The Xenomorph Breeding of Earth – Part 1

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Big Tits

This story contains alien on human female sex. While this chapter contains straight sex only, it is building towards alien on human male intercourse which will be present in chapter two. This chapter (and most likely all the following in this series) will contain body modification, feminisation, breeding, oral, vagina and, anal sex between xenomorphs and humans. In some cases, the sex won’t be entirely consensual.

In the near future:

The automated alien spacecraft passed Sol 3 as it continued to achieve its mission – the seeding of worlds. The craft was too advanced to be detected by humanity’s sensors on Earth. It released dozens of metallic eggs, each programmed to land on the planet’s inhabited continents. Many were targeted at North America, with several clusters being launched into more rural areas in order to decrease the chances of discovery by the human authorities – at least until it was too late.

Robert Swift enjoyed driving in the US far more than he did in his native London. There were practically no traffic once you got out of California’s largest cities. He’d been studying at Stanford for a year and was now looking forward to a summer break. Being 19, Robert had left the UK just as he hit the drinking age, only to find that America’s drinking age was 21. How disappointing. Still, this trip to go camping in Oregon with several dozen other party-hungry students was sure to be great.

“How long until we’re there?” Rob’s only passenger asked. Kelsey wasn’t too far away from your typical American rich girl next door. Blonde, busty and spoilt, Rob had dated her briefly before he realised that they weren’t particularly compatible. They’d split up but remained friends with benefits. Sexually, they got on like a house on fire.

Her busty chest heaved with a sigh. Kelsey’s top was almost skin right, giving him a great view of her boobs. His cock twitched.

Rob tapped the Satnav. “Less than a an hour,”

“Arugh, I feel like I’m about to pee myself!” Kelsey pouted.

“Fine! We’ll pull over at the next service station we see.”

“Thanks! I’ll make it worth your while,” Kelsey winked.

Indeed she did. After stopping for the loo break, Kelsey pulled Rob’s semi hard dick out of his trousers to give him some road head.

Hey, slow down Kelsey! I’m trying to drive here,” But Rob wasn’t complaining too loudly as her tongue teased under the glands of his uncut cock. In no time, his 7” manhood was fully erect. Kelsey wasted no time deep throating him, making Rob clench his hands on the steering wheel.

“Mmmmm, fuck!” Kelsey pulled her mouth away. “Do you love it when I suck your cock?” She asked, with a grin on her face.

“Absolutely darling!” Kelsey continued to tease Rob’s cock with a hand job as she put forward her proposal.

“So… You know how much I want a threesome right?” Rob simply nodded.

“Well… I can tell Darrell wants to fuck me, “

“Him and every other bloke in California,” Rob interjected. Darrell was a about the same height – 6ft 3, as Rob but there the similarities mostly stopped. Whereas Rob was certainly more of a geek, albeit one who swam a lot to work out, Darrell was pure African American muscle. He was an American football player, although he also had brains, not purely brawn. Darrell had certainly bedded a lot of girls at Stanford University. Rob hadn’t hit anywhere near those numbers but he had to admit that is RP British accent did open legs in the States. Due to his swimming, he also did his best to keep his body hair shaved, especially his chest and pubes.

“Does Darrell know that it’s going to be a threesome and not just him and you?”

“Yep, we’ve been texting and he’s happy with that,”

“Are you sure that you can handle him?” Rob had heard that Darrell was fairly well endowed.

“I can handle him in my cooch! You’ll get my butt,” Kelsey said before returning her mouth to Rob’s dick.

“Oh fuck yeah Kelsey, you know how much I love your sexy arse,” Rob strained himself to keep his attention on the road while she brought him closer to climax.

“So you’re down?” Kelsey asked as she brought him to the brink of orgasm.

“Yes, yes, just make me cum already!”

She did just that. Her tongue continued to lick the sensitive understand of Rob’s dick while she rubbed his balls.

“Ah, yes I’m cumming!” Rob exclaimed. Kelsey deep throated him and made sure to swallow every drop of his hot cum.

“I love it when I get my way,” Kelsey said as she pulled her mouth away. Rob was in his post-orgasm haze and tried to return his attention to the final stage of the drive to Oregon.

