The Unexpected Visitor

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Tiffany, our young live-in lover, had been living with Sandy, my big, beautiful wife and me for a little over a month now. It had taken time for the three of us to get into as near as normal a routine as was possible for three people trying to live together. Tiffany had slept with Sandy and me in our king sized bed since moving in. On work nights it was easier for me to sleep on the outside instead of the middle so I wouldn’t disturb my bedmates when I got up before dawn to go to work. Sandy still lay down with me every night so that I could get to sleep. She would wait until I was asleep and then go and wait for Tiffany to come home from the steakhouse. The three of us were still having sex with each other whenever we were all together. Tiffany had started walking around the neighborhood and doing other exercises that we had done together Saturday mornings while Sandy was still asleep. She still had her big belly, but the rest of her body had started toning up. Tiffany’s face had also started to lose some of its roundness. I thought she was a beautiful young woman the first time I saw her, but the changes in her body from only a small amount of exercise was turning her into an even more attractive one. Sandy had sex with Tiffany a couple of times without me, but I had only been able to do it once. Sandy did tell me about both her times with Tiffany alone. It had led to two very intense fuck sessions for her and me. After we were done wearing each other out the second time, Sandy confided in me that it wasn’t as good when I wasn’t there. I stopped worrying about them being alone together so much. I admitted that I felt the same. I enjoyed the time with only Tiffany and myself, but it wasn’t as exciting as when Sandy and I were using our young lover together. Sandy and I had both developed a love for Tiffany.

“Baby, I’m home!” I yelled that fateful Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m in the living room, Mikoli! We have company!” Sandy yelled back at me.

I entered our living room and saw Maggie sitting with Sandy on our couch. From the flushes of red on their cheeks and the heaving of both their chests, I knew they had been making out. I went to Sandy and kissed her hard as I dropped my hand to one of her 40DD breast for a grope. I did the same to Maggie and heard a small moan escape from her throat. I started to sit down beside Sandy, but they grabbed me and made room for me between them. We spent the next ten minutes kissing and caressing each other.

“Let’s get naked and go to the bedroom!” I managed to blurt out between kisses.

“You and Maggie go and start without me! I’ll be in shortly.” Sandy exclaimed.

Maggie and I didn’t argue and were both naked by the time we reached the bed. I had Maggie lie down in the middle of the bed. I sucked on her one of her 36C breasts as I tweaked the nipple of the other one with my fingers. I kissed my way down to her hot sex and began licking up and down her slit. When Maggie moaned an especially loud moan, I attacked her clit with my lips and tongue. Her inner nectar flooded my face when she had a huge orgasm ten minutes later. I pushed myself up into an upright position in preparation of sinking my rock hard dick into her moist center. That was when I saw Sandy standing by the side of the bed with her strap-on harness on. Her 8″ “cock” was ready for action.

“Maggie wants us to fuck her like we did last time, Mikoli! Is that alright?!” Sandy asked me.

“Yes, baby! That is quite alright!” I exclaimed getting off the bed.

Sandy lay down on the bed and Maggie straddled her well lubed “cock”. Maggie eased her pussy down on Sandy’s plastic phallus and when it was buried into her to the hilt, leaned over and started kissing Sandy. I got behind her and started lubing her pucker hole with my fingers.

“I’m ready! Stick that fat dick in my ass now!” Maggie yelled at me.

I pushed my bulbous head past Maggie’s tight sphincter. When it had popped into her anal cavity, Maggie shoved back onto my dick with one hard shove. After I was buried to the hilt in her ass, Sandy and I began fucking Maggie with slow, easy strokes.

“Fuck me…fuck me hard and fast! Make me cum like you did last time!” Maggie yelled at Sandy and me.

Sandy and I started beypazarı escort fucking Maggie as hard and fast as we could. Maggie had gone from single screams to a continuous wail after ten minutes of our furious pace. I’m surprised I even heard the gasp from the bedroom door. I turned my head and saw Tiffany standing in the doorway. She had a myriad of emotions showing in her face and eyes. I motioned for her to sit in the upholstered chair in the corner. She hesitated, but did as I had directed her to. I went back to concentrating on blasting my steamy seed into Maggie’s bowels. It was only a couple of minutes before my sperm was shooting out of the end of my dick into Maggie’s ass. Maggie screamed as she came from our assault on her body. After my member had deflated and plopped out of Maggie’s brown eye, I got off the bed and went to Tiffany. I heard Sandy urge Maggie to use her mouth on her to help her finish cumming. Maggie quickly unfastened enough of Sandy’s apparatus to get at her pussy. I only watched for a couple of minutes before I turned my attention to Tiffany.

I saw the tracks of tears down her cheeks. I also saw the red flush of arousal on them. Her eyes were big with wonder as she watched Maggie lick and suck Sandy to orgasm. Her hand was down her black slacks and panties as she rubbed her own clit. I knelt beside her with my hand on her other arm but didn’t say a word to her. I turned my head when I heard Sandy’s familiar grunts and moans and smiled as Sandy came on Maggie’s face. I was surprised when Tiffany rose from her seat and went to the bed. I saw the flash of surprise in Maggie’s face when our young lover grabbed it in her hands and began licking Sandy’s juices off it. I hoped Tiffany would be alright.

