They Finally Meet Ch. 02

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Belly Piercing

She squeezed and tugged on his balls again, this time as she licked from the base of his throbbing cock to the underside of his head. She used her tongue to massage the underside of his head and matched the rhythm with the squeezing and yanking of his balls. This tandem was both jarring and unbelievable. The slight pain mixed with the incredible pleasure was almost unbearable.

This must have been some sight. A completely naked man, arms above his head, with a fully clothed woman licking his cock while sitting at his feet.

He had his head back in the chair trying to relax. When she stopped.

“Look at me damn it.” she demanded. He opened his eyes and tilted his head forward just in time to see her, while making full eye contact with him, slide her mouth down his entire shaft. His cock was now completely in her mouth. He nearly came but was stopped again by her hardest tug yet on his balls.

He moaned and tried to keep staring but he was getting so close and near the point of no return. She slid her mouth up and down his shaft a few times then stopped abruptly with a somewhat gentle bite on the shaft just below his very swollen and sensitive head.

“Not yet pet, not yet.” she seemed to say directly to his hard cock. And with that she flicked the head again, causing his hard on to soften. This again caused pre-cum to squeeze out of his now pulsing head. He flinched and squinted but kept his arms above his head. He thought about how good that just felt and what she was doing and how he wish he could have cum in her mouth. She grabbed the tube of k-y with her left hand and then squeezed his face with her right as she now was standing over him straddling his body.

“I’m going to stroke you for 15 minutes. When 15 minutes is up, if you’ve been good, I will let you cum.” she said very plainly. “You DO NOT cum without me telling you to cum, do you understand, dear?”

0 to 5 minutes

“Yes ma’am, I understand that my cum is your cum and I cum at your command.” he answered with a tone that almost deserved a “HOORAH SIR” at the end of it and would make most serviceman proud, for a number of reasons.

She moved the ottoman to the side of the chair. Squirt some k-y directly onto his cock and started massaging it. The k-y wasn’t cold by any standard but the cool sensation when first squirt on his cock caused a slight flinch.

“Are you scared of me?” she taunted, “Is the sexy, muscular, toned little bitch afraid of this little mom?” She continued to work his cock as she said this until it was back to being fully erect. “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, much. After all, I do need a cock that will satisfy me for the next few hours, and I have to say, you’ve done a halfway decent job so far, so I will keep you around” With that, she moved her other hand between his legs and started fondling his balls. She pushed his hard cock up against his stomach so it was pointed directly as his belly button and ran 2 fingers from the base to the head, back and forth, while fondling his balls and rubbing the skin directly behind his sack.

Her finger slid back and nearer to his asshole and he was startled as this was never really discussed. “Don’t you dare move” she demanded. She let go of his very swollen cock and grabbed the k-y. She squirt some on her middle finger and slid it back between his legs. She stared at him as she slid her finger closer to his asshole. She pressed the pad of her middle finger around the rim as she used her other hand to stroke his still hard cock. She then switched to her index finger and inserted to the first knuckle.

He let out a gasp as this was the first time he had been penetrated and he wasn’t sure what to escort make of it. It didn’t feel wrong or hurt, but he wasn’t sure if he liked it. His thoughts drifted to wondering if this is what it felt like for women with a cock in them.

She watched his reaction and then decided to see how he’d like some more finger. She slid her finger slowly even further into him as she moved her hand on top of his cock, with her fingers extending the length and his head pushing into her palm.

“I want you to rock your hips so you push into my hand and sit back on my finger.” She told him. He did so and found the sensation quite exhilarating. When thrusting forward he would fuck her hand wrapped around his cock, and when he moved back down her finger would slide back into his ass. His rhythm picked up the pace as he started to really enjoy what she was doing to him.

He closed his eyes as he drifted toward an orgasm when she slid her entire finger into his ass and gripped the base of his cock as hard as she could. She leaned forward and bit his nipple as she slid her finger out of his ass. His eyes shot open at the quick change and he was stopped just short of cumming.

