The Wedding Invitation Pt. 01

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The Wedding Invitation. Part 1

It had to be the hottest day of Summer so far and I dreaded the ride home on the train as I walked from my office to the station. The train would be packed and there will be standing room only and the air will be thick with the sweaty odour of my fellow travellers. The only consolation was that in 20 minutes, I would be sitting naked on the back patio of my home, sipping an icy cold beer.

My house was my haven. I moved in just over a year ago, after leaving home and accepting a position with a PR firm about an hour away from my parent’s house. This was my first job out of high school and I was loving it. The work was challenging but interesting and the pay was exceptional.

Life was good, I thought to myself as the train pulled into my station and I ventured into the blazing Sun for the five minute walk to my little sanctuary. Opening the door, a cool blast of air welcomed me. I dropped my bag and strolled to my bedroom, kicking off my shoes as I did so. Then off with the blouse and the dreaded bra. How I hated wearing them, but with 36D breasts, I did need the support and I was pretty sure my employer would prefer that I keep the girls contained in what is a fairly formal work environment. Off with my skirt and panties and I was soon in my preferred state of dress, naked.

I took the opportunity to check myself out in the full length mirror. I liked what I saw. I stood 5’10 tall and came in at about 150lbs. I was curvy, my waist narrowed from my ample bosom and flared out again to what my mother had once described, to my then horror, as child bearing hips. I loved being naked and my preferred beach only 15 minutes away, was a nudist one and I spent as much time there as possible. My tan was deep and golden and overall, without, what I consider, unsightly tan lines.

Heading to the fridge, I grabbed a beer and strolled out to the covered patio area to check my emails.

Ahhh, what is this then…WEDDING INVITATION. I opened the email.

Michelle Moore and Rob Oates would be thrilled if you can join them on the joyous occasion of their upcoming nuptials……blah…blah…blah.

Well well well, I thought to myself, my cousin Michelle is finally tying the knot with Rob, her boyfriend of hmmm, how long would it be, over 4 years surely. I was pleased to hear this. I was very fond of them both and it was about time I thought. Michelle’s mother and my mother are sisters and growing up, I spent a lot of time at Michelle’s parents’ farm. Michelle treated me as the little sister that she never had as her siblings were two younger brothers. It was idyllic there, riding horses over the expansive property and feeding the animals, collecting eggs from the chooks and lazing around the swimming pool after a hard day’s work.

This would be where I got my love of nudity, because costumes were not required in the pool and the whole family had a healthy, sensible approach to nudism.

I was very much looking forward to attending so sent of my acceptance immediately, then got on the phone to mum.

“G’day Julie!” mum answered breezily, “how are you going?”

” I’m fine mum, enjoying a beer, been a stinker, hasn’t it?” I replied as I took another gulp of the refreshing amber liquid.

“It sure has honey,” mum replied, “I’m having a drink myself. First thing I did when I got home from work.”

“Me too mum, well second thing actually, first thing was to get out of that hot work outfit,” I admitted.

“Oh did you now?” mum replied with a knowing inflection to her voice.

I left mum hanging.

“Hey mum, did you get an email about Michelle’s wedding?” I asked.

“Yes darling I did, It’s about time isn’t it. Are you going?” mum enquired.

“Oh for sure, and I was thinking you, dad and me should share some accommodation. I thought we would make a long weekend of it, going up Friday and coming home Monday, what do you reckon?”

“Excellent idea Julie!” mum replied enthusiastically.

“Good, then leave it to me, I’ll book something and get back to you.” I said.

We chatted for a while then said our goodbyes.

I closed my eyes and began to plan the trip in my head. I would go on Air BnB and find a house, two bedrooms and definitely one with a pool. That would be my task, but at the moment, I was feeling mellow from the beer.

I ran my hand over my left breast and my nipple responded accordingly. My nipples had always been super sensitive and I loved playing with them. They grew to an impressive size to my touch as I tweaked them between my thumb and fingers. I felt a pleasant, warm, fuzzy feeling growing in my pussy as I spread my legs and a gentle breeze wafted over me.

My fingers found their way to my clit and I rubbed it gently, it growing in size as it reacted to my touch.