The smell of weed and the sound of voices carried through the forest as Rob and Kelsey hiked up to the campsite.

“It sounds like they’ve started the party without us!” Kelsey said.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of booze for the both of us,” Rob replied. The light from several camp fires illuminated the way to the clearing. Burning embers rose into the sky and the noise of wood crackling filled their ears.

They reached the clearing to see several dozen of their fellow students drinking, smoking and generally socialising.

“Yo! The limey is here! I thought you Brits were meant to be always on time,” Steve, one of Rob’s classmates shouted over.

“Blame Kelsey! She spent too much time trying to do her bloody make up before we left,” Rob retorted.

“Hey! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone that!” Kelsey exclaimed. She then left Rob’s side to over to a nearby fire where some of her girlfriends were.

“I’m surprised you even made it at all with that piece of shite you drive,” Rob ribbed Steve


“We almost didn’t. I had to get a jump-start when I filled up with gas,” Steve passed Rob an open Bud. “So did Kelsey keep you entertained?”

Rob simply nodded, although with a smile on his face. “Ha! I knew it!”

At that moment, another half a dozen guys entered the clearing. Darrell and some of his American football team had arrived with more beer. Rob glanced over to Kelsey – her attention, as with several other girls was focused on Darrell and his entourage.

It quickly began to drop dark. Some men and women paired off and went into the forest that surrounded the clearing but most of the group remained around the camp fires drinking. Rob was starting to feel buzzed of the beers he’d drank.

“It’s been too long since I drank this much. I swear I didn’t used to get so tipsy off this amount. I must be out of practice,” Rob muttered to himself as he went to take a piss away from the clearing.

As he began to walk back towards the camp fires, he almost bumped into Darrell and Kelsey.

“Hey Rob! Good timing!” Kelsey said slightly drunkenly.

“We gonna do this?” Darrell asked. “This bitch is in heat!” Even through his vest top and baggy pants, it was easy to tell he had an enviable body and the shape of his semi hard dick was visible. Rob instantly was hit by a wave of self consciousness even though he knew that he wasn’t in a bad shape and his cock was also above average. Kelsey giggled. She was definitely tipsy.

“Yep, I’m game,” Rob replied, trying to play it cool.

The trio walked about 100 yards away from the clearing – far enough that they’d have privacy but close enough that there was some light. It was a mild night even away from the fires.

Meanwhile, the metallic egg opened. The being inside could sense a compatible host was nearby. It crawled towards its target, following the pheromones. Yes, it thought, this human will be the perfect host. The alien was a face-hugger; it was dark grey with several skeletal legs and a tail but not much else. It moved almost silently towards its prey.

Kelsey’s DD tits were certainly great eye candy. Neither Darrell or Rob could keep their eyes off her as she began to strip off.

“C’mon boys, don’t make me wait!” She laughed. Darrell took off his vest top revealing his six pack. Kelsey visibly licked her lips. Rob, again was hit with thoughts of self consciousness.

Maybe I ought to add some weights to all the cardio I do, he thought to himself. He took a final swig of Bud and pulled off his T-shirt. Kelsey smiled at him briefly before her attention returned to Darrell’s bugle. The size of his cock was visible through the white briefs he was wearing.

Darrell saw her checking him out. “Like what you see girl?” Kelsey could only nod in reply but how erect her nipples were gave away how turned on she was.

“Come over here and suck this big cock!” Darrell then changed his focus to Rob. “You! Get that pussy wet for me.” Neither Rob nor Kelsey needed telling twice.

Kelsey practically crawled over to Darrell, gazing up at his 9 inch black cock bulging through his underwear. Rob knew from his sexual discussions with her that she’d never had a cock that big in her. Even he had to admit to himself that he was looking forward to seeing Kelsey’s tight pussy being split by it. Slowly she pulled down Darrell’s underwear, freeing the python and his trimmed yet wiry pubes.

“Oh yeah, beg for my cock!” Darrell told her. Kelsey did just that.

“Mmmm, please let me suck your big black cock Sir? I need to taste it!”