6 to 10 minutes

He tried to slow his breathing to calm down but she did not let him. She smiled at him, pursing her full lips, she then rubbed the large amount of pre-cum into his head as she put more k-y on his cock and used both her hands to tease him for what felt like hours. In reality it was a few minutes. She massaged the base of his cock with one hand while rubbing his abs, and upper thigh.

Occasionally she’d demand he do something, whether it be turn a certain way, look at her, watch what she was doing. At one point, she squeezed a good amount of pre-cum on her finger and demanded “Open your mouth and suck my finger like I am going to suck your cock”.

It was like he was a starving child being handed food. He attacked her finger and licked and sucked it as he so desperately wanted her to do to him.

She chuckled as she watched this desperate vulnerable creature do whatever it was she wanted. And she knew he would. He’d already let her massage his asshole, and hasn’t cum for nearly 10 minutes of constant stroking, licking and rubbing.

She decided it was time to really push him.

11 to 14 minutes

“Stand up and follow me” she said as she turned to walk toward the bathroom. “Now”.

He moved out of the chair and quickly followed her to the bathroom. You could almost see an impression in the seat where he was sitting. You could see moisture where his balls had been from all the saliva, k-y and even some pre-cum. On the back of the chair you could make out a sweat pattern where his back was.

He walked into the bathroom which was similar to your standard hotel bathroom except the shower was enlarged. It had a walk in area, then was just an open shower. He assumed it was a handicapped bathroom but knew this is exactly what she had requested.

“Stand there” she pointed in front of the sink. He looked at himself in the mirror and recognized what was happening. “Put your hand out” she called to him, and squirt k-y into his hand.

“Stroke your cock for me.” she said. “Slide your hand as if you were fucking me from behind”.

He slid his hand from head to base slowly at first, then picked up his pace in fucking his hand as she demanded. He slowed down and began to tease when she slapped his ass from behind as she watched over his shoulder. “I didn’t fucking say slow down you piece of shit, now keep stroking for me.”

His right ass cheek stung, but he smiled at her in the mirror and began stroking again. She reached around his waist bursa eve gelen escort and wrapped her right hand over top his left hand and squeezed and stroked in unison with him while talking dirty in his ear.

“You’re such a dirty man. Coming into my hotel room, stripping naked for me, and then being my life size fuck boy.” she hissed in his ear. “I can’t wait to feel your hot cum land on tits, or to finally taste your salty load.”

With those words, he nearly came. He was trying his hardest to not cum as she wanted. She was talking and saying everything she knew would keep pushing him to the edge. She wanted to make him ache. She wanted to push him to the edge and keep him there, dangling close to orgasm, until she wanted him to cum. She wanted to control this prick.

“What is it going to be like to feel your cock pulse in my mouth and release those ropes of cum against my cheeks and throat?” she questioned. After a silence of 5 seconds, she said “Well what do you think?”

“I…um…yea…” between short breaths he was able to get the rest out…”whatever…you want..Master..”

She continued to stroke with her hand wrapped around his while watching from over his shoulder. She could smell him and feeling his body against hers reminded her of the control she currently had over him. Her view reminded her of the many times she had watched him stroke in his bathroom at home or where it all started, in the bathroom at his old office. She was now standing watching in person as he stroked his own cock, at her command.

She released her hand and he stopped. *SLAP* this time on the left ass cheek. “Don’t fucking stop” she laughed as she said this and shook her head. He needed the sting and little bit of pain he felt because he was almost cumming but he wanted to make it to 15 minutes. He wanted to make her proud and happy. He began to stroke again and found a good rhythm where it felt good but didn’t get him any closer to that edge. He had been concentrating so hard that he didn’t realize she had left the room.

15th Minute

“Come here” she called from the other room. He dutifully responded to her command.

“Sit here next to me” she said almost like a mother to her child.

He sat next to her and instantly her hand moved to his hard cock and she meant business. She was sitting next to him and he had his hands leaning back on the bed. She was stroking with her right hand.