I parted my labia and inserted one then two fingers into my steaming cunt. My juices were flowing freely as I firmly rubbed the ribbed upper side of my vagina. I slowed the pace of my stroking, wanting to delay the inevitable orgasm that was building deep inside seks hikayeleri me.

My pussy was awash; and I knew that I was about to squirt all over my seat as I was about to unleash a shattering climax. My breathing shortened as I tensed my whole body, then instantly relaxed as the orgasm caused through me, soaking me in cum. I fell back in my seat and allowed the majestic feeling to envelop me, lost in time in the passion. I sat silently, my breath shallow as my post coital body returned to normal.


I had been very busy at work and the weeks had passed quickly, and before I knew it, it was the week of the wedding. I had made all the appropriate arrangements. I had found a little 2 bedroom cottage that had the mandatory swimming pool. I had arranged for mum and dad to pick me up on the way through and there would be another 2 hours drive to get to the town of the wedding and our accommodation for the four days. I was super thrilled.

That Friday morning, I waited patiently for mum and dad to arrive to start our little holiday. Soon though, dad’s familiar BMW pulled up out front and I rushed out with my bags to greet them.

“Hi baby, so good to see you,” enthused dad as her jumped out of the car to give me a big hug.

I loved my dad so much. He was always there for me, whenever, wherever I needed something, dad could be relied upon. There is nothing that he would not do for me and by the same token, nothing that I would not do for him. He was tall and strong and handsome, witty and charming. If I ever found a husband half as good as him, I would be a lucky girl indeed.

We loaded my bags into the car and we were on our way.

The trip was an easy one, not much traffic and soon we were pulling into town. We headed to the supermarket to get some food and the bottle shop to stock up on alcohol. The weather was still very hot and as we all liked a drink, we made sure that we had ample supplies of grog.

It was not far to our lodgings and we turned a corner to see this cute period home, tastefully painted in soft pastel colours, with a beautifully manicured garden and shaded with ghostly gum trees.

We made our way inside and it was equally impressive. I was anxious to see the pool. Glass windows opened onto a covered pergola; a paved courtyard gave way to a sparkling pool. The yard was not particularly big, but importantly, it was very private, hedges affording an effective screen between us and the neighbours. I was very pleased with my selection.

We grabbed our respective bedrooms and started to unpack. If there was one drawback to our little cottage, it was that there was only the one bathroom. This should not be too much of an issue for such a short stay and I have to admit that I am not the sort of girl who spends hours doing her make up and getting ready.

“Adrian, how about getting us a beer as we settle in?” mum suggested.

“Coming up,” dad responded enthusiastically as he bounded to the fridge.

I could feel this was going to be a fun, relaxing break, with the alcohol flowing freely.

Beer in hand, I put my gear away. I changed out of my travel clothes and made myself as comfortable as possible. I settled for a long t-shirt and panties, no bra of course. I made my way out to the living room and sat on the very comfortable lounge.

Soon, mum and dad appeared. Both had changed, mum was wearing a light cotton sundress with thin spaghetti straps. No need for a bra for her either it seemed. Dad had opted for a pair of shorts only; he looked so handsome, his bare chest just lightly dappled with wisps of grey hair. The shorts were loose and full and it struck me that he may not have been wearing underwear.

They sat on the lounge opposite me. We said nothing for a while as the process of unwinding enveloped us. I had an overwhelming feeling of love and joy at this particular moment, in the knowledge that I was going to spend some quality time with my beloved mum and dad. We are so comfortable in each other’s presence, and I knew that four days of fun and laughter lay ahead of us.

One beer down and another beckoned, Dad went to the fridge again and I watched him intently as he returned. I was now certain that he was going commando as his penis swung freely as he walked. It had seemingly grown a little as he was sitting chatting and its outline was clearly evident. A little surge of excitement ran through my body.

Although it was reasonably cool inside the house, it was now mid afternoon and the temperature had reached its peak.

“I’m going for a swim,” I volunteered, “who is joining me?”

Two hands shot up.

We went to our rooms to change. How I would have loved to have swum nude, but I did not have the courage to do that in front of mum and dad. Best that I could do was wear the one and only bikini that I owned. It was as skimpy as legally allowed and I did feel a little naughty wearing it in front of dad as it left little to the imagination. The top barely covered by breasts, and I had to arrange it such that sex hikayeleri my nipples were not protruding. The bottom was a high cut g-string and the front was a mere sliver of material, that clearly indicated that I was in the practice of shaving my pubic hair.

