There’s A Motorcycle In My Past

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There we were, walking towards the fresh grave. The rain was gentle and warm as we plopped the beer can next to the temporary grave marker. “Here’s to the best sex I ever had!” my friend Teresa toasted with a beer and took a big drink.

“Tonia,” her tear filled eyes looked at me, “It’s been a long time, but I can still remember how good he felt with me!”

“He still lives on inside you,” I hugged her, some of her beer spilling on my blazer. “His memories live on within you.”

“God, how I wish I could have just one more fuck with him!” She sobbed.

“I know how you must feel,” I consoled her, “Those were some fun times!” I remembered how Tim had changed when he got his bike. He was rather wild before, but after, well, I know he went to jail a couple of times and his whole group was wild and crazy!

I’d been to some parties with that group and remembered a few of them with a smile. If my husband ever knew what I had done at some of those parties…

Just then, I saw a pick-up truck pull up and Tim’s wife slipped out. She was a sobbing mess of hair and leather. She was wearing a long black dress, but had thrown a motorcycle jacket over her. The “gang” that Tim ran with, all rode their bikes for the funeral procession, but Trish rode with Tim’s best friend, Steve and some other guy I hadn’t met.

Trish and Tim had only been married a few months, just long enough for her to find out that Tim had stolen some money from a drug ring and, if that wasn’t bad enough, had terminal cancer. He was living on borrowed time. Tim was killed over the drug deal and Trish felt a terrific amount of anger towards the people who’d never be caught and towards her dead husband for the mess he’d gotten into.

Steve was gorgeous! I’d seen him before, at a couple of the parties, but he looked so good to me today. When Teresa and I partied with Tim’s group, we’d done some drugs, some booze, and some impromptu sex! Teresa and I had sex with a few of the bikers, but Steve was always with some other girl. I had wanted him then and I wanted him now!

They had brought beer and were there to do the same thing we were doing. “Thanks for being here,” Trish hugged us both.

“Yes,” Steve hugged Teresa first and then me, “I glad you came.” He hugged me tight and his hand slipped to my ass and pulled me tight against his body.

“Me too,” I almost gasped, I was so hot for this guy, I would do just about anything for him.

“How about me?” kayseri escort the other guy tapped Steve on the shoulder.

“Oh!” Steve laughed, releasing my body, “This is Peter. Well his name is John, but we call him Peter.”

“You can call me John,” the broad shouldered man hugged me, “Until you discover why they call me Peter” he whispered in my ear.

They popped their beers and toasted Tim, all wishing things could have been different. “I knew I wouldn’t have you long,” Trish toasted, “It was good while it lasted.”

Trish knew about Teresa and I from Tim’s past. She started hugging Teresa and they talked about things they’d remember.

Teresa and Trish starting to walk around the cemetery, leaving Tim’s grave site while the soft rain continued. They’d walk a couple of steps, say something, laugh and then walk some more. They seemed to be getting along well

“While they’re talking about good memories,” Steve put his hand on my hip, “We could go over and make some memories in my truck,” Steve offered.

Oh, God how I wanted him! “I don’t think so,” my lips lied about my feelings.

John had started walking around looking at some of the monuments and was out of hearing range.

“I’ve got something you’d really like,” he whispered, “Long, thick and hard!” he licked my ear. “You’d love some nice long, thick and hard cock right now, wouldn’t you?”

“We can’t do that,” I cringed, his hand on my back caressing me and gently rubbing my hips. “You’d better stop,” I smiled.

“Getting to you?” he reasoned.

“Maybe yes and maybe no,” I was so horny my panties were wet.

“I’ve got some good whiskey and some great marijuana in the truck,” Steve continued to try to seduce me. “Plus a nice big hard cock for you!”

His hands strayed and he even reached up and grabbed my breast, “No, Steve,” I protested, pushing his hands away, “We can’t.”

Without me realizing what was happening, his advances had moved me closer to his truck. I stared down and saw the nice bulge in his pants.

He took my hand and rubbed it against it. God it felt good! I really needed a fuck! I flashed back to the parties. I’d seen him hammer the chicks! He fuck them against the wall, down on the floor, or anyway he could. The women seemed to really enjoy his fucking them.

I turned to see where the others were and Steve grabbed me and pressed me against the door of his truck.

“No, Steve!” I squirmed to get free, “No!”

