The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 02 – Saturday

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After her night to remember –

This story picks up just after a weekend away turns in to a night she won’t forget.

(Located here –

It was the glare from the reflection of the sun in the building opposite’s windows woke Dan and Hayley up, since the blinds were still open from when Dan had given Jake, Callum, and Andy a preview of what lay ahead. After the events of the previous evening, they had done well to sleep until almost 10am, considering they didn’t doze off until gone 4. Following the gang bang, they had started talking about it, but overwhelming tiredness caught up with them, and they both dropped off not long after the conversation had started. As they awoke within seconds of each other, they lay entwined and picked up from where they left off, discussing how much of a turn on everything had been for both of them. Dan explained how watching her fucking another person had him eager to see it again, and especially when Hayley had not only voluntarily moved into position, but actively initiated taking the cock in to her ass. Despite the fact that he had never been there, he told her that for some reason, even just watching someone else slide into that hole made him think he was about to cum on the spot where he stood.

“Hmm”, smiled Hayley, “I’m so glad you enjoyed that. I was so horny at that point I just needed dick inside me. At first I was a bit undecided because of what happened the first time I tried it, hence why I’ve never done it since, even with you, but when I felt whoever’s dick it was circling around and start pressing, any and all apprehensions I had were just pushed straight out of my head and the overwhelming need to have cock inside me again made me think fuck it. I know last night was for us, me in particular, but I also wanted to make sure the guys knew I was extremely grateful to them.”

“Besides,” she continued, “that felt so different in a good way from when I did it before, I’ve realised just how pleasurable it is when taking it in the ass, so I can tell you now that we will definitely be including that in the very near future!”

As he lay there with a big smile on his face, thinking about all of the sexual things they would be exploring in the future, Dan suddenly picked up on something. Whilst yes, she had been fucked every which way by 3 guys they had only just met last night, Hayley had always been self-conscious about her body, her small boobs in particular, and yet she was currently laying bare naked on top of the bed with the blinds completely open. Anyone in the building opposite, (or since the layout of the apartments was mirrored) the apartment next door, if they looked through the partition in the right place, would be able to see her in all her glory.

“You look like you’re thinking about something babe,” she pointed out. “Care to share?”

“I was just thinking that normally, you would have dived under the sheet and asked me to go and close the blinds the second you woke up, yet here you are laying buck naked on top of the bed, and you don’t seem to give a shit about it. I just wondered if you even realised they were open” he responded.

“Of course I did. I saw they were open when I woke up this morning. It’s just as I told you last night, there is so much I want to do now, both with, and for you.”

She went on to explain that whilst initially she was pretty shocked when he suggested it, the dare he set her to flash her pussy at the then-unknown three guys in the club had really turned her on, mainly because of the naughtiness of the fact her own boyfriend had dared her to do it, and whilst even though she was only intending for them to see, there was always the ‘danger’ of being caught by someone else which heightened the thrill. When he asked her to do it a second time for longer so that they definitely see everything, that thrill was amplified massively, knowing that 3 guys she had never met were about to get a good look at her pussy. Based on how she felt whilst the guys were looking at her pussy in the club, and how horny she had been all night from when she had done it, she has realised that she is a bit of an exhibitionist deep down.

“Besides, I don’t imagine you opened them this morning before I woke up, so anyone who could see me now could have already seen me.”

When she said that, she smiled a naughty grin at Dan, stood up off the bed, and went and stood directly in front of the window, and looked out at the city whilst wearing nothing more than the smirk on her face.

“Well then” said Dan, “Since you like the thought of having strangers seeing you naked, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a few more ways to make that happen. For starters, I’m going to go and have a smoke on the balcony. Whilst I’m out there, you are not to get dressed at all, and the only time you can move from this window is if you come and join me for a cig, how does that sound?”

“Deal!” Hayley responded.