“That’s a good slut.” Kelsey then got to work, opening her red lipstick coloured lips around the black dick. She immediately let out a quiet moan as she realised that she was about to experience two fantasises for the price of one.

Rob got down under Kelsey’s belly. escort numaraları He then pulled down her thong to reveal a very wet, pink, and perfectly hairless pussy. Her juices were already practically flowing out of her cooch. He wasted no time sinking his tongue into the hole, immediately tasting her, before slowly moving his tongue back towards her clit. Kelsey responded with loud but muffled moans of pleasure.

Kelsey had received oral from several guys and girls since she’d lost her virginity at 16 but she had to admit that Rob was actually the best pussy licker out of all of them. The only times he failed to get her off was when she made him stop because she wanted a dick in her immediately. The fact that she had a huge cock in her mouth really was the figurative cherry on top and she’d honestly never been so horny. She could taste Darrell’s salty pre-cum as her tongue danced around the glans of his cut cock.

“Fuck yes girl, keep doing it just like that!” Darrell encouraged with his deep voice. He’d received plenty of BJs from a variety of girls especially since he’d really got serious playing football. Kelsey wasn’t the best he’d had in terms of technique but her enthusiasm was a big turn-on. She was still concentrating on the head of his oversized manhood which he was certainly enjoying. But Darrell liked to have his girls deep throat his cock until they gagged. With that in mind, he gently but insistently began to push his cock deeper into her open mouth.

Kelsey’s blue eyes opened wider as she felt just how thick Darrell was. Had she bitten off more than she could chew? Maybe, she admitted to herself, but it was worth it! She concentrated on breathing through her nose to keep herself from gagging on the obstruction.

“Yeah, that’s a good bitch. Take this big black dick,” Darrell told her. Despite the slight fear of choking that was somewhere in the back of her mind, Kelsey was on Cloud Nine. She could feel her throat taking his meat deeper, slowly but surely. Muffled moans escaped from her abused mouth.

Meanwhile, Rob was really going to town on her vagina. His tongue was bringing Kelsey ever closer to the brink of orgasm. The taste of her honey was something he really savoured but now it was time to get his fingers involved too. Two of his digits easily slipped into her soaked hole. Instantly, Kelsey’s pussy clamped down on the invaders. Her muffled moans intensified.

But Rob was only getting started. He manoeuvred his fingers towards her G-spot and once he felt the slightly spongy target, he began to rub it while keeping his tongue locked on Kelsey’s sensitive clit. His spare hand was gently massaging Kelsey’s butt cheeks as she squirmed under the onslaught of pleasure her brain was processing. Rob could feel his own cock at full mast inside his trousers. He really did love eating ladies out and he knew from experience that she was getting closer to climax.

Time to really work her up, he thought to himself. He slipped a third finger into Kelsey’s vagina, keeping her G-spot firmly as the centre of attention. His other hand now slowly moved towards her asshole. The thought of fucking that really was a huge turn on for Rob. But first it was time to get that hole warmed up.

Taking some of the copious juice coming out of her pussy, Rob lubed up another finger and rubbed it around Kelsey’s tight butt hole. Instantly he felt her tense up as she felt the digit probe her rosebud.

Kelsey knew that she was close to orgasm even before Rob started to push his finger into her ass. She wasn’t a one orgasm and done kind of gal – although multiple orgasms were not as common as she’d like. Still, she knew that tonight, being the centre of attention of this threesome would definitely lead to many.

“Mmmmmppphhh!” Was the only noise that came out of her mouth due to many inches of Darrell’s dick lodged in throat. The waves of pleasure radiating from her vagina and ass spread throughout Kelsey’s body as she climaxed explosively. She felt her pussy squirt onto Rob’s fingers as she saw stars.

Darrell felt her orgasm and used the opportunity to push the last two inches of his thick cock fully into Kelsey’s stretched mouth. He felt some resistance but it slowly went in as her first orgasm began to subside. The bugle in Kelsey’s throat was visible which was another turn on for him. Kelsey reopened her eyes, looking lustfully back at him.