“You’re going to cum where I tell you to cum, there will be no hesitation or questions. I am in charge and you do as I say” she reminded him as she worked his cock with full hard strokes. She pushed his cock so the head was pressing against his stomach and turned on her knees in front of him. She almost inhaled one of his balls as her hands slid up and down the underside of his cock.

He was nearly comatose at this point. He could not believe he had not erupted all over himself at this point. He was trying to talk himself away from the edge, while she was slowly coaxing him closer through her sucking and stroking. She looked up at him as she moved her mouth to the base of the underside of his cock. Her eyes pleaded “trust me” as her mouth and tongue demanded attention. He shortened his breath. He stared right back at her and couldn’t contain himself. He knew his body was going to cum, his cock was going to fail him. He wasn’t going to make 15 minutes she demanded. He knew he was only a minute or two away.

She looked up at him and said in a flat even voice, “I’m going to suck your cock and when you feel yourself about to cum, you tell me. This first time, I want to watch you cum with my hand görükle escort on your throbbing cock.”

“It hasn’t been 15 minutes…” he said.

“How many times do I have to remind you that I’m in charge and you do whatever the frig I say you dumb shit”

The tip of her tongue slinked down the underside of his cock as her lips drifted over his sensitive skin. He gripped the comforter on the bed tight when he felt his balls tighten. Not yet, he thought, please not yet. He took some deep breaths in an attempt to regain his composure and it worked until he felt her warm lips begin to engulf the head of his cock. Inch by inch she took him further into her warm, wet mouth. He then leaned back so he could move his hips closer to her face.

His flavor drifted through her mouth as she moved her tongue back and forth, up and down and all around his wonderfully hard, hot cock. She began moving her head up and down on his shaft in a slow, steady pace and she felt him spread his legs a little wider. She then felt one hand and another being placed on her head, fingers tangling in her hair. His heavy breathing and soft moans indicated that he was greatly enjoying what she was doing.

She decided to quicken her pace on his throbbing cock now. She was moving faster on him now, teasing with her tongue and sucking on his cock like a Popsicle.

The feeling was incredible and it was pushing him toward the edge. He guided her head with his hands while encouraging, “That’s it. Don’t stop.” The suction she’d created with her mouth gave the illusion that he was fucking her. His eyes were closed, head back, body tense with his impending orgasm.

After another minute, he squeaked out “I’m close…” as he let go of her head. She bobbed her head two or three more times. She released her mouth as she began pumping his cock. He pulled his hips back a bit and couldn’t help but start to move them with her pumping. She could feel he was close. His body had tensed and she could hear his short breaths turning to moans. She saw his balls tighten and his abs clench. She pumped as she aimed his cock at his chest and felt the first of five or six thick heavy ropes pulse out of his cock. She could feel the buildup and release with each pump. She watched him for his reaction. He started almost lovingly at her. As a hostage stares at his captive in awe of their power and control.

With the last rope of cum and dribble of more cum out of his cock, she started to pump again. She yelled for him to lay back on the bed. She mounted on top of him sitting with her face toward his feet. All he could see was her back. She was sitting on his chest, while all his cum sat pooling on his stomach as he lay back. She picked some up and rubbed it onto his cock with one hand while rubbing the rest into his stomach like a lotion.

She then moved her attention to his now softening cock. She started to rub his cock with one hand while massaging his swollen semi-hard head. She was going to stroke him until he begged her to stop. She was in control. He had just cum. He was expecting to collapse in ecstasy and now she was going to make sure he knew she was in charge.

He bucked lightly until she growled at him to stop. He whimpered as his cock became so sensitive while she worked it hard again. Calling him her dirty little cock boy and trying to assert her dominance once again. She was stroking him when she leaned down and started sucking his now swollen and VERY sensitive head while working his hard shaft with her hands. Raking her nails up the underside while gripping and stroking down the shaft.

His body gave up. He fell limp as his cock was overwhelmed from all overload. She worked his cock for another minute until he felt his balls tighten again and this time she aimed his cum onto his legs. He shot a few smaller ropes onto each thigh.

He couldn’t breath. He couldn’t move. His body was shot. She had made him hers. He was now completely under her spell.

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