Dan slipped on his shorts, grabbed the pack of cigarettes from the lounge, and headed out on to the balcony, immediately looking to the right to be met by the view of a naked Hayley smiling at him. He repositioned çayyolu escort the chair to sit facing half towards the room, half towards their neighbours, and lit up, still watching Hayley as she gazed out at the city. On literally the third blast of his cig, he heard the neighbour’s balcony door open, and through the gap in the partition, saw 2 lads around their mid-twenties step out of their apartment. They could obviously smell the smoke from his cigarette, and realising there must be someone on the balcony next to them, leaned forward to peer around the divider and say hello. He knew that there was no way they could have seen Hayley from where they leaned forward as they had barely seen him, and he could still see them a foot or so away from the partition through the small gap in it.

This brought about an idea, as he now wanted to make sure these two lads got to see his naked girlfriend as well. ‘Well, since she got turned on exposing herself, it would be rude for her not to let these guys see her too’ he thought to himself.

“Hey guys, I’m here with my girlfriend, and it’s only the second time we’ve been to this city” he lied. “Have you got any recommendations of what to do during the day?” He asked. His thought was if he engaged them in friendly conversation, he may be able to get them to move into a position where they can see Hayley.

The guy closest to the partition moved closer and started giving his advice on what to do during the day whilst looking at Dan through the gap. The other didn’t move from roughly the middle, but still chimed in with a few ideas. As the first guy was offering his ideas on things to do, Dan noticed him pause slightly as he shifted his weight. ‘He’s seen her’ he thought to himself. As the neighbour continued talking, Dan noticed he was making a lot less eye contact and was shuffling about more, obviously trying to get a better view of the sexy naked girl behind the glass next door.

“Give me a second, I’m just going to go and grab a drink and my cigs” the guy said, as he turned back and headed towards their apartment. Dan noticed him whisper something to the other guy, who turned and started heading over towards the partition. The second guy started giving his thoughts on things to do, but was obviously distracted, being no way as subtle as the first guy. He was clearly looking for something, which Dan knew was a naked Hayley. After a couple of seconds he stopped shuffling about, so he had clearly located what he was trying to find. He carried on speaking about things to do, but he didn’t move his gaze from the bedroom window. Chuckling internally, Dan turned his head towards the window and look at his nude girlfriend, before turning back towards the neighbour who had now stopped talking and was just stood basically staring through gap at Hayley.

“Like what you see?” Dan asked.

The guy from next door realised he had been caught, and immediately turned his eyes towards Dan, and mumbled out a pathetic attempt at a denial. Dan smiled at him, and told him its fine. He told the guy he knew she was there, and that she has recently discovered that she enjoys the thrill of exposing herself to strangers. Much like the three lads from the previous night, the neighbour was completely surprised by what he had seen and heard, before turning his eyes back to the window.

“Damn man, your girl is banging! I have to admit that I’m jealous that you get to fuck her and I don’t.” The neighbour stated, not once taking his eyes off the nude form inside the apartment.

This again raised a chuckle from Dan, considering the events of the previous night. ‘Never say never’ he thought to himself. The first guy from next door had now returned as well, and was stood behind his friend, trying to position himself to get another look but trying not to make it obvious. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find a good vantage point to see through the gap, he moved towards the edge of the balcony, in order to look around the partition.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Dan said with a smile.

This brought another useless attempt at a denial, before Dan told him that he knew his girlfriend was naked behind the glass, and whilst she has recently discovered that she gets excited at exposing herself, he also likes the thought of strangers seeing his girlfriend naked, knowing they will most likely be thinking about her next time they are jerking off.

Dan’s phone pinged, indicating he had just received a text message. Leaving the two guys next door staring at Hayley, he read the message on the screen.

“I want a cigarette. Can I put something on to come out and join you? Xx”

“Sure, put on the see through thong, nothing more 😉 xx” he typed back.

He looked back through the glass and saw her putting on the underwear, before hearing a muffled groan from the two guys at the partition as she disappeared inside the apartment. Seconds later, they heard the door opening, and were met with the view of Hayley coming out onto the balcony next to them wearing only the see through thong. Her small, pert breasts and erect nipples completely visible to anyone looking. cebeci escort Dan had moved the two chairs back to the window, making sure that the neighbours would be able to see her when she was sat down. As she did, Dan told her that he had been talking to the two guys next door, and they had given some suggestions for things to do during the day.