The source of the pheromones was growing much stronger to the face-hugger. It was getting very close to its target. While there was a large group of humans not too far away, the alien was fully focused on the three humans in very close proximity. The alien had no eyes but could navigate and hunt using distortions in the electromagnetic field once it got close enough. And it was now close enough. It slowed its movement in order to maintain the element of surprise.

Rob thought he heard some bushes rustling but he was far too engrossed in getting a second finger into Kelsey’s sexy arse to look up. Her hole accepted it without too much hesitation. He could feel her pulse beating heavily through her orifices as he pumped both pussy and ass with his fingers while he continued his oral assault on her clit. Rob knew that he was pushing Kelsey to a second orgasm and he was determined to make it happen soon.

Darrell had now began to fuck Kelsey’s mouth with every inch of his giant cock. Her tight throat was bringing him very close to the release of his nut. His two hands gripped the back of her head, holding it in position.

Kelsey felt like a true slut and she was loving the way Darrell was using her mouth. She was using all her spare energy to maintain her breathing through her nose to stop herself from gagging. She could tell that Darrell’s pre-cum was thicker and that he was getting closer to shooting down her throat. Kelsey swore that she could feel his cock expand as Darrell’s orgasm started. She felt him grab and pull her head so his cock really was balls deep in her throat.

“Oh yeah girl, swallow that nut!” Darrell exclaimed.

Kelsey did just that, although she didn’t have much of a choice considering Darrell’s cum was being ejaculated straight down into her stomach. The feeling of the hot cum shooting into her throat combined with Rob’s fingers working on her backdoor and vagina were enough to propel her to another climax.

Rob absolutely loved making a woman squirt, especially during anal play. Kelsey’s second orgasm lead to her squirting directing onto Rob’s open mouth which he mostly swallowed, as she swallowed every drop of Darrell’s seed.

It was then the face-hugger struck. Emerging from the bushes faster than any of the three could comprehend, the alien attached itself onto Darrell’s face. Kelsey felt Darrell pull away aggressively. Looking up in surprise, she let out a high pitched scream and scrambled back away from the football player, her knees making contact with Rob’s head in the process. Rob shouted out more in surprise than pain.

“What the f…?” Rob then saw Darrell with both hands to his face trying to pull a dark grey skeletal animal off his face. But what kind of animal was it? A weird spider? He’d never seen anything like it. Was this some kind of elaborate prank? Rob, still wearing his and trousers, and Kelsey, totally naked apart from a narrow thong, both stood back. Rob deliberately moved himself in front of her although he didn’t think he’d be particularly successful in protecting her if this thing took down Darrell.

The face-hugger’s limbs had folded themselves fully around Darrell’s head. It’s eight spindly looking legs were deceptive strong and Darrell had no joy trying to pull it off. Once attached, it immediately injected him with an paralysis agent. This sent Darrell to the ground within seconds. It was then that the face-hugger really got to work. It’s penis like appendage entered Darrell’s non-resistant mouth, although neither Rob or Kelsey could see this as the body of the alien blocked their view.

“Rob, is it killing him?” Kelsey asked. Her voice trembled with fear. Rob didn’t answer straight away. He could see from the way Darrell’s chest was heaving that he was still breathing.

“I’m not sure. Your phone is back at the camp, right?” Kelsey nodded. “Bugger. Mine too. Can you make a run for it?” She didn’t reply but instead pointed back to the Darrell’s prone form.

The face-hugger injected it’s DNA altering liquid via it’s appendage directly into Darrell’s stomach. Once it had finished its duty, the creature unattached itself and simply died. However, the transformation it caused with its liquid started to happen in front of Rob and Kelsey’s eyes.

Darrell’s entire body’s colour started to turn from his natural dark brown skin colour to midnight black. He looked less human and more insect like, but kept a lot of his muscular definition. Several large spines began to grow out of his back and a couple of smaller ones out of his arms. From Darrell’s lower back, a large tail grew, reaching over six feet long. His head no longer looked at all human – it was now a giant, bulbous, banana shape with no eyes or ears, only a large jaw. The top of his head was a shiny, smooth black.

Rob’s first thought was that Darrell had transformed into a giant preying mantis, although he knew that wasn’t that much of a correct observation. Rob heard Kelsey emit a loud scream from right behind him. Glancing back towards “new” Darrell, Rob had escort pornoları to admit his heart about stopped beating.

