The Women in My Life Ch. 06

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As part of my new job in Crewe, I had been given a six month free rental on a 3 bed semi-detached house. It was too big for me really but it was convenient for work. Which is how I met…


Being new to the area and working sometimes long hours in my new role, I didn’t have much contact with any of the neighbours. Slowly though, I got to know some of them, either to wave to or at the weekends coming and going. It was Ken, opposite, that I got to know first. He had a BMW 3, in a maroon shade and I let him know how envious I was! He even took me out in it for a quick spin!

One evening after I’d just finished eating, there was a knock on the door. It was Ken, who invited me to the local pub for a few drinks. During our three pints, I learnt that he was a salesman (computers of all things); he spent a lot of time travelling, hence the flash car; he played golf at weekends; worked away in Slough every week or so, including “perks of the job” he said. His wife Maddy was an admin clerk in a local pension fund company and she did a lot of “woman’s stuff”, he said, whatever that was! They were both in their early-mid 30s, no children.

Their house was facing mine, but offset slightly, such that my bedroom window looked directly into their small bedroom and landing. If the landing light was on and the door was open I could see right through to their bathroom. There was the odd night when I saw movement on their landing as I was closing my bedroom curtains.

I’d been there about two months, when early one evening, when Ken was away, I arrived home to notice Maddy’s car tyre was flat. I knocked on their door to tell her and, unsurprisingly, she did the “damsel in distress” thing and asked me to change it! Being a gentleman, I did, but told her to get the tyre repaired the next day. In thanks she invited me in for a drink. I attempted to refuse but she insisted, saying she’d make me something to eat as well, as I’d obviously not eaten yet. Maddy certainly like to drink, finishing off a full bottle and opening another while making some stew thing! In fact I think she definitely drank more than she ate. It certainly loosened her tongue.

After random bits of stuff about herself and Ken, their life and hobbies, she told me she knew that Ken had a “bit on the side” in Slough but it didn’t bother her too much. She knew him too well to know it wasn’t a serious thing. I wasn’t really sure what to say, so said nothing, just mmm’d. She even added that Ken probably wouldn’t flinch much if she bonked someone else! Not too sure where the conversation was going, I hastened to leave.

Later that night, as I went into the bedroom to close the curtains, I could see that Maddy’s front small bedroom door was open and the landing light was on. I could see through to the bathroom and that its light bursa escort bayan was on too. For whatever reason, I didn’t close the curtain immediately, just looked across. In that hesitation, Maddy came out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She obviously saw me because she waved, then promptly opened the towel to reveal her naked body. I could see the relative pertness of her boobs and the dark thatch of her pubic hair. Still I stood unmoving, looking at her. She dropped the towel and swept her hands along her body, then turned, still looking back at me, and bent over to wiggle her arse. She turned back to face me, opened her legs a bit then pointed her finger from her boobs to her pubis and then to me. An invite if ever I saw one! She walked forward and closed the bedroom door. I stood there for another few seconds before closing my curtains. I also realised the horn developing in my pants had to have the tension released! Out came good old Cunty!

Over the next weekend, Ken knocked on the door and gave me a video cassette, which he said would be “entertaining”. He also said not to give it back to Maddy! When I played it I knew why. It was a porno video, grainy in places through overuse! I have to say I had to turn my head in some odd directions to follow the action!!

Later in the following week, the night Ken was away again, Maddy knocked on the door. She had a bottle of wine in her hand, which she pushed toward me. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she asked as she stepped in before I could reply! I’d already eaten and the kitchen was a bit of a tip so I guided her into the living room. I fetched some glasses and poured the wine. She practically inhaled the first glass before mine reached my lips!

After some meandering chat, she asked me, “Did Ken give you a video sometime?”

Somewhat apprehensively, I replied, “He did, I’ve not watched it though.” I said, lying, feeling uncomfortable.

She looked over towards the VCR player, where a number of cassettes were just placed on top. As she got up to walk over to them, she said, “You’ll enjoy it, I think. It’s rather naughty.”

There was no way I could stop her as she rifled through them until she found Ken’s cassette. “This is it. Can I put it on?” Again she was asking as she pushed the tape into the machine! “Turn the tele on then.” she demanded.

Within moments, the TV was showing the porno; a long haired blond woman stroking some guy’s erect penis, then shoving it into her mouth and bobbing away. “Wait till she tells him to fuck her good and hard, that’s when it gets really interesting.” Her wide eyes seemed riveted to the screen, and soon enough the blond was on her back, legs splayed and this guy poking his rod in her twat for all he was worth.

Maddy, her eyes still glued to the screen, pushed her glass gorukle escort at me and asked for a fill up. I poured her more wine, which again she quickly drank. I was more fascinated by Maddy than I was the porno, which I had already seen, and her obvious fascination with the video action.

After another gulp of wine, she looked away from the screen to me, “Ken doesn’t know I watch these when he’s away. I find they get me all hot and randy. You know what I mean? You must get turned on by these too.”