I went to the kitchen and got a pitcher of water and two glasses. I drank one glass of water while in the kitchen. I detoured to the second bathroom and washed my flaccid member with soap and water. I fully intended to have it buried in some pussy before too long. All three women were naked when I got to the bedroom. Sandy’s appendage and its harness were in the floor. They were in a daisy chain with each face plastered to the, I assumed, wet center of another. I watched and listened as they pleasured each other. When I recognized the unique sounds each made at the start of their orgasms, I arose and walked to the bed. I didn’t know when or if we would see Maggie again so I went to her. I waited until the three women’s peaks had started to wane before moving Maggie away from Sandy’s mouth and getting between her legs. I slid my steely pole into her extremely wet, pink center and began to pump in and out with slow easy strokes. I laid down on her chest so I could kiss her and watch her face as we moved together in our fucking. When Maggie urged me up, I began ramming in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me…Make me cum again!” Maggie squealed. “Fill me with your cum!”

I slammed into her another five minutes before I felt my scrotal sac tighten. I felt another load of my semen start rushing down my shaft and felt the first spurt rocket out of me and into Maggie’s hot depth. I held myself buried to the hilt as my turgid rod pulsed with each spurt. Each spurt brought a scream of pleasure from Maggie. I stroked in and out a few times before I went soft and fell out of her and lay down beside her. That was when I noticed Sandy and Tiffany lying beside us in each other’s arms. Sandy was smiling her sexiest smile at me. Tiffany had a small smile on her face, but I could see a hint of hurt still in her eyes.

“Maggie, I want to formally introduce you to Tiffany.” I said after everyone had caught their breaths. “Tiffany this is Maggie. You remember her from the steakhouse, don’t you?”

“Yes, I remember her. Hi, I’m Tiffany!” Tiffany said as she held out her hand.

Maggie laughed and rolled over toward Tiffany. She leaned over Sandy and grabbed Tiffany’s face in her hands and planted a big kiss on Tiffany’s lips. Tiffany only resisted for a moment before giving into the kiss.

I got off the bed and poured two glasses of water. I gave one to Maggie and the other to Tiffany. When Tiffany had finished emptying her glass büyükesat escort I refilled it and gave it to Sandy. (They had been swapping spit for almost two months, sharing a glass wasn’t going to kill them.)

“Would we be more comfortable in the living room?” I asked the trio of female flesh lying on my bed.

“No, Mikoli! Lay back down here with us!” Sandy exclaimed excitedly.

I laid back down on the bed with Maggie on my right and Sandy and Tiffany to my left. Tiffany had to lean over Sandy to kiss me. I could feel her neediness in her kiss. I pulled her ear to my lips and whispered to her. “It’ll be alright. We still love you and want you and the hurt will pass.” I let her go and saw both shock and tears in her eyes.

“Isn’t she the waitress that waited on us at the steakhouse that Saturday night?” Maggie asked. “I know it’s none of my business, but how did she get into the house? I saw you lock the door when you came in Mikoli.”

“Yes, she is that waitress. She has a key to the house is how she got in. She is living with us now. Sandy and I are using her as our sex toy. Sandy was a bad girl and got her number that night. Tiffany fell in love with us and agreed to us using her to be with us. Sandy and I have developed feelings for her also, but she is free to leave anytime she wants to.” I told Maggie.

“I’ll never leave!” Tiffany blurted out. Sandy and I both started laughing hysterically. Our laughing must have been contagious because Maggie started laughing as well. The only one not laughing was Tiffany. When I realized she wasn’t joining in on our happiness, I glanced to my left at her. I could see she was struggling not to cry. I untangled myself from Maggie and Sandy and arose from the bed, motioning for Tiffany to come with me. We walked naked to her room. She was sobbing softly by the time we got to her room. (She hadn’t spent a night in the bed, but it was her room. Sandy and I always knocked and waited for her to tell us to come in any time the door was closed.) I hugged her to me and softly stroked her back as she cried on my shoulder. I reassured her as best as I could.

“Don’t cry Tiffany. Sandy and I still love you. I know it was a big shock seeing us with Maggie like that. You knew Sandy and I shared other women. That doesn’t change the way we feel about you.” I said in a soothing tone. I saw Sandy at the door. I didn’t want two and maybe three crying women on my hands; so I motioned for her to leave. She gave me the okay sign and left.

Suddenly Tiffany grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down to her. She kissed me hard on the mouth. I could again sense her need in that kiss. I had to stop her from going farther even though at that second I wanted nothing more than to throw her on the bed beside us and slam my rejuvenated male phallus to the hilt in the honey hole found between her legs. I promised to give her what she wanted after our guest had left. I stepped into the second bath room and slipped on the sweats I had left there that morning as I dressed for work. I saw Sandy and Maggie on the couch. Maggie was dressed and Sandy had on a robe.