“Darrell” had brought himself to his large, clawed feet.

“What are those Four Fs my science teacher used to say animals follow? Fleeing, fighting, feeding and fucking. Somehow I don’t think this bugger is going to flee. So we’re either fucked figuratively or literally.” Rob thought to himself. He turned to Kelsey.

“Get ready to run in 3…2…1,” he whispered. They turned but neither of them made it two feet before they were hit by a spit-ball of resin aimed at their legs. Both Rob and Kelsey tumbled to the forest floor.

“Ow fuck!” Before either of the pair could attempt to free themselves from the sticky substance “Darrell” was on them.

Darrell’s new objective in his new body was very different to his old one, although the method was certainly familiar. He was to create a Hive here on Earth and to do that, he needed to Fuck. He didn’t care about the gender – his DNA altering cum combined with his new ability to implant eggs in any compatible creature would see to that. He wasn’t technically even a “he” anymore but a hermaphrodite. But Darrell’s brain didn’t dwell on that as he still had something that acted and looked like a male organ between his powerful legs. He could feel an animalistic sexual rage building inside of his loins. To two humans lying trapped in his resin only feet away would do perfectly.

Ron felt sick to his stomach with fear as the xenomorph stomped closer to them, hissing quietly as it did. He couldn’t tell accurately as he was half lying on top of a naked Kelsey on the forest floor, but he estimated Darrell was now over seven feet tall. His black skin and oversized jaws and claws gave off the impression that this creature truly was an alpha predator and would easily best any human. He tried to pull out of the resin tying his ankles down but that achieved nothing.

Kelsey was dazed. She could feel part of Rob lying on top of her but she was too stunned to feel much pain. Her head swam with incoherent thoughts, none of which really mad any sense. A giant monster, here? You must be tripping! Her befuddled brain told itself. Only then did she feel a moist, clawed hand pull her to her feet. Looking into the monster’s totally inhuman face, Kelsey tried to scream. But she was too scared even to do that properly.

Darrell had his first prey. He also still had his human memories – he remembered how he’d been excited about fucking this human female, Kelsey. These thoughts further filled him with the lust to breed her. Between a slit in his new pelvis, his new sexual organs began to appear.

“Oh my God. NOOOOO!” Kelsey found her voice. She had assumed that she was about to be killed and eaten… But new Darrell obviously had a different plan for her. Although she was very concerned that the size of his monster cock would kill her.

It looked more like it belonged on a horse rather than a man. At least a foot long, the midnight black phallus followed by a huge black ballsack grew out of the Xenomorph. The ribbed head of the giant dick merged with a smooth shaft about 5 inches down at a small but noticeable ridge. As with the rest of Darrell’s new alien body, there were no hairs to be seen.

Kelsey felt the Xenomorph free her from the resin only to move her away from Rob towards the centre of the clearing. She thought about resisting but the creature scared her far too much for that. Her eyes met Rob’s as he watched on in fear and some disgust at what he took had realised was about to happen to her.

Rob had his own thoughts – the beast was obviously going to be distracted for the moment, but he did wonder what it would do with him – was he to be its post sex meal?

Darrell’s new body was ready. He could feel his instinctive need to seed Kelsey for the new Hive building uncontrollably. Careful not to hurt her relatively fragile human form, Darrell turned her around and bent her over at the waist. He then lowered his huge frame down to the point where he could look directly at her smooth pussy. The amount of pheromones it was emitting was driving his alien sensors wild. He had to taste it. His forked tongue left his jaws, making contact with the flaps around Kelsey’s vagina. He felt her immediately tense up, both with fear yet also with unexpected anticipation.

Kelsey tried to ignore the alien tongue currently licking around the outside of her pussy, but her body reacted instinctively. While her sexual arousal had disappeared since Darrell had become a monster, she could feel it rising within her, fighting against her disgust and fear.

“Mmmph!” She let slip through her lips, as Darrell’s tongue located her sensitive clit.

