The Wine Tasting

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It was summer and oppressively hot. A job landed in Craig’s, lap; he received a request for a focus group to taste wine. Craig a marketing consultant gets jobs like this all the time. He remembered a friend that has house in the hills that he rented before and thought that it would be a good place for his tasting session. While not running away from disease, like the characters in the Decameron, the three couples assembled at a country house for telling stories and tasting wine.

Shafts of light projected on the wall opposite the window. The sleeping figure started to move. Craig used his arms to push himself away from the mattress. He looked at the clock on the wall and noted the time 9:30; he slept for 9 hours straight. He arrived at his friend’s lake house, he was renting, late last night and did not bother to unpack his car.

He pulled on his pants and shirt and grabbed his keys and wallet. The sun was well above the tall tress allowing him to see the surrounding area. He walked out to his car and was on the way into town to find some breakfast and to finish the shopping for his guests. He stopped at a drive through and picked up breakfast, as he was not in the mood to deal with people. His next stop was at a large convenience store/gas station. He refueled his car and bought several bags of ice, and some other supplies. He went to some other stores for finish his shopping list. After his errands he headed back to the lake house. His cell phone beeped, his girl friend of the last three years texted that she had arrived.

He turned on to the property and noticed that a red BMW X5 SUV was parked in front of the house. He pulled up beside the car, Cathy his lady friend, and lover got out when he stopped. They met at the back of his SUV embraced and kissed. He pulled a cart out of the back and started to unload his car. Cathy helped him drag the cart to the large deck overlooking the small lake. They got that load in through the sliding door, and took his cart back and unloaded her car.

All of the stuff was in the house and Cathy grabbed her bag and headed to the bedroom that she and Craig would be using. Craig found a knife and opened the bags of ice and dumped them in to the large cooler. Cathy came out of the bedroom dressed in a pair of very short shorts and a man’s sleeveless undershirt. She started to unload a cooler that contained the food for the weekend. When they were finished she grabbed a beer and walked out on the patio. Because of the time two large trees shaded the deck.

“When do our guests arrive?” asked Cathy as Craig came up beside her.

“Near cocktail/dinner time,” said Craig.

“I guess we have time for a little fun for ourselves,” said Cathy.

During the exchange Cathy’s hand was massaging his crotch. Without warning her hand pulled Craig’s pants down to his ankles and his underwear followed. She massaged his cock further, and brought the crown to her lips. She gradually took his cock into her mouth and her tongue worked his shaft over. She momentarily released his cock and pulled her shirt off. She continued to mouth fuck his cock until he felt a crisis. His cock erupted in her mouth; it caused her to suck harder to drain the last drop. Craig got between her legs and moved some of the material of her shorts exposing her pussy. He fingered her love hole and kissed her lips.

Cathy found his cock again and continued to massage the shaft. She tried to bring it to her mouth again but Craig had other ideas. He paused and pulled her shorts off and brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy. The feeling of being fully lodged in her pussy overwhelmed him.

“I didn’t expect to make love until this evening, darling,” said Craig.

‘You left for your meetings early and then didn’t come home; left me feeling un-loved. Besides this is such a lovely place to make love,” said Cathy.

Craig took charge and started moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Their mouth’s met and he explored her mouth with his tongue. Cathy’s breathing quickened and her arms reached around and locked them both in an embrace. Her breathing stopped and he felt his cock bathed in her love juice. He again started to move his cock in and out of her pussy until he felt the release of his cum.

They both relaxed in each other’s arms. Craig continued to kiss her. It took all of his will power not to work her tits over. Cathy began to stir and got off the lounge. She bent down and kissed him again and walked into the house.

Cathy was showering in the first floor bathroom and Craig went upstairs and used one of the Bathrooms to freshen up. Craig returned to the first floor just as Cathy was coming out of the bedroom. Craig found the slacks and shirt that he would wear for the evening’s festivities.

Coming back into the kitchen he kissed Cathy. He admired her tight slacks and the top with the plunging neckline. A gold chain with a large diamond pendant was around her neck, her earlobes sported matching studs. Each hand had a large ruby ring.

“I escort bayan am waiting for the diamond, darling,” Cathy said holding up the left hand.