I was first out, so went to the fridge and opened a bottle of white wine. There was a wine cooler on the kitchen bench, so put some ice in it and took the bottle out to the pool area.

Mum and dad were not far behind me. As they walked through the glass doors. My jaw dropped at the sight before me. My bikini was skimpy enough I thought, but mum had out done me. I instantly recognised the brand as Wicked Weasel, famous for its sparse use of material in the making of their costumes. Mum had an excellent body and she really pulled it off, but I was still shocked to see such an expanse of flesh, which by the way was deeply tanned.

Dad had a shock in store too. I was uncertain if what he was wearing was swimwear or erotic underwear. It could have been described as Speedos, but 3 sizes too small. There was an absolute minimum of material the top of the costume barely covering his penis and balls, which were firmly enclosed in that tight package, which strained under the effort of containing them. His body was golden brown all the way down to that miniscule covering. It became obvious that dad enjoyed getting as much sun on his body as possible. I felt positively overdressed!

“Mmmmmmm, looking good you guys,” was about all that I could stammer out. Mind you, I was loving the look, despite my shock.

“Looking good yourself Julie,” dad said with an appreciative wink, which again sent a tingle through my pussy.

I poured three drinks and we each took a sip before jumping into the pool.

The water was divine, and we splashed around, laughed and joked. Dad set off on a few laps and mum and I stood by the pool’s edge.

“Got to say mum, I love your outfits, but I am a bit surprised, there isn’t much left to the imagination,” I managed to spurt out.

“They are nice aren’t they,” mum confided, “I must admit they make us feel sexy. We aren’t really that old you know.”

“Of course not, you are both in the prime of your life, you can dress and do as you please,” I replied honestly.

With that, dad swum over to the ladder and climbed out of the pool. I watched intently as he went over to the table and picked up his drink and returned to the side of the pool. I took a deep breath from what I saw. The water had made his costume totally transparent, and his cock and balls were clearly evident. His cock had swollen slightly and was straining at the material. Mum cast me a quick glance as if to judge my reaction. She said nothing to dad about possibly covering up. Dad did turn though and went and sat at one of the sunlounges.

Mum decided to leave the pool too. Like dad, her costume had become completely transparent and her nipples were on clear display, along with the slit of her pussy. She too grabbed her wine and sat on a spare sunlounge. I did the same and we all three sat silently for a moment until I just had to say something.

“You guys have sure shocked me with your costumes,” I finally piped up. “Not that I am complaining, you look fabulous, but I didn’t think that was your thing.”

“Well honey,” mum replied, “things have changed a bit since you left home. We have taken to being nude as much as possible. We love the freedom of it all. We go to nude beaches too so I guess you can see that we have pretty good tans. But we thought we had better wear something in front of you. We had an idea that you are OK with nudity, but we didn’t want to shock you up front.”

“Well you are right mum, I am comfortable being nude, I’m nude all the time at home and I go to nude beaches too,” I answered. “Thank you for being so considerate but where do go from here? I mean, we are practically naked now, there certainly isn’t much left to the imagination with your outfits. We are adults and we are family. I personally have no problem if we are naked around each other.”

“Oh Julie darling, we were hoping that you would feel that way,” dad gushed. “You are right, we are family and we should be able to be comfortable around each other.”

We all stood up and it seemed the most natural thing to do to have a group hug. It felt so nice to feel our bodies pressed against each other. I could sense a new dawn in our relationship, an honest openness that could only make us closer.

“So? shall we do it? Will we get out of these silly things?” I suggested.

And so we did. It was with a sense of relief that we could enjoy being naked.

Theatrically, I threw my swimmers on the table and arms in the air did a swirl, inviting mum and dad to cast an eye over my naked body. I felt no shame or apprehension. Mum and dad did likewise. Naturally, I needed to check out dad’s equipment. Certainly, he was blessed with a gorgeous cock. It was fully flaccid yet must have been every bit of seven inches. It was proportionately thick and I have to admit, I had never seen a more beautiful example of manhood.

Mum looked equally stunning. Of course, she was only in her mid forties and had only had the one child and she was a regular at the gym. What a handsome couple my parents were. I was filled with pride.