Yes, Darrell thought, this human bitch is definitely ready to be bred. His tongue entered her, giving him a taste of her depths as he prepared her for the fucking of a life time. He used his tongue to explore her, before pulling it out and raising his pelvis to ensure his new organ was aiming straight into her snatch.

Kelsey had reluctantly enjoyed the feeling of the tongue teasing her clit and then way it had explored the inside of her pussy. It had spent several moments playing with her G-Spot which had really began to work her up. Now though, her fear returned. She could feel the heat of the giant Xenomorph cock between her legs. She felt Darrell’s clawed hands on her shoulders holding her in position. She could see Rob watching on in horror at what was about to happen.

Then, she felt it. The head of Darrell’s cock made contact with her hole, making her gasp. Initially it didn’t fit, but after he rubbed it against her slit for several seconds Kelsey felt the invader start its long journey into her tight vagina.

Via Darrell’s Hive mind connection, her knew that his pre-cum would help alter a humans orifices to help his giant appendage fit. It worked exactly as advertised and he felt his cock head slide through into Kelsey’s inner sanctuary. He heard her gasp and felt her tense up as he violated her. His ribbed xenomorph cock slowly began to push deeper into the hole it craved.

Kelsey felt the ribbed head stimulate her vaginal walls far more than anything had managed before. The head alone was stretching her pussy far more than any man or toy she’d experienced. Despite her best efforts, moans began to escape her lips. She knew a cock this size should be tearing her apart, but it wasn’t. Her snatch felt stretched but it wasn’t uncomfortable – in fact it was the opposite. Kelsey knew that this alien phallus could well make her cum, even before it was lodged fully within here.

“Oh fuck!” Kelsey exclaimed when the ridge tried to push its way into her. She felt so stuffed but it also felt so amazing. Her pussy lips were literally dripping with her juices, mixed with pale green alien pre-cum. An orgasm was starting to build, no doubt about it. The ribbed head felt heavenly as it rubbed against her G-Spot and every nerve around her sex felt like it’d been dialled up to eleven.

Then the ridge made it through, causing Kelsey’s first orgasm to explode from her stretched snatch, forcing her eyes to shut and her toes to curl. Her rational brain became overwhelmed, instead letting her corrupted thoughts run riot.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me!” Between the mind and body altering pre-cum and the intense euphoria she was feeling, Kelsey’s brain started to be rewired. She was to become a breeder for the xenomorphs. It would be her job to produce fertilised eggs which would in turn infect more alpha human males, transforming them as Darrell had been.

That idea alone was enough to propel Kelsey into the throes of a second climax immediately after the first ended. It was mentally and physically beyond anything she’d ever experienced before. As Darrell’s increasingly girthy shaft stretched her, Kelsey’s G-Spot exploded, causing her to squirt hot juices out on the forest floor.

“God yes, make me a breeder for your race!” She thought to herself although only screams of pleasure came from her mouth.

Meanwhile, Darrell’s pre-cum was having other effects on her body in order to ensure Kelsey could handle becoming a breeder. Her relatively slim frame began to fill out being thicker with her hips expanding to be able to hold and give birth to multiple eggs. Her internal organs were all slowly being altered in ways that were incomprehensible to Kelsey – the bottom line is that she her health and lifespan, barring foul play, would be far superior to any non-hybridised human.

While Kelsey had always took pride in her impressive rack – her 34DDs had always got her ample male and female attention – she secretly wished that her ass was bigger. Now she was about to get her wish: Kelsey’s pale butt cheeks began expanding even as Darrell’s alien cock continued to slide ever deeper into her pussy. She could feel her new asset jiggling as she was pounded adding to her lust. However, the changes didn’t stop there as her boobs also increased, swelling from DDs to 36H. Yet despite their hefty size, there was barely any sag. If Kelsey could have seen herself, she’d have been in heaven, especially as her face also became marginally prettier.

Instead it was Rob who saw these changes. Initially he thought it was his brain playing tricks on him, but it quickly became clear that Kelsey had become ever hotter, complete with a cracking hourglass figure. Shamefully, he felt his escort portalı own penis start to get erect at the sight of his former conquest being fucked and altered by the xenomorph. Indeed, watching her new, bigger arse wobbling as she was pounded was an enticing sight.