Uncomfortable again for some reason, I mumbled, “Uh hu”

“Wait a minute,” she said, looking back to the TV, “this is my favourite bit, this is what I like.”

I looked at the screen to see the man turn the blond around, lift her arse end up and doggy fuck her, with a loud slapping sound as he pummelled her cunt and the blond shouting all sorts – “fuck me hard… so big, I’m gonna split… fill me with your hot cum” and so on. Keeping her eyes on the screen, she waited then said, “he cums in a minute.” Sure enough, he pulled out his cock as it spurted spunk over her arse.

“What’s good though, is he’s still as stiff as a brush, so goes again. Watch.” Maddy said, eyes still glued to the screen.

I couldn’t help it but I could feel my own erection starting, maybe less so at the video action but more at Maddy’s obvious excitement and reaction. As sometimes happens when my erection grows in my underwear, it’s just a little uncomfortable and needs adjusting. I thought I was out of Maddy’s eyeline as I gently tweaked my rising rod. She seemed to sense it because she turned away from the screen to look at my bulging trouser line.

“Uncomfortable. Getting horny eh!” she said, smiling. “How about I give you a hand to ease that?”

Quickly her hand was hovering over my continuing erection. I had no time to say anything before her hand landed and slowly rubbed my rising rod up and down.

“Mmm,” she fairly purred, “this needs a bit of serious attention!”

Dropping in between my legs, she undid my belt. I was thinking “What the hell” by now. The belt opened then the flies were down and her hand was inside my boxers, pulling on my penis eagerly. Quick as a flash, she let go and moved her hands to my side and started pulling my pants and underwear down. I felt really horny by now, and thought again, “What the hell” so lifted my bum up to help her ease them down. As they hit the floor, Maddy stood up and just lifted her dress up, over her head and off. She had no bra on and her breasts hung tight in the air as I kicked my pants away.

She dropped back down to grab my now fully erect penis, “God that’s a whopper,” she said now rubbing its full length. A moment later, her mouth enclosed the head of my engorged penis and she started bobbing her head up and down on it.

Super bursa merkez escort bayan horny now, there was no way I was cuming in her mouth. I lifted her head off my horn and stood up, pulling Maddy up then gently laying her down on her back on the settee. I pulled off her knickers to reveal her pubis and vaginal labia waiting for me. I lunged my bulging horn forward, entering her wet, slippery cunt hole easily.

“Oh fuck” she said, “fuck,fuck, fuck.”

And fuck I did, deep and hard, fast and furious, her tits wobbling with each thrust. Maddy was a talker during sex and a dirty one at that.

“Fuck me hard…”

“Stick it up deep inside me…”

“Fill my cunt with cum…”

“Harder… Faster…”

“Fuck that’s big…”

“I’m cuming, pump me pump me…”

“Oh! Fuuccckkk” and the like.

She lifted her legs up and opened them further apart as I relentlessly poked her cunt. I tickled her clit just above where my cock was ramming. It seemed to do the job. Her eyes widened and her face grimaced in that look of ecstasy,

“Fuck… I’m cuming… cuming… oh fuck” as her legs shuddered in harmony with her orgasm.

I continued fucking her cunt and tickling her clit. Again and again she came. Finally it was my turn.

“Open wide Maddy, I’m cuming now.”

“Fucking fill me. Fill me deep” she urged.

I really didn’t need any urging, so as the tingle began I thrust hard and deep, impaling myself inside her as I pulsed my sticky creamy load into her.

“Oh fuck that was good,” she said.

My prick was still encased in her vagina. I was still horny and hard so I pulled out, my penis bouncing up against my belly. Holding her hand, I pulled her up then spun her round pushing her head down onto the settee and getting her on bended knees, her bum towards my horn.

“You’ll like this” I said spreading her legs wider.

She cooed “Oh you naughty boy!”

Looking down on her arse, I pointed my penis at her cunt lips and slid inside her. Placing my hands on the side of arse cheeks I slammed in deep.

“Fuck. Yes.” she said.

I cycled my engorged prick in and out, my groin flesh slapping her arse with each thrust. Faster I humped as Maddy grunted and kept shouting “fuck”. A good five minutes later, with one final deep thrust that pushed Maddy’s face into the back of the sofa, I shot my second load of spunk into her love tunnel.

Most Thursday nights, when Ken was away, we fucked. And she was always very vocal throughout. Sometimes hers, sometimes mine. She liked to be fucked hard and fast, almost dominated. And seeing as she liked doggy fucks so much, I made sure there was always plenty of them. I wasn’t at all selfish!

I moved from there after a couple more months, just before the free rent period expired. The work became more intense and I gained a lot more technical expertise.

I spent just over 2 years in Crewe, which included getting involved in a technical User Group, meeting with other companies using the same system as ours. That was how I got to find out about my next job in Salford. And how I met…

The Fit Woman

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