“This is so much better,” I said, “it’s ridiculous to wear swimming costumes in the pool. They cling to you and are so uncomfortable. I’m not ashamed of my body, I see nothing wrong with nudity and we are family.”

“Honey, we are on board with you,” dad added, “we can be naked where and when we want. It is the new us and I like it.”

With that he sat down and reached for his wine. Mum sat down next to him and took a sip from her wine too. So it was decided and I sat down myself and took a large gulp of my wine, to settle my nerves a little. Although we had come to this decision, it wasn’t without some anguish, but that was behind us now and we could get on with enjoying our new found freedom.

My glass was empty. I looked across to the bottle on the table. Dad saw that I needed a top up. He got out of his sunlounge and brought the bottle over to me and filled my glass. My dad was standing just inches from me, his cock was on my eye level. I was able to get a close look as he stood there pouring me my drink.

“Dad, I just have to say it, your cock is magnificent. So big and thick. Mum you are one lucky woman,” I managed to splutter out.

Mum let out a laugh. “Oh, I know that Julie and he tells me that every day. Would you like a feel of it? I’m sure your father wouldn’t mind, would you Adrian.”

“Of course you can honey, we needn’t be shy about things like that. Its just a penis after all. I’m sure you have touched one before,” dad reassured me.

I felt my face flush. Oh yes, I wanted to handle that magnificent manhood, but could I? I mean, my father? Just a little feel, that can’t be wrong. Surely.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his great girth, it was warm and soft and smooth. With my thumb, I skimmed across his knob. I was fascinated by the length. My hand was wrapped around the head of his dick but I could have wrapped my other hand around his shaft and there would have still been dick untouched. So I did use my other hand. Dad was not even hard at this stage, but I could feel his cock starting to expand under my grip. Slowly, it started to stiffen and I felt a bit of panic course through me. My dad is getting hard to my touch. I’m not sure I should be doing this. I took my hands away.

“Thank you dad, for letting me touch your cock. That was special. I feel so honoured,” I was able to utter even as I struggled to get the words out.

“You are welcome darling. It felt nice for me,” dad added as he reached over and kissed me gently on my cheek.

Dad went over and sat down on the sunlounge next to mum. His raging hard on was pointing skywards. It was a sight to behold.

“Thank you Adrian for sharing your cock with Julie, I think you deserve a little reward for such generosity,” mum stated as she moved towards dad, her head hovering over his magnificent prick.

Slowly, she took it into her mouth. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she inched that monster inside her. I sat bewildered as dad’s cock disappeared down her throat. I felt surely it was not possible to get its whole length into her mouth. Cupping his balls with one hand, mum sucked firmly on his thick cock, its entire length now having disappeared from view.

Slowly, mum pulled back, exposing some, then some more until her lips now enveloped his knob. Then in a swift movement, she again swallowed his whole length, then bobbed up and down, releasing then engulfing, again and again that magnificent cock. Mum’s fellatio skills were on another level. Dad had slumped on the sunlounge, his eyes closed and his hands resting gently on mum’s head, encouraging her to keep going.

My pussy was on fire, watching this intimate act between my mother and father. I parted my legs and inserted two fingers into my soaking wet cunt. Then I rubbed my clit, which had swollen to its full capacity, about the size of a pea. It tingled to my touch, every nerve ending pulsating as I rubbed myself firmly. My hand then travelled to my engorged labia, which I pinched and rubbed.

I looked across to mum and dad. Dad’s back was arching and his legs had fallen to each side of the sunlounge. I knew that he was about to cum.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming,” dad cried.

I looked to see what mum would do. Would she pull back and spill his load all over her face or maybe his chest? Or would she swallow that hot, steamy jizz? I soon found out. Dad emptied his balls down mum’s throat. She had latched herself firmly around his shuddering cock as he pumped wave after wave of cum down her throat. She did not spill a drop of that luscious liquid, sucking still as dad came down from his high.

This sensuous conclusion, brought me to my own climax. Deep in my cunt, a force was overtaking me, surging through my body and sending me into a rapture. I shook uncontrollably as I squirted all over my sunlounge. I thought that I was going to pass out as I struggled to breath. I looked over to mum and dad, who were kissing passionately, their love so evident from the act that they had completely given themselves over to.

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