Many of Kelsey’s changes had already happened internally – her vagina and body as a whole could now comfortably accommodate giant cocks and sustain any eggs implanted in her. Her human reproductive system had been totally hijacked. In order to encourage regular breeding, the xenomorph pre-cum had increased the size and sensitivity of Kelsey’s clit and G-spot, as well as enhancing her vagina’s nerves in general.

These changes were what helped Kelsey to her third orgasm, which was the most powerful she’d ever felt by a considerable margin. She felt like her entire body was convulsing with pure pleasure.

Darrell’s xenomorph brain told him that his transformation of the human female was complete – she was now ready for his seed. He picked up his thrusts as every inch of his black cock penetrated Kelsey’s soaked snatch. He could feel her hot juices squirting onto him. What was left of his human consciousness was completely turned on by this; sex had never felt so good for him. His alien phallus gave him far more pleasure and was far more powerful than he could ever have hoped far.

Despite all his changes, the tingling feeling that precedes an orgasm felt very familiar. His smooth, black, xenomorph balls were the size of grapefruit and Darrell knew that the cum contained within would mix with Kelsey’s new womb to create new alien life.

While Kelsey continued experiencing wave after wave of climaxes, her hole clamped down on the his alien cock. With an almighty roar, Darrell came. Copious amounts of green, xenomorph spunk ejaculated into the female’s altered pussy. Her belly started to expand as it filled her up.

“Ohhhh God yes! Fill me up with all your hot cum! Kelsey shouted between her moans. Her brain was truly lost in pleasure and, through the Hive mind, she understood what an honour being bred was. She blacked out due to the overwhelming pleasure when Darrell’s foot long cock fully buried itself into her.

Darrell could feel every shot of cum ejaculating from his cock. It felt amazing, both physically and mentally to know that he was going to be responsible for the alien colonisation of Earth. Kelsey’s pussy was just the start. He still had another one of her holes to transform into to a new breeding chamber.

Rob was painfully turned on. And he was feeling guilty as fuck because of it. Part of him knew it was pheromones in the air being released by the pair in front of him. But he also knew that watching Kelsey feel wave after wave of explosive, squirting orgasms would have turned him on regardless. He felt very envious – although he had to admit that he was feeling more jealous of Kelsey’s pleasure than of Darrell’s cock.

What is wrong with me? Rob mused.

He was still trapped and had a side view of the action, which had now subsided. Kelsey was barely conscious – her body sagged forward. The fact that Darrell was supporting her huge arse with his clawed hands was the only thing keeping her semi-upright. Rob had a great view of her hanging tits. They were by far the biggest he’d ever seen in reality and he really wanted to get his hands on them. He was so distracted by them that he missed seeing her hanging belly at first.

Crikey, it looks like she’s several months pregnant!

But Darrell wasn’t done.

Rob saw him pull his monster cock out, covered in a mixture of his own cum and Kelsey’s juices. There was no doubt that her pussy now produced thicker and creamier lube than it had previously. Darrell then aimed his huge, alien pole at Kelsey’s tight butt hole. Surely it’d split her in two?

Kelsey was still in a daze. Subconsciously she knew that she was pregnant with an alien egg and that her body had been radically changed to help her produce many more. Consciously, all she could think about was cock despite, or perhaps because, she’d just been fucked better than anyone in history. A feeling of disappointment had filled her when Darrell withdrew.

Darrell lined the tip of his cock up against her asshole. Both his human and alien brain signals commanded him to do one thing – fuck the female’s tight ass and impregnate it. He knew that he’d enjoy this. Very few girls had let his big cock near their asses when he’d been human. It was almost humorous that his even bigger cock would have Kelsey begging him to fuck her very shortly.

The feeling of a cock prodding her backdoor wasn’t particularly unfamiliar to Kelsey. Several guys, including Rob had fucked her butt. None had been anywhere close to the size of the xenomorph dick that was currently teasing her rosebud. She knew that she ought to be concerned that the monster pole would tear her apart, but she knew that her modified body would handle it. Kelsey also had to admit to herself that getting torn apart was worth it to experience another climax like those she’d just had.

