Their First Time

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They decided to secretly meet in Las Vegas. Having personally never met she was very nervous. While flying to their destination she was going over their first meeting in her mind. Should she check in and meet him in their room lying naked on the bed? No that would be to forward. Finally after landing and checking in, she decided to take a nice warm bubble bath and dress in jean and a t-shirt she had just bought. She chose to leave her hair down on this night and lightly sprayed herself with perfume. Now all she had to do was sit and wait for him to arrive.

Even though he had the key to the room he knocked on the door. She softly called him to come in. they looked at each other, he could see how nervous she was. They had already thought of going to dinner first to break the ice. After putting his bags down they moved towards one another. They smiled at each other and said a shy hello. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her. She enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers. He pulled away bursa sınırsız escort explaining that after his long flight he was going to shower before dinner. She watched him get his clothes out of his bag and go into the bathroom.

She was thinking of joining him in his shower. even though they were just meeting she felt like she knew him well enough from their previous chats online. The argument in her head finally stopped when she caught a look of his ass while he was getting undressed. She took her clothes off and walked into the bathroom. Looking at each other, he smiled and offered her his hand to step in the shower with him. After getting in with him, she took the soap from his hand. She was getting very excited while running her hands over his back. She could tell he liked having someone wash his body for him. Having him turn around she saw just how much he was beginning to enjoy her hands on him.

Their hands on each other were doing wonderful things to bursa üniversiteli escort make each other tingle with anticipation. His kisses set her on fire, making her want him even more. He knew how to get her going. She was running her hands over his body, sliding them through his hair and lower till they were skimming his thighs. She could tell that he liked it, he was rock hard and so ready for her he might burst. They rinsed each other off and stepped out of the shower. Not even bothering to dry off they kissed all the way to the bed.

With dinner plans long forgotten he laid her on the bed. He knew if he didn’t act on his thoughts it would drive him crazy. He slide his body along hers hoping she was as aroused as he was. It was like their minds were on the same level at that moment. When their bodies came together, the air left his lungs. He wanted to slide inside her then, but held back. Instead he took his time, reaching bursa anal yapan escort down to part her legs. He was slowly running his hand up her thigh when he heard a long low moan escape her lips. She had willingly spread her legs wider for him. She nearly came off the bed when he slide a finger along her lower lips barely touching her clitoris. She sighed his name softly when he took that same finger and slide it inside her and used his thumb to rub her clit at the same time.

He was watching her face for the emotions of pleasure he knew would follow his silent ministrations of her sex. When he heard his name softly follow he bent his head and replaced his finger with his tongue. The sweet smell of her surrounded him as he licked at her lower lips. He knew she would cum soon. He wanted to overpower her with emotions and sensation this first time together.

He took her clit in his mouth and started to suck on it. Knowing from their earlier conversations she really liked this. He could feel the first beginnings of her climax. Knew she would explode with her first orgasm, he smiled to himself knowing this would be the first of many before the night was over. She didn’t disappoint him, she was rocking her hips against his face. She knew that she was going to lose control and cum all over his face.

Part one…

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