The Young Sales Executive Ch. 01

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Jessica is a 27 year old woman who was recently promoted to an account executive role in a large technology firm. Her new role had her travelling more than ever to visit with clients, promote new services which normally involved dinner and drinks with key clients on a regular basis.

Her husband Josh was quite understanding of the amount of travel and shared in the excitement of her advancement. Jess was his high school sweet heart and only woman he had ever been with. When she was around he could never take his eyes off her petite little frame as she bopped around the house.

Now becoming routine, he sat on the bed as Jessica packed her overnight bag. Watching closely as she travelled back and forth from the dresser to the overnight bag. She was wearing one of his dress shirts and the bottom of her butt cheeks occasionally peeked out as she bent to get clothes from the bottom drawer. When she turned back to the bed he had the pleasant view of her perky B cup breasts pressing against the fabric of the shirt.

“Need a picture horny boy?” Jessica laughed as she busted Josh starring at her breasts through his shirt.

“I was hoping you were going to stop packing and unpacking that bag so I can get a better look!” Josh had a perfect smile. His teeth were perfect and gleaming white as his devilish smile appeared.

Reaching in to the bag again, she said “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t pack…”

It was too much for Josh; he wanted her and grabbed her mid sentence pulling her to him. Josh quickly pulled back the covers to reveal his naked body. His cock stood at attention as he guided her hand to it “Your friend doesn’t want to wait anymore Jess!”

“Oh my!” she giggled as she squeezed his hard cock. “I can’t have that, now can I?” As her other hand grabbed his cock she squeezed it. Both hands wrapped it and the tip of his cock still popped out the end. Playfully she turned to face him causing her blonde hair to flip over her far shoulder. “Is this better?” levent escort She began to stroke him.

“Mmm, I think he likes that” his voice was soft and low. “Maybe you should talk to him and ask him yourself?”

Jess lowered her lips towards his cock and watched him shift in to position. Her hot breath rained down over his swollen head as she spoke “Do you like the way I’m stroking you big guy?”

“Mmmm” Josh’s hips slowly moved his cock to her lips

Jess playfully licked the head with a flicking motion as she moved her long blonde hair to one side getting it out of her mouth. Her other hand stroked him slowly as she began licking the rim of his helmet slowly. “Want more baby?”

“Oh yes baby, you know what I want.” his voice strained in its low tone as his hips slowly bucked involuntarily.

Parting her lips she kissed his swollen head letting him begin the penetration of his mouth. Instantly she could taste his precum on her lips. She was not a fan of the taste of cum, but she loved making him explode this way. She squeezed his cock and used her thumb to wipe away the shiny drip on the head of his cock before sucking him deep in to her mouth.

Stroking him as she sucked his breath began laboured immediately as he babbled incoherently. His hands holding her head as if to guide her mouth up and down his cock. Only once did he try and force her head down and that did not work well for him. She loved that he was such a quick learner.

As she sucked his cock as far as she could she tried working more in. She was quite impressed with herself measuring just three fingers worth of cock she couldn’t get in her mouth. His swollen head poked at the entrance of her throat. One day she would figure out how to take him all without gagging.

Snapping back to reality as the unique flavour of his precum returned and ran down her tongue. She swallowed quickly and pulled his cock from her mouth. She knew he was close and okmeydanı escort began stroking him faster as she licked the delicate underside of his cock.

“You gonna shoot that cum all over my breasts for me baby?” her sultry voice driving him wild. She moved to position her breasts where he could explode on them.

“Let me fuck you baby! You are gonna be gone for days this time!” He begged

Releasing her grip on his cock she leaned over to grab a condom from the night stand. Josh got up on his knees and his hard cock stood straight out. A long drip of his cum hung from the tip. Slowly Jess unrolled the condom over his cock giving it a quick stroke as she finished.

Josh quickly spun her to her knees on the bed. This was definitely a preferred position for both of them as he slid his cock into her pussy. She was soaking wet and ready for him as usual. Holding her ass firmly he watched as his cock disappeared into her tight little pussy. “One day, I wanna fuck this little ass of yours sweety!” The thought alone put him over the edge and cock began to explode. Holding himself deep in her as his orgasm subsided.

“You really were horny! I didn’t even get warmed up.” She gave him her sexiest smile over her shoulder as he pulled himself from her. Reaching back in the drawer she grabbed her bullet and began rubbing it over her aching pussy.

Josh quickly returned and grabbed her vibrator. He loved to fuck her with it. Affectionately named “pinky” he could barely put his hand around it and of course, it was very pink in colour. He loved watching her pussy adjust to the girth of pinky.

Slowly he worked the big head into her wet pussy and she tensed as the huge toy forced its way in to her. She felt so full when he fucked her with it and loved every minute of it. Slowly Josh worked pinky in and out of her with his face inches from her pussy.

Working about five inches into her pussy he began to pull it out gülbağ escort and pound her faster until her pussy exploded. Her juices covering his face and he moved to get his mouth over her. Pinky lay there as he licked at her soaking wet pussy.

“Oops!” Jess giggled

“Yup, you got me again Jess baby. No warning at all!” he chuckled. His face was soaked in her juices. She really did squirt.

“I think I may have another orgasm that needs out. Wanna help a wife out? She lay back and the familiar sound of the vibrator returned to Josh’s ears.

Adopting the position between her legs he toyed with the opening of her pussy once again with pinky. As he worked it in he traced his little finger down to her sphincter. Pausing briefly on it, he continued moving the big dildo in and out of her each time poking her rear with his finger. “One of these days I’m gonna put my dick in here!” His voice was determined and he began to fuck her pussy harder.

Pushing the big dildo in to her deeper still, his finger pressed itself trying to open her tight ass. She quickly swatted his hand away and he returned to giving her what she wanted. He licked and sucked at her thigh and outer lips as he plunged five or six inches of pinky in and out of her.

“OH GOD! HERE IT COMES!” her body arched throwing her hips towards the sky.

Josh sucked her clit in his mouth and continued fucking Jess as fast as he could with Pinky. Her pussy exploded again. Her warm juices squirted in her mouth as he sucked her swollen clitoris.

It didn’t take long for Jess to squeeze his head in her thighs “OKAY OKAY! No more…it’s too sensitive!”

As she released him from her scissor hold he slowly moved back and pulled the big dildo from her.

Laying there in each other’s arms, there was no doubt in either of their minds how much they loved each other. As they basked in that familiar glow that a powerful orgasm has over you, Josh whispered “You are going to let me take that little bum someday aren’t you?”

She kissed him on the lips quickly, “Exit only! I love you; it’s just not something I’m willing to do.”

Squeezing her tightly he kissed her again “I love you Jessica, more than you could ever know.”

Silence filled the night and they drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32