“Please, fuck my ass with your monster cock!” Rob couldn’t believe his ears when he heard that yell come from Kelsey’s mouth. What the devil had Darrell done to her?

Kelsey began to whimper as Darrell’s long, alien fingers scooped some of her thick juices from her pussy and rubbed it onto her smooth, pink asshole. She really wanted to have her backdoor bred and she was acting like a bitch in heat. She pushed her plump butt back onto the thick black phallus. A gasp escaped her red lips as she felt the oversized tip force itself past her outer ring. An instant mixture of pain and pleasure rushed to her brain, overwhelming all other signals, causing her to go lightheaded.

Darrell’s enhanced senses could practically hear and feel Kelsey’s heart pounding as his invader slipped into her ass. He’d never felt tightness like it and he already knew that his alien cock wouldn’t last long. He pushed forward, sliding several more inches into the her hole. The sight of her pale skin accepting his midnight black dick was an immensely powerful turn on for the human remnants of his brain. The walls of Kelsey’s rectum felt like his own personal cock sleeve. Further in he went – his cock’s ridge needed extra effort to get it through her abused sphincter which caused a further assault on Kelsey’s nervous system, setting off her first anal orgasm.

Kelsey’s mind was now totally warped and overwhelmed by pure joy. She’d always enjoyed anal but wouldn’t have called it as pleasurable as vaginal sex on the whole. However, this anal sex was totally amazing and if hadn’t even fully began. The giant dick in her was stretching her beyond any limits she’d assumed she’d had. The pre-cum was once again having an effect on her anatomy, elasticising her butt hole and rectum to the point where it could take such a large intruder, not to mention carry an egg. Her asshole fully convulsed on Darrell’s dick, pulling him further in. Kelsey also felt her abused pussy ejaculate more juices out of her hole as she struggled to stop herself from blacking out again due to the sheer pleasure.

Darrell’s cock was now over half way in. He began to thrust, knowing that her tightness was going to make him cum before he managed to totally impale Kelsey’s ass. The human part of his brain was disappointed by that, but he knew that he’d have many more chances in the future to be balls deep in her backdoor. And he still had another ass to fuck tonight!

The ribbed head of Darrell’s cock was once again driving Kelsey crazy with pleasure. Her butt had never felt so full – even though only 8 inches were in her, the girth was also far bigger than anything she’d ever experienced. For the first time tonight, her fingers felt her newly enlarged clit. Even just brushing against it caused her to go weak at the knees, although Darrell’s claws were keeping her from going anywhere.

This body is amazing! Kelsey thought to herself, as she began to rub her clit. She mentally licked her lips with anticipation – this orgasm was going to feel amazing, and she was on the verge of it due to alien cock.

Darrell knew that he was only seconds away from filling up Kelsey’s rectum with his seed. Her butt hole was twitching around his dick as she reached another climax – this one wasn’t so much one orgasm but a wave of multiple ones, all mixing together. It pushed Darrell over the edge and for the second time tonight, he unleashed a huge amount of hot, green cum into Kelsey. There was so much of it that her ass couldn’t keep it all in – green cum began leaking out of her stretched hole where it joined Kelsey’s pussy juices as she experienced wave after wave of squirting orgasms. The forest floor beneath her holes was utterly soaked.

Darrell pulled his xenomorph dick out of her gaping ass. Green cum continued to ooze out. Her rectum now contained an egg, identical to the one in her vagina. Kelsey’s digestive system had been totally rewritten – her hybrid body now required xenomorph cum alone to survive and she would produce no waste. The eggs would absorb the nutrition they needed from her. Darrell helped Kelsey to the floor; she was so spent that she couldn’t stand without his aid. Her belly now looked close to 9 months pregnant, although her skin was flawless due to the effects of the hybridisation.

Rob would never have admitted that he’d enjoyed the show – he repeated tried to tell himself he hadn’t, even as his uncomfortably hard cock leaked pre-cum into his underwear. But the sight of Darrell’s praying mantis like alien form turning towards him was enough to shrink his erection almost instantly. The clawed hand reached out towards him and Rob braced for the worst…

End of Part One.

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