“Oh, I didn’t know there was anyone else out here” she said, before turning towards the partition and saying hello.

“What are you guys up to today?” she asked.

“Not much” said one of the guys. “We were here last night for a mate’s stag do, but when we were booking this there was a special offer where we got the second night for a tenner extra, so we thought fuck it, we’ll stay the extra day, go out drinking, and see what kind of girls this place has to offer” he continued with a chuckle.

That raised a laugh from the lads, and despite the fact that the two guys next door were talking about going out “on the pull”, neither had taken their eyes off Hayley since she came outside. Hayley could feel their gaze on her, which had resulted in a heat rising between her legs.

“We haven’t really got plans either, so if you fancy it, we’ll gladly go for a few beers with you, so long as you don’t mind” Hayley suggested to them.

The two guys looked at each other, and responded that they are good for that idea.

“We’ve got some cans in the fridge if you fancy nipping round for a few before we head out” said Dan.

The words had hardly escaped his mouth before the lads had responded in the affirmative and were heading into their apartment to come round. Dan looked at Hayley with a big smile, and said to her “I guess they like what they saw. I think you should let them see more when they come round, what do you think?”

Hayley looked at Dan, and asked what he had in mind. His response was that since she would be having a shower anyway, it might be considered rude to close the door when they have guests round, in case they talk to her but she can’t hear. The heat between her legs was getting more intense at what he was suggesting, knowing that this is Dan’s way of saying he is most likely going to get to have a good look at her in the shower, and he was perfectly ok with anything else that may happen. He stood up and walked inside to open the front door of the apartment, leaving Hayley sitting out on the balcony to finish her cigarette in just her thong. He opened the door just as the two guys were about to knock, let them in, and put the cans of beer they had brought round into the fridge, cracking one for each of them and pouring a glass of prosecco for Hayley. They made their way back out to the balcony, and sat down next to Hayley.

As they sat chatting, drinking and smoking, Dan realised that they didn’t actually know their names, so introduced himself and Hayley. The guys introduced themselves as Tom and Jordan, Tom being the first guy that Dan had spoken to through the partition, Jordan was the guy that wasn’t subtle about looking at Hayley through the gap. Neither were especially attractive, but by the same measure, they certainly weren’t ugly either. Tom was roughly 6 foot tall, average build, with short brown hair. Jordan was taller than Tom, standing at about 6 foot 2, but also quite skinny and had longish dark hair. After about 10 minutes, Hayley stood up and explained she was going to go for a shower and walked back inside, both Tom and Jordan watching her cute little ass as she walked inside. As the neighbours were sat with their backs to the glass of the bedroom window, they couldn’t Hayley taking her underwear off behind them. Dan did see this though, and asked Jordan if he’d mind getting them another drink. This was done deliberately, as he knew that Hayley would be wandering around naked inside, and it was a great opportunity to let her be exposed a little more.

As Jordan stepped inside, Dan watched as Hayley walked away from the window, heading for the bathroom. Due to the layout of the apartment, if the bathroom door is open, you can see the sink directly and the shower in the reflection from the mirror above it from the kitchen, which Jordan clearly knew. He walked in the direction of the fridge, but his eyes were fixed on the reflection he could see in the bathroom mirror. He had come to a stop in the middle of the kitchen, his gaze following Hayley’s nude form as she moved around the bathroom, putting shower gel, shampoo and towels within easy reach. Unbeknown to him, Hayley had also seen his reflection in the mirror, so was deliberately delaying getting under the water, instead letting him get a good look at her charms. Finally, she decided to play with him a little, so went to walk back in to the bedroom to get something from her bag, ensuring he would see her full frontal. Once she did this, He again tried to act like he hadn’t seen anything, despite the fact they both knew he had. He quickly grabbed the cans from the fridge, before almost running back outside to Dan and Tom.

