follow her. He got up and met her near the bathroom. With one look, he hastily grabbed her arm and pulled her into the empty room.

Their lips met as he took hold of her arms and pushed her against the wall. They kissed feverishly. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he grabbed her ass under her mini skirt, gripping the squares of her fishnet tights, and digging them deeper into her skin. He pulled away for a moment and started, “Matilda, I…” She stopped him, looking him square in those brown eyes, “Later,” and kissed him again.

He grabbed for the waistband of her tights, and pulled them off as she rid herself of her heels. She lost some height, but he immediately made up for it by grabbing her around the waist and hoisting her up on the counter. He knelt in front of her, pulled off her black lace panties, spread her legs and her lips, thrust two fingers into her wet pussy, and began licking feriköy escort the juice dripping from her. He circled his tongue around her hood, flicking her swollen, pulsing clit as she arched her back in ecstasy. She quickly remembered how good he was at eating pussy. His fingers rubbed the right spot inside her, as his tongue made her squirm with pleasure. She pulled his hair and pushed his head into her as she moaned and finally came in one big convulsion. She pulled him up to her and tasted her own pussy on his lips.

“I want you inside me. Now.” She got down on her knees and unbuckled his pants. She took out his almost fully hard cock, and swallowed it, making sure the head was touching the back of her throat, as she took his balls in her hand and massaged them, gently rolling around each sack in her fingers. She slid her tongue around his dick in circles, teasing the tip, until he was rock solid. She got up from her position, pulled a condom from her purse, slid it on his fulya escort throbbing cock and said, “Now, fuck me.”

He obliged, turning her around, spreading her legs and entering her, as he wrapped her long, raven locks around one hand, using the other to push against the wall to gain leverage to get further inside her. He kissed and sucked on the back of her neck as he pushed in and out of her. He pulled out, turned her around, and lifted her by her ass until she was at just the right height to take his cock and put it back inside her still wet pussy, wrapping her legs around his back and angling her back to get him deeper and deeper.

“Shit, I’m going to come,” he moaned. She unwrapped her legs, and got down on her knees, taking off the condom and taking him in her mouth, massaging his balls and lightly pushing them up into him until he exploded in her mouth. She looked up at him through her lashes with her big, expressive blue doe eyes as she swallowed his cum.

They dressed and cleaned themselves up in silence. She whipped around before walking out of the door, “Does this mean I exist to you again?” she said somewhat glibly, with a sparkle in her eyes. “You have my number if you want to talk. Or something.” She rejoined her friends and the rest of the party still happening around them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32