“Come on, Tonia!” You want me as much as I want you!” He pressed his body against me, I could feel his cock pressing against my stomach, him being just over six foot, and me, five foot, two.

Then it started raining much harder. Trish and Teresa headed for the mausoleum and it’s overhanging roof. There was no time for me to see where John went. Steve turned me to get the door open and pushed me inside his truck.

He pushed me so quick that I ended up on my back, sprawled across the long seat.

In an instant, Steve was on me! He straddled my body and grabbed at my breasts, his hands all over me. I tried pushing him away but he was much stronger and was now opening his pants.

Oh how I wanted this to happen, but didn’t want it to happen! I glanced down and saw his cock! It was a beautiful cock! It must have been about seven inches long but a little thicker than I was used to having or seeing. God I wanted it!

“I think you need a closer look at my cock!” He moved closer. “I think you should take me in your mouth before I fuck you!” he said, confidently.

“Oh, Steve,” I started to lick the tip of his nice thick cock, “I can’t let you fuck me. My husband will find out and want to kill some one.”

“Oh shit! Who’s this?” Steve moved off me and I sat up and glanced out the back window.

I saw a familiar car heading towards us. “There’s my husband!” I tried to make it look like we were just talking in the truck, “You’ll join Tim if Gene thinks you were trying anything with me!” I opened the door as Steve put his cock back in his pants.

“I’ll get you later,” Steve scoffed as I ran to the other car and climbed in the back seat. Teresa’s live in was in the front seat with Gene and they didn’t look too happy.

“Who’s the guy in the truck?” Gene quizzed me immediately.

“Friend of Tim,” I was glad we stopped when we did because I was ready to suck that beautiful cock dry.

“Where’s Teresa?” was the next question.

“Over by the mausoleum, I think” I snapped back.

The questions continued as we followed Steve as he drove his truck closer to the mausoleum where we had seen Teresa and Trish go.

Steve pulled up and as we arrived, I saw Teresa run for the truck. Everyone in our car gasp as we pulled up and saw Trish sucking John’s (who I’ll only ever refer to as Peter again) huge cock!

Trish looked up, saw us all, laughed and ran to the truck too. The wet cock that she had just abandoned was the longest I’d ever seen! No wonder why they call him Peter!

He fixed himself and ran to the truck, too.

Not a word was said as we followed the truck back to where Teresa and I had left her car.

“I’ll drive Teresa,” Matt jumped out of the car, almost before it stopped.

“Get up here with me!” Gene ordered.

“Yes sir!” I scoffed back.

“What were you doing in the truck?” Gene played Perry Mason.

“Getting out of the rain,” I answered, matter of factly.

“What were you doing with Steve in the truck?” he snorted.

“Nothing!” I shook my head, “Just talking.”

“Talking about how much he wanted to fuck you?” the barrage continued as the others pulled away.

“I know what you need,” I smiled, noticing that the rain had turned into a downpour and we were alone in the cemetery, “You need to let your cock out.”

“I want you to suck me off!” Gene opened his slacks and we pulled his erect cock out.

“Uuummmmm!” I licked and kissed it gently at first. “I think you’re loaded!” I was remembering how a few minutes ago, I was ready to suck Steve’s cock and smiled inside.

“Loaded with cum for your throat!” Gene grabbed my head and instructed, “Suck me off like Steve wanted you to do to him!”

I suddenly had a flash back and remembered the times Teresa and I went with the “gang”. We were sluts and loved every second of the wild sex we were having! We’d each blown a lot of cock, safer than fucking them, and had spend a lot of time with our mouths full.

“Suck me off!” Gene ordered again.

My mouth slipped easily over the tip and with his hands pulling my face down, in one stroke he was in my throat. I gagged a little and started bobbing up and down on his cock. He groaned and moaned with pleasure.

I worked faster and faster, his pre-cum oozed out and I knew he was close to cuming.

“Oh! Tonia!” He cried out, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooohhhhhhh!”

He shot off like a small cannon and held my head in place while he face fucked me.

I swallowed every drop and licked his shaft clean as his grip on my head loosened.

A few minutes later, we were driving home, all silent. Me remembering the good times with Teresa and Tim, Gene relaxed from the blow job.

When we arrived home, I called Teresa. She told me that she was sucking on Peter too! She heard the truck coming and for some reason stopped.

We reminisced for a while and vowed to meet at some bar again to talk about the good old days and try to find some stud to rape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32