The Weekend Away Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The inn was not far, only 45 minutes from their home. That was why they selected it. Ted and Georgette were leaving their youngest daughter alone for the weekend for the first time. Kate would be leaving for college soon and old enough to stay by herself, as long as the neighbors were keeping an eye things.

Like many B saw herself sucking Ted’s cock just as the woman in the story was sucking the cock of her man. She imagined herself licking Ted’s shaft just as it was described in the story. She pictured her mouth on Ted’s cock, sliding up and down and herself making slurping sounds.

As Georgette relived the story in her mind, she was lightly tickling Ted’s legs, inner thighs, and balls with her fingernails, with the desired effect. There, right in front of her eyes, was her favorite toy just beginning to wake up.

Ted started a second story; a voyeur story. A woman was visiting her sister and family. The house was small and she had to sleep on the couch outside her sister’s bedroom. The sister and her brother-in-law were making love on the bed and she watched the silhouette of their lovemaking while masturbating. Georgette could see the couple’s silhouetted figures as described in the story.

Georgette opened her eyes to look directly at the large lump in Ted’s boxers. She smiled and unbuttoned the fly. She pulled his enlarged member from the silky cloth and gave it a gentle kiss on the crown, then started to swirl her tongue around the tip and head. With Ted still dressed in boxers she had limited access to the head and bursa escort half the shaft. But, that was enough for her. Starting at the tip she made gentle spirals down Ted’s shaft. She spent what seemed like hours on Ted’s sensual lollipop before going for the creamy center. She knew what drove Ted crazy and a good blowjob was it. He had a tight grip on the blankets and his face was a mixture of pleasure and anguish.

Feeling his “pain”, she engulfed as much of her husband’s erection as possible. It did not help. In fact, Ted let out a little gasp indicating that he was in greater “pain”, which was Georgette’s plan.

She slowly lowered her mouth onto Ted’s cock until she had the entire head surrounded by her warm lips. She then slowly raised her mouth over the sensitive skin of Ted’s head. She repeated the motion, concentrating on Ted’s head. This was driving him crazy as he approached the point of no return. But, Georgette knew what she was doing and was not about to let him come until she was damn ready to.

Georgette moved so that she was laying between Ted’s legs, propped on one elbow and continued her noshing of Ted’s manhood. Her free hand had found its way down her body and into her panties. Sucking Ted always made her wet and tonight was no exception. Her fingers started to make gentle circles on her pleasure spot. As she moved up and down on Ted’s shaft, she worked round and round on her spot.

As Ted’s moans grew louder and more energetic, his hips began to thrust to match Georgette’s movement. His thrust bursa escort bayan became too much for one hand and she was forced to use both hands to steady her lover. Georgette braced herself and let Ted fuck her face. Ted’s movement became more serious and his moans louder. Soon Ted could last no longer and exploded into Georgette’s mouth. She took it all and not a drop escaped her mouth.

Licking the last drop of come from Ted’s cock, Georgette settled next to her husband on her back. She was so horny she had to finish what she had started earlier. She removed her panties and once again started the gentle circles over her pleasure spot.

Ted, being the loving husband and gentleman, could not let his wife satisfy herself after the blowjob she just gave him. Beside, one good trick deserves another. So, he reached into their “Treasure Chest” and pulled out Georgette’s new toy, an eight inch Fun Factory Magnum Silicone Dildo. He lubed it up and slowly inserted it into his wife.

“Oh! Wow!” Georgette exclaimed as the toy reached its full depth. Ted slowly extracted the toy until it almost exited, then he inserted it fully.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried out and Ted repeated the motion, inserting fully and then almost removing the toy. Georgette became more energized the more he moved the toy in and out. Ted took that as a sign she wanted it faster and harder. So, he did just that and began moving the toy in and out faster. As Ted thrust the dildo into Georgette, she let out a loud grunt. bursa merkez escort The faster he moved, the louder and more lively Georgette became. Moans, grunts, and gasps escaped Georgette as Ted continued to fuck his wife with her toy.

Ted was in complete control and planned to make his wife squirm much more. He knelt between her legs and as Georgette made love to the silicon shaft, Ted restarted the gentle circles on her clit (Georgette had given that up shortly after Ted found the toy. Her hands found her nipples and pinched them hard).

“Oh My!” Georgette gasped as soon as Ted touched her. Ted took that as a sign and started to speed up the circles.

“OH YES!” was Georgette’s response, louder than before. Ted took his cue and sped up the dildo and the circles. Georgette was wildly matching the toy’s thrusts and with every thrust, she gave out a loud shout. Ted could tell that she was nearing climax, the blue silicon was slick with lube and Georgette’s wetness. Her movement became more intense and rapid. Her actions became more wild. Faster and more frenzied she bucked. She pinched her breasts and nipples harder.

Finally Georgette produced one long shout/grunt/moan/gasp (how a woman can do that all at one time is one of life’s great mysteries, Ted wondered) as she came. Her orgasm lasted for some time, hips in the air, pussy clenched tightly around her toy. Georgette shook intensely as her orgasm peaked. Her teeth tightly clenched, Ted heard her grunt and groan. She finally collapsed into a quivering mass of very satisfied flesh.

She recovered as Ted cleaned up. When all was put away he turned off the lights, pulled down the bed covers (difficult with Georgette still lying on them), and they curled up together. Without a word, Georgette and Ted drifted into a well-deserved and very satisfied slumber.

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