The Visit

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I’d come 3000 miles to visit her. We had known each other for years online and become good friends, but finally business had brought me to California. After a day of seminars she picked me up at my hotel.

When I first saw her my heart skipped a beat, she was far more beautiful in person than in a computer graphic image. Her blonde hair shimmered in the California sun. She wore a pink tight knit one piece dress pulled down off her shoulders that tried to take the place of her obviously missing bra allowing her breasts to move so sensuously when she walked. Her high heels accentuated her long and graceful legs.

We hugged as we met and exchanged chit chat as we walked to her 2005 Yellow Corvette convertible. Reaching the drivers side first I opened her door for her and as she got in she made no effort to cover her see through panties – exposed buy her short skirt – revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. She flashed a smile as I closed the door and walked to the passenger side.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant. Had a little too much wine and proceeded to a dance club near by. I hadn’t danced in ages but another cocktail cured that excuse and soon we were on the floor. I had noticed all evening the looks other men gave her. But the more they looked the more she seemed to le me know in subtle ways she was with me. Gentle touches, a sexy flash of forbidden skin now and then were clearly meant to say “I’m yours tonight and want them to be envious as hell”. During a slow dance though, things began to change. When we came into each others arms and our hips met, it became obvious to her what I had been thinking. She smiled as she held me close pressing firmer against my stiff cock and I softly cradled her ass in my hands. We began kissing as we danced. Soft sensuous barely touching kisses. Kisses made while looking deep into each others eyes knowing that we both wanted something else to happen.

As the song ended I pulled her close and we kissed passionately for a few seconds, as we turned to see several couples watching us, I took her by the hand and led her too the door feeling the eyes watching as we left.

As we got in the car behind the building I once again opened the door for her but this time when she sat down she pulled my hips close and began gently rubbing my balls. She looked up at me from her seat as she unzipped my pants and Porno 64

took my cock gently in her hands. I watched as her warm lips engulfed my cock as she made love to it with her mouth.

I had never been so hard.

Hearing me moan she took it all the way to the hilt and rubber her tongue around it in her warm mouth gently sucking and tasting the precum that was oozing out by now. I wanted to take her head in my hands and enjoy this incredible blow job but I backed out, knelt down and kissed her again. I suggested my hotel would be a better place and she smiled and gripped my cock for a second as she started the car.

On the way we drove with mounting passion. She made sure my cock stayed out and hard while I reached over softly rubbing her nipples and the hot wet clit between her legs. In the dark only truckers were enjoying the show but the corvette soon left them high and horny from the site they had just seen.

Someone entering the hotel a few minutes after we arrived would have an interesting experience. They would have found a thin gold belt and some shear panties in the elevator, still wet. If they examined the walls closely they would have seen one was dented in just slightly where she had hopped up and wrapped her legs around me as I pinned her to the wall and made love as the elevator rose. A mans shoe would be found in the hall just short of my room and Right inside the door, a pair of trousers, the other shoe and some high heels. A few feet from that, boxer shorts and a golf shirt and the pink knit dress that I had pulled over her head before leaning her back and sucking he nipples while we stood embraced.

When we got to the bed we fell and lay together passionately kissing. Our hands searched for erogenous zones and rubbed them softly raising our heart rates and passion to higher levels. I lay on my back and soon she had straddled my face offering me her shaved pussy which I began kissing softly as she leaned on the forward with both hands braced on the head board. I reached up and gently rubbing her nipples and took her clit between my lips playing with it with my tongue. She moaned-her hips grinding slowly. When my tongue found its way inside her she arched her back and monad a soft “oh fuck” as she rubbed her tits placing her hands on top of mine. Her grinding became more intense and so in Konulu Porno a smooth motion a laid her on the bed and raised her legs to my shoulders… inserting my cock in her cunt all the way. She grabbed the sheets in her hands clenching them as she once again arched her back, eyes wide with pleasure moaning “Oh my god yes!” I began making love to her slowly, bending down and kissing her as I stayed on my raised arms looking down at her. Teasingly, I held the head of my cock so that it just entered her vagina as a moved….. Maybe an inch in then all the way out. We were both moaning now. After while, and a few soft pleads from her to fuck her harder, she had grabbed my ass and FORCED me in deeper-actually taking control as if I was a big human dildo and she was using my ass to push my dick in as deep as she wanted it. Faster faster faster……

I lowered her legs form my shoulders and she rolled on top of me in a sexy motion that kept my dick inside her. Once on top she began riding me and I laid back and enjoyed it. Her breasts bounced wildly as her motion carried her up and down, occasionally stopping to grind my dick with her hips. When she leaned down breathing heavily and lay on my chest I grabbed her ass and took control. I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard and fast. She kissed me deep and hard moaning inside my mouth as I lifted her hips up and down by her soft ass. Her hair hanging all around my head as we looked in each others eyes.

Again, rolling over still inside her I lay on top of her still kissing her as we made love. Then she wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. I don’t know why… but that began to take me over the edge. I whispered in her ear I was going to come but I wanted her to. I told her in broken breathless words I’d try to hold back. That only made her start moving frantically in motion with me. Clawing my back now… Legs tight around my waist-one hand moving down and grabbing my ass hard again. I sensed her beginning to tense. She was starting to scream the way only the power of an impending orgasm can make you scream. And that was it… I could hold back no longer. I lifted up on my arms and started fucking faster than I ever had in my life. My balls hitting her cunt…slap,slap,slap,slap,slap, slap….and then they contracted…I moaned a deep guttural moan as they shot the Porno İndir hot cum inside her cunt . She pulled me back down on her and locked our mouths together screaming and I knew that she was going to cum. I could tell the moment it happened. Somewhere at the base of her spine the tingle started. It manifested in her as an incredible desire to have my cock in her as deep as she could get it, so she held me tighter and forced her cunt on to my shaft. As the feeling reached its peak it shot up her spine causing her to arch once again now she could feel it fill her body. Down her legs making them want to extend and contract at the same time then out her arms to her fingers shooting out her fingertips digging them in to my back. Frantic spasms of pleasure wracked her body.

And in an instant it was gone, leaving behind an incredible warm glow throughout her entire being.

When she collapsed I kept slowly making love to her as my dick began to soften. Kissing her gently feeling her chest heave against mine as we gasped for breath, covered in sweat. I backed out if her and as a I did my balls let go with a final spray of cum that landed on her inner thigh and began to run down her leg. As I rolled off of her she reached down and wiped it up like candy and held her finger in front of my mouth dripping with cum. I sucked it off gently and she kissed me softly again massaging my dick as we shared in the saltiness. She went down on my now limp dick again sucking hard to get all the cum, massaging my balls moaning softly. Then she lay on top of me again.

I don’t know how long we lay there looking into each others eyes. Silent. Smiling. Searching each others soul as we gasped for breath. I began to realize that I even wanted to take her breath in – Inhaling with each of her exhales, savoring her scent, living every moment as if time stood still. Soon she laid her head on my chest and I stroked her hair. I wondered if she could hear my heart pounding. After many long moments I realized she was asleep. I could see in the mirror she had a sweet smile on her face.

The next morning we showered together sharing some more sensuous moments. Drying each other off us cuddled close kissing softly. We dressed laughing at the trail of clothes and noticed as we left the panties and belt weren’t in the elevator. I dared her to check lost and found. The clerk just smiled wry smile and said he had the belt. We laughed all the way to the car.

When she dropped me off at the airport there was a sweet sadness. I’d always remember the passion-and that for one night-in one hotel room in California, the earth had shaken for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32