As he put the beers down, Dan excused himself, using the toilet as the excuse for nipping inside, and headed to the bathroom. He entered the bathroom, çubuk escort and could see Hayley bending over in the shower, picking up one of the bottles she had put in place earlier. Silently, he walked over, and with no warning at all, but his hand straight onto her pussy, immediately moving his fingers to locate her clit. She jumped and pulled away initially, since she was startled that someone had sneaked up on her, but this quickly subsided and she let out a soft moan when she realised it was Dan, and his fingers had located their target and were now massaging her love button. He continued playing with her from behind for a few moments, both stroking her clit and sliding his fingers into her hot pussy, before he stood up and told her the idea he had been thinking of.

“When I go back outside, I’m going to ask the guys what they thought about your little show this morning, and I might see if they want to come and join you. What do you think to that?” He asked.

“Well, it is quite a big shower, and I’m only little…” Hayley giggled.

With that, Dan walked back outside to their new guests. Before he opened the door and went outside, he could see them talking to each other, but as he opened the door, they immediately went quiet. Obviously they were talking about either him or Hayley, but didn’t want to continue their conversation in front of him. Smiling to himself, he turned to Jordan, and asked if he enjoyed the show he saw whilst he was getting the beer. Again, at first, he tried mumbling a denial about it, until Dan started laughing.

“Come with me, I want to show you both something” Dan said, before turning around and heading back inside.

Tom and Jordan both immediately picked up their drinks, and followed Dan inside, right up to the point he went into the bathroom, where they both stopped just outside the door, and looked at him. Whilst they could see Hayley in the reflection from the mirror through the open door, they both seemed apprehensive about actually following Dan inside. He turned to them, both stood in the doorway and alternating their view between Hayley’s back in the foggy mirror, and her boyfriend stood in front of them. Again, he gestured for them to actually come into the bathroom. They looked at each other, before slowly walking in and turning to face Hayley as Dan had insinuated. She was stood under the shower facing away from them, washing the shampoo out of her hair, leaning back slightly, which resulted in her right breast and nipple being clearly visible from where Jordan was standing. He simply stood like a statue, his gaze transfixed on the sight in front of him.

Leaning over to speak to Jordan, Dan spoke to the taller of their neighbours –

“Why don’t you go and give her a hand with the hard to reach places,” he said with a wink and a smile.

Similarly to last night, Jordan was disbelieving about what he had just heard. ‘It sounded like this guy just told me to go and fuck his girlfriend’ he thought to himself. He turned and asked Dan if they are swingers or something. Dan explained that they had recently had a group sex experience, and this is carrying that on a bit longer. He then reiterated his offer, saying that if he wants to, all he’s got to do is strip off and go and join her. Tom looked at his friend, and told him that if that was him, he’d already be in there with her. Dan looked at Tom, and assured him not to worry, as he will get his chance to join her after Jordan if he wants to. Realising that the offer was legitimate, Jordan had already taken his t-shirt off and was busy stripping out of his shorts and boxers. Both of these were removed in seconds, with his trainers and socks quickly following, before he started walking over. Dan gave him a quick once over as he was removing his clothes, and couldn’t help notice that Jordan was nothing like Hayley would normally go for. Tall and skinny with little muscle except for the outline of a six pack, and almost no body hair at all except for his armpits and closely trimmed pubic region. Like the three lads from last night, he was also in with the majority of the men in England, being uncircumcised, however he was average size in the dick department. His hardening cock being neither short nor long, thin nor thick, was bobbing away as he walked over to gorgeous girl in the shower, her back still to him.

Just as he reached her, she bent over again, which presented her pert ass to him directly beneath the rainfall shower head. He extended his left hand out and placed it on her lower back, implying she should remain leaning forward, as his right hand reached under and he began running his fingers up and down her folds. She didn’t jump or attempt to stand, instead placing both hands on the wall in front of her, and enjoying the feeling of her pussy being played with. Jordan’s long fingers were clearly doing something right, as Hayley was waggling her bum around whilst his middle finger flicked over her sensitive love button. She spread her legs further, creating a triangle, with her pussy at the top. He moved his fingers off her clit, and slid first one, then two into her naturally wet pussy, and began stroking at the inside of her. He knelt on one knee next her, giving a better angle to finger her tight slit, and after hooking his fingers inside her to rub on her g-spot, started pumping them in and out. Her hips began bucking wildly at this, as the immediate and intense feeling had her orgasm start to bubble up inside her.

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