“I didn’t mean to cause problems for you all.” Maggie started to say.

“You didn’t. We’ll work it out.” I explained to her.

“I was going to ask for a repeat of that first Saturday this weekend, but.” Maggie said.

“Maggie we would love to see you again on Saturday. Can we pick you up at your house about 6 and come back here after we eat? “I replied.

I heard a tiny sob behind me. I turned my head and Tiffany was there. I thought she was going to turn and run back to her room, but she squared her shoulders and proceeded to walk to the couch. She surprised me when she sat down between Sandy and Maggie and gave them both a kiss.

Maggie looked from me to the two women beside her a couple of times. She turned to Tiffany and looked her in the eyes.

“Are you going to be alright with them seeing me occasionally, Tiffany?” Maggie asked our new housemate. “I so much enjoy what the two of them do with me when we are together. I want to continue having a relationship with them, but I don’t want to hurt you either.”

Sandy shook her head no when I started to çankaya escort say something. I held my tongue as I walked to my recliner. I sat on the edge and waited to see what came next.

“I hope I can get use to Sandy and Mikoli with other women.” Tiffany finally said. “I was shocked to find them with you and hurt when I saw what they were doing with you. I don’t want Sandy and Mikoli to change their lives because of me.”

“Yes Mikoli, you can pick me up Saturday evening. I think I need to go now.” Maggie said to me as she stood to leave.

I stood also and while Maggie got hugs and kisses from both Sandy and Tiffany, prepared to walk her to the door. I received my own hug and kiss at the door. I watched the sway of her ass as she walked down our front walk and then down the sidewalk to her car which was parked in the small patch of gravel in the vacant lot beside our house. I hadn’t thought anything about it when I noticed it earlier. I returned to my recliner. Sandy and Tiffany had been whispering to each other the whole time I was gone.

I hadn’t much more than got settled before Tiffany was in my lap. I glanced at Sandy and she grinned, giving me the okay sign. Tiffany began kissing me with that same needy manner she had before. She moaned when I pinched her nipple through her robe. She jumped up and quickly took it off. I took that opportunity to stand and remove my sweats. I grabbed Tiffany’s wrist and led her to her room.

“Why are we going in my room instead of Sandy’s and your room, Mikoli?” Tiffany asked me.

“I’m not sure I can explain it, but it’s something I think and feel needs to be done.” I answered her.

I stopped us beside the bed and pulled Tiffany into my arms. I began kissing and caressing her full luscious body. Tiffany moaned anew when I began sucking and licking on her nipples. When I ran a finger up her slit, it was instantly coated with her vaginal secretions. I pushed Tiffany down onto the bed and climbed upon it with her. I positioned myself between her legs and slipped my hard dick into her hot, wet hole slowly. I began an easy pumping in and out of her. I lay down so I could kiss her as I made love to her.

“I do love you, Tiffany.” I whispered to her. “My love for you isn’t as deep as my love for Sandy and probably never will be. Please let that be enough, okay?”

“I told you I didn’t care if you never loved me, Mikoli.” Tiffany whispered back to me. “All I ever wanted was to be with you and Sandy.”

We continued to kiss as we pumped our hips together. When I heard Tiffany moan loud and deep in her throat, I lifted up and started ramming my rock hard dick into her faster. Tiffany began to scream as her orgasm hit her. I was able to hold out a couple more minutes before I loosed a couple of small spurts into her depths. I felt the shift in the mattress as Sandy lay down beside Tiffany and me. When I was completely spent, Sandy motioned for me to move. She immediately took my place between Tiffany’s legs. I stood by the side of the bed and watch the tandem in front of me kiss and rub their bodies against each other. I left the room to give them the same privacy Sandy had given us.

I went to the master bath, showered, and pulled on clean sweats before heading to my recliner. I saw Sandy enter the bath next to Tiffany’s room and changed directions, heading back to Tiffany’s room.

“Baby girl, did something happen at work? You came home early.” I asked Tiffany. I watched as she struggled not to cry.

“The new manager messed up the schedule and had too many wait people tonight! I was asked to leave while he let that blonde haired bitch Cindy stay even though I’ve been working there longer!” Tiffany spat out venomously. “I have to work tomorrow night!” Sandy was leaning against my back with her big titties mashed between us.

“Will you come to our bed, Tiffany? I know it’s only 8 PM, but this old man is beat.” I asked her.

“Yes, oh God yes.” Tiffany squealed in excitement. She jumped off the bed and ran into my arms.

Sandy led the way back to our bed. Tiffany clung to me as we followed behind her. I lay down in the middle of the bed so my two ladies could lie on either side of me. I gave each of them a kiss and laid back. They moved to turn the bedside lamps off on their side of the bed. Each laid their head on my chest and snuggled against me as close as they could. I was asleep in a few minutes. My last thoughts were of needing to talk to Tiffany one on one. I didn’t get the chance until Saturday morning.

To Be Continued

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