He kissed her again and went to work setting up for dinner. After setting the table he then opened the bar and started mixing a pitcher of martinis. Just as he was finishing he looked up and saw two cars approach the house. He quickly put a plastic bag of ice cubes in the pitcher and placed it in the fridge.

He walked out to the parking area just as the first couple was getting out of the car. He embraced Glenda Robertson and her wife Debra Darr. They both gave him a peck on the check. The couple reached in the car and pulled out overnight bags. His other guests, Victoria and Robert Wells walked up Craig embraced Victoria and they both air kissed. Robert embraced Cathy.

“Ok why was this meeting called Craig?” asked Robert.

“Darling, I will take any opportunity to leave the city and drink wine, so just relax,” responded Victoria.

Craig held the door and everyone entered the house. Craig led the group to the second floor and showed them to their rooms. He returned and embraced Cathy. The two kissed and Craig started massaging her tight butt.

“I guess you two can find a room, but we’re thirsty,” said Debra as the two women stood at the counter.

“Put a ring on that woman’s finger before she get’s other ideas,” said Glenda.

“That won’t happen,” said Cathy.

“What; get a ring or pregnant?” said Victoria who just walked in to group.

Craig was busy pouring martinis and handing them to the assembled women realizing that he was outnumbered.

Robert came in and enquired what all the noise was about. Craig handed him a drink and said, “Nothing buddy,”

Cathy came up beside Craig and whispered, “It looks like you are between a rock and a hard place.

“My rock would love to get into your hard place darling,” whispered Craig.

He poured a drink for the both of them and they joined the group on the large sectional.

“OK, why did you bring us out here Craig?” asked Robert.

Craig stood to gather the attention of the group. “About two weeks ago I was contacted by the agent of a relatively new winery. She said that the company was after three years; bringing out a line of sparling wine. I was asked to hold a focus group/wine tasting to judge the new wines against more established brands. I decided to rent this house and bring everyone out here to get away from town, computers, and work. The wines came to me disguised so I don’t know which bottle is from the new company. Tomorrow we will taste and rate the wines and after the session I will break the seal on an envelope to find out which wines are which.”

“That sounds like fun, but I am hungry when is dinner?” asked Debra.

Cathy Stood and announced that dinner would be in a few minutes. Craig followed Cathy and they started to pull the entrees out of the oven and put pans of vegetables in the microwave to heat. Cathy arranged the chicken breasts on a platter and moved it to the table. The vegetables went into a serving dish; she placed them on the table along with a basket of rolls that were heating in the second oven. Craig pulled two bottles of white wine out of the cooler and poured glasses for everyone.

Debra got up and refilled everyone’s cocktail glass “Let’s get the party started.”

Everyone got up and moved to the table. “Sit down Craig!,” Cathy commanded.

Sheepishly Craig took his seat and the food was passed. About a halfway through the meal Glenda tapped her wine glass indicating that she would like attention and more wine.

“Everyone please raise a glass to out hosts Craig and Cathy!”

Glassed clinked and the toast was drunk.

“Tell us Cathy what keeps you and Craig together?” asked Robert.

“His sex is fabulous and for the most part he follows my instructions,” Cathy replied

“What keeps you two together Robert?” asked Cathy back.

“His cock makes me happy,” replied Victoria.

The group quieted and went back to eating.

Craig rose and proposed a toast to Cathy and again the table clinked glasses and drank the wine.

“Debra what drew you to Glenda?” asked Craig.

“That can be a long story; I was in Air Force intelligence still living under don’t ask don’t tell. I experimented with dating women but always with my eyes behind my back. My hitch ended at about the same time that the prohibition was lifted but I had had enough. I found this enchanting beauty and never looked back. After we got married the Air Force asked me to join a reserve unit, but I declined. I just feel fulfilled when she is around. I didn’t need anything else.”

“Glenda what keeps you together?” asked Cathy.

“Have you see her body, enough said,” responded Glenda.

“I hope I have more that a good bod dear?”

The two women planted a long kiss on each other.

“Ok folks, the bar is open and the deck is open, I plan to get started at 10:00 o’clock bursa vip escort tomorrow morning. So you are on your own for the rest of the evening, ” announced Craig.

Cathy was already pulling dishes into the kitchen as the other two couples moved outside. Craig snuck up behind Cathy and started to massage her breasts. “I’ll take care of that later lets go to the bedroom.”

Cathy untangled herself from Craig and kissed him. She moved to the bedroom and Craig followed her. When the door was closed she turned and faced him; her hands busy pulling down his fly and exploring his crotch. Craig pulled her hand away and brought her close and kissed her.

“Do you think our friends will get upset if we get really demonstrative, darling? I’m so horny I could scream and might get loud when you fuck me,” said Cathy.

Cathy sat on the bed and Craig dropped his pants and underwear. She took his engorged cock in her hand and began to massage the shaft. The other hand was on his sack making sure that he was under complete control. She gave the head an evil eye and took it in her mouth. Cathy’s talented tongue explored all the ridges of his cock.

“I’m happy I’m happy,” said Craig until Cathy slapped his bottom.

“You’re a loon Mr. Martin,” said Cathy as she lay back and set herself on the bed.

Craig unfastened her slacks and slipped them off her legs. Her panties followed and he got between her legs and started kissing her pussy. His tongue brushed her clit and she jumped. He continued to apply his tongue in the hot spot and was rewarded when she climaxed. He stood and inserted his cock in her pussy and their mouths met in an extended kiss. Craig started to move his cock like a piston bringing her off again.

They continued to make love until Craig stiffened and shot a load in her pussy. They both drifted off for about five minutes. Craig came to first and he kissed her.

“I need to finish cleaning up. Could you check up on our guests?” said Crag as he was putting his pants on.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” said Cathy.

Craig walked out of the bedroom and looked out the window that overlooked the deck and saw that Glenda and Debra had their tops off and were going after each other. He thought Victoria and Robert were in their bedroom, as he did not see them outside. Craig stacked the dishes on the table and took them over to the dishwasher. He was loading the second set of dishes when Debra, completely naked, walked up beside him.

“Hey is there any scotch?” asked Debra.

Craig trying to act cool walked over to the cabinet that contained the bar and pulled a bottle of single malt out and handed it to her. He handed her two highball glasses. She turned around and walked back out to the deck. Cathy walked in just as Debra was leaving.

You can close your mouth now she is gone,” said Cathy with a smile.

“Very funny, darling.”

“Scotch sounds good,” said Cathy as she grabbed a glass and filled it with a few ice cubes. She walked away from Craig heading for the deck. Craig finished cleaning, and walked outside with the ladies.

Cathy was sipping scotch as he walked up and sat beside her. Opposite from them were Glenda and Debra, both naked with their clothes on the deck. The outdoor lighting bathed the deck in a warm glow; accentuating the skin tone of the naked women.

There was a noise coming from pond as Victoria and Robert were walking along the shore and came up to the deck. They took a seat in the last remaining couch.

“You all are just too uptight,” said Glenda and she took a sip of scotch.

Throwing caution to the wind Craig stood and dropped his pants and underwear and sat back down.

“Robert let’s see what’s you got, dear,” said Cathy.

Reluctantly Robert stood and dropped his pants and underwear. Both of the men’s cocks showed signs of coming to life. Cathy started stroking Craig’s cock coaxing it to full erection. Victoria bent down and took her husband’s cock in her mouth. Cathy stood and allowed her pants to drop on the deck exposing her pussy. She lifted a leg and directed Craig’s cock into her pussy and her lips found his and they engaged in an extended kiss.

The two women partners embraced; Glenda’s hand moved down to Debra’s pussy and began to massage her pubic area. They rose and split with Glenda going to Cathy and Craig. She planted a kiss on Cathy’s lips and brought Cathy’s hands to her breasts. Craig found the crack in Glenda’s ass and massaged her pussy.

Debra sat next to Victoria and their lips met in a prolonged kiss; while Victoria continued to stroke Roberts shaft. Robert shot like old faithful, and Victoria bent down and cleaned him up.

Cathy climaxed and Craig shot a load in her pussy. When she recovered she kissed Craig and hopped off and went back inside. Victoria and Robert both rose and went inside. Craig followed Cathy, and Glenda and Debra also rose and gathered the glasses and their clothes and came inside.

Craig bursa elit escort walked around the first floor turning the lights off and locking doors. He joined Cathy in the first floor bedroom. He kissed Cathy and went into the bathroom. Cathy was in the bed with the lights off when he finished up. He slipped next to her and they kissed.

“What time do you want me to kick you out of bed, Craig”

“Don’t worry I will get myself up, Darling,” responded Craig.

Early the next morning

Cathy was awake early; Craig was dead to the world so she slipped out of the bed and walked out to the kitchen. In the fridge was a carafe of Orange juice and she poured a glass. She heard footsteps coming down from the second floor and looked up to see Debra coming down the steps. The woman was dressed in a very long men’s t-shirt that covered her to mid thighs. Her prominent breasts moved with every step and could be seen through the translucent fabric.

Cathy held up the carafe and Debra nodded and she poured a glass for her.

“Why are you up so early?” ask Debra.

“I do a lot of work in European markets so I am up this early to start when they open, and you?” said Cathy.

“This is when I can create stuff or our business. Then Glenda will look it over and we can discuss the layout and make changes so I am up early to get a head start. Also I was in the service and my day started at zero five hundred most days.”

There was a clock radio on the counter and it read 04:00 The women finished their juice; “I have a man that needs his bones jumped on, I will see you later,” said Cathy. She disappeared into the first floor bedroom.

Debra waited a while but then climbed upstairs, and slipped in the bedroom that she shared with Glenda.

“How long have you been up, Deb?” asked Glenda.

“Not long, I went downstairs and found Cathy having a glass of orange juice and she poured me one. After we finished she announced that she needed to jump on Craig and I thought that I would do the same with you,” said Debra.

She slipped beside her wife and brought her lips to hers. Debra moved on top and maneuvered down to Glenda’s pussy and began licking her wife’s bald twat. Her tongue found Glenda’s clit and got the reaction that she was looking for. She went back up and their lips met in along languid kiss. Glenda started to pull on Debra’s nipples. Their tongues fenced.

Debra moved to a sixty-nine position. The two women licked each other’s pussy. Glenda climaxed first followed by Debra.

Down on the first floor; Cathy came out of the bathroom and launched herself on to Craig surprising him. She raised her sleeping shirt exposing her breasts in his face. Craig moved on top and kissed her. He moved down and began licking her pussy.

After minutes of tongue fucking Craig stood and brought his cock to Cathy’s cunt and slipped in. He settled on top of her then moved to bring her on top. Cathy moved her pelvis up and down his cock, while kissing him. Her first climax erupted and she paused while feeling waves of pleasure. She slipped off of his still erect cock and placed her pussy near his mouth. Using her hand she stroked his cock taking advantage of his morning boner. She slowly took his length in her mouth.

Cathy’s pussy reacted to the touch of his tongue. She went down on his shaft almost to where her gagging reflex kicked in. She felt first Craig’s tongue then several fingers invade her pussy. Her muscles contracted around his probing. She climaxed again and felt like she was shot out of a canon.

Craig disengaged from her and allowed her to rest. She positioned herself on all fours and raised her rump in the air. Craig’s cock found her pussy and plunged in all the way. He bent down and massaged her nipples feeling their response to the stimulation. Craig’s movement became faster as he began to climax. He stopped and concentrated on filling his lover with his cum.

Cathy stood and embraced Craig; she initiated the morning kiss and her tongue invaded his mouth, and her hand on his flaccid cock. Craig disengaged and started to dress.

“Let’s make love again Darling,” said Cathy.

“I have to get ready for our guests. I promise we will make love this evening,” said Craig.

“I will hold you to it,” replied Cathy.

Craig walked out to the kitchen and noted the time. It was 8:30. He pulled out a tray of pastries from the fridge and put them in the oven to heat. He pulled down a set of plates and put them on the counter. He opened the dishwasher and unloaded the machine putting the contents back in the cabinets. From the freezer he pulled another bag of ice and filled the cooler. There were fourteen bottles of sparkling wine; two bottles of each brand. Taste three in the morning and three in the afternoon he thought.

Debra and Glenda came around the corner and sat in the living room. Victoria and Robert were the next people down. Cathy came in the kitchen and started to help Craig finish his prep. She pulled the tray of pastries out of the oven and placed several packages of bacon in the microwave. Soon all the food was on the counter and everyone started to line up. Some of the group moved to the table and others went outside. Different members of the group came back for seconds